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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: 1/29/13

Lots of good stuff in this week’s list of FAVORITES!! I really hope you guys check them all out. I never write about stuff I only kind of like just a little bit maybe.

end-of-watch-posterEnd of Watch – I remember seeing previews for this movie and thinking that it looked pretty awesome, even though (don’t hate me) I am not the biggest Jake Gyllenhaal fan. The movie about two Los Angles cops was released on DVD last week and over the weekend my husband & I finally had the chance to check it out. Both of us LOVED it. A few minutes in I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take the shaky, hand held camera angles for a full movie but in no time at all I was too swept up in the action and the stories to notice and when I did, it only added to the intensity of the narrative. I was easily pulled into the lives of these partners and really grew to love their relationship. I won’t spoil the ending but it caused a lot of very different and very acute emotions. Grab it from the Red Box or On Demand as soon as you can. Great movie.

CrowOldies but Goodies – The husband and I were in serious movie watching mode this weekend and not just new ones. We also watched Reality Bites & The Crow for probably the millionth and billionth times. I love both of these movies but the best parts of each one are their soundtracks. AMAZING compilations of music and, for me, an instant time warp via my iPod. Reality Bites is full of indie rock and pop including the forever famous, “Stay,” from Lisa Loeb. The Crow is almost entirely industrial and hard rock from bands like Rage Against the Machine and Pantera. Favorites from Reality Bites are The Juliana Hatfield 3’s “Spin the Bottle” and “Going, Going, Gone” from The Posies. It’s harder to pick favorites on The Crow but I have to go with the Nine Inch Nails cover of Joy Division’s “Dead Souls” and The Cure’s remastered “Burn,” both of which are mainstays on my annual Halloween Party Playlist. Both soundtracks are available on iTunes and Amazon. If you don’t have them, get them. Music this great is timeless.

Carrie DiariesThe Carrie Diaries – The newest CW show is SO MUCH MORE than I ever hoped that it would be. I watched it online a few days after the Pilot aired because every TV genius I follow on Twitter was raving about it. They were not wrong. It’s absolutely darling and so much fun. As a huge Sex and the City fan, I had my doubts about this “prequel” series. Here’s the thing, though: If you loved SATC as I did, it’s pretty easy to distance yourself from the Carrie of this show and the Carrie you grew to love so long ago. They are the same but different (in case that makes any sense). And if you hated SATC or never watched it, you don’t have to be worried about what you hated or what you missed! Because it’s different! AND OMG THE MUSIC!! Amazing in epic proportions.  I strongly urge anyone and everyone who is a fan of or can relate to nostalgia or teen drama or growing up or The 80’s, in general, to watch this show!! You will not be sorry!! And if you are, you have my permission to TP my house! The Carrie Diaries airs every Monday at 8PM EST on The CW!!  

SpeakersHDMX Portable Speaker Case – My sister sent me this little speaker system for Christmas and it’s pretty much the best gift ever. As most of you know, I am OBSESSED with my music. I have an iPod dock in almost every room of my house. Which is great when I am hanging out in one room. But, when I am cleaning or cooking or doing a bunch of stuff at the same time, this little set is PERFECT. My iPod zips safely inside so even if my clumsy ass drops it, no damage will be done. And 3 AAA batteries last a really long time. The sound will not blow your mind but the convenience and the price will. Most online stores including Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond sell this gem for less than $10.

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10 Random Questions with Melissa Miller

My random questions this week are with my good friend and wonderful writer, Melissa Miller from Small Screen Melissa has great taste in television (I know that because we like so many of the same shows) and gives good recap. You can read my previous interview with Melissa here. Also, be sure to follow her on twitter after reading her (more than) ten random answers below!

Favorite Color

Emerald green, usually. But I also like purple and grey. Not 50 Shades of it though.

Do you read fanfic?

Not really. But not because I’m not interested in some of it, especially the pieces my friends write or recommend. I just am so overloaded with work, that I barely acknowledge my kids exist sometimes as it is, so I have to give something up. That seems like a good one to drop.

Person you’d most like to have dinner with tonight

My best friends, Nicole and Erin. They actually haven’t met (they are from two different groups of friends, one in NY the other in CA) and I think it would be amazing if I could get them in a room together. Plus I miss them both terribly, so even if it was only 5 minutes and we could just hug for a minute, that would be amazing.

Last episode of television that made you cry

Inevitably the answer to this question is Parenthood, am I right?

The drink you order when someone else is buying

So, the only people that buy me drinks that are not my husband are my friends and I don’t like to make them buy me expensive drinks. Usually it’s red beers at The Peacock (or favorite dive bar) because they only cost $1.25, so we buy rounds for each other and it’s very cheap. We are cheap. Or, maybe, a Two Towns Incider. Wow… that answer is very “I live in Oregon.”

Song you will never get enough of

“Call Me Maybe.” No, wait, that’s not right. “Blackbird” by The Beatles is one of my all-time favorites. At least that is what just popped in my head. Ask me later, and I’ll probably answer another way.

The name of your secret spy identity

I’m mostly Russian, so probably something involving the name Natasha or Irina.

Tumblr. Yes or no?

I’m old and just can’t get into it. I want to… but do I need another time suck? Though I appreciate all of your pretty links on twitter, friends.

Last movie you saw in the theater and did you like it?

Les Miserables, and yes. Duh. TWO FOUR SIX OH ONE!

Favorite musical instrument

Depends on who is playing it. Is it a soulful guy, inevitably in a flannel? Then the guitar. Obviously.

If you were forced to be on a reality show, which would it be?

Ummmmmmmmmmmm……… The only ones I would want to be on I’m not qualified for. Can I judge one? I want to judge Top Chef.

The movie you can recite the most lines from

The list that I could answer this question with is embarrassingly long. I’m not sure I even want to start naming them.

Ferris wheel, Roller Coaster or Arcade?

In this order: Roller coaster, arcade, Ferris Wheel of Death (I don’t like Ferris wheels)

Holiday you’d most like to abolish

Columbus Day

You’re a groupie. Who’s the band?

Band of Ninjas. Because they are my friends and I love them.

Your favorite food to make for yourself

I make a pasta with just some garlic, olive oil, lemon, crushed red pepper and parm. It’s simple but if I need some comfort food, that always does it. Or, you know, cookie dough without any egg so I can just eat it. Because I’m a GIRL.

Best book you’ve ever read

What sort of sick and twisted person are you for asking me such a question, Erin?! HOW. DARE. YOU! Ha. Ummm…. Pride & Prejudice is my completely cliche and girly answer. Mostly because I can’t possibly try to think of a cooler or better answer.

Favorite smell

Anything that smells clean, like things that are labeled as “linen scent.” I love that.

Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast?

French Toast, I guess. But I’d prefer eggs and bacon. Mmmmm. Bacon.

Best GIF you’ve ever seen

The one of Kermit the Frog doing his crazy excited wavy hands thing. Because if I’m ever excited about anything, that is what plays in my head.

Travel and/or flight ritual?

Valium. Just kidding. I don’t really have one except making sure I have gum and something to read that doesn’t suck.

Your favorite thing to do alone

Watch Parenthood. People shouldn’t be in the room when I watch that.

First concert

I’m honestly not sure. I want to say something like The Beach Boys. My dad liked to take us to concerts for his favorite bands.

Cake or Bacon?

Maple bacon cake. So there.

Pajamas in public. Yes or no?

Soooo…. When you get older and have kids, if you wear PJs in public it goes from being “adorably quirky” to “giving up on life.” In other words, no. No PJs in public. MAYBE yoga type pants if I’m traveling all day, but in general, no.

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A Public Love Letter to My Husband

US, Sox

I love the way your dimples show even when you only kind of smile

I love that your dimples become giant pools of happiness when you smile for real

I love that you always buy one frozen pizza for you and one frozen pizza for me knowing that I will eventually eat them both

I love that you worry about me, even when you know that I’m in a safe place

I love the way you sing the wrong lyrics to songs I love just to irritate me

I love that you will talk sports with me even when it’s clear that I have no idea what I’m talking about

I love that you actually want to watch sports with me knowing I will ask stupid questions

I love that you do the Moxie voice every time we pass that soda in the grocery store

I love that you make things I hate doing (like going to the grocery store) so much fun

I love that when I cry over TV shows you hug me and comfort me before you tease me about it

I love that you really love my friends and my family and I love that they really love you

I love that you get excited about my cooking even though it’s mediocre at best

I love that you do the nerd glasses gesture every time I talk about Harry Potter

I love that you are still surprised when I run into things or knock things over

I love that even in your sleep you seem intent on messing up a freshly made bed

Mostly I love that you love me not just despite my myriad of faults but because of them. Everyone should be so lucky.

wedding bw

*My friend Chelsea recently posted a love letter to her own husband and I was inspired. I try to talk mine up as much as I can but I am not sure anyone actually understands how amazing he really is. So, I totally copied Chels and did my own version. Be sure to check out her amazing blog.


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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: 1/22/13

Just wanted to share with you all a few of the things I am in love with today/this week/in general. I promise to try and be better about posting a list at least weekly. It’s fun and it gives me a chance to rave about the pop culture things that are making me happy! Hopefully you will listen to me and love them too! Enjoy!

Argo PosterArgo – This movie came out AGES ago and I feel like I might be the last person on the planet to see it but HOLY CRAP am I so glad that I finally did. Amazing film. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire two hours, wringing my hands to a painful degree. The moments of Hollywood levity were greatly appreciated and really helped balance out the entertainment value. A very well told and exciting story that left me with a happy feeling (and an ulcer) in the end. My favorite of the Oscar films I’ve seen so far (which include Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty). I will also be jumping on the band wagon raging about Ben Affleck’s Best Director snub. His acting in the movie wasn’t too shabby either. Run, do not walk to the nearest theater to see this movie if you have not done so and then come thank me. I’ll wait here.

Following PosterThe Following – An incredible new TV series airing on Fox. The pilot was an absolute blast to watch and not just because I have a totally healthy interest in serial killers. Kevin Bacon is the bee’s knees as a former FBI agent assisting on a case he once thought was closed for good. The show is scary and intense with just the right amount of intrigue and gore. I loved almost everything about the Pilot episode, including the best ever use of Marilyn Manson’s cover of “Sweet Dreams.” I am really excited about the upcoming season of this way creepy and exciting new drama. You can catch an encore airing of the first episode on Friday night on Fox and I really think that everyone should.

JTJustin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie” ft. JAY Z – I have talked to a TON of people about JT’s latest and I would say it’s split pretty evenly down the middle between people who love the new tune and people who feel like Justin somehow owes us something more after all his time away from the recording studio. I am definitely one of the former. The song is smooth with a great beat. It gives me a lot of the same feelings I had with JT’s first solo album and it makes me shake my butt. That’s good enough for me. And honestly JAY-Z can do no wrong. Speaking of JAY-Z, I am also totally obsessed with his new song from the upcoming Jackie Robinson movie. What a JAM. Listen to both below (YouTube links) and let me know in the comments what you think.

Justin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie ft.” JAY Z

JAY-Z – “Brooklyn (Go Hard)”

photo credit:

photo credit:

Boston Bruins Hockey – To say that the NFL post season has been a disappointment for me is like saying the Grand Canyon is a little hole in the ground. Thank the heavens that hockey is back. JUST IN TIME. And the Bruins get all of the credit for healing this sport’s girl’s grass stained heart. The season opener was fantastic and yesterday’s game (which I got to attend thanks to the world’s best BFF) was a total thrill ride. No matter who your team is, I hope you are enjoying hockey being back in our lives as much as I am. Football what? The Bruins face off against the New York Rangers again on Wednesday night at 7:30 PM EST. GO BRUINS!

photo credit:

photo credit:

Felicia Day on Supernatural – I have been a big fan of Felicia Day for a long time, longer even than I’ve been a fan of Supernatural. She was great in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, mind blowing on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and hilarious on her web series, The Guild. Her first appearance on Supernatural was a real highlight of Season 7 and on Wednesday  night (9:00 PM EST on The CW) she returns as Charlie Bradbury, the geek girl we all want to be. The photos of her and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) all decked out in costume are making me positively giddy. If you’re a fan of hers but don’t watch Supernatural, you should still probably check it out. This one looks like a lot of fun.

*Is there anything you are absolutely in love with right now? Tell me all about in the comments! I want to love more things!


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10 Random Questions with Carina MacKenzie

Most of you who follow my favorite TV shows know Carina MacKenzie of Zap2It. She has a seriously awesome job. She’s also a pretty awesome lady. I’ve chatted with Carina before about The Vampire Diaries Friday Night LightsOne Tree Hill and television in general. This time, Carina has agreed to answer a bunch of my random questions just for fun. And because she’s cool like that, she answered more than ten. Don’t forget to follow her on twitter for the latest news on all my TV faves.

Favorite Color:

Green. I don’t understand why green isn’t just universally accepted as the best color.

Do you read fanfic?

I used to, but not really anymore! People always tweet me links to TVD fan fiction but I’ve never read it. I did read a good Hunger Games one last year.

Person you’d most like to have dinner with tonight:

I hate myself because the first thing that came to mind was my dog. I’m going to die alone. (I would also really like to have dinner with Michael J. Fox. I’ve spent the last three years deciding what to ask him if I ever get to interview him. It’d be epic.)

Last episode of television that made you cry:

The Parenthood abortion episode, twice — when Drew went to his sister for help and when he went to his mom. Just a fantastic performance by Miles Heizer. He’s very underrated.

The drink you order when someone else is buying:

Wine. And I make them choose it. 

Song you will never get enough of:

“Thunder Road.”

The name of your secret spy identity:

Working on getting that declassified.

Tumblr. Yes or no?

No. Every time I go on Tumblr I regret it. I generally see people saying terrible things about me, and then I try to defend myself, and I end up looking like the asshole, not them, and then I have to go eat my feelings and then they call me fat and it’s a really vicious cycle. So obviously I keep coming back for more.

Last movie you saw in the theater and did you like it?

Zero Dark Thirty. I liked it when I watched it, but when I thought about it further I decided it was pretty overrated. 

Favorite musical instrument:

Acoustic guitar. I don’t know, I’m not musically inclined at all.

If you were forced to be on a reality show, which would it be?

“True Life: I’m A Vampire Diaries Fan”

The movie you can recite the most lines from:

I can, quite literally, recite Back to the Future from beginning to end. I do it in my head when I can’t sleep.

Ferris wheel, Roller Coaster or Arcade?

Roller coaster.

Holiday you’d most like to abolish:

Even when I’m not single, I have always hated Valentine’s Day.

You’re a groupie. Who’s the band?

Does Taylor Swift count? I’d be a groupie for Taylor Swift.

Your favorite food to make for yourself:

I pretty much don’t cook ever, but when I do I make super healthy chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. But seriously, I can’t cook. I get scrambled eggs delivered.

Best book you’ve ever read:

OK, so I have to qualify this answer. I tend to judge media by how much it hurts me, not how much I enjoy it. This is because I am a masochist, apparently, but also because I think that it’s easy for a book or a TV show or a movie to make someone feel great. It’s more of an accomplishment if a book or a TV show or a movie can make someone feel gutted and sad and alone, if it can make you feel changed. That said, the best book I’ve ever read is “Columbine” by Dave Cullen. It absolutely destroyed me and I thought about little else for weeks after I read it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to just anyone, but it changed the way I see people and the way I react to tragedy. My favorite book that made me feel good is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith. I get something new out of it every time I read.

Favorite smell:

Voluspa’s Suede Blanc candle. It smells sexy.

Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast?

French toast.

Best GIF you’ve ever seen:

That is an impossible question to answer. Crying Dawson is up there.

Travel and/or flight ritual?

The last few plane rides I’ve been on I’ve done Twitter Q&As. People ask me the most random stuff. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re talking about yourself.

Your favorite thing to do alone:


First concert:

It was one of those Jingle Ball things in NYC; I went with my two best friends and my dad. Christina Aguilera was the headliner, Destiny’s Child was there, I remember Vitamin C, BBMak, and the band Fisher. Fisher was just a nobody band who experienced a tiny moment that year because their song was the song that played when Pacey and Joey boned for the first time. My dad was miserable.

Cake or Bacon?


Pajamas in public. Yes or no?

I used to be a yes person, but I also used to wake up still-drunk a lot. No.

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Supernatural: Addressing the Award Winning Family

The other night Jules from SuperWiki asked on Twitter, “What’s your fav thing about being a Supernatural fan?”

J2 PCAs 2013She re-tweeted a bunch of answers and they were all really lovely and inspiring (and funny and pervy). It was great to read all of the reasons people love being a part of this fandom. It really is such a great group of brilliant, creative, fun (pervy) and generous people. The show and the fandom have actually changed lives. The fact that we have such an amazing show to build this kind of fanbase around is MY favorite thing about being a Supernatural fan. I love that we can come together and raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity and win People’s Choice Awards on a pretty consistent basis, even getting the PCAs to finally acknowledge us AND the guys that make our show so wonderful. We are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are things about this fandom I don’t care for so much. One of them is the near constant complaining that goes on about almost everything. Don’t get me wrong, complaints can be good! They breed discussion and can inspire change when change is needed (coughPCAcough). But they can also be disheartening and distracting. I decided I would address a couple of the complaints I am seeing most often these days and not only get some things off of my chest, but see if I can ease a few other worried minds out there as well.

It’s not fair that Dean gets to be in a costume for 8×11 and Sam doesn’t.

I’m not sure that he WON’T be. I think it’s unfair to complain about an episode we haven’t seen yet, based on a couple of promotional photos that the network chooses to show us. A recent TV Guide article suggested that we’d get to see them BOTH in “tight” costume so I don’t think anyone should wad their panties up just yet.

I wish Supernatural was more like it used to be, just hunting wendigos and vampires. 

I think it’s easy to become nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” when things get difficult. In life and in TV. But without the constant revolution of the mythology, the story and the brother’s relationship, we’d be stuck with a procedural. I would probably still watch it because Jared & Jensen are amazing. But there’s no way I would be as involved and there is no way that kind of thing 8 years in a row would inspire the kind of fans that are still drawn to Supernatural right now. The world has enough CSI.

I don’t even want a Season 9 if it’s going to continue like this. 

8x06 DeanI have seen this one A LOT. Listen, we’re all hurting from all of the brother fighting this season. Two things, though. One: it’s not new. They have been fighting in one way or another for a LONG TIME. In Season 1 they fought about finding John, in S2 it was about Sam’s destiny and Dean’s grief. Season 3 was Dean’s deal and disregard for his own life. It got REALLY bad in S4 with Dean’s time in hell and Sam’s special time with Ruby and continued into S5 as they dealt with the ramifications of their actions and tried to trust each other again. In Season 6 Sam had no soul for long enough to drive Dean crazy and in S7 they had to get past Sam’s inner hell and the loss of Bobby. There is no doubt that what is going on so far in Season 8 is the worst we’ve ever seen but they are dealing with all new issues concerning their year apart AS WELL AS dealing with all of the stuff from the previous 7 seasons, none of which they ever REALLY moved past. The second thing we have to remember is that we still have a lot of Season 8 left. Perhaps I am just a softhearted optimist with too much faith but I honestly believe that we will get some peace between them and I think it will be sooner rather than later. It could get worse before it gets better but I really, truly believe that it will get better. And not just in the short term like we’ve seen before. In my mind, there will be TRUE resolution of a lot of their long suffering issues. My mind is a wonderful place sometimes.

The writers must hate Sam Winchester.

8x06 SamI might be alone but I don’t really feel that the writers favor one of the brothers over the other. I am not super happy with Sam’s story line this season but I think that we still have a few things to learn about that. I am throwing that “faith” stuff around again. Faith and hope. Also, I don’t want anyone to forget the YEARS of Dean’s bitter, self loathing, going through the motions, lifestyle. Purgatory seems to have refreshed him a bit and I could not be happier. I do not see Sam ever really quitting hunting and I *think* something has to happen to convince him of that. I look forward to the Winchesters working more in sync with each other in future episodes and I have every confidence that will happen before the end of the season.


Listen, if I am wrong about all of this, I will be the first to admit it and you can all come throw rotten food at me. In the mean time, I think we need to exercise a little patience and try to see the season as a whole puzzle still missing pieces. I am a big believer in the SPN family and like every family, we love, we fight, we argue and we hug & make up. If we can win an award together and have it announced on national television, there isn’t much we can’t do. So, let me know. Do I have it wrong? Did I miss something? Do you have a counter argument to make? I would honestly love to hear it.

Don’t forget to watch an all new episode of Supernatural tonight at 9:00pm EST on The CW!! And after the episode you can read my recap/review at!!


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You Win Some, You Lose Some

This last week has been quite a roller coaster of emotion for me when it comes to things I am a big fan of.

denver-broncos 2On Saturday my Denver Broncos lost their first playoff game in double overtime to the Baltimore Ravens. For anyone who is not a sports fan, it may seem silly for a loss like that to have any kind of weight on one’s mood or attitude. But I love football and I love the Broncos. As most of you know, I was born a fan of the Orange & Blue. And for the 2nd year in a row, we don’t get to move on to the AFC Championship game. Bruins Puck2It stings and it sucks and I’m not happy about it. I am trying to take to heart the, “there’s always next year,” speech I am getting from everyone but it’s not easy. One thing easing the sting some is the news that we are in fact getting a hockey season this year. The Boston Bruins face off against the New York Rangers on January 19th and I could not be more excited for some action on the ice. BRING ON THE B’s!

J2 PCAs 2013Another mark in the “Win” column this last week was at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards. My favorite Supernatural took home awards for both Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show and Favorite TV Fan Following. As a huge fan of the show, the TV Fan Following award was not just a win for them but a win for me and my fellow fans. It felt good. Especially since stars J2 PCA 2013 2Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were there to accept after being snubbed from attendance last year despite winning two awards. In a very long awards season, this is the only show where we get to pick the winners and the only one where we have a chance of seeing our favorite guys. It was a great night. And this Wednesday we get a brand new episode of Supernatural after a long, 6 week hiatus.

When I think about that, it’s hard to be cranky about anything else anymore.


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