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Frustration Station

bathroom-scaleYesterday marked week number 3 without a cigarette. I celebrated the Super Bowl with a glass of wine but until yesterday, I had been 3 weeks without booze as well. 3 weeks of eating right and exercise. 3 weeks of honest work to become a better me. 3 weeks feels like forever. Or at least long enough to make a difference. Except, I don’t feel like I’ve made a difference at all. I still look just as fat as I did when I started.

As with anything, it’s frustrating to work hard and not see results.

My cigarette cravings are definitely less. The rage blackouts have decreased exponentially. My energy is up! Hangovers gone! But getting nowhere fast is making me want to give it all up.

I’m not going to give up. But today, I want to. The lack of progress is making me cranky. Almost as cranky as the snow. Being trapped inside all the time is definitely not helping my cause. I am getting bored with workout DVDs and I’m just not sure how to work any harder without giving up even more small pleasures.

Gotta find something to help me over this grumpy hump!

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