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Happy Thursday!! I wish I was coming to you today with great news of equality and fair treatment. What a great day that might be!! Not today though.

My friend Kate, through her Morning Coffee post, brought this gem to my attention (read all of what she posts, the lady is a CHAMP): An article on how not only human rights are being stomped on but Women’s rights specifically. Read it here:

Moving on to less serious but also detrimental things:

I hope that all of you were able to see The Hunger Games over the last 10 days! And I hope that you all read the books before you saw the movie!! I started the books as soon as they came out and waited a year between each one and then waited AGAIN for this movie. I was not disappointed. You can read my initial review here. I say initial because I have every intention of seeing it again 200 times.

There are a few that do not feel that the movie was done properly.

From Jezebel: “Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed”

and from Slate: “Jennifer Lawrence Is Not ‘Too Big’ To Play Katniss”

The movie has done VERY well as far as $$$ go. I love that a movie that has a strong, smart, female, protagonist, is the movie that is bringing in the big money. Katniss is the kind of girl that women of today and tomorrow should look up to. She has morals. She cares about her family, she fights for them and risks everything for them. Not for a boy. But for her baby sister. She is tough but she is also incredibly kind. She is also VERY smart and is not afraid to be herself. This girl is a role model if ever there was one.

And still, there are haters trying to tarnish this experience! By making racist remarks about her dear friend Rue and by claiming that the wonderful and extremely talented Jennifer Lawrence is too “fat,” to BE Katniss.

To all of the haters, I say: Piss off! Educate yourselves AND go read the books. If you can read at all.

This week also marks the final days leading up to the very last One Tree Hill. Ever.  I didn’t start watching this show until late last year but I have been able to cover it for for its 9th season and I have had a BLAST doing it. These last few days will be very emotional for me as I say goodbye to the show, to the experience and to all of the fans that have followed me throughout my time within their world. Letting go is going to be rough. More to come on THAT situation later.

Until then…


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My Interview: Stephanie Pierce

My favorite writer this week is Stephanie Pierce (@sjopierce on Twitter) from Stephanie has the BEST taste in TV.  Like me, she is a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, Tim Riggins, Ron Swanson and she is the main reason I am TOTALLY obsessed with MTV’s Awkward. Along with recaps for Suits and The Glades, she writes the best Happy Endings recaps in the history of humans.  Stephanie will also be working with me and another friend on an upcoming, super fun project so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, read and learn why she is one of my favorite people.

You watch a LOT of TV because, like me, you are totally awesome. Of everything you’re watching right now, what is your favorite?

Are you kidding me with this question, Erin? Asking me what my favorite cookie is would have been easier to answer. It’s peanut butter by the way. Favorite show at the moment? Hmmm. Well, of course, I LOVE The Vampire Diaries but this season hasn’t exactly been my favorite (except for when Klaus drew Caroline a picture of a pony) and it would be a total cop out to say Happy Endings (but you all should seriously watch because it’s awesome). However, my favorite show on TV right now would have to be USA’s Fairly Legal. Why? Because it’s the one show that I watch purely for myself. Is it a show that’ll win all the awards? No, but it’s fun to watch with lots of lovable characters (and shirtless Michael Trucco) which is just what you need sometimes. Fairly Legal is my escape from the world and I can honestly say the most relaxing part of my week is Saturday morning when I’m lying in bed with my cup of coffee watching Fairly Legal on the DVR.

Anything you are wishing you could give up?

Glee. I hate that damn show so much but it’s like a car wreck you can’t look away from. There is nothing redeemable about the show with its preachy attitude and ridiculous storylines. I think the only reason I still tune in every week is to see how much further into the shitter they go. DAMN GLEE I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU! Also I really wish I could give up Weeds which pains me to say because I used to love that show SO HARD. After Nancy became queen of the slutty MILFs and Mexican drug cartels got involved, the show has gone downhill ever since. Plus I’ve never forgiven them for getting rid of Conrad. Silas, Andy, and Shane are the ONLY reason I still watch. They are perfect.

Finale time is around the corner. Is there a show you think will have the greatest cliff hanger? The saddest goodbye for the season?  

Probably The Vampire Diaries because let’s be real, that show does cliff hangers the best. Fringe might give it a run for its money though. That show leaves me with more questions than answers every single week but that’s Abrams for you. Saddest goodbye will for sure be House & One Tree Hill. I haven’t really watched it this season as Cuddy leaving sort of ruined the dynamic of everything for me but I have loved House for so long that when its series finale airs it will be like losing friend. I mean it won’t compete with how I felt sad and all alone in this world when Buffy, Alias, or LOST went off the air but I’ll still probably shed a tear. (Side note- I promise I’m not crazy enough that I think my TV shows or their characters are real. I just get super attached to good story-telling.) And One Tree Hill, well my dad and I stared watching the show together back when it first aired and while I’ve tuned in every now and then, he’s stuck with it the whole way. It will definitely be like saying goodbye to that last connection of my teenage years.

There have been a lot of great new shows this season. Do you have a favorite?

I really loved Fairly Legal and Suits when the premiered at the beginning of the summer last year on USA but my true favorite of this year is Showtime’s Homeland without a doubt. I mean it has Claire fucking Danes as its lead, how could one not love it?! Honestly though, this show is amazing and its writing leaves you gasping for breath at the end of every episode. I really don’t know how to describe this show except for batshit crazy good. And oh my god, their finale has me dying for its return. Thankfully, Showtime just announced its return in September so if you can catch up on it before then I highly advise it.

Is there one that you were expecting to love but just don’t?

Ringer. As a HUGE Buffy fan I was expecting to fall head over heels for this show. Unfortunately, I fell right onto my ‘delete series recording’ button instead after the first episode. I just couldn’t get into it despite my SMG love and this is coming from a girl who owns ‘Simply Irresistible’ because of said love which might be one of the worst (read: BEST) movies ever.

I think we can agree that The Vampire Diaries has been amazeballs this season. Who is your stand out character for Season Three so far and why?

Klaus hands down. Here’s a character that when he was introduced I loved to hate him but I wasn’t overly attached whatsoever. If they would have killed Klaus off during the hybrid transformation in season two I would have been like, ‘Meh. So much for being un-killable.’ Enter season 3 Klaus and I cannot imagine the show without him. The writers have done a fantastic job growing this character from just the Big Bad into a character with depth and complexity that people can relate to on multiple levels. Basically Klaus went from this expendable chess piece into an absolute necessity for me. While Klaus is DEFINITELY villainous, I never want him to leave Mystic Fall if only because I want him and Caroline to run off to Europe where he spends his days drawing her pretty pictures. Gifting her pearl necklaces is optional. Seriously, the day they kill him off (and I know it well happen. I’m not delusional.) I will cry.

Favorite television character of all time:

Michelangelo from Ninja Turtles or Doogie Howser. Just kidding. It’s a tossup between Buffy Summers, Pacey Witter, Sydney Bristow, and Coach Eric Taylor. I will not choose so don’t even try to make me.

Favorite Television moment of all time:

I’m not sure I have a favorite FAVORITE but when Joey and Pacey are talking/reading to each other on True Love at the end of the season 4 premiere, “Coming Home”, is a moment that always stands out to me. I’ve had an obsession with sailboats ever since.

The show you wished would have never ended:

Most people would expect me to say Buffy but really it’d have to be LOST. There are no words to truly explain my love for this show. It was frustrating on so many levels but at the same time so rewarding. I like shows that make me think and question everything I know about it which is something LOST did better than anyone. You never thought for certain you had everything figured out. It still might be the only that left its viewers intentionally with so many questions left unanswered but that openness I think allowed fans to enhance the story in how they saw fit and you have to kind of respect that. I know a lot of people were upset with how it ended but I personally was okay with it. That final scene with a certain character’s eye closing- BEAUTIFUL. Oh and The Black Donnellys totally deserved a longer run than a 12 episode first season. I still think it’s one of the best hidden gems TV has created.

Marathon-ing TV shows you’ve never seen is all the rage these days. Any you are looking to start?

Vee from loaned me The Good Wife season 1 and 2 a while back because of our mutual love of Matt Czuchry. I’m dying to start it up but it’s just been sitting there next to my TV waiting for me to pop it in once I find some free time in my crazy life. I’m hoping in the next week or so my life will have calmed down enough to so oogle Logan Huntzberger properly and to see what everyone is talking about.

If you could say one thing to all of the current TV watchers what would it be?

Have fun and don’t take it all so seriously. TV shows provide entertainment and escape from everyday problems through engaging stories which is why we love it. If you aren’t having fun thus missing out on good storytelling because you’re too worried about who’s going to end up with who or if a story isn’t going how you want it to then you’re doing it all wrong. Also don’t be afraid to try new shows even if you think you won’t like them because they might end up surprising you. I repeat HAVE FUN. I cannot stress this enough.

Ps- if you ask me all these questions next week, all my answers are likely to change.

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This Weekend In Collage

This Weekend In Collage

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Movie Review: The Hunger Games


It will be ages before I’ll be able to stop thinking about this movie. Which is exactly how it was when I first read the book. And the second time I read the book. And the third. I have been looking forward to this adaptation for so long, I never thought the date would actually arrive. Every agonizing second spent waiting was worth it in the end. The book is always better than the movie, but this one comes damn close. I have seen when Katniss volunteers as Tribute in Prim’s place over 900 times in the previews and it still makes me bawl like a baby every damn time. Just from THAT, I knew this would be special

If you are looking for a straight movie review, I am afraid I cannot be of service. After loving the book for so many years and reading it so many times, I cannot help but make the comparisons. The movie did not follow the book scene for scene or word for word but I can understand why most of the changes were made. The District 11 rebellion for instance. I am sure that showing that will assist in the following film adaptations. Haymitch’s notes with the parachutes were also new but I think necessary without the gift of Katniss’ inner monologues.

There were of course changes that I can’t quite get behind. I can understand the absence of the character Madge, who was meant to have given Katniss the Mockingjay pin but I am still trying to figure out why Cinna told Katniss to stay quiet about it. Everyone was allowed to take one symbol of their district into the arena in the books. I’m not sure that would have been hard to explain in the movie. I also would have loved to have seen the more united front Katniss & Peeta were instructed to put on, including their matching costumes for the training. Instead, all 24 were dressed alike and they did not stand out as a couple.

Despite the few annoyances, I loved so much of it. I loved the coloring and cinematography they used for District 12. It was so desolate and dirty and sad, exactly how I pictured it. I loved that the people of The Capital were not just pretty people with bright clothes and hair but also strange looking and disturbing to stare at for too long. I loved that we were able to feel Katniss’ solitude and alone-ness even amid the vivid colors and spectacular scenes. I loved that I felt like I was a part of her world, a part of her thoughts, no matter where she was or what she was doing.

The scenes I was most looking forward to seeing on screen were done with the same intensity and perfection I had hoped for with the exception of one. Her ride up the tube and the count down to that first step into the Games was so stressful, I was shaking in anticipation. The brutality of the Cornucopia was beyond what I had ever imagined. I held my breath as Katniss worked for that drop of the Tracker Jacker nest. The hallucinations were done so well, I too felt as if I had been stung. Watching Rue’s death with my own eyes affected me even more than I had ever guessed it would. Hours later the collar of my shirt is still damp with tears. Katniss’ scenes with Peeta in the cave were so lovely that my heart swelled to nearly three times its size. The Mutts scared me so badly that I nearly broke my husband’s arm with my frightened reaction. My one big disappointment was the entrance into the arena: The Girl On Fire. It was so much more impressive in my mind. I can’t even be mad though because it would have been nearly impossible to duplicate what my brain created and everything else was so amazing.

I have been listening to the soundtrack for the film for a few days now. They did a phenomenal job choosing songs and artists that fit the film perfectly. Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars did an incredible job with “Safe & Sound” as did Kid Cudi with “The Ruler and the Killer.”  And while I love almost all of the songs, I was thrilled that the movie itself was not filled with pop songs. It would have felt terribly out of place.

I am so incredibly pleased with the way that this movie turned out. I could write about it and talk about it until I had used every word in the English dictionary. I am looking forward to my second viewing and sharing my second batch of thoughts. The film makers did an extraordinary job maintaining the integrity of an extraordinary novel. I have but one question:

When will it be time for Catching Fire?


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My Interview: Supernatural’s SuperWiki

Greetings Supernatural fans!! As most of you probably know, SuperWiki is THE place to find everything you need to know about our favorite show! (Be sure to follow them on Twitter @SuperWiki) Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Jules (@missyjack), the main SuperWiki site administrator. She agreed to talk to me again this year about our current season of Supernatural.


Let’s get right to it, how do you feel about Season 7 so far? Love it, hate it or waiting to see?

Love, love, love it! I like that the writers again have taken a movie genre for inspiration as it gives a whole other layer to enjoying the show. Last season it was noir film which gave us a season full of twists and misdirects, uncertainty and paranoia. As a viewer, I was constantly on the edge of my seat holding my breath,waiting for yet another shocking reveal .

This season – B movies  and its hands in the air and screaming as we go on a wild rollercoaster ride. Killer clowns and evil doppelgangers, love-crazed fangirls and amazon offspring, sinister sandwiches and serial killing childhood sweethearts. Not to forget farting unicorns and cupcakes full of tiny beating hearts!  All And the leviathans – all sharp suits and strategy hiding the horrible creatures within.  In the time of Occupy Wall Street and election primaries, they are certainly monsters for the zeitgeist.

The show continues its enthralling exploration of Sam and Dean. Each season we wonder – what next? We were warned that this season they’d lose everything and they have with Cas, Bobby, even the Impala all gone.  They’ve lost all their resources – both external help and friends and internal emotional and psychological resources.  We’ve really seen their relationship continue to evolve into a new space,  one which is I think a much happier and less anxious one than its ever been.


How do you feel about the balance of episodes this season? Funny vs. Serious and Stand Alones vs. Storyline?

I think it’s been great. The character arcs have been quite dark, but balanced by the gleeful gore and the funny episodes. The leviathan arc has moved along, although it has been more just part of the background to date. It reminds me of season 5, where we had the season start with a bang with Lucifer’s arrival, and but then the first half of the season focussed more on the boys’ relationship, until WHAM “Abandon All Hope” came along and shit got real  (a bit of a mirror to Death’s Door this season), and then we had the mytharc mesh with the character arcs and then really move into full speed in the third act of the season.


Do you have a favorite episode of Season 7 so far? If so, what is it?

You know I hate picking favorites! Okay it’s a close call with Death’s Door but I’ll say Slash Fiction. I mean evil Leviathan Sam and Dean were magnificent, plus we had the wonderful interaction between Bobby and Jody Mills, as well as meeting Frank. To top it off, famous author S.E. Hinton is an extra who gets gunned down in the diner!

Most of all though I loved the film references – Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith – which  compared  Sam and Dean to some other famous killing couples. (You can see a side by side comparison of the scenes here


Do you have a favorite moment of the season that may or may not be in that favorite episode?

I can narrow this down to ten!

  1. Castiel visits Crowley, who’s living in a trailer, with “These Boots Are Made For Walking” playing in “Meet The New Boss”.
  2. Dean and Sam in the warehouse in “Hello Cruel World” as Dean tries to help Sam distinguish his hallucinations from reality.
  3. The scene between Jo and Dean in the apartment in “Defending Your Life”
  4. The cupcakes with their tiny beating hearts in “Shut Up, Doctor Phil”
  5. Becky holding pantsless Sam captive and explaining that “The only place people understood me was on the message boards. They were grumpy and overly literal but at least we shared a common passion.” Truer words were never spoken!
  6. Dean stoned after his turducken slammer in “How to Win Friends And Influence Monsters”
  7. The scene where Sam finds the note Dean has left for him from 60 years in the past in “Time After Time”.
  8. Bobby’s favourite memory, the last in his fading mind in Death’s Door, which is a night of junk food and DVDs with his boys.
  9. The unicorn farting a rainbow.
  10. All the Lucifer and Sam scenes in “Repo Man”


We have all been continually devastated by Bobby’s death. Do you feel that the writers handled it the right way? Do you think we’ll ever see him back?

I think Death’s Door is an extraordinary episode. In a  just world it would be an Emmy award winning episode for everything from Sera’s script to Serge Ladoceaur’s lighting and Jim Beaver’s acting. It captures grief from the point of view of the person dying in an incredibly moving way.

I love the structure of it, and our journey through Bobby’s mind, is both illuminating and moving. It brilliantly picks up so many threads of Bobby and Sam and Dean’s history and weaves them together, while at the same time maintaining the tension of whether Bobby will live or die. Plus I love Rufus.

The final scenes are really quite simple, and that’s why they are so sad.


I think there is still the hint that Bobby the ghost may be around – we’ll have to wait and see!


We are getting closer and closer to Sam’s promised break down. How do you think Dean will handle it? Anything you are hoping to see from this storyline?

Not well! Dean has lost so much this season and really Sam is all he has at this point. His other relationships are gone; his own internal resources depleted.  Sam is all that’s really keeping him going. I have compared Dean to Sisyphus.  Sisyphus  as a man who defied the gods, and chained death. (Sound like anyone we know?) As punishment, he was condemned to perform the endless task of pushing a boulder up a hill, only to see it roll down again. Rinse. Repeat.

That’s what Dean and Sam do – they keep on hunting and trying to save people and dealing with family business. Again and again and again. They can’t escape to a normal life. They can’t escape through death. The monsters keep coming. Sam and Dean will argue by the Impala next to a lake. And they’ll push and pull at themselves and each other and move on again.

The philosopher Camus uses the legend of  Sisyphus to explain the idea of the absurd hero. Camus defined the absurd as the conflict between our drive to find meaning and purpose in a world that was inherently devoid of authentic truths, or God. The tragedy occurs – according to Camus – when Sisyphus acknowledges the hopelessness of his task.   But then Camus says if he can embrace this “The struggle itself…is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

I think we saw that at the end of “Adventures In Babysitting”, where Dean manages that smile through his pain. I think that was genuine – in that moment he was on the road with some music on and Sam by his side and really that’s Dean’s definition of happiness.

If Sam loses his mind, that’s Sam gone in a way and I really don’t know how he’ll manage.  Of course he will do all he can to save Sam, but I expect some dark moments ahead.


Supernatural has a history of providing an amazing classic rock soundtrack. Are there any songs you can think of that should be on the show but haven’t been yet?

Well Zeppelin obviously. Sam and Dean need to get stoned and argue about the meaning of Stairway to Heaven.  I think anything by The Doors would be perfect, and let’s face it both Bob Seger and John Fogerty make great sing-a-long road tripping songs!

But really, we need Metallica. Enter Sandman, Some Kind of Monster, Fade to Black, Nothing Else Matters…hell James Hetfield humming his grocery list!


Everyone in the fandom is thinking about Season 8 now as renewal time approaches. Do you think Sam and Dean have another year of torture in them? What would you like to see if we get that Season 8?

I am pretty confident about the show getting an eighth season and I am sure the writers will find new and imaginative ways to torture both Sam and Dean  – as well as us.  The only thing I really want to see are the Winchesters back in the Impala!


Anything you’d like to say to the Supernatural fandom as we get ready to watch the last run of episodes in Season 7?

Rewatch all of Season 7 to date, then sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Another Personal One Tree Hill Post: Daddy Issues

****This post contains spoilers for One Tree Hill 9×11********

I know. Here we go again. This show just makes me feel SO MANY FEELINGS!!

I have shared with you all stories about how Nathan and Haley’s first kiss song also changed my life. I have told some of you that my wedding band looks exactly like Haley’s. I have expressed how much it hurt to watch Haley lose her mom as I too lost my own mother when we were both far too young.

In tonight’s OTH Nathan Scott lost his dad. A father who totally sucked for most of Nathan’s life. The dude was abusive and harsh and horrible. He even killed his own brother. It was very hard to love Dan Scott. In the end though, Dan saved Nathan’s life and he was forgiven and his family got to be with him as he died. It was really beautiful. And totally believable (which in the One Tree Hill world is hard to come by).

I have my own daddy issues. The guy is a real jerk. He totally changed after my mother passed away 1o years ago and now we haven’t spoken in more than 5 years. He isn’t a part of my life or the life of my two sisters. He wasn’t at my wedding and he has never seen my niece, his only grand-baby.

What really got to me about tonight’s episode was the thought of never getting that closure. What if my dad dies and I don’t even know? What if we never get that goodbye? That forgiveness? That last I love you? The man never killed anyone but he has been pretty awful to me and to my family over the years.

So what if? What if we never get those last moments? My heart breaks at the thought.

But I am so very happy for Nathan. If only real life could work like TV, right?


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My Life According to iTunes

This game was taught to me by my friend Lee from From My Side Of The Moon (great blog! Check it out!) We haven’t played in ages but it is ALWAYS a good time!

These are the rules: Grab a pen and paper and write down #’s 1 through 18. Open your iTunes to “Music” so your entire library is displayed. Click the Shuffle button. Click Play. Now WITHOUT SKIPPING ANY SONGS, write down the first 18 that play.

This is how mine turned out tonight:

Song #1: Opening Credits: “Fallback” by Sleeperstar

Not super familiar with this song but it’s really pretty and seems appropriate for opening credits. It does talk about “misdirection.”

Song #2: Waking Up: “You Got It” by NSYNC

Great tune for getting up and getting your day started!

Song #3: 1st Day of School: “The Youth” by MGMT


Song #4: Falling In Love: “Resignation Studies” by The Silent League

This song is really kind of lovely and perfect for skipping hand in hand on a beautiful fall day. Even if it does talk about jealousy. Originally heard on my favorite episode of TVD: Let the Right One In.

Song #5: Fight Song: “Come Back” by Pearl Jam

Wow. Super powerful song and I can hear it played so perfectly behind and epic lover’s quarrel. Originally heard on Friday Night Lights.

Song #6: Breaking Up: “Lover to Lover” by Florence + The Machine

GREAT break up song!! All about moving from bed to bed. I can get behind that! (After a break up! Not now in real life!!)

Song #7: Prom: “I and Love and You” by The Avett Brothers

This is such a stunning song. I can picture the slow dance.

Song #8: Life: “He Won’t Go” by Adele

Pretty sure any Adele song is great as a life anthem.

Song #9: Mental Breakdown: “We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow

Originally heard on TVD. First line: “If this is redemption, why do I bother at all.”

Song #10: Driving: “Gz and Hustlas” by Snoop Dogg

Apparently I am over my breakdown enough to jam out to some old school rap. Sweet.

Song #11: Flashback: “Lovefool” by The Cardigans

From Romeo & Juliet. LOVE this song. Very suitable for a flashback of my life.

Song #12: Getting Back Together: “Stop and Stare” by One Republic

OMG!! This is so great! EPIC reunion song! “Time for one last appeal.”

Song #13: Wedding: “Jonathan Low” by Vampire Weekend

This song is from Eclipse. Not really wedding appropriate. It’s about killing some guy I think?

Song #14: Birth of Child: “Satellite Heart” by Anya Maria

Another Twilight song! This one from New Moon. And a bit too sad for the birth of a child. Apparently my iPod has decided to stop playing fair.

Song #15: Final Battle: “Skylines and Turnstiles” by My Chemical Romance

Total head banging song! I think it totally works for a battle scene!!

Song #16: Death Scene: “Warning Sign” by Coldplay

Now I’m gonna cry.

Song #17: Funeral Scene: “Daft Punk is Playing At My House” by LCD Soundsystem

From The. O.C. How awesome would that be to have Daft Punk playing at your funeral?

Song #18: End credits: “The Only Exception” by Paramore

Super gorgeous song. Love it!


Give it a try friends and let me know how it goes!! I promise, it is a LOT of fun! Don’t forget to tell me how yours turns out!


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