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Day 14 (California day dreaming)

fullsizerender-9I was sitting on the beach this afternoon just thinking about how strange this place is. It has been a really long time since I have been out of my New England bubble for this long. But I don’t think it’s just that. The entire time I have been here on the west coast I have had a weird, surreal feeling. Like I’m not really inside my own body. or like the colors are too bright. It’s hard to explain but it’s very bizarre.

I mean, there’s the obvious stuff. The weather is just a tiny bit different here in January. I am absolutely not missing the snow or the cold or the constant darkness at home. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder every January and February and it has been nice to get a break from being constantly grumpy and sad. It is hard being so far from my husband and close friends, though. It makes me feel a little bit isolated and that may be contributing to the surreal feelings I have had.

fullsizerender-10It has also been really funky watching hockey at 4:00pm and being done with hockey before dinner time. The entire time change/difference has taken a while to get used to and will surely kill me once I get home. But really the hockey thing is the craziest part. It changes how I structure my day and make plans for myself. I mean, no wonder they make the Bruins play at 10:30pm EST when they are in town. Afternoon hockey on a Tuesday is WEIRD! Also, it feels like summer every day but still gets dark a little after 5:00pm. What planet am I on?

I have to say, despite the color of the ocean being different and having to drive every damn place and paying tax on clothes, I am enjoying myself. It has been great to see the friends I do have out here and I love playing tourist, seeing new things and beautiful places. If only it felt like it was actually happening!

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Day 1 (kind of)

fullsizerender-3I have arrived in California!!

Technically, I arrived last night and to such an amazing surprise!! I knew I was going to get to meet my sister Stacey’s new boyfriend Alec as he kindly offered to pick me up from the airport (he knows where she lives now and I do not). What I did not know, was that Stacey was going to be with him at the airport!! Such a surprise. I nearly burst into tears and definitely screamed loud enough to scare some pee out of a lady standing near by. The three of us had a wonderful evening playing trivia and eating gourmet mac & cheese at a brewery. Excellent start to the trip.

fullsizerender-1After a quick tour of her new place, Stacey had to get back to the boat and Meredith Grey (the cat, not the TV character) wasted no time in showing me just how unwelcome I was. She really is something else. After she made me bleed my own blood, I spent the following 12 hours closed inside Stacey’s bedroom. In my defense, I did have some sleep to catch up on and a fullsizerender-2book to finish reading so it wasn’t completely out of fear. Getting around today has been interesting though, to say the least. Meredith hates me. I am terrified of Meredith. Meredith is not a fan of the vacuum. Ergo, the vacuum and I have become attached at the hip BFFs. Big thanks to Alec for the excellent tip. Just me, dragging the vacuum from room to room in case I have to point it in her direction. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

img_7430I did escape the cat from hell for a bit to hit the grocery store and decided that since I was feeling so anxious about everything, I would also hit a beach. So, I turned the Guster up on the stereo and went for a little drive. The sound and the smell and the sight of the water was just what I needed. I definitely take for granted having it just down the street at home.

Tonight will be frozen pizza, streaming the Bruins game online, and trying not to get killed. Wish me luck.

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This Weekend in Collage

The Weekend in Collage

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Erin Does Dallas – Supernatural Style

I’ve had a busy year. I have done more events and more traveling this year than I have ever done in the past. No event though was more anticipated than the Supernatural Convention. Sandi, Jessica and I had planed on being in Nashville this last June and when that had to be moved up, we chose to go to the Dallas homecoming show instead. So, this last weekend was 15 months in the making. 15 months of planning and waiting and getting excited. The build up was so long that I worried it could never live up to what I was creating in my mind. I shouldn’t have worried. Worth every second we waited. Worth every penny we spent. I now know why so many SPN Con goers are repeat offenders.

I have done other conventions before. Large scale, multiple show cons and cons for one show only. None of them were on the level of the Supernatural experience. The cast seemed to legitimately enjoy spending time with the
fans. They were sincere and fun and more interactive than I ever could have guessed. They teased us about our questions. They understood all of the small details we put into every tumblr post. They get us. And they like us! Or, are very good at acting like they do. We were able to spend a lot of extra time with both Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard on Saturday night and they were incredible. Funny, inspiring, brilliant and kind. I cannot say enough, how meaningful it was to get life advice from Mark Sheppard who is not only an incredible actor but an exceptionally insightful human being. The experience was life changing. And though he made fun of me, he didn’t seem to mind that I had indulged in bottle or two.

Karaoke on Friday night felt like a private concert. All of our favorite songs were made better by singing them out loud with our friends and cast members. Horrible singing at karaoke can cause serious headaches. Surprisingly, this was never the case here. Not everyone had the balls to get up on stage but everyone that did had the full backing of the entire audience. We were all in it together. It was difficult to keep from getting emotional while shouting the lyrics to “Carry On Wayward Son” with a room full of people who love it just as much as I do.

The panels were a great time as well. Such a fun way to learn more about our favorite actors and shows. The guys all really let their personalities shine while indulging our every whim and fancy. I would swear on a stack of bibles that I have never laughed so hard in my life. These guys are not only actors, but performers. They know how to put on a show. Not gonna lie, the hug requests nearly made me postal but I can understand the desire to ask. Everyone who appeared on Friday and Saturday was willing to personalize autographs and they were all fully interactive with us while signing. It probably should not have been such a big deal because of the financial transaction that took place behind the scenes, but it was a big deal. It felt good.

Sunday was our day with the boys. THE BOYS. It started with breakfast where their mere presence caused me to shake with excitement. I have watched these Sunday morning breakfasts on YouTube more times than I can count but there is absolutely no way to prepare for how incredible it is in person. It’s unreal how intimate it feels despite sharing it with a room full of people.

Photos were after that. Our chance to get them all to ourselves for all of 15 seconds. When I tell you that I was TERRIFIED to face Jensen, I am giving myself a lot of credit. Terrified does not even begin to encompass the fear I had going into that room. Chatting with new friends while waiting in line was a great distraction for a while. Huge thanks to Lynn and all of the ladies with her. Sandi took her photo first and was sweet enough to let the boys know how very scared I was. I thought Jessica would go next since that was how we were standing in line but, before I knew it, she was literally shoving me right at them. And then I was there. Standing face to face with two of the most gorgeous people who have ever graced the planet. They were beyond sweet. Concerned for me even. Jared rubbed my arm as Jensen informed me that my nerves were making him nervous. And then he demanded a hug. “Come here! Give me a hug!” I died. and then leaned into him as I let loose the cheesiest grin I have ever worn on my face. As I walked off, Jared rubbed my back and thanked me for being a good sport. Thanked me. What is that, even? And it must be said, as it has been said many times before, looking at Jensen from 6 inches away is like looking directly at the sun. Pure, heavenly, magic.

Their panel was better than great. They know what we like and they know how we like it. I had all these ideas going in. I was going to take a ton of pics and sneak some video, tweet the entire thing. But I could not tear my eyes off of them long enough to even pick up my camera or phone. Thank the unicorns Sandi was able to get some great shots. Without her amazing pictures, I could be convinced that the entire thing was just a dream. The autographs were our last chance to see them and they went by way too fast. Before we knew it, the whole thing, 15 months of anticipation, was over. Done. I feel like crying just saying it out loud.

During one of the panels, a cast member equated the Supernatural fandom to a secret society. This is not a show that is watched by everyone and their grandma. And for us, it is not a show we watch with anything less than our entire selves. I get that now. I wish I could hug each one of the fans that helped make the weekend so magical for me. Love you all.

To Sandi and Jess: you are my family. There are not words in any language to express how much I love y’all. I will never forget Jessica’s napkin, Sandi’s afro or late night, secret elevator rides. I would sell my soul at the crossroads if either one of you needed me to. Thank you for everything.

If any of you SPN fans get the opportunity to attend a convention, I demand that you take every advantage. Do it. Go. I swear to you that you will never be sorry that you did. I never will be.


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The World’s Oldest Teenager

I was on the plane yesterday, heading home to Boston after 2 weeks in Colorado and I was feeling a little sad about it. So, I was doing things that were comforting. I was reading my Comic Con TV Guide with the cast of The Vampire Diaries on the cover, drinking Diet Coke and when I wasn’t listening to Carly Rae Jepsen I was watching season 1 episodes of The O.C. When I bent down to scratch where my knot tied anklet was itching me, it occurred to me: I am the world’s oldest teenager. And I don’t even care.

The parts about my trip (aside from spending time with friends and family) that I loved the most also made me feel a little young for my age. I loved that staying in my aunt’s big, beautiful house meant that I could blare my music all day and night and dance around like a fool without worrying about neighbors who might be sharing a wall or a floor. I loved that drinking at high altitude meant no hangovers (Sogrape Gazela Vinho Verde is my current fave).

My main job for two weeks, besides the occasional baby sitting,  was just making sure the house was taken care of so I was free to read as much as I wanted and watch as many Channing Tatum movies as I could find. It was pretty magical. I loved going for pedicures with my sister and my CO bestie (of course we all got flowers painted on our toes) and then doing handstands in the pool for an entire afternoon.

I have since come home to a pile of mail that needs dealt with, tons of unpacking that needs done and several messes that I made before I left on my trip. All will need to be taken care of but I made myself a CO trip playlist that should help me make it through the not so fun stuff.

I was super excited to see my husband and my MA bestie and I am really looking forward to the upcoming trip to Ohio with the rest of my Boston friends. But there are a lot of things I am missing as well. Like drying off after a shower. The humidity out here on the East Coast makes that impossible. And the July temperature really never drops here at home, even after dark. I’m also missing the two little girls who loved to color with me and thought that I was the COOLEST EVER!

Colorado is where I grew up. It’s where I became the person that I am. And it is filled with my family, the people who helped to make me who I am. The house where I stayed is surrounded by petunias. The flower that my mother always filled her gardens with. Every time I smell them, I think of her and miss her so much. At night there, the air is so calm and comfortable. And so very quiet. The only sounds were the crickets and the lake water lapping on the shore. I’m really going to miss that.

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Rocky Mountain High

Greetings from Colorado!

After 4 amazing days at a New Hampshire lake house with 10 of my closest friends, gallons of beer and zero sleep, I have arrived at lake house #2 in Loveland, Colorado where I will be house sitting for my aunt for the next 2 weeks.


I love this house. I always have. And now I have it (mostly) to myself for 14 days. Virgil is here and I will be helping to take care of my niece while my sister is in class, friends and family will be coming and going pretty often but, for the most part I am looking forward to doing a lot of reading, a little yoga and watching probably the least amount of television ever in my life. Also hoping that being out here will somewhat lessen the sting of missing Comic Con this year. Because that kind of sucks.

I’ll be keeping up with Awkward (LOVED the season 2 premiere! TEAM MATTY!!!) and True Blood but will probably take a break from the One Tree Hill Retro Recaps while I am here. There are just so many books to read! And I have been working on Clockwork Prince for an embarrassingly long time.

Stay tuned friends! I’ll post vaca updates and photos as often as I feel the urge. Have a great Tuesday!


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TVD Chicago: You’re Invited!

Attending the TVD Chicago Convention?

Please join us for dinner and drinks at The Ram on Saturday night at 8:00pm.

The Ram is a short 10 minute walk from the Convention hotel.

Please RSVP by leaving a comment below or send me an email at


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