Yoga for Beginners Who Have Done Yoga A Lot

Today I finally took my Beginners Yoga Kit for a spin. The box has been lying around my house since Christmas and I am so proud that I finally opened it up. My husband and I are both in the worst shape of our lives and have made a decision to get healthy together. This is hard for me as I am a lazy glutton. But if he’s doing it, I probably should too.

I started with the “Daily Yoga” selection on my DVD. First of all, “Beginners Experience,” MY ASS. The dude I was trying to follow is a billion times more flexible than I ever was or ever will be and he has junk (which you could clearly see outlined in his little boy shorts). I have never done Yoga before, not once, hence the BEGINNER kit that I bought. He gave the commands really fast and since I don’t know the positions, I was breaking a good sweat just trying to move around and keep up. Also, I apparently can’t tell my right from my left very well. Might have to work on that.

I wish I had the balls to video myself doing this for y’all. I am sure it was PURE COMEDY. Though seen out of context some might think I had recorded myself having a seizure. I think yoga is supposed to be kind of relaxing and rejuvenating but I was doing a bit too much flopping around to ever get to that point. As Seth Cohen once said, “I was Nemo and I just wanted to go home.” I may have even drooled a few times during my downward facing dog.

I suppose it’s good that I at least tried it, and I will try it again on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am going to stick to the Pilates DVD I have done 100 times so I can feel somewhat less mentally & physically inept for a day.





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3 responses to “Yoga for Beginners Who Have Done Yoga A Lot

  1. I respect you so much for quoting Seth Cohen bb. Also I think everyone looks silly doing yoga, srsly. Congrats on taking care of your body. As Schmidt would say “My body is a temple.” Are we making to many TV references ? “BUT IT’S NOT A SHOW. IT’S A LIFE STYLE”. You won’t get that one, it’s Gilmore Girls and that’s why you should watch it. You’d fall in love with Lorelai in a heartbeat.
    ANYWAY, I think it’s a brilliant and brave idea that you’re starting to take care of yourself. You deserve it. And I think it’s cute and good for your couple(FOR WHAT I KNOW ABOUT COUPLE LIFE MEANING NOTHING BY EXPERIENCE) that you and Pete are doing it together or at least not together together but at the same time. It’s a journey bb !

  2. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    keep working at it! i promise it gets easier 🙂

  3. Caroline

    Haha I only laugh because I know how you feel. I have been doing yoga non consistently for a year now and have a good idea of some postures. I got a video from walmart yesterday to try something new, the first part was ok but the guy was totally flexible and moving a lil. Too fast and was doing moves I have never seen could total see his package and I think I hurt my shoulder. Nonetheless I am glad you tried it, if you think you night Like it check out yoga for beginners on youtube you can pause, rewind and go at your own pace, it can be strenuous but you get more of a feel for the relaxing part

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