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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Five

My most sincere apologies for missing last week’s recap. “The Rager” was all that and a bag of my favorite chips.  But, Halloween starts early in Salem. Starts early and rocks HARD. That’s just how the witches roll. Ask Bonnie. Or don’t, she was not invited. Oops.

This week, we get to go on a little trip, take a little walk down memory lane and maybe see some blood? Here’s hoping. Let’s DO THIS.

  • That was my back yard yesterday. How did they get it on film so fast?? And what are they doing with my sword??
  • Damon. The next star of “Pawn Kings.”
  • Stefan. No one looks cool when they do air quotes. Even you, buddy.
  • They are so cute, threatening each other with weapons. Very sexy. Maybe the husband and I should try arrows…
  • Matty is adorable. And tragic. Becks is just tragic. And blonde. Klaus is divine. As always. And smart. Boy has knowledge.
  • I kind of like it when Bonnie tells Damon that he’s gross and Damon accepts it as a compliment. It just works for them. It’s awesome.
  • Ugh. Eye sex. Barf.
  • Klaus and Stefan are kind of a team!! YAY!!! I will take “kind of” all day long!!!
  • HAIR PORN. LOTS OF HAIR. AND ELIHAH!!! I know that the costume department works really hard on their period garb, but let’s be honest. Klaus and Elijah could prounce around in burlap sacks wearing squirrels on their heads and we still swoon. Am I right?
  • Klefen. The fanfic is writing itself. Hot.
  • Was Stefan in the Mafia at some point? He’s like, wicked awesome at playing all of the sides in order to get what he wants. Like, wicked good. Boy got SKILLS.
  • “Elena is educating me int the importance of feelings.” Sometimes, Damon. Sometimes.
  • I actually just snorted (TASH!) while laughing at Klaus and Rebekah fighting over the dinner table. They sound like bickering siblings but they say things like, “You broke my neck,” and “You threw away Elena’s blood!” As if they were fighting over busted toys. All the while, Stefan just sits there, amused at it all. It really is the most comical thing. “Let me just name the million other people I’d rather be having dinner with, right now.” I honestly cannot catch my breath from laughing.
  • Does Alexander remind anyone else of The Groosalugg from Angel?? Anyone?? I guess you had to be there.
  • Holy crap!!! JER. Stefan, you have not been eating the most hippity hoppity. Must be faster. Damn it.
  • Who drinks Bloody Marys at night? Even at a party? Ugh. College kids.
  • Damon thinks that he is helping her. He is creating a monster. I know it.
  • Klaus is kind of scary when he yells. Should I go stand in a corner or something?
  • Evil genius. It’s like a thing that should be in a museum or something. Except, this genius would eat all of the patrons. Or, convince Stefan to do it for him. Tricky, tricky.
  • What is Damon even wearing? Did he rip off John Travolta??
  • Jeremy is still a good artist. Love that shout out to the baby cakes we met 3 years ago.
  • Also, that Connor is a son of a bitch. Pretty sure Klaus wants him killing more vamps (that are not him) until the map is complete, yes?
  • I effing HATE to admit when Damon is right. But FRAK ME RUNNING. He is right. About Elena. About himself. About Stefan. But he is wrong, too. She was having fun. But she was high, not her real self at all. It always feels like the real you in the moment. But eventually you have to wake up and take 3 Advil while chugging a Gatorade.
  • Excuse me, there are unicorns in my tears, I can’t even see past Stefan telling Rebekah that he would give up his eternity with her, just so she would never feel the pain of killing someone. And all of the unicorns splashing around in my tears is making it hard to hear how jealous Rebekah is of the love that Stefan & Elena share.
  • And it is their love that changes Rebekah’s mind. She gives up her secret. Because she knows, just like we all do, that Stefan would actually give ANYTHING to live his life with Elena. He just wants to grow old and die with her. Just as she always wanted as well.
  • I am glad that Stefan at least has the decency to have tears in his eyes as Klaus stakes his sister. Again. That poor girl. I don’t think I have ever felt this sorry for her. Even after everything. Sad.
  • “It’s just you and me in this, Stefan.” QUE FANDOM. I am waiting.
  • She feels like Damon’s Elena. But she wants to be Stefan’s. It’s fucking heart breaking.
  • Also, Connor is free. EEEEK!!!  Not great.
  • OR IS IT???

That episode was full of awesome. I do not even know where to start. I have a lot of feelings. And they are all fighting with each other. Can you put feelings in playpens? Or are chains & closets the way to go? I don’t even know anymore. Can you guys help me? What did you think?



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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Memorial

Happy TVD Thursday! I have to admit, all of the journalists’ tweets about this episode have been making me nervous. My body has a fight or flight response to being told I will need tissues. And, since it’s The Vampire Diaries, I am going to do my best to fight through the pain and terror.  Y’all with me?

  • Damon always such a positive attitude. Something I really admire about him.
  • Holy shit! This is AMAZING. I have very warm feelings all over.
  • And then not. Gross. Though it is nice to see that Stefan’s not the one cock blocking for a change.
  • “If there’s anything I can do, you know, short of giving her a ride.” Matt Donovan you are the greatest. Boy’s got jokes!
  • I cannot emotionally handle Damon and his saved seat at the bar. It is so damn depressing. My heart literally aches. Can I shut off my emotions?
  • Stefan is at his best when he’s in a great mood, though it’s hard to judge since I can’t remember the last time that he was. I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many smiles out of the boy.
  • I hate it when Damon & Elena are hot and moving. Ugh.
  • Okay. Watching Stefan take bullets out of Tyler is actually kind of sexy? AND Stefan is using his big boy brain. Also, very hot.
  • I am sorry Elena but I think there are a few people who did not love her dad. I think you might be one of them.
  • I thought that vampires needed more than a nod to get in. Wasn’t that established before? Didn’t Stefan need more than that in order to get into Elena’s?
  • Stefan is helping EVERYONE. And keeping the unicorns very busy as they trot after him from location to location.
  • But why is Elena so afraid to talk to Stefan about this?
  • “Damon, germaphobe.”
  • Ummmmm… why did that ass hat stab Poor April. She’s human, right? I am so confused.
  • Elena I don’t know that eating a blood bag on the church lawn is the greatest idea you have ever had. I’ve been really hungry before too but we have to remember our manners.
  • Stefan has every right to be mad at Damon, even though he’s just trying to help. He knew it would piss him off and part of me thinks he did it because of and not in spite of.
  • This whole thing at the funeral with the bleeding April and the sniper scope and a starving Elena is very intense. Now I’m gonna have PTSD every time I hear that hymn in church.
  • Matt Donovan ladies and gentlemen. And is it me or is Elena the cleanest eater yet? Everyone else needed mad wet nap action after their first feedings.
  • Why did Tyler jump out front like that? Just trying to draw Connor out? Was that a stake gun?
  • How is that guy so strong? He got the best of Damon? Was it because he was shot? WHAT IS GOING ON? Is it me or do I have a lot of questions tonight? Do you like pie?
  • Yay! Stefan punch. “You know what.” Did I hear some sass in that? Sassy Stefan y’all!
  • Awwwww!!! This little thing between Caroline and Elena is very reminiscent of when Caroline turned. She had a good teacher, you guys.
  • I am very glad that Stefan got mad and called Elena out on her bull shit lying. She should know that he would want the truth and want to help her. “You are in hell which means I am in hell.”
  • Okay so I was totally bawling throughout the lantern lighting. They have all lost so much. And when each individual is listed out, one by one, it weighs so much heavier than taking it in over the last 63 episodes. Everyone has sacrificed. Everyone has been damaged. I am glad that Elena admitted to grieving for herself and I wish Tyler could have been there. I honestly didn’t think I could cry any harder and barley managed an eye roll when Damon stormed off.
  • HA! AND THEN. Fucking Damon in the cemetery. Drinking and talking to his friend. Just as he would if Alaric were standing right there, or sitting next to him at the Grille. SWEET JESUS. And then he is right there. Listening to Damon complain about the kids and make jokes about the wrong birthday on his headstone. And the wind has been kicked out of my lungs because the crying is so intense I can’t breathe or see. But I can hear Alaric say “I miss you too, buddy.” AND I JUST WANT TO DIE. GOD DAMN IT.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a lot of snark and jokes for you guys tonight. Honestly, I just wish all of you could come over and give me a hug and drink wine with me. And we could talk about how much we love this show and how much we, too have lost. We could stay up all night, laughing and comforting each other. It would be so great.

Until next week friends. I’ll probably still be crying.

**Afterthoughts now that I can breathe**

  • I do honestly think that Stefan pulling out the champagne was a little bit premature but I know that his heart was in the right place. I think Elena should have been upfront with him about what was going on. Why is there any doubt that he would do ANYTHING to make her happy and healthy? He bashed a man’s skull against iron in order to get her fed. And I refuse to believe that she would never guess that drinking from Damon would upset him. She put her mouth against another man’s skin. Wrong. Period.
  • Damon crossing himself with Holy Water was one of my favorite things he has ever done. His enjoyment of it made it that much better. I would totally go to church with Damon.
  • Want to see the faces of the EMTs and the doctors when they examine Tyler. “But he was shot! I saw it!” “Nope. I’m good. I must have had a seizure or something. Can I go now?”

Okay. now back to crying.


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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Growing Pains

HAPPY TVD THURSDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS DECADE!!! That’s how it feels anyways. Longest. Hiatus. Ever. And now it’s finally here and I am scared and nervous and excited and FEELING SO MANY FEELINGS. Let’s DO this TVD fam!

  • Really missing Stefan’s “this is my story,” right about now. This new intro is SOOOOOO cheesy. I don’t hate it. It’s just dripping in queso.
  • Damon’s a tad bitter, no? Why is he talking about Elena making her own choices as if it’s this terrible thing? Is he a republican?
  • And now Jeremy is kind of giving her attitude as if it was all her fault (which it kind of is) but still. Rude.
  • Michael Trevino is kicking SERIOUS ASS as the Klaus Clothes. I am super impressed.
  • Matty & Caroline. I just still love those crazy kids together. They are both the best so why not be the best together? I am living in denial. Obvi.
  • This new council means business! Does that mean we have to stop calling them a joke, now? That’s too bad.
  • Caroline must have an invisible “kick me,” sign that she wears at all times only hers says, “please vervain me, tie me up and torture me, that’d be great kthanksbye.”
  • AH! My people. Don’t worry. The unicorns will finish your sandwich Elena. When Stefan says sweet things to you it gives them quite an appetite.
  • It’s ok that I was also laughing at Elena’s “cross that bridge,” joke?  It was funny.
  • GAH! First Damon flashback! I like the way they have filmed this. Instead of a fuzzy dream sequence it’s as if she’s in the room watching it happen. Brilliant. And beautiful.
  • Tyler in the Klaus clothes doesn’t even have to fake his concern for Caroline. I have serious fucking chills you guys. And then he LEAVES REBEKAH. HA! Klaus is the cat’s pajamas.
  • Not gonna lie. Have miss Damon’s snark. Not so much the choking kids I like thing but the snark thing for sure.
  • Elena’s transitional freaking out is making me feel like I too could become a vampire at any moment and I probably should stay away from people because all I want is BLOOD and the sun is hot and AAAAHHHHH. Amazing. Until she gets hit upside the head, of course.
  • Didn’t Jeremy just tell Elena that she needed to go with the Bonnie plan? He is such a downer.
  • Matt is wearing the helmet with the big brains today! YAY MATTY!
  • Bonnie has a mouth full of nose blood. Again. Always gross, Bonnie.
  • Bonnie can do magic you guys OMG!!! And Elena is a very good mime!!
  • GRAMS!!  She is totally bossy but always nice to see her face.
  • Stop shooting Stefan mean guy. Seriously. Stop. I do not like that Sam I am.
  • Caroline is so sweet and trying to reason with Klaus but Klaus is very unreasonable and is kind of a brat always wanting his way. Geez.
  • My unicorns are very happy-ish with this situation. They aren’t real fans of the near death, thing but, you know. They are where they want to be at least. It’s very magical. Despite the paleness.
  • Hey guys? What did we say about the Paul Wesley tears? Cannot deal. Sobbing for reals. Show is evil, yo.
  • Damon has changed into his business attire. I love it when Damon means business. Matt is the working lunch, I guess?
  • Whoa. Bonnie did a bad, bad thing you guys. Poor Grams. This is very bad and sad.
  • I probably just yelled “FUCK YEAH STEFAN,” loud enough for my whole block to hear. I just thought they should know. Because that was rad. And hot.
  • ELENA IS ALSO RAD AND HOT!! YAY VAMPIRE ELENA!! She saved Matt!! And her vamp face is bitchin! Almost looks like Katherine!
  • How did they get out of the cages? Did I miss something?
  • Good speech Stefan. Love you Matt but come on. You’ve had enough whamburger and French cries for one day.
  • I actually feel a little bad for Damon. He’s really heartbroken that Elena has turned. Then again, he did try to turn her once himself, so…
  • Klaus. Wanna hate you so bad but can’t. You are a monster and I love you. Damn it.
  • This moment between Stefan & Elena on the roof is just stunning. In every way. The colors. The words. Her ring. I just love how they love each other. Little will ever convince me otherwise. GAH. So many feelings (if you look closely you can see my babies grazing on the lawn. The sandwich wasn’t really enough).
  • What the eff? Did they just light themselves all on fire? While holding vervain? This council is bananas. Is that pastor guy like the Mystic Falls Jim Jones? I don’t get it.

Another BALLS OUT season premiere you guys!! This show really doesn’t know the concept of taking it easy. And that is why we LOVE IT. Right? Very excited that it is finally back. Very excited that my Unicorns have bathed and are eating well. VERY excited for next week. It looks sexy! And scary! AND AWESOME. What did you guys think of the season premiere? Doing a little dance with me?


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My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part Three

Happy TVD DVD day!! That is SO much fun to say! And not just because we finally get to celebrate the latest season of our favorite show being ours to own and hug and watch FOREVER. I thought today would be the perfect day to unleash my favorite episodes of season 3. Not only is the DVD out today, but we still have a little over 4 weeks to wait for the Season 4 premiere! UGH! October 11th cannot come fast enough! I was unable to hold myself to 5 as I did with Season One and with Season Two. There were just way too many awesome moments. Don’t forget to share your favorites with me in the comments!

1.) “The Birthday” (3×01)

Best Bite: This episode set a tone: This season was going to be painful. And in the first of many, MANY ugly cry-inducing moments, Stefan moved from under Klaus’ watchful eye long enough to make a phone call to Elena. And though he doesn’t utter a word, the conversation was enough to both give me hope that someday all would be right with the world, and to break my heart into a million pieces. “Stefan, if this is you, you’ll be okay. I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.”

Damon thrashing Stefan’s room in utter despair also registers (a.k.a. makes me sob).

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: This was the first episode to ever reflect a time lapse and they did an amazing job with that. It honestly felt like it had been ages since the Season Two finale. Jeremy is still seeing ghosts, Tyler and Caroline decide to get hot & heavy and Alaric feels unworthy of guardianship.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Klaus. I love him and want to bash his head in at the same time. He’s got Stefan under his thumb and what he does to poor Ray is just gross and pretty terrible.

Moment to stake: Stefan compelling Andie to jump to her death is horrible. And sad. And proof that the Stefan I love is so far away.

Fave Damon-ism: “You don’t want that. You want the cheap, young stuff over by the cheap, young people.” “Drink more. It’ll feel less weird.”

Biggest Question: What the hell car is Jeremy driving and how did he get it?

The song I play: The episode is full of great dance songs. I love to jam out to Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel.” But when I want the good stuff, when I’m feeling all of the feels, only Ron Pope’s “A Drop In The Ocean” will work for me.

2.) “The End of the Affair” (3×03)

Best Bite: I love the 1920s and I love Katherine’s bob but I mostly love Stefan’s scary closet o’ victims. Elena gets caught in there when he and Klaus show up at the apartment and for 30 perilous seconds I am caught in a whirlwind of emotions, wondering for the first time if Stefan will actually do something to hurt Elena, getting angry that something like that would even cross my mind.  Stefan doesn’t give her away, of course, but he doesn’t reach out for her either and at the end of the episode, when he sends her away, telling her he doesn’t want her anymore, I am too exhausted from that moment in the closet to do anything other than join my unicorns in their puddle and weep.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: Bill Forbes is torturing his own daughter, trying to burn the vampire right out of her. Horrifying. Tyler’s rescue is beyond. And Elena reading all about Stefan’s worst day makes me miss Lexi.

Stuff to think about: Our first introductions to Rebekah and Gloria. Both of whom will prove to be a tad troublesome. And I’d never thought I’d say it, but it’s nice to see Katherine again.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Rebekah. I think it’s almost funny that she thought the real Stefan was ever in love with her.

Moment to stake: Finding out that Elena’s necklace first belonged to Rebekah. Ugh.

Fave Damon-ism: “You know you were dreaming about me. It explains the drool.” “I’m shocked! Stefan’s not a virgin.”

The song I play: Birdy’s “Shelter” is so moving when Caroline lets both her mom and Tyler help her heal.

3.) “The Reckoning” (3×05)

Best Bite: Klaus has finally had enough of Stefan’s lying and duplicity and feels he must be punished. Only, punishment for Stefan means punishment for everyone (a.k.a. Me). Stefan does his very best to fight Klaus’s compulsion to make him drink Elena. He screams at her to run, he tries to stake himself! He works so hard to keep her safe, to cling desperately to his humanity. In the end, none of it matters because Klaus takes it away. Just. Like. That. And after the love for Elena leaves his eyes, he sinks his teeth in and I can’t help but think back to the night when Elena first learns what he is, when he promises that he’ll never hurt her. THAT Stefan doesn’t live here anymore. “What did you do?” “I fixed him.”

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: Tyler nearly dies only to rise again as a Hybrid and Matt drowns himself just to see ghosts.

Stuff to think about: Can we talk about how the “pranks” being pulled are kind of stupid? Dawson’s Creek did it so much better.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Klaus is so awful in this episode. Far beyond his usual evil. It is here that he takes his horror to the next level.

Moment to stake: RIP Dana.  Now is the time, I guess.

Fave Damon-ism:  (to Katherine) “Truth is, you just don’t do it for me anymore.” “I wouldn’t have done it for you.”

Biggest Question:  If Elena’s necklace was important, how come it was never as big of a deal as the moonstone, until now?

The song I play: Shady Bard’s “Torch Song” is both gorgeous and devastating as it plays over Damon finally coming to Elena’s rescue. “Where were you Damon?”

4.) “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (3×06)

Best Bite: Stefan’s transformation into full on Ripper is as heart crushing as it gets but I can’t help but find his nonchalant douche baggery 100% charming and hilarious. Bloody twister, leaving food on the rug, shoving dudes with the audacity to bump into Elena. But maybe he’s okay because he is staring longingly at her and then saves her when she falls? I am so ruined by this show.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: Alaric and Damon are training Elena to Buffy up, Caroline is dealing with her boyfriend the sired, hybrid, ass, Matt is chatting up his evil, dead sister and Jeremy is getting closer to Anna. Again.Oh right, and Katherine is at work.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Ugh. Sired Tyler is SO obnoxious! Poor Caroline. Hasn’t she been through enough?

Moment to stake: I know in my heart that it isn’t possible, but I feel like Alaric stakes Stefan just before the magic part!

Fave Damon-ism: “The two brunettes on the staircase owe me a Persian rug.”

Biggest Question: “We need to de-rippify Stefan before he destroys my house.” Has Damon already forgotten about the time when he got bored inside and made a big ol’ mess?

The song I play: “Rave On” by Cults. The perfect song for a high school party full of grown up drama.

5.) “Do Not Go Gentle” (3×20)

Best Bite: We all felt it coming. We knew it would be over soon. That doesn’t mean the loss of our Alaric was any easier to bear. The site of everyone gathered to mourn him was too much. The entire fandom wept. When Damon went inside the tomb to share one last bottle with his bestest, good friend, we all lost a piece of ourselves. With all of the loss we’ve experienced over three seasons in Mystic Falls, this one was the hardest yet. But we all did it together.

Stuff to think about: “Taking care of you and Jeremy has been the closest I’ve ever come to having the life I’ve always wanted.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Esther. My good GOD she sucks. I would die of exhaustion before I would tire of stabbing her in the neck with a fork.

Moment to stake: RIP Team Blood and Beer.

Fave Damon-ism:  “I offered to snap his neck, put him out of his misery. He didn’t take me up on it.” “Sorry I killed you. Twice.”

The song I play: The Fray “Be Still” – sobbing for days.

6.) “The Departed” (3×22)

Best Bite: Sure. I always thought that Elena becoming a vampire was a thing. Some… thing that would happen way in the future. Maybe. And then. She died. Elena mother effing died. Like, dead. Is there a card for that? “I regret to inform you that you are now dead. Enjoy unlimited existence. Also, enjoy having fangs for eternity. And shit.”

Stuff to think about: Despite the fact that she is now on their wave length, neither one of the Salvatore brothers are going to be happy about this. Oops.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Rebekah. Again. Barbie Klaus just makes messes where ever she goes. She is a total nuisance!

Fave Damon-ism:  “Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you not being the dumbest brother on earth?” “No, no, no, no. Did I mention no?” “You know what else is her call? Every thing bad ever.”

Biggest Question: Has Caroline ever read anything about head injuries? Pretty sure booze is not recommended for concussions.I’m no doctor though.

The song I play: Sigur Rós “Dauðalogn” – It’s obvious. But dark. And sad. And absolutely perfect.

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My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part Two

TVD Hiatus is still happening!  As much as I loved re-watching Season 1, I am still in complete denial that our show will be away for 4 more months. I am now onto Season 2. Which only means, double the pleasure, double the fun! And double the heart wrenching pain. Like I said last week, I am re-watching 15 of my favorite episodes, 5 from each season. Please note: these are listed in order of original air dates, not by preference. Also, if you have NEVER watched The Vampire Diaries, this IS NOT a list of episodes to see before you check into S4. YOU MUST WATCH ALL OF THE EPISODES.

1.) “Brave New World” (2×02)

Best Bite: Stefan helping Caroline in the bathroom. He’s cleaning her up, he’s calming her down, talking her through. He’s exactly what she needs, exactly when she needs it. The entire scene is so moving and heart crushing and beautiful. I’ve never gotten through it without crying. Special shout out to another moment I never get through without crying: Stefan waking Elena to take her on the Ferris Wheel. These two get so few sweet moments.

Stuff to think about: Damon: “Caroline of all people will not make it as a vampire.” EAT YOUR WORDS DAMON!!!

Character I’d like to set on fire: Sorry to say it but UGH! Bonnie!! So judgy!! What happened to Caroline wasn’t even Damon’s fault (for a change)!! And it’s not Caroline’s fault either!!

Moment to stake: Damon nearly staking our favorite vampire Barbie. He soothes her and then threatens her? HORRIBLE!!! Thank GOD for Elena and Stefan.

Fave Damon-ism: “Aren’t you worried that one day all the forest animals will band together and fight back? I mean, surely, they talk.”

Biggest Question: I would still like to know how Caroline got into her house. Do we assume that Sherriff Forbes picked her up without talking to the doctors and then invited her into her own house?

The song I play: “All This Time” by OneRepublic. Another song I danced to at my wedding and a song that so perfectly embodies one of the most beautiful moments between Stefan and Elena.

2.) “Kill Or Be Killed” (2×05)

Best Bite: Caroline saves the day!! She stops Elena while she’s blathering about. She takes out a shit talking Mason (sweet shot to the twig and giggle berries followed by a beautiful kick to the gut) and then she gets the best of the deputies and risks everything by showing her new colors. Caroline is a bad ass!! “Hi Mom.”

Stuff to think about: Why weren’t the Sherriff’s deputies full of vervain? And if they were, how was Damon able to drink them?

Character I’d like to set on fire: Mason. He did a bad, bad thing. I blame him for the death of those deputies, not Caroline.

Moment to stake: I cannot stand to see my Salvatore boys shot. IT HURTS SO BAD!! It hurts to watch Damon get shot while he’s down but she shoots Stefan when he’s not even moving? OUCH!!!!!!

Fave Damon-ism: Damon is pretty awesome in this episode which means a lack of his usual sarcasm. I LOVE when he refuses to kill Liz because: “You’re my friend.” And then he tells Elena that Stefan didn’t drink but needs to. Very selfless Damon moves.

Biggest Question: How was Mason SURE that Stefan and Damon would follow him into the woods? That plan sure worked out for him, didn’t it?

The song I play: “I Need To Know” by Kris Allen. This song plays when Elena lets Stefan drink from her. “It’s you and me Stefan. Always.” Such a moving and important moment for the both of them.

**I have to give some love to 2×04 (“Memory Lane”) because the flash backs were STUNNING and for the first time, I almost believed that what Katherine felt for Stefan was real. Love her or not, lady is a BAMF.

3.) “Plan B” (2×06)

Best Bite: I love that both the very beginning of the episode and the very end are illustrations of absolute love. One makes me giggle with delight while the other makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry forever. That is what Stefan and Elena mean to me my friends. This episode says it all.

Stuff to think about: Tyler: “You know what I think of Caroline Forbes. She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Katherine. She makes one hell of a mess by having Jenna stab herself. And knowing what her end plans are, she’s just doing it to be a bitch.

Moment to stake: SO MANY!! For starters: I am not a big fan of Mason after what he did to the boys.  But what Damon does to him is too much. I seriously cannot even watch. And I am a fan of Reservoir Dogs.That is saying A LOT!!

Fave Damon-ism: “Werewolf thing aside, the guy’s a surfer.”

Biggest Question: Does Katherine actually have any feelings at all for Stefan or is she just f**king with everyone?

The song I play: “Wires” by Athlete. Every time I hear it I see Stefan’s face. And that face. I CANNOT EVEN!!! Paul Wesley should be fined for making that face. It stings like nothing else I have ever seen on TV.

3.) “By the Light of the Moon” (2×11)

Best Bite: This is not my favorite episode. I love Elijah. And Tyler’s transformation is HUGE! But it isn’t until THAT ONE MOMENT. The moment that made me BAWL from happiness. Only because I was never stupid enough to believe that it would happen. But sure enough: Stefan gets out of the tomb and then runs to Elena. Not only does she embrace him, but she kisses his brains out! Absolute perfection and everything I needed to take me through a long, holiday hiatus.

Stuff to think about: This is the first of many deals Elena makes with Elijah. How many does he keep? How many does Elena keep?

Character I’d like to set on fire: Jules. I do not like her sniffing around. She is going to cause trouble.

Moment to stake: Watching Tyler turn for the first time. Oh. My. God. OUCH FOR A MILLION YEARS!!

Fave Damon-ism: “You should get out, enjoy the sun. Oh, wait, you can’t!”

Biggest Question: Is there anyone Jenna will not open the door to?

The song I play: “Longest Night” by Howie Day. A beautiful choice for a beautiful CODA.

5.) “The Sun Also Rises” (2×21)

Best Bite: Hard to find a best part of an episode so fraught with horror. But I love that Jenna tries SO HARD to fight all of it, to sacrifice herself in her last moments. I love that Elena is able to tell Jenna to turn it off. I love that as she dies, Elena is looking into Stefan’s eyes and I hate that he can do nothing to stop it! I love that Damon knows enough to set Elena next to Stefan and that Stefan knows enough to tell Damon to take her away. I love that at the end, all of Elena’s friends are beside her when she lays her family to rest. I even love that Damon keeps his injury a secret, just to minimize the damage done. It’s all sad. But the unity is lovely. They are a family.

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I’m sorry that you’ve lost so many people.” Jeremy: “I still have you.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Greta. Because she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t even care. It’s not vampire nature, it’s not for the good of anything. She just SUCKS!

Moment to stake: Um… this whole episode? The whole thing makes me cry my eyes out. Jenna losing her life, Alaric and Jeremy being unable to say goodbye. All of it. So painful.

Fave Damon-ism: “That’s my brother for ya. Always cleaning up my messes.”

Biggest Question: If the vampire wasn’t Jenna, it would be Caroline. Which would you chose? And what if Klaus would have allowed Elena to chose? Jenna over Stefan?

The song I play: “Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)” by Birdy – Always an instant tear jerker. So gorgeous and so heart crushing.


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My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part One

Heaven help me. The TVD Hiatus is already killing me and it has only been a few weeks. We still have 4 months (at least) before the Season 4 premiere. In order to ease the pain a bit, I am re-watching 15 of my favorite episodes, 5 from each season. Please note: these are listed in order of original air dates, not by preference. Also, if you have NEVER watched The Vampire Diaries, this IS NOT a list of episodes to see before you check into S4. YOU MUST WATCH ALL OF THE EPISODES.

1.) “Lost Girls” (1×06)

Best Bite: “You said you wanted to know. I’m not going to hold anything back.” And while that is a tiny bit of a lie, Stefan does share a butt ton of information with Elena. His actual age. Where he came from. His history with Katherine. The reason he’s fighting with Damon. I also kind of love the flashbacks. Okay, I love them A LOT. Aaaaand Damon & Vicki’s boozy dance off. Love that too.

Stuff to think about: Stefan: “That’s the thing about Damon. He doesn’t get mad. He just gets even.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Damon. Hilarious? Yes. Maniacal ass hole? Also, yes. What he does to Vicki is really horrible.

Moment to stake: I hate seeing Elena afraid of Stefan. It seriously rips me apart. Hours ago they were making kissy face at the car wash and now she’s crying in fear of him. Tragic.

Fave Damon-ism: “I’m at the Sizzler. I had the buffet.” “Don’t get blood on the couch!”

Biggest Question: Still dying to know exactly how Uncle Zach is related to our Salvatore brothers.

The song I play: For boozy dancing I love the Anberlin cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” For sobbing against my front door, Jason Walker’s “Down” is perfect.

2.) “The Turning Point” (1×10)

Best Bite: Up until this point, Elena has been hesitant to really FEEL her feelings for Stefan. But when she feels them, when she shares them with Stefan, all is right. And all of the unicorns in the world run on every rainbow they can find.  “I love you Stefan.” “Don’t hide from me.”

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I don’t want to talk about my future Stefan. Because everything you’re saying is making it perfectly clear that you’re not going to be in it.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Logan. What an ass. And really bad at being a vampire.

Moment to stake: Damon using and compelling Caroline. Not cool dude. Not cool.

Fave Damon-ism: “But we’re a team! We could travel the world together! We could try out for the Amazing Race!”

Biggest Question: Where did Stefan go to get Elena a glass of water? Niagara falls? Dude was gone for AGES!!

The song I play: I absolutely LOVE “Cut” by Plumb but I danced at my wedding to “This is Beautiful” by Tyrone Wells. It’s a tossup!

3.) “Let The Right One In” (1×17)

Best Bite: Sure, they’re in love. Or so they say. But Elena really proves it when she not only risks her life to get Stefan out of the house of horrors but is willing to feed him her blood as well.

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I’ve just never… You were like this other person.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Frederick. Duh. The countless stabs just are not enough.

Moment to stake: It’s a tie. I HATE watching Stefan being tortured. But he is shirtless… I also hate that Elena seems seriously put off when her vampire boyfriend acts like a vampire. Get a grip lady.

Fave Damon-ism: “I understand. He’s the reason you live, his love lifts you up where you belong. I get it.”

Biggest Question: Damon winds the clock. Does he do other house hold chores as well?

The song I play: “All You Wanted” by Sounds Under Radio. Moves me every time.

4.) “Under Control” (1×18)

Best Bite: Stefan is freaking out. He doesn’t know what to do but he knows that he needs to be honest with Elena. He’s obviously struggling and it’s clearly hard for him to admit his weakness. But he does it. And of course, she wants to do anything she can to help him. They love each other. “I’m afraid of what I could do to you.” “I’m not. I’m not.”

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I know it’s hard to understand. But Stefan’s different. He would never do anything to hurt me.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Uncle John. And to think, this is only the beginning of his douchey-ness.

Moment to stake: One of THE most disgusting moments in TV history: Stefan licking Julie Cooper (a.k.a. Mrs. Donovan) off of his fingers. BARF!

Fave Damon-ism: “You ask, I come. I’m easy like that.” “No, Elena! I will not go to your bedroom with you!”

Biggest Question: Damon knows about Stefan’s “Ripper” side. Why doesn’t he feel the need to warn Elena?

The song I play: “Brick by Boring Brick” by Paramore. Great tune for dancing with your alcoholic, vampire boyfriend.

5.) “Founder’s Day” (1×22)

Best Bite: The editing flow between Stefan & Elena getting dressed in their 1864 gear is flawless and emotional and absolutely stunning but, for supreme best, I have to go with Damon and Katherine on the Gilbert porch. This one scene had the entire fandom in heat for months between seasons one and two. Serious intensity.

Stuff to think about: Damon: “Elena is not Katherine.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Uncle John. Again. He killed Anna and tried to set the Salvatores on fire. He has it coming.

Moment to stake: Losing Anna was heart crushing. And it’s hard to watch Caroline go down, knowing what it leads to.

Fave Damon-ism: “I’m here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.”

Biggest Question: Were John & the V5 Deputies able to collect ALL of the tomb vampires? Could some of them still be wandering around?

The song I play: “Bloodstream” by Stateless. Obviously.


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The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season


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The Vampire Diaries: Recap: Do Not Go Gentle

Well TVD fans!! It’s a brand new week! My unicorns are hoping for an excuse to crawl out of their mud puddles. Though, the way this season has been going, they’ve pretty much set up residence in them and are even having their mail forwarded. The great news is that it’s time for another Decade Dance! And for one of my very favorite decades. I’m thirsty for moonshine just thinking about it. These always go really well with hardly any trouble so it should be a nice, light hearted evening for our favorite Mystic Falls inhabitants. Girls, don your knee length pearls and move your gams! Boys grab your dames! It’s Vampire Diaries time!

  • Klaus is ready to fly the coop. I want to guess that he has plans to take Elena with him when he goes? And Rebekah is still Esther, right? And Esther as Rebekah has access to all of the things that Beks wants? Like to go to a dance? Clearly I have a lot of questions.
  • Aaaaaaand Alaric is evil. Rebekah is staked and Esther is back in her annoying body. This is just great.
  • TEAM Caroline!! “Stefan is your epic love.” Just one of the many reasons that Caroline is THE BEST. Also, I absolutely love it when she resorts to her usually bossy self. Dance committee Caroline is another reason she is THE BEST.
  • How adorable is it that Elena is nervous to ask Stefan to the dance? I mean, they’ve boned like dozens of times and she still has first crush reactions. LOVE IT.
  • These magic rules are confusing. Is there a Cliffs Notes for all the grimoires?
  • Elena looks stunning. And Stefan. Lord help me. That suit may very well be the death of me.
  • I AM SMILING SO MUCH MY FACE HURTS!!! And I think my unicorns are officially toweling off.
  • An indestructible stake. OF COURSE. Why didn’t I think of that?
  • Wow. Matty and Ty look amazing as well. Can it be 1920 in Mystic Falls FOREVER?
  • Good luck to Tyler. I am glad he has decided to stop being douchey jealous guy. Caroline looks like she’s glad about that too.
  • Oh man you guys. Not sure I can take a whole lot of this. EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT! I have become bitter and hardened over the last few months and I know that if I let the facade crack, the rug will just wind up getting pulled from under me. And then I’ll wind up on my ass in a mud puddle, crying glitter with my buddies.
  • There is spinning and dipping. I am going to die.
  • I love Jer and I love Alaric but what other options is there? TVD is the leading manufacturer of Rocks and Hard Places.
  • I like Jamie. He’s sexy and has a nice smile and is sweet to Bonnie. Also, her circle of “friends” doesn’t seem to scare him off so that’s a plus.
  • ESTHER!!! DIE A BILLION TIMES YOU SLUNT FROM HELL! (I don’t really care for her or her antics)
  • “I don’t have to prove anything Love! I am the alpha male!” Klaus is a BAMF. Sorry Tyler. You’re great and I hope we can still be friends. But……
  • Caroline!! Let him show you!!! There is so much to see!!!
  • Stefan is so smart. I fancy him.
  • OH MY GOD! Is Alaric a vampire?
  • Oh Bonnie don’t whine. No one misses Abby, including you and you know it.
  • Stefan seems so much like his old self here. I miss this guy. As much as I love the Ripper, this will always be the vampire I fell in love with.
  • Tyler: The newest member of the Martyr Club. I hope he gets his commemorative pin.
  • Jer and Matty to the rescue!!! Or not. CRAP.
  • OH CRAP.
  • Alaric. Oh no. No, no, no. This is terrible. Jer. And Elena. They were a family. Serious ugly crying right now. Everyone is there. HUG ME!!!!
  • You know it must be grim when even Matt and Jeremy’s bromance + shots isn’t cheering me up.
  • “You have me.” I CAN NOT. Why oh why does this damn show insist on hurting me??? I want to stab it and choke it and then buy it flowers and candy.
  • Poor Damon is about to lose his bestie. That is very sad. I can’t handle the thought that we’ve seen the last of Blood & Beer. Their relationship is too precious.
  • Alaric is crying? WTF? This is so mean!!!
  • And now Damon too? EFF THIS ISH.
  • OMG!!!!  OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!

Well, the title of this episode suddenly makes more sense. While I am glad that we haven’t really lost him, I know that being a vampire is something that the real Alaric would never want. I have a feeling that the next two episodes will hold a great deal of pain for everyone involved. Mostly me, of course (it’s always about me).

What are you all the most frightened to see happen?




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