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Home Improvement V.2: Main Space Changes

Like many television addicts,  my favorite room in the house is where the big screen TV lives. I cannot tell a lie. I love to cook for my husband and I love to sleep, but my kitchen and bedroom will never hold the place in my heart that my living room does.

LM 1Because of the unique architecture of  this room and because of the cable and electrical outlet placement, I am unable to rearrange the furniture (which is what my mother used to do when ever she was bored with a room). Also, this is the first apartment I have ever lived in with wood floors throughout. I knew when we moved in 2 years ago that we needed a rug in this main room but it took this long for me me to really push for it. It also took about a billion years before my husband & I were able to agree on one in our price range. I feel like the one we chose brings a lot of warmth to the room and a lot of interesting color that we didn’t have before.

LM 2Our first Christmas here, I had strung some lights around the room in place of putting up a tree. We ended up loving them so much that they stayed. Only… I hated the way they looked when they weren’t lit up. Who wants a bunch of ugly green cords hanging about? So I took them down. Their absence made me realize that I had some wall space I needed to fill in order to keep the room from feeling too empty. I went into my basement and found one of my sister’s gorgeous paintings and some framed prints that I bought at the Ocean Beach, CA Farmer’s Market several years ago.

Since I already owned the furniture covers that I put back on the sofa & chairs, the entire makeover of this room cost me only the price of the rug. I also found a little nightlight that we can use whenever we are really missing the Christmas lights.


LM Before


LM After

The room feels so much cozier, now! Just in time for summer! (oops!) But I love walking around in my bare feet. The new rug is SO SOFT!! Sitting around the coffee table to play Apples To Apples is going to to be a lot more comfortable in the future. The good news is that I have already spilled on the new rug (just water), but it dried in an instant. I am almost ready for my next party!

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Home Improvement V.1: Framing It In

For reasons that I cannot even begin to explain, I have been in the mood to give my apartment a bit of a makeover. Maybe it’s Spring? Maybe a new start in my surroundings will create a new start in my brain? For whatever reason, I have been making some changes around my house. One of the easiest things to do is update my photos. The photos I had in my front room were so outdated it’s almost comical. The posted photo of my sisters & I was taken almost 12 years ago.The worst: my husband & I spent thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer and yet I had NONE of those photos on showcase in my main living space. Shameful.

While I was looking at the pictures in my living room, I was also noticing the frames. Boring. Cheap. And they didn’t coordinate with anything I had going on in my room. So… I spent some time. I did a little arts & crafts. I was worried that this makeover would cost a lot of money I didn’t have. These frames were a super easy way to make some changes without spending a penny. I used only the things I already had here at home. I must admit; I am super excited about how they turned out. Cannot wait to put them on display!!


Naked FramesAfter:

New Frames

Such an easy and inexpensive way to make some changes!! I am really excited to put the new photos in and show them off. Oh!!!! In case you were wondering, I also found the DREAMIEST wedding photo to put into one of the new frames. How darling are we?

1379 2

Stay tuned, friends!! I am making some other changes around here. Can’t wait to share them all with you!!

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A Public Love Letter to My Husband

US, Sox

I love the way your dimples show even when you only kind of smile

I love that your dimples become giant pools of happiness when you smile for real

I love that you always buy one frozen pizza for you and one frozen pizza for me knowing that I will eventually eat them both

I love that you worry about me, even when you know that I’m in a safe place

I love the way you sing the wrong lyrics to songs I love just to irritate me

I love that you will talk sports with me even when it’s clear that I have no idea what I’m talking about

I love that you actually want to watch sports with me knowing I will ask stupid questions

I love that you do the Moxie voice every time we pass that soda in the grocery store

I love that you make things I hate doing (like going to the grocery store) so much fun

I love that when I cry over TV shows you hug me and comfort me before you tease me about it

I love that you really love my friends and my family and I love that they really love you

I love that you get excited about my cooking even though it’s mediocre at best

I love that you do the nerd glasses gesture every time I talk about Harry Potter

I love that you are still surprised when I run into things or knock things over

I love that even in your sleep you seem intent on messing up a freshly made bed

Mostly I love that you love me not just despite my myriad of faults but because of them. Everyone should be so lucky.

wedding bw

*My friend Chelsea recently posted a love letter to her own husband and I was inspired. I try to talk mine up as much as I can but I am not sure anyone actually understands how amazing he really is. So, I totally copied Chels and did my own version. Be sure to check out her amazing blog.


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Two Years and Counting

This last Wednesday, my husband and I celebrated two years of marriage. We haven’t been married long but we have been together for almost 9 years. And I know, it’s only the beginning.

Last night, after WAY too many cocktails, a friend (out of concern) tried to tell me that there was something wrong. Word to the wise, my friends: never have deep, dark discussions after consuming gallons of booze. It never ends well for anyone.

And though I know my friend meant well, the most disturbing part of last night’s intoxicated events, was how easy it was to convince me that there was a problem where I had never seen one before. Last weekend, I missed a wedding in order to see the Supernatural cast in Dallas. There are a thousand extenuating circumstances as to why I was in Dallas instead of in Maine, but, frankly, they are none of your business. To put it lightly, this friend of mine thought that I made the wrong decision.

I spoke about it with my husband this morning. He was upset that I would let anyone, regardless of who it was, influence my feelings, both about our relationship and my decision (something he and I had discussed at length). He had every right to be upset. Here’s why (consider my lesson learned): the only people who get to decide whether my marriage is going well or not, is my husband and I. The only person, other than me, who has any say in what I do or how I do it, is my husband. I should have known better than to let an outside person’s drunky judgment influence my feelings. In nine years, my husband and I have survived dirty socks, un-swept floors, missed birthdays, car crashes, moves, layoffs, births, deaths and our own wedding. I had no right to let one conversation with someone else, make me worry.

We were at the grocery store this morning, having fun doing menial tasks, as we always do (single ladies: find someone to make you laugh, above all else). After some teasing, I needed to get past Pete in the line and said: “Excuse me babe.” The cashier smiled and looked at the both of us: “You guys are so cute.”

We are, though, we really are.



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Long time reader, first time writer…

Long time reader, first time writer….

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Tivo for Life


It’s one of my favorite sounds in the universe. Missed something? Bloop-bloop! Need to record & save something? Bloop-bloop. Want to fast forward through some crap?  Bloop-bloop!

Crazy as it sounds, Tivo has changed me. I tried having a cable company DVR once. There was no bloop-bloop. I NEED the bloop-bloop.

The biggest problem though, is that I cannot bloop-bloop my life. I cannot rewind. I cannot pause, I cannot record and save for later. And as much as I want to, life just keeps happening!! And I am missing things! I am not being the sister/friend/lady that I know I can be because I am depending too much on that non existent remote control!

Friends need contacting, dishes need done, plans need to be made. I get so overwhelmed! So I bloop-bloop in my head. Only, no one knows when I do that or why or for how long. Along with the bloop-bloop I need the “save until I delete” button. I’ll get to that call, that response, that email, that opportunity, when I feel I am most up to it! Now is NOT the time!! But I want to save it for later!! I want to be better, be thinner, smarter, have read more books! SO… PAUSE.. until I have all of that done!! And then, once I feel like I am caught up, look good, have something wise to say, life may resume.


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What’s In a Name?

I got married nearly 16 months ago.

I still haven’t sent my Thank You cards.

I haven’t printed all of my wedding photos.

I haven’t made an album.

I haven’t sent my dress off to be cleaned and preserved (and OMG does it need to be cleaned).

I haven’t spent my wedding gift cards.

I haven’t changed my name.

Most of those “haven’t” things are because I am lazy and terrible at projects that seem HUGE even when they are really quite simple. I might have adult ADD. Or something. Probably.

Where was I?

Right. That.

Name change.

The one “haven’t” that might be some what deliberate.

Before you ask, no, I’m not some kind of feminist or anything. I’m not opposed to the the idea of a woman taking her husband’s name (mostly. It seems a bit antiquated now that woman are no longer “property” but whatever). And I am not opposed to my husband’s last name either! At all!! It actually goes quite nicely with my first name. No horrible rhyming situation or anything. (Who would ever want to be Julia Gulia?)  Also to be noted: I don’t have any kind of affinity for my father, the man who gave me the name I chance losing as the oldest of three girls. The guy is a total jack hole. So it’s not that.

But my name is my name. I suppose if people had always called me Erin I wouldn’t be so attached. But people have been using my last name as my first name for as long as I can remember. As if I was born into the military. Because “Erin” is apparently so f**king hard to use. Or at least, way less fun. Most recently, my bestest friends have used my last name to create the best nicknames ever spoken. And I know in my heart that changing my name won’t stop people from calling me “Frazzle McDazzle” but still…

But still. I’m dragging my feet on this one. Even the thought of the DMV and Social Security waiting rooms gives me the skeeves.

I suppose when children become involved I might rush it. I don’t want my kid to have that weird mom with a different last name even when their parents are married. It’s just confusing.

Changing my name or leaving it the same won’t make me any less his or make him any less mine.

Until children, what’s the point?


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