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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Catastrophe and the Cure (9×06)


(this recap is a re-posting from 2/15/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday friends!!  So very excited about this episode! For starters we get our darling Nathan Scott back on our screens and to make it even sweeter this episode was directed by the amazingly talented James Lafferty. He always does such a great job.

I am worried though. My heart still tells me that we won’t lose Nathan but my friend Kianna made an amazing video this week that has had me crying almost daily with the thought. Find her or me if you too would like to torture yourself with the video. It’s pretty amazing.

I am also having second thoughts about Dan. Don’t get me wrong. I still hate the man. I feel what Nathan feels. The guy is bad news. But trying to stomach that he’d have something to do with his son’s disappearance is a hard pill to swallow. Even if it is Dan Scott. I suppose we’ll see! Let’s get this Nathan tied to a chair party started!

  • During the “previously on” Husband called Haley a stupid for calling the cops on Dan. Anyone know a good divorce attorney? (Kidding. Kind of.)
  • That Tara whore deserved everything she got from Brooke Davis and she’s lucky Brooke didn’t do more.
  • “Ask Nathan what happens in bar fights.” OUCH.
  • And now the husband is making bets with me on who will be the first of us to screw up with our future children. This is just great.
  • FYI – I am not on Team Brooke or Team Julian in this situation. It’s terrible. For everyone. I want to hug them all!!
  • More cheering for Dan. While his rant is pretty amazing, I am not pleased. I am going to get my husband a locket with Dan Scott’s picture in it.
  • Haley hearing on the news and then having to tell Jamie that Nathan is missing is just crushing my heart. Trying so hard not to cry right now.
  • Who are those guys with the bad acting and the terrible Russian accents? And why do they have Nathan tied up?
  • Ewwww!!!!!! Chris is sitting in the sex sheets!! GROSS!! Worse? It’s his GF with Chase sex sheets!!!
  • Nathan is Cyclops? Hmmm… I’m gonna have to think on this for a bit.
  • Logan is the CUTEST!!! “Like that old man who eats his buttons.”
  • These idiots are making me feel stabby. I mean, not that I haven’t thought of tying up Nathan from time to time, but I wouldn’t be such a jerk about it.
  • That Tara girl better watch out. I am so pissed right now. I am channeling my anger toward Brooke and hoping she can use it to really knock that whore off her feet.
  • I am not on Dan’s side. You guys KNOW that. But hearing Jamie yell at him broke my heart just a little. OUCHIE!!
  • Why do I feel ok about this Julian/Dan partnership? What have I become?
  • Haley got a new piano!
  • Jamie is going to make me cry. But Quinn is right. Nathan will come back.
  • Who would ever want to put a bag over Nathan’s face? Idiots.
  • MOUTH!! You cannot tell Clay about Nathan!!! He will want to leave! Damn it!!
  • I am wringing my hands. This stuff with Dan and Julian and Nathan is so messed up and I am so confused and I don’t understand my own feelings!!!
  • I effing knew IT!!! Clay is leaving! CRAAAAAAAAPPPPP!!!! Look at Logan’s face!
  • Brooke Davis. You are amazing. Even without trying. I love you Brooke Davis.
  • Does Clay really not know or is he mad? Why should this be a question? What is this show?
  • Chris Keller sounds so great. And he owes this to Haley and to Brooke and I love that he’s doing it for whatever reason.
  • I am on Team Chris Keller and Team Chase and Team KILL TARA!!!!!
  • Julian for ALL OF THE AWARDS!!!! Even Dan is impressed. I may have actually fist bumped the air. Don’t judge.
  • Haley’s brave face for Jamie is KILLING me.
  • OMG Nathan. Even knowing what I know my ass is on the edge of my seat and my heart is in my throat. Keep talking baby. Keep talking.
  • Brooke Davis. My hero.
  • Clay and Logan are THE CUTEST? Did I say that already? I mean it. They really are.
  • I seriously wish that Dan would stop doing things that make me like him. I hate it and it’s making me cry.
  • “Anything I can do?” “Yeah. Go easy on the carbs.” I am crying and laughing at the same time. I hate this show to the point of pure love. It’s ridiculous.
  • Lydia is walking!!!!!!! Daddy specifically asked her not to. Oh Lord. The massive size of the tears falling down my face right now is absurd.  Only eclipsed by how many are falling. Please tell me y’all are this emotional about this?

WHAT an episode! OMG guys! I am going to have to watch that one about a zillion more times. My poor heart. I am such a mess!

Next week we will see the return of Lucas Scott!!! Who’s excited? And who is our latest suspect in Nathan’s kidnapping? It has to be someone we know, right? Behind all of it? And what will Tara do to get revenge on Brooke? Or is that evil bitch gone for good?  This show y’all. I just love it!

After you leave me all the wonderful comments, don’t forget to check out Tyler Hilton’s new single, “Prince of Nothing Charming,” which was performed on tonight’s episode and now available on iTunes. Have a great week y’all!


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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: The Killing Moon (9×05)


(this recap is re-posted from 2/8/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday friends!!! Well, probably not happy, I’m guessing from the promos but you know what I mean.

Because it needs to be said again and again, AMAZING performance by Austin Nichols last week. I can hardly think of his final scene in the car with Sophia without breaking down. Just beautiful.

Before I get into the thick, I wanted to review with y’all what we know so far about that opening “future” montage in the season premiere. It’s not much. We know why Clay and Quinn were screaming at each other but that is IT. We don’t know why Dan Scott and Chris Keller are armed and dangerous, what Chase is arrested for, why Brooke is tearing up Karen’s Café, who is kicking Julian’s butt or which body Haley is identifying at the morgue. And don’t think it’s lost on me that there was no Nathan in that clip reel. I have seen a lot of worried comments on the interwebs, people fearing that Haley is identifying Nathan. Here’s the thing though: I just don’t think it’s him. I want to believe that Mark would never do that to us. Because if he did, it would FOREVER change how I view the entire series. I would never be able to watch it the same way again. We should probably start a prayer circle though, just in case.

  • I will repeat this as many times as necessary but I LOVE that we get Nathan in the “previously on” even on the nights when we don’t really get him.
  • Ugh. DAN. I just want to punch him in the face.
  • Julian is going to make me cry again. I wish he would stop being so hard on himself. Easier said than done, I know.
  • Husband thinks that Julian would get a lot of action in jail because he’s so pretty. Good lord. Glad he’s not going to jail though.
  • Tara needs to pull a Nanny Carrie on Chuck and the two of them need to GO AWAY.
  • Clay’s convo with his Doc is giving me Psych 101 flash backs. I should probably get to work on that term paper I never turned in.
  • Every time Haley says Nathan’s name I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack. Full on, stomach in knots, might throw up, PANIC.
  • Husband and I used the commercial break to argue theories. I think Dan has something to do with Nathan missing and husband is sure it is the drug dealer Quinn pissed off.  We should probably put money on this or something.
  • Brooke Davis Baker is by far the most adorable thing EVER. I would be happy to show her how to use the milk fluffer thingy.
  • Now Chuck is going to talk in the 3rd person? Stab me.
  • Chris Keller is a sweetie to help. Husband might be right about him after all.
  • Why does Julian have the boys at the doctor? He is killing me.
  • Jamie is rocking out the Harry Potter references. Officially the coolest kid in the world. Like we didn’t know that already though.
  • Tara is a SLUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Bugs are the WORST!!!! So of course husband thinks it’s hilarious. GROSS!!! I have the major jeebs. Go Brooke yourself Tara.
  • Feisty Brooke is the best Brooke. That bitch better watch out. Also, Millie? Not helping.
  • I have seen this scene with Chris Keller and Haley and the cop over 1000 times (due to the clip I can’t stop watching) but it’s still gut wrenching. My heart is destroyed for Haley and I REALLY love Chris Keller for his part.
  • Clay is darling with Logan. He and Quinn need to have kids. He would be a good dad. Not Nathan good, but good.
  • Another argument about Dan. He really needs to stop saying and doing things that are good because it’s all a LIE and despite what husband says he does NOT rock.
  • Here we go. Oh God. I cannot handle Haley tears. CAN. NOT. And that damn moose. CRAP ON A CRACKER.
  • I want to know who left that note on Julian’s car so that I can kick them in the junk. Hard.
  • Jamie’s werewolf thing is awesome. To be honest, I would not be at all surprised if he really was one. This is Tree Hill after all. Weird ish happens all the time.
  • “What a dick.” My husband on Chuck’s dad. Finally we agree on something.
  • Fighting again. I think Haley has every right to go through Dan’s crap. Husband disagrees. What do you guys think? Of course you’re on my side. Because my side is Haley’s side.
  • FLORENCE + THE MACHINE!!!! F+M on OTH makes me a very happy girl. If you don’t have it yet, Ceremonials was the best album of 2011. GO GET IT!!
  • Also, anyone else think of James Lafferty’s gorgeous eyes when the song says “bright blue eyes?” They’re SO blue!! (Sorry for that, I’ve had wine).
  • WHOA Brooke. Glad it’s not Karen’s Café that she is tearing up. Give em hell Brooke!
  • And now we know who is beating the crap out of Julian. DAMN IT.
  • NATHAN!!! Flashback Nathan but still, NATHAN!!!
  • HALEY!!!! Way to go lady. I knew you weren’t that naïve. You guys. I love this woman. LOVE HER. So. Much. And all of the awards this week for Joy. STUNNING performance. The lady is killing it.
  • And there’s creepy Dan again. Doing his creepy lurking. I know it looks obvious that it is him but that does not mean that it is not him!!! GAH!!

Y’all. WHERE IS NATHAN??? I am so stressed out. For serious. I have shakes and everything. I should probably not be this involved with this show or something.

Two more of the premiere’s “future” stories have been told. We’re down to Dan and Chris, Chase, and Haley & Nathan of course. Next week we will be forced to watch Nathan get beat up while tied to a chair. I’m going to need elephant tranquilizers to settle down after watching that.

So what did you guys think of this one? Joy rocked it, am I right? And please be sure to let me know whose side you’re on in the comments. Husband and I have definitely put some money down. This lady needs new sunglasses!!

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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt? (9×04)


(this recap is re-posted from 2/1/12)

Greetings OTH Family! Before we get started with tonight’s episode I want to chat about a few things from last week.

First off: Clay. I was pretty harsh about him last week and after discussing it with a friend I believe I owe him an apology. What he went through, with being shot and nearly dying is a HUGE traumatic thing. Not the kind of thing you just shrug off and move on from. Clearly he needs to be getting help, but he’s just having a hard time seeing past his own pain right now and I feel that gets a little bit of a pass. Does the entire situation totally suck? The word DUH comes to mind. But I have faith that He’ll come out the other side.

Speaking of situations that suck: Oh Julian. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I understand there was some confusion over what happened exactly and hopefully tonight’s episode clears that up for everyone. What I do know is that no one will be harder on Julian over this than Julian himself and that will be heart crushing to watch. We’re all human. We make mistakes. Some of them just worse than others.

Alright, time to get down to business:

  • Husband: “Don’t worry Julian! The liquor store has more Scotch. Sorry, too soon?” Uh. Yeah. Just a tad babe.
  • Trying so hard not to cry here. It’s not going well. This is DEVASTATING.
  • No Dan. You never got the chance to camp with your son because you were too busy being a giant bully and an even bigger jerk to him his whole entire life. GO EAT DIRT! GAH!
  • I have a theory about this Dan/Nathan situation and I don’t like it. Come find me if you’d like to discuss.
  • Thank God Davis is ok. I knew he would be but it feels good just to KNOW it, know it. Ya know?
  • I appreciate Quinn’s balls in this situation but more balls do not make up for less brains. Going to that drug dealer was STUPID.
  • I get what Brooke is going through. I really do. But GEEZ can you imagine what Julian is feeling? My gut feels rotten just thinking of it.
  • The husband is pretty pumped for Chase. Imagine that.
  • I love Skills. That is all.
  • UGH! DAN! Just go away!!! You are CREEPY with all the lurking!! Lurking is CREEPY!
  • OMG!!! ALL THE SQUEEEEEES!!!!! *Happy Dance of Joy* They are just the CUTEST!! And there’s Nathan! And he’s coming home!! Tonight!! *sob*
  • My husband and Nathan are wearing the same hoodie, like at the same time. Sweet.
  • Chris Keller is not pissing me off right now. It’s kind of nice. Husband has reestablished his love for Chris Keller as well.
  • Dan is a psychopath. Thank goodness he’s a psychopath on Team Scott Babies. I think.
  • Julian! You are breaking my heart! Someone hug that guy. PLEASE!!
  • “And choke on stale dog crap? No thank you.” Brooke Davis ladies and gentlemen. I’ve missed that girl.
  • Oh lord. Chase and his love triangles. Like a moth to a flame.
  • I have a half crying/half laughing thing going on here with Julian breaking that window again. How awesome was that mechanic’s WTF face?
  • I wish Dan would stop doing things that cause my husband to cheer loudly for him and point at me and say “SEE!! He’s the best character on this show! SEE!!” I really can’t take much more.
  • Ok, WHAT is up with Clay’s hair here? I do not feel good about that at all. He did admit that he needs help though so I suppose I could let it go. Poor Clay.
  • “What a naughty little slut.” And I get to live with this man. Every day. Forever.
  • Haley is just the right person for Julian to go to. This is perfect. And I love that she’s telling him the story of Jamie in the pool. I’m gonna go ahead and cry now.
  • Do it Clay! Move into the loony bin!! I can’t take one more puddle of Quinn tears.
  • Tell me friends, who is better than Haley James Scott? The correct answer is, of course, NO ONE.
  • Feeling lots of throw backs in this episode. Two ladies committing vandalism. A line of sadness at the Tric bar. LOVE IT ALL!!
  • I do not like Tara. Just so y’all know. Put a bra on, close your café, and go someplace ELSE.
  • UGH. There’s that sour feeling in my stomach again. I don’t feel so good you guys. Damn you Dan. Damn you.
  • There is no crying now. Just sobbing. JULIAN. I cannot handle man tears!! I JUST CAN NOT! Thank you Brooke. For forgiving him.
  • WHERE IS NATHAN!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?! Probably gonna be sick now. Blurgh. Not good.

So much crazy you guys. Julian just about tore me in two. What an amazing performance by Austin Nichols. And Clay is finally getting the help he needs, so that’s good. But now we’ve got a pissed off drug dealer, a Grandpa Dan just hanging around making creepy side comments  and now a missing Nathan Scott and. I saw the promos that aired before season 9 started. I knew something like this was coming. But knowing doesn’t make it any easier to handle. I LOVE Nathan Scott. He is honestly one of the best guys on television. And I am a sucker for the good guy. So when something bad happens to a character I love, I take it very personally. And this HURTS. It’s going to be a long week my friends. 4 down, 9 to go. We can survive it together!

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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Love The Way You Lie (9×03)

Love The Way You Lie

(this recap is a re-posting from 1/25/12)

I’m facing a few dilemmas you guys. First of all, I want all the new episodes of One Tree Hill right away. I want them NOW. But the faster they come, the sooner it will all be over and the sooner I will have to lay on the floor in a puddle of my own Brain Blaster flavored tears.

My 2nd dilemma? I’m kinda mad at Clay y’all. I don’t want to be. I mostly really love him. But he’s clearly having a problem. Which would be fine but his problem is causing Nathan to have to be far away. I don’t like it when Nathan is far away. That too would be okay though if Clay was actually trying to fix his problem. But he’s not. So I am experiencing some anger toward him. I hope he does something to change that.

By the way, my husband has committed to watching the entire episode with me tonight so I will probably have a few of his thoughts to share. Hope that’s ok with you guys….

  • At least we get Nathan in the “previously on” right? *sadface*
  • Chase is not a happy camper. He’s destroying art work after losing his girl because of Chris Keller. When have we seen this before?
  • Husband after seeing Quinn: “You need a bathrobe like that.” Right. Because I would definitely look as good as Shantel in that. Probably not.
  • Jaime Scott is the coolest kid. He is going to ruin me for when I have my own children. How could they ever be as awesome?
  • Poor Haley. Because what she really needs is something else to worry about. Re: New Cafe
  • Brooke’s golf outfit is RAD. I want it.
  • Every time Victoria is on the screen, my husband just says the word “Spaceballs,” over and over and over. It’s so charming.
  • I am LOVING Haley’s hair this season. I can’t put my finger on exactly what about it I love but I do really love it.
  • Oh lord. Really Chuck? Because what the world really needs is another Chris Keller.
  • I feel like I should be offended by the way Chris Keller is handling this intern situation. I want to be offended. But this is Chris Keller we are talking about. Also, I cannot say is name without say his WHOLE name. Anyone else?
  • Question: is lying about NOT taking pills better or worse than lying about taking pills? OR, is lying better or worse than drugs? That’s right friends. We’re hitting on the heavy issues tonight.
  • Chris Keller is becoming my husband’s favorite character, right after Dan Scott. I may need some with this. Dear lord.
  • I am going to say one more thing about THIS and you will (hopefully) never have to read my words about it again. This “Mouth is fat” THING is ridiculous. Of all the things that could happen to a couple after being together for so many years. Of all the stories IN THE WHOLE WORLD to tell, this is just… I’m done. I don’t like it and I’m done.
  • Julian gets ALL OF THE AWARDS and ALL OF MY LOVE for doing Goonies. I love that this movie has such a presence on this show. A true classic.
  • Lauren is pregnant? Did I miss this from the first two episodes? I sometimes don’t pay attention to things. Help me out y’all. Who’s the baby daddy?
  • NATHAN!!! (only a flash back but you know I can’t keep it together when it comes to him)
  • Chris Keller screams like a woman and my husband takes back his love. “I can’t have favorite characters who scream like that.” He still loves Dan though.
  • Brooke’s desperate need for her father’s love and attention is worrying me. She’s losing herself in it and Brooke should never lose any part of herself. I love her, just as she is. Could Victoria possibly be right? THE HORROR.
  • It’s too bad punching kids is against the rules because I’d like to punch Chuck for being a jerk to Julian. Julian is precious and should only be teased by Nathan and Brooke.
  • Catching Dan in the kitchen, saving the day, has caused a situation where my husband is trying to force me into fist bumping him and admitting that he was right about Dan being awesome. UGH! This show!!!
  • Jamie is skateboarding now?? OMG THE LOVE!!!! Makes me miss Sam. And his little chat with Julian made my heart swell.
  • “She wanted to play golf and slow down their round.” I am sorry that my husband is a jerk some times.
  • Awwww!! Brookie!!! She breaks my heart. And I hate to say this (GOD I hate to say this) but I think she will miss Victoria. There is a chance that I might as well.
  • Me: “Julian is DARLING! I love him!” Husband: “You love him now?” Me: “Well, not more than you. And definitely not more than Nathan.” Husband: “Nice. It has always been my goal to come second to Nathan.”
  • That little Davis family is pretty dang adorable. I’d like to hug them.
  • I can’t decide if it is Quinn or Clay looking most shady here. Quinn with her stalker lens and Clay buying SOMETHING that does not look like it’s coming from a legit pharmacy. Unless your pharmacist also wears a leather jacket and black skinny jeans on the job. Mine wears a white coat.
  • Haley! What are you doing? I will admit feeling some sympathy toward Dan but at the expense of your business? I can only hope that she’s doing it for Jamie and for no one else. That said all those people are dicks.
  • Chase is a fool. Regardless of Chris Keller, what were the chances that Alex would have stuck around with a bar “manager” forever. Move on dude.
  • Has Haley forgotten that murdering Keith is not the only crime Dan has committed? What about all of the things he did to manipulate and torture her husband? Not that she should throw him out on his ass but…
  • Do you think Brooke’s hair was done like that to make her look like more of a little girl while dealing with this father situation? This whole thing is worrying me.
  • Julian is like INTENSE.
  • Clay. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? She says she has pictures and you’re going to keep trying to deny it? How stupid are you, exactly? I hate wanting to kick you but I REALLY WANT TO KICK YOU!
  • Ok, for reals, this is the last I will say about it but I have to share. My husband LOST HIS ISH Mouth and Millie’s “health concerns.”  I wish I’d have recorded his laugh. He HOWLED. He’s not a Millie fan. Then he yells, “Nachos are the devil’s work!” Followed by a rant about promoting anorexia and bulimia. My husband should have his own TV show.
  • What kind of crap is Clay flinging now?
  • My husband on Dan: “The man is a saint. He only knows how to kiss one way. Eskimo kisses because he is adorable.” I wish I was making this up.

You guys. YOU GUYS!!! Julian is like one of my favorites! I hate this!! He has REALLY screwed up!! What will Brooke say? Also, how will he ever forgive himself?? This is not good. Not good at all.

And how about this Dan situation? What should we do about that? I feel very torn. And not just because my husband has a huge Dan Scott crush.

Thanks to Clay and his ISSUES we got no new Nathan in tonight’s episode. If you are really missing him, feel free to read all about why I love him here.

The count now is 10 episodes to go. And we are getting only more problems and ZERO solutions. This is getting wild y’all!! Be sure to leave your answers to all of my questions as well as your favorite parts in the comments!!

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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: In the Room Where You Sleep (9×02)

In The Room Where You Sleep

(this recap is a re-posting from 1/18/12)

Back by popular demand!! Huge thanks to all the One Tree Hill fans who read, shared and left comments on my first ever OTH recap last week! You guys really put a smile on my face! It’s so nice to find others with such a passion for this show!

Last week we left off with quite a surprise. Both for us and for Nathan, who found dear old dad holding his baby girl INSIDE HIS HOUSE. Probably not the best welcome home gift he’s ever gotten. Can’t wait to see how that plays out. Oh, and WHO was opening all of Haley’s doors? Dan is probably way too obvious of an answer. First things first though:

  • Dan Scott gets a cheer from my husband as the “previously on” rolls. Boy do I have a lot of work to do with this one.
  • It would appear that Brooke and Julian finally got a full night’s rest. Good for them!!  Julian’s “They’re gone! Someone stole them!” should probably not have made me laugh as much as it did. There is a child stealing precedent in Tree Hill.
  • Julian AGAIN. His thing with that coffee cake made me laugh so loud my husband heard it from the kitchen and RAN to see what was cracking me up so much. How are those two women NOT LAUGHING?
  • NALEY!!! (sorry, that happens sometimes, err…, um…, any time they appear on screen together. I can’t seem to help it). He looks so much like season 3 Nathan with that hair cut. I’m having heart palpitations.
  • Nathan puts the hammer down on Dan’s stay at The House the NBA Made. Yell loudly if you’re surprised. *crickets*
  • Love that Chris Keller wrote Quinn’s toaster pastry song. Would Haley have tolerated it so easily if she knew that?
  • Husband hates Millie right off (he’s new). Can’t say I totally blame him. I adore Lisa Goldstein and Millie has had some great moments but Millie has done some ISH too.
  • Nathan is SO excited to see his son. It hurts my heart to see Jamie more excited to see Dan.  And I know I was feeling badly for Dan last week but my sympathies for him would NEVER override my love and respect for Nathan and what he can or cannot tolerate under his own roof. This situation sucks. For everyone.
  • Julian is the awesome. Bed head and all. Just adorable and sweet and always with Brooke’s best interest at heart. I can’t believe I once thought he was such a dick.
  • Husband is on Clay’s side. With or without handcuffs. I’m on Quinn’s side and not only because husband would never get far sleep walking since I’d always be awake to watch him walk out the door. #InsomniacsUnite
  • Chase is an idiot. I don’t see his “move Alex in” plan backfiring AT ALL (rolls eyes). As an aside, it took YEARS before my husband was willing to dig through my purse on his own even to find even his own things so idiot Chase does get some props for that.
  • Chuck WOULD bond with Chris Keller. Lord have mercy.
  • I want so badly to trust Daddy Davis but I just don’t. And to say I trust BitchToria more than I trust him is a lot, I know. I just get the skeevies for some reason.
  • Just what The CW needs. Another werewolf problem.
  • NALEY!! (sorry, I will try to get that under control). BTW, All in favor of a feature length film with Nathan & Haley tearing up Europe while wearing handcuffs say “I”
  • Ah, Nathan with a basketball. And no sleeves. This is where happy lives.
  • I so wish that Jamie was old enough to understand. I wish that he could hear the words his mother says to Dan out by the pool and understand the true weight of their meaning. GAH!
  • Ok. I have been trying to ignore it but is Mouth getting fat an actual story line? I am already over it. If I wanted to watch this, I’d spend my days at the mall food court. Newsflash: I hate the food court at the mall.
  • As Brooke gives this speech to her mom I can still see her photo from “Pictures of You” with all of the words written all over her about how she’s never good enough. It makes me want to punch both of her parents in the face.
  • Despite EVERYTHING I kind of adore the friendship Alex & Julian have. It’s nice that they have each other to talk to.
  • Ugh. Poor Nathan. Maybe someone should go ahead and kick him in the crotch while they’re at it. (Please note how I restrained my NALEY yell just then).
  • Poor Clay too. He’s so worried that he’s losing his mind. “We’re all crazy. Some just hide it better than others.” (if someone can remind me what season 8 episode that quote is from they get a free virtual hug).
  • Chase and Alex really are quite sweet. I want so badly to be wrong about the backfire thing. But Chase is destined to love only those girls who must leave to go on tour.
  • That little Baker family. Say it with me now y’all: “AWWWW!!!!” Adorable. I want to squeeze all of them.
  • Say what you will about WhoreToria but I think she may actually have her daughter’s best interest at heart for a change. I hope I’m not wrong. For Brooke and for myself. I hate being wrong.
  • Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) has such an amazing voice. It’s like butter on hot coffee cake. I need this son he is singing like YESTERDAY!
  • Oh and surprise. Alex wants to take the tour. Who would have guessed? (ME! ME! I GUESSED! Also it’s like common fact apparently).
  • So Clay is doing NO therapy and NO pills. I see this working out really well.
  • DEAD. Dead as dead can be with a side of holy crap on a cracker. Because when Nathan Scott holds his baby girl and talks to her like that I DIE.
  • So Nathan isn’t saying Dan has to leave right now but must leave before he gets back. However, Dan’s comment to Jamie and that gleam in his eye left a big dark pit in my stomach. I’m worried y’all.

So, tonight was the last we’ll see of Ms. Alex DuPre. I’m a little sad about it to be honest. What do you guys think? One thing is for certain, country music fan or not, the lady has one hell of a voice. There’s another someone we won’t see next week: Mr. Nathan Scott. I will try to get through it. Feel free to send wine and baked goods to console me. Also, be sure to fill my comments with all of the things you loved and hated about this week’s episode! I live to read them!

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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Know This, We’ve Noticed (9×01)


(This recap is a re-posting from 1/11/12)

Welcome to my very first One Tree Hill recap!!! It may also be my last. I haven’t recapped this show before so I don’t really know how it will go for me or for my readers. One thing I am certain of: I have developed such a passion for this prime time soap over the last few weeks, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement. I feel lucky to have found my love for it just in time for the 9th and final season. I am blessed to have had conversations with some of the show’s biggest fans. The OTH family has been most welcoming. I cannot wait to take this last ride with all of you! Thank you for making it so much fun for me! Let the games begin!

  • Opening with Nathan’s voice and fire. These are a few of my favorite things.
  • Dan Scott and Chris Keller are armed and dangerous, Chase is arrested, Quinn and Clay are screaming at each other, Brooke is tearing up Karen’s Café, Haley is identifying a body she knows, Julian is getting his ass beat. WHAT IS GOING ON?
  • Back in today land (I’m guessing)…
  • Brooke and Julian are wicked sleep deprived. I remember the first few months with my niece. I cannot imagine two at a time. I don’t think I blame Julian for considering alternatives.
  • I told my husband that one of the reasons I love Nathan Scott so much is that I think he and Nathan have a lot in common. “No way,” he says. And then Nathan says: “I love you too angel. Sweet dreams.” Husband: “He stole my line!” I never tell lies my friends. It’s ok to be jealous.
  • Why is Clay on a merry go round? Is he drunk? Spinning things are not good if you’re drunk.
  • One of my favorite quotes, ever spoken on TV in 30 some years: “”People say hell is endless. They say it’s our worst nightmare. The face of our darkness. But whatever it is, however it is, I say hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” NATHAN! What are you getting at?
  • Husband thinks Haley is a hottie. He is also not opposed to Alex and her bootie shake. “F**k the alarm, I’m not going anywhere,” he says.
  • Julian is signing a bunch of papers. He must be buying something big. Oh. Like a sound stage. Tiny little thing. I have like 12 of those.
  • Clay is sleep walking. Not drunk. Drunk would be more fun.
  • iPod and a glass of wine. Haley is my hero. There is nothing in life those 2 things cannot make better. Listen to her y’all!!
  • Chris Keller turning around in a chair is very Bond villain. My husband thinks it’s ridiculous but he doesn’t know Chris Keller. I think it’s kind of awesome. Running Red Bedroom though? Peyton must not care at all, where ever she is.
  • “Harry Johnson.” Ok. I am 12 and Chris Keller is hilarious. Because every time they say Harry Johnson I giggle. SO DO YOU!! DON’T LIE!!
  • “Hey it’s the Spaceballs chick.” “Yeah. She’s been on the show for 3 seasons.” “Still don’t wanna watch this show.”
  • Brooke Davis makes me want babies. I hate Brooke Davis.
  • “This guy is a douche.” My husband is really good sometimes. He certainly has Chris Keller pegged.
  • Talk about smuggling plums! Oh wait, we weren’t talking about that at all. BUT LOOK!!  I feel violated.
  • Quinny is trying to stay awake for Clay. That is the cutest!! True love is the best. Also, I may or may not be guilty of eating food off of sleeping loved ones. Whatever. It happens.
  • “You say the sweetest things to me Haley James.” What a beautiful shout out to 7×21 when Haley was just too damn depressed to care about anything. I love this show.
  • Husband thinks Haley needs to buy herself a sawed off shot gun. He’s probably right. That would be hot. And I know a few boys who could hook her up. They’ll be around on Friday.
  • “I like Tree Hill like this.” I am mad, crazy in love with Brooke Davis. And not just because she is eating fries when I would like to be. Though that is part of it.
  • Clay’s visit to the doc made me realize how little of this show my husband has actually seen. “Who shot him?” “She was a stalker. She was played by that chick from that ballet movie, Center Stage.” “OH!” “What?” “Thank GOD!” “What??” “My balls. They’re still there. Why would you think I have seen that movie?”
  • Daddy Davis in the house! I didn’t trust him on Chuck and I am not sure I trust him here either. He has that face!
  • Jana and Tyler are both amazing musicians. One of my favorite parts about this show.
  • Ted and Victoria have the best prison sex convo I’ve ever heard. Is it weird that I’ve heard lots of prison sex conversations? ON TV THOUGH!! Not in real life!! I swear!
  • It speaks a lot of Paul Johansson’s acting ability that I actually feel sorry for Dan. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? He has been just shy of Lucifer for 8 seasons!!! And a sweet speech and teary eyes have me believing in him? I am so easy.
  • Alex & Chris Keller have me wanting to DL a country song. How dare them.
  • Brooke and Julian are darling. I have never so badly wanted sex and a good night sleep for two people who are not me and my husband. That was probably too much? My bad.
  • Did Haley James Scott leave her children at home alone with Dan Scott? Not that he would ever hurt the kids. But…
  • Chris Keller’s “Chris Keller missed you.” grin at Haley was probably the only thing that man has ever done that has charmed the pants right off of me. Well played Chris Keller!! Well played!
  • HOLY SHIZ NIT!!! Nathan is NOT gonna be happy about that random Dan siting in the bedroom of his baby girl!!! Uh-oh!

Amazing start!! I cannot wait to see how everyone ends up at their opening shot. I cannot wait to see how Nathan deals with Dan in his house. I cannot wait to see how Clay over comes his night terrors. I cannot wait to see how Brooke and Julian deal with all of their new family and professional drama. This season is going to be the cat’s pajamas you guys!! Who’s excited with me???? And who has a cat that wears pajamas?

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