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One Tree Hill – The Finale

(this is a re-post in honor of the 5th anniversary of the One Tree Hill Series Finale)

This is it friends. Our very last HAPPY OTH WEDNESDAY!!

I usually start my recaps off with a review of what happened last week and what I think might be coming this week but since this is the very final One Tree Hill recap I will ever write, I wanted to say a little something. I have so many tears in my eyes I can hardly see to type this but here goes:
To my OTH family: Thank you. Thank you for reading these recaps and all of my other articles. Thank you for sharing them with your friends. For leaving the most amazing comments. Thank you for talking to me on Twitter. For answering my questions. For laughing with me and crying with me. I am very new to this family but each and every one of you has welcomed me with open arms. I could not be more grateful. The One Tree Hill family has given me one of the most amazing fandom experiences I have ever had. I will always look back on this time with love in my heart and a smile on my face and it is all because of YOU. You have shared with me the love of these characters, the love of these stories and the love for one another. This ride with y’all has been so much fun! I would not trade this experience for anything and I am going to miss this part of my week more than I can express. And while I was late in joining the OTH party, I will be forever thankful that I was able to watch this last season live with all of you. It has honestly been life changing in the very best way. I have been overwhelmed by the love you have shown me. From the bottom of my ever grateful heart, thank you. A million times, thank you.
Now then. Here we go!!! My final OTH recap!!! The wine IV has been set up. Hope you all are mentally holding my hand right now!

***Hour One***

· I know I am not the only one already losing it completely. This first hour is going to be brutal. Absolute murder.
· And the husband’s eyes are already rolling. Also, he’s reminding me that the man doing the voice over is the same guy who narrates Gangland on Spike TV.
· All of these past scenes they are showing are making this so beautiful but SO much harder to watch. Is it possible to love something this much while hating it at the same time?
· RIVER COURT!!!! *sob* I just want to live there!! I would even sleep outside! And I do NOT camp.
· “It’s nice to hear that it’s going to be ok.” SO MUCH WORD MARK!!!
· Is that “Always & Forever” on the title card really necessary? So many feels!!!
· Kate Voegele’s voice is so magical that it makes my heart swell. I have chills.
· Loving all of these stories and all of this fan appreciation.
· And of course they have to talk the most about the episodes that made me cry the very hardest. So many powerful moments.
· KEITH! Holy lord the tears. The way that OTH has handled loss has been such a beautiful thing to me. One of the things I love most about it. And I am so grateful that they did exactly what they did.
· The way that these actors talk about their characters shows so much love and respect. I am in awe.
· This season 9 overview is perfect. I am so thankful for it. I have loved every minute.
· I can’t handle the cast choking up. All of their emotion. THE HUGS. The ache in my chest!
· All of these MOMENTS! GAH! It reminds me that sometimes watching this show is like getting a hug when you really need one.
· BTW, I REALLY need one right now. BAWLING MY EYES OUT!

***Hour Two***

· NATHAN!! Oh my. “Someday is today.”
· And BROOKE!! “Say it. Do it.”
· NALEY!!!! GAH!! And the predictions!!
· (also, hello arm porn)
· Um, you guys. This just keeps getting harder as it goes on. I am a huge MESS of emotions right now. So, yeah. Sorry for all of the outbursts and exclamation points.
· Laughing my butt off!!! Chris Keller is the best! Poor Chase. I probably would have peed the bed after that little surprise.
· Mouth & Millie. Way too cute.
· I want to rip Nathan’s jersey off the wall just so I can hug it and never let it go. But since I cannot do that, may it hang forever.
· I LOVE Blind Pilot. So great.
· Haley is totally talking to us, isn’t she? I think she is.
· Thank GOD for Chris Keller. I really needed these laughs. Tyler Hilton is so brilliant.
· HEY! What I do matters too!! Right? Can I have $500,000.00?? Mouth totally earned that though.
· HJS singing on stage. It does not get much better than this. Joy’s voice is heaven.
· UGH! Felix! Hate that guy! Love you Mouth. “Doesn’t matter.”
· I am so relieved that Chase’s drinks are still gross. And excuse me while I DIE from laughing at that slap. “Devil’s ass.”
· And then Clay too!! My stomach aches from cracking up so hard.
· Logan. SO CUTE IT HURTS. Also, love Clay quoting himself from season 8 when Nathan called him weird.
· “Dad.” I die.
· Is there anything more beautiful than Nathan’s face as he watches Haley sing? I think not friends. Except maybe the way she sounds.
· Oh my God!!! His guitar! From 3×09!!! Awwww!! Nathan really is the very best there is! As are these Chris Keller/Nathan moments. So sweet and funny and darling!
· LOVE this jam! SO SEXY! I am dancing in my chair. No, really. I’m quite good.
· The web site sales!!! Just like the very first Clothes over Bros!! Where’s the child labor though?
· The father/son moments on this show are some of my favorites. And Nathan is just SO great at this. SO GREAT!!!!! I’m gonna start crying again.
· BEVIN!!!!! SO MUCH CLAPPING!!!! I guess Tim didn’t work out? LOL
· Clay is Ah-Ma-Zing. And extremely hilarious. The crack head show does sound like fun.
· “Mom.” I die. Again.
· This bromance between Chase and Chris: I never saw it coming. And yet it is one of my favorite things. If they ended up with those twins it would be the best thing ever.
· “Chris Keller’s work here is done!” Something I will now say every single time I finish something. Even if I’m saying it only to myself.
· The book. From the Pilot. *sob*
· This trip down memory lane that Brooke & Haley are taking together is so heartfelt and comforting and SO much what their friendship is: Beautiful.
· Chris Keller & Haley James Scott are making me want to hug the whole world wearing a rainbow sweater.

· Okay. Here we go. Naley time. I may be a tad hysterical for this bit.
· Those James girls are just the most beautiful criers. This is so amazing!! It’s perfect for them. For all 3 of them. And there’s confetti. Of course there is.
· Mouth’s speech is hitting me really hard. And his scholarship? Edwards Scott. WOW.
· Aaaaaaaaand here we go. Be still my heart. It’s racing. And not from drugs. OMG. I can’t breathe from the Naley. I can’t breathe from the goodness. From the perfection. Lord thunderin Jesus.
· Brooke. And her house. And she gets to be The Girl Behind the Red Door. Because Julian is amazing. I am crying so hard that there are no longer sounds coming out.
· And the hits just keep coming. Thank you Evans Family.
· The passing of the prediction torch. The next generation.
· OH MY GOD HALEY! “There’s only one Tree Hill. And it is your home.”
· Oh B. Davis. Please don’t cry. I can’t handle it.
· The whole family!!! They are all together. And every single tiny bit of it is perfect. The singing and the playing and the kids and the sharing. And all at Karen’s. I couldn’t smile harder or cry harder if my life depended on it.
· The future. The song. The flashbacks. The voice over. The old quote. The love. The Ravens. “Believe in it. With all your heart.”

Perfect. Brilliant. Beautiful. Amazing.
Somehow all of these words seem totally inadequate and yet they are all I have left. It was everything and then some. Thank you show.
Good night friends. Good night OTH Family. Good night Tree Hill.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Roundtable

We are officially into the awful time span known as The Vampire Diaries Hiatus. In order to keep from going to0 crazy, I enlisted some of my brilliant friends and  TVD aficionados to discuss the finale and what might be next for us in the Fall. Huge thanks to writer Melissa Leaman (her blog here), author Thomas Galvin (read his  TVD recaps here), Clarissa from TVOvermind.com, and Melissa Miller of Small Screen Scoop.com.

What was your favorite part of the Season 4 Finale? Least favorite part?

[Melissa L.]: Favorite part was easily everything involving Klaus/Caroline or Matt/Rebekah or Damon/Alaric. OTPS for life. I love Stefan/Lexi too but those others get more love.  A lot of the Bonnie stuff felt blah. But probably least favorite was the Silas/Stefan reveal. I don’t actually understand what’s going on there or how that works or what Silas’ goals are now that the cure is gone so I don’t have any interest or anticipation over what comes next. Without much to go on, it felt like a note that fell very flat. Alaric disappearing was also a very low point. I cried.

[Thomas]: I don’t have any one favorite moment, but I loved a lot of the little character stuff they did. I laughed out loud when we learned that Alaric wanted to spend his one day on earth eating greasy food in a cemetery with two high school students, I gasped when they revealed that he still has his Original vampire smashing powers, and I clapped when Stefan dealt with vaughn by ripping his heart out, no questions asked.

My least favorite moment was when the veil went back up and Alaric and Lexi disappeared. I love those two so much. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderfully written and acted moment, I just wish they got to stick around. And honestly, I don’t think we’re quite done with the veil yet, so there’s still a chance …

[Clarissa]: My favorite seems to be the same as what’s been stated above: the return of terrific characters like Alaric and Lexi. While I’m bummed that Cult turned out to be a dunce, I had hoped it might mean the return of Alaric in particular to the show, especially since TVD is losing two to four of its stars (depending on how you classify Elijah and Hayley with their limited number of appearances lately). I don’t ship anyone on the show, but I did like Rebekah and Matt’s growing “friendship” (or however you want to classify it). My least favorite part was the fact that the finale seemed to be very relationship-based. I got bored during a lot of it because I kept waiting for most of the action to begin and while I enjoyed the appearances of the ghosts, all of the romance stuff seemed to slow down the pacing and made it seem more like a normal episode than a finale. Beyond that, I didn’t really like the Silas revelation. I thought that what happened was cool with Stefan getting locked in the box, but I was unbelievably confused by the doppleganger reveal. I’m glad I’m not the only one, because I felt kind of stupid, as if I should understand what was happening, but it just seemed confusing. Because of that, I think the impact of that moment was lost. Going back to favorite parts for a moment, I loved seeing Katherine get the cure shoved down her throat, mostly for what it represents in terms of what could come next. That’s when the action really started (and, somewhat, ended) in the finale for me.

[Melissa Miller]: My favorite part was, hands down, the Klaus/Caroline scene. The one without a decapitation, as much as I love a good decapitation. I’m actually glad I’m answering this some time after watching the episode because it makes it clear that is my favorite scene. It is the one I can still picture clear as day and still think about. I’m excited for the Originals, but that scene made me a little sad for it because I so want more of these two. Runners up in favorite scenes: Lexi/Alaric in a room together! Alaric/Damon, the bromance continues. Matt gets to take a vacation! And have sex!

Least favorite scene: The headache inducing Silas/Stefan reveal. I just… I don’t think I even cared anymore by the time they were done explaining that to be honest. Besides, I was too mad that Lexi and Alaric were gone to want to hear it.

[Wine Stained Life]: The moments between Caroline and Klaus and between Matt & Rebekah were the most rewound on my Tivo. They are just so sweet and new and lovely. And I am saying this after previously wanting to send Klaus and Rebekah to the deepest depths of hell. We’re all allowed to change our minds. The Lexi & Stefan moments were also REALLY sweet and much needed, especially after all that Stefan has been through.  And, of course, the Blood and Beer moments. Let’s be honest, we should still be having those and I HATE that we aren’t. I am not always the biggest fan of Damon but he really does need his BFF.

Rebekah & Klaus are expected in New Orleans in the Fall. How do you think they should leave their Mystic Falls loves? (Matt and Caroline for the watching impaired).

[Melissa L.]: If I got my perfect wishes, Caroline & Klaus would realize the timing keeps sucking for them, there’d be a few crossovers, and then Candice Accola would join The Originals cast once TVD ends. (There’s long been a 6 seasons number floating around, so she wouldn’t be gone long). I honestly just want Matt and Rebekah to stay on the road forever and be happy together. Barring that beautiful fantasy (that I’m currently writing as fanfic because ugh, precious bbs) then I’d be so 110% down with Matt going to school in NOLA and being on The Originals and still dating Rebekah.

[Thomas]: I don’t think there’s room for Caroline in New Orleans just now. Klaus is a baby daddy, and I don’t want to see The Originals turn into the Muary Povich show. Let’s deal with the werepup hellspawn first, and then we can worry about where Klaus is burying his dagger. Also, I’m pretty sure Klaus is going to hook up with that bartender with a black belt sooner rather than later. Klaus may intend to be Caroline’s last love, but he’s not exactly putting himself on the shelf until that happens. I agree with Melissa: Caroline will have plenty of time to hang out in the swamps after TVD ends. I literally have no idea why Rebekah is even going to New Orleans, and since Carina Mackenzie just joined the Originals staff, I kind of expect Bex to show up with a side of mashed potatoes.

[Clarissa]: To be honest, I don’t really see Rebekah and Matt as a true pairing, because I think that while he’s happy to be friends with her, it’s more of a platonic thing (like Caroline and Stefan) than it is a true romance. He just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to get heavily involved with a vampire after everything he’s seen. That’s just my opinion, but it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of their less-than-defined relationship in any way. I think that Rebekah will feel compelled to go to New Orleans because of her family and I think Matt will be completely understanding. I thought that Klaus’ reappearance in Mystic Falls made perfect sense. He came to see Caroline and help out and it was completely understood that he would disappear when it was done, so I don’t see that separation being a stretch.

[Melissa Miller]: Like everyone else, I kind of feel like with a few crossovers here and there (because these shows are just like Grey’s and Private Practice) we can get our fill of Caroline/Klaus. But, hopefully, TVD ends long before The Originals and Candice can be one of the few to make the transition over. I think there is still a lot to be explored between the two – that’s basically been the basis of their entire shaky courtship. As for Matt/Rebekah… I’m actually totally good with this ending as a summer fling. Though, hopefully Matt can find someone eventually. That’s not April.

[Wine Stained Life]: I am honestly expecting some kind of horrible travel story when we return to Mystic Falls. The kind that breaks up an otherwise happy couple. Too many lost tickets, lost bags and bloodless bodies. It was all rainbows and unicorns until Matt spent too much time needing to eat real food and get real sleep. I still believe that Klaus and Caroline will have their time. It’s just that their time is not right now. She needs at least a few moments to break up with Tyler and all of that jazz.

What do you think about the Silas/Stefan situation? Is it a total ripoff of the Angel season 3 finale? Is he really the doppelganger of some long-lost immortal monster?

[Melissa L.]: I can’t even talk about all the things that are ripping off Angel right now. But I will say that there is some serious gold in the #Stilas tag on tumblr. You gotta wade through the text posts of fans being typically obnoxious, but the gifs shipping the two of them together (because apparently the “only person good enough for Stefan is Stefan”) are hysterical. I can’t stop laughing.

[Thomas]: We are very, very close to reaching Critical Joss, the moment where you can point to literally any media property and say “Joss Whedon Did it Better.” The guy’s doing freaking Shakespeare now.

The whole “New Doppelganger” this is a jumble in my brain right now. I tried to suss out what it all means on my blog, but I don’t know how successful I was. It seems unnecessary to have Silas be Stefan’s twin but also able to make himself look like Stefan. On the other hand, if Steafan is the Doppelganger created by the spell that made Silas immortal, I’m pretty sure the rules say that Stefan’s blood can be used in a spell to make Silas mortal again.

#Stilas is full of pure win.

[Clarissa]: I’m still not 100% sure of what’s happening, so I’m less “this is an Angel rip-off!” than I am “what the heck is going on here?” The Angel connection didn’t actually occur to me until a day or two later and then it was so obvious that I wondered at how I missed it. It’s very, very difficult for anyone to touch the genius that is Joss Whedon. Even when Joss is at his worst, it’s still a lot better than many other things. I was rather disappointed in a lot of season 4 overall, so while I enjoyed the momentary action that the Silas reveal brought, I’m not convinced that it was a great way to end the season.

[Melissa Miller]: It’s just shaky ground to tread anywhere near the genius that is Joss. He is so big now I think my grandparents are aware of his existence. Like Thomas said – He is doing Shakespeare!! So when you start to head into a story that so much resembles a story line he did on his Broody Male Vampire show, well, it gets a little hard to watch. You wonder how/if they didn’t see it. I mean – our vampire sinking to the bottom of water while trapped? Helloooo.

That said, I don’t think it’s the “This is an Angel rip-off” that was really getting to me. I just didn’t care. There is good mythology, and then there is OMGthismythologyisgivingmeaheadache. That was what bothered me in that scene more than anything.

[Wine Stained Life]: I am so glad that I am not the only one who is a little bit (lot) confused by this story line. What happened to Angel in that season 3 finale was horrible and tragic and JAW DROPPING. What happened to Stefan is horrible but also REALLY confusing. AND, I was really hoping that we could finally be rid of Silas forever as he is kind of terrible as a big bad. He seems to have no rules or real motivation. I hate that. I need more structure.

Any bets on how long it will take his friends to figure out that it’s not the Real Stefan?

[Melissa L.]: There’s no way I’d take that bet. I want to think Caroline would figure it out first, probably by the 2nd episode, but I’m not sure.

[Thomas]: I have learned that trying to guess where the TVD writers are going is a waste of time. It seems like Stilas could be a season-long arc, but these guys burn through season-long arcs by the time they hit the second commercial break.

I hope, though, that he sticks around. Paul Wesley is a great actor and he loves playing the bad guy. He was at his absolute best as The Ripper, and I hope this turn gives him a chance to flex those same muscles.

[Clarissa]: Chances are he will stick around for a while, if only to give Wesley a chance to flex his bad boy skills, so I think it will be many episodes (maybe even mid-season) before anyone figures it out. But I agree with Melissa L, I think Caroline might figure it out. Damon and Elena might be too kissy-kissy to worry about it, especially if Stefan isn’t around as much because they might just chalk it up to him wanting to avoid them.

[Melissa Miller]: My hope – Caroline spends 5 minutes with him and realizes it is isn’t him. My actual guess – this will play out for awhile. They’ve hit home pretty hard that Silas has psychic abilities, so I’m sure he can hide as Stefan for awhile. Plus, he lost his One True Love to his boyfriend and just re-lost his BFF in a matter of about 90 minutes. If he’s extra nasty, is anyone going to question it?

[Wine Stained Life]: The dream, of course, would be that Elena speaks to him once and then knows right away. But who are we kidding? Even when Stefan & Elena were together, she never really knew him or really cared what was going on with him. Caroline would, of course, as the only real friend to Stefan, be the person to figure it out. I just have a feeling that she will be wrapped up in Tyler’s return and Klaus’ departure. It may take her a few episodes to  figure it out and then a few more for her to convince everyone else. Caroline is the best but isn’t always treated as such on the show.

What should be the first thing Katherine does as a human? And how do you feel about her getting taken down by Elena in that way?  Was that the best use for the Cure?

[Melissa L.]: Buy tampons. Girl’s about to sympathize with the female gender for the first time in 500 years. Or go make out with Elijah because he loved her since she was human and somebody needs to slowly strip him out of that suit on national television. What? I have needs.

I thought it was awesome of Elena to take Katherine down like that. The editing of the scene was dumb, we could have seen Elena get the cure back earlier in the episode & I doubt most of us would have remembered until she was shoving it down Katherine’s throat.

Ergh. I’ve never been a fan of the cure plot, even the white oak stake was more interesting–and less agency robbing–but I wasn’t mad about Katherine getting it. So I’ll say that’s good enough.

[Thomas]: I love Katherine, and I hated to see my girl go down like that. But it was kind of a no-win situation. I hated the entire idea of a cure, and I was never going to be happy, no matter who they gave it to.  As to what Katherine should do? Beg, borrow, and steal as much vampire blood as she can, chug it, and throw herself into traffic. Katherine is supposed to have fangs.  I would suggest that she do everything in her power to keep the knowledge of her humanity from Klaus, since he could use her as a Hybrid-making blood bag, but the reality of having Nina Dobrev on two shows means I don’t see this being a thing, anyway.

[Clarissa]: Katherine is going to flip her shit when she wakes up as a human. I would love for the first thing she does is go after Elena – vamp powers or not – for retribution. You know she’s going to be incredibly pissed off. I predict the second thing she does is actually try to become a vampire again, any way that is possible. I thought she might travel to New Orleans to see if Elijah can do it, but Thomas is right, going anywhere near Klaus as a human will be bad for her. I’m kind of disappointed in the cure on the one hand, because Katherine is the ultimate bad girl and is the vampire I had kind of hoped Elena would be but never turned into. So in that respect I think giving her the cure kind of sucks. At the same time, I feel like being bad is also part of Katherine’s personality now that might transcend her vampness, so I think we’ll still see glimpses of the old Katherine underneath.

[Melissa Miller]: This has been my problem with “the cure” plot the entire time – what is to stop a vampire that was given it without wanting it from getting some vamp blood in their system and then killing themselves? Especially given Katherine’s situation where being a human puts a big huge Doppelganger size target on her back when it comes to Klaus. That’s clearly the first thing Kat should do as a vamp. I can’t think of anything else she’d WANT to do, to be honest. After centuries of being a badass vamp, what fun would being a human be? I’m interested in how they are going to handle this without it seeming completely contrived.

[Wine Stained Life]: Honestly, she’s the very last character on this show that I thought would end up with the cure. I would really love to see her, for at least one episode, struggle with human needs. Food, water, getting from point A to point B using actual transportation. After that one episode, I am with all of the rest. She needs to re-vamp immediately. Katherine without her teeth is no fun at all.

Damon “Got the girl.” Assuming they stay together for a while, what do you think will be the next hurdle they’ll have to jump?

[Melissa L.]: I really hope that assumption’s right. You know I’m a bigger fan of Stefan/Elena but I’ve thought for a long time that Damon/Elena needs a fair shot and all this sire bond bs didn’t give them that this season. In the grand scheme of things, I’m sick to death of the triangle, but I do think it’d be more realistic to see Damon & Elena having to get over a hurdle of her choosing college and a continuation of a normal life, when he thinks she should see all life has to offer, and what will she actually choose. Oh who am I kidding, Elena will never be given the agency to make her own decisions.

[Thomas]: Elena is going to fall for Stilas. She loves a bad boy. Girl can’t help it. Also, it would enrage the True Stelena fans, and Julie Plec stays young by bathing in their misery, so … yeah, that’s happening.

[Clarissa]: Romance in shows typically bore me, but the love triangle in THIS show is getting to be a bit much. If Damon got the girl, then he should keep her so that we can stop with the back-and-forth/will-they-won’t-they for at least an entire season. To be honest, I think the next hurdle will come from Damon, because for as long as he’s wanted both Katherine and Elena, he’s never really had them in any true sense for an extended period of time and so I think he simply won’t be used to having what he wants and might make some missteps. Other than that, I like Thomas’ comment about Elena being attracted to bad boy Stefan/Silas.

[Melissa Miller]: My feeling on any show with a love triangle – both scenarios need to be given a fair shot, both for the viewers and for the characters. So I hope that indeed they will be able to be together for awhile. And if Damon and Elena do get that shot, I think their hurdle would simply be just being together without all the “oh the drama!” of it all. No sire bond. No Stefan. No humanity switch. Just, be together. Their relationship has been so shadows and darkness and secrets. If they are really together, what is that for them? There is plenty of drama to be found there. But, I kind of feel like Thomas may be onto something – the triangle will be back on in full force when Elena meets Stefan/Silas.

[Wine Stained Life]: Part of me doesn’t care at all what Damon and Elena do. Part of me hopes that Thomas is RIGHT ON. And part of me hopes that Damon will become as fed up with Elena as I have and will go back to his sorority drinking ways. Balls intact. However, if they do make a real go for it, I hope that Katherine does her damnedest to drive a wedge. That could be a lot of fun. Especially if she plays the vulnerability card. Fangs or not, Katherine has a lot of weapons in her arsenal.

If you could have any of the Finale’s Ghosts back as real people FOREVER, which two would you choose? Keep in mind that Bonnie is now among them.

[Melissa L.]: Alaric & Lexi. Done and done and done. I don’t even know how anyone could bother wanting anyone else back.

[Thomas]: This is the correct answer.

[Clarissa]: 100% agree with Melissa, although I think the appeal of Lexi is also the fact that she’s NOT a regular. So I guess we can keep her as a guest star and Bonnie can come back. While Bonnie’s story has been a bit boring lately (mostly for lack of the writers giving her anything worthy to do), I still think they need a witch in their corner.

[Melissa Miller]: Obviously, what Melissa said. Alaric and Lexi, absolutely. Not Bonnie. I giggled, no, I full on laughed out loud, when Bonnie realized she died at the end of the penultimate episode. I was never a Bonnie fan, even less so as of late. But I miss Alaric with a passion. And Lexi. If I had to choose one, Alaric.

[Wine Stained Life]: I love that we are all in agreement. Alaric and Lexi need to be full time. Getting rid of them was a HUGE mistake, if you ask me. Both of them bring so much to the show. Strength and fun and insight into both of the Salvatore Brothers. I really believe that those brothers need each other. But I think they need their BFFs even more.

Speaking of Bonnie… How do you feel about her death? Are you glad that there are no more witches in Mystic Falls? What will this mean for all of the magic that seems to be needed on a daily basis?

[Melissa L]: Meh. Her death accomplished jack shit. And as a viewer, I never even bothered to shed a tear (not that I would) because it was established before the finale aired that Kat would be back for S5. I just don’t see the point of why Bonnie died in the first place. Especially if it has no impact on anyone but Jeremy. I figure she’ll either come back from the other side by fall sweeps or Lucy or some other witch will come to town.

[Thomas]: I’m pissed because I wanted to make one of my characters a ghost in the next novel I write, and now it’ll seem derivative. Other than that, it’s established that Witches on the Other Side have the same powers as their mortal counterparts, and Bonnie seems to be able to interact with everyone, so … nothing’s changed?  Though if Bonnie being “trapped” on the Other Side means there’s an all-out effort to rend the veil, allowing Alaric and Lexi to come back, I will gladly accept this development.

[Clarissa]: Considering no one else knows about her death, it felt kind of empty. I think Bonnie has been tragically under-utilized for a long time now and so her death didn’t really register that much. I enjoyed her scenes with Jeremy, but beyond that I felt like they cheated the audience out of a larger emotional impact because they kept it a secret from all of the other characters. I do hope she returns, but I also hope that they give her more to do.

[Melissa Miller]: I kind of answered that already, huh? I was totally fine she died. Her magic only worked some of the time, so it will be nice if maybe we weren’t as heavily reliant on it. That said, only Bonnie is dead, not all witches. I’m sure there will still be magic. Probably from Bonnie since we’ve clearly established all those ghosts beyond the veil are just hanging around Mystic Falls stalking their friends and judging their life choices. While Bonnie will, obviously, be in full judgemental mode on Elena and Damon, she’ll probably find time to resurrect herself. (And Alaric and Lexi, please, witch girl!)

[Wine Stained Life]: I was pretty emotional about Bonnie’s death at only one point: when she was trying to get all of her friends together for graduation. For some reason, that really moved me. Otherwise, I am not sure I could care less whether she returns as a human, a ghost or a t-rex. I just really do not care. Unless Grams is involved. More Grams, please.

Time for The Originals! What are you most excited to see in the actual Pilot of the series? What are you most hoping for from the series overall?

[Melissa L.]: If you’d asked me this before it aired, I would have had so many different answers. As it is, the baby plot has thrown me for a loop and knocked away a lot of my interest. So I’m hoping maybe that gets dropped in the fall version of the pilot. Maybe enough feedback will come in to realize that just doesn’t work with viewers.  I would like to see crossovers within the series. Not so much from a bring the Originals into Mystic Falls pov, but more to see some of the MF characters growing up and fitting in an adult supernatural world. I’d also love something edgier, darker, with more emphasis on power in this world.

[Thomas]: Marcel is fantastic, and his relationship with Klaus is complicated enough that it actually makes sense that the pilot script didn’t just read:


KLAUS MIKAELSON, immortal, murders everyone while listening to Jingle Bells. He’s the new King of New Orleans.


I was loving the episode right up until the Baby Plot of Irrelevant Doom got dropped on us, and just wasn’t able to get back into it after that. I’m kind of big on continuity, though, so I don’t want to see them just drop that plot altogether. Maybe they could do something where Haley is trying to abort it, but Klaus wants his heir? No, nevermind, that’s disgusting. Fuck. God damn it, Plec!

[Clarissa]: I loved 90% of the Originals episode. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Marcel. I thought he was a fantastic addition to the cast and that he’s a character/actor with a great deal of charisma. It feel like he could stand toe-to-toe with Klaus and Elijah, which is hard to do because Gillies and Morgan both play their respective characters well and it’s difficult to bring in a third leading man who can match them. But the baby thing….ugh. Seriously? The moment it happened it almost washed away every good thing about the episode. So I wasn’t thinking “how great would it be to have Elijah back full-time” because I had switched to “Twilight rip-off…are they kidding?!”

[Melissa Miller]: We’ve fully established that the baby plot is ridiculous. I wasn’t as angry as everyone else. I was just… indifferent. I rolled my eyes. I love Phoebe Tonkin, so I’m great with having her around, but a better way would have been nice. I’m very curious which characters will fade into the night after feedback from this backdoor pilot is received and notes are taken. Regardless of miracle babies, I’m excited for some Klaus/Elijah, Klaus/Marcel and a reason to want to make beignets on the regular. There is a lot of potential here. Including finding a way to try to make Klaus the hero of a show, so that when TVD ends, Caroline will want to come find him.

[Wine Stained Life]: See my thoughts on this here. Mostly, I want more of Klaus being the killer we all know he can be, a lot more of Marcel and very little about the ridiculous, unnecessary plot device, baby. I feel like its entire conception was unwisely contrived for the sole purpose of Haley having a reason to be in New Orleans. And since I don’t give a crap about Haley…

What are your feelings on the were-baby? Big mistake or great plot driver? How do we feel about Klaus as a dad? Who is your favorite NEW character from The Originals backdoor pilot? Who would you ditch?

[Melissa L.]: Feelings on the were-baby are a big fat NO NO NO. Here’s my thing, yes, there are shows who have done the supernatural miracle/loophole baby and it hasn’t ruined the show. (Battlestar Galactica is the one that comes to mind). But there are a lot where it has royally screwed up shows *cough*Angel*cough* and I can’t think of a single show where a baby has made things better. Even people I know to be diehard Originals fans are second guessing their interest, so if feels like a big mistake to me. I’d rather have seen some sort of way for the witches in NOLA to bring Kol & Finn back to reunite the family over a baby. And what a waste of Phoebe Tonkin to relegate her to a pregnancy storyline.

Klaus as a dad makes me want to rant and throw things and scream about total out of character writing.

Favorite new character was Marcel. Hands down, thumbs up, whatever. Marcel won me over even faster than Elijah did and I was sold on Elijah pretty fast. I just hope he can be a worthy foe for Klaus. I don’t know that I’d ditch anyone so far–hard to really get to know them–but I’d change some of the characterization of Camille. Having a blonde with a “C” name who psychoanalyzes Klaus through art? We have one of those girls and Klaus is very much in love with her. If Camille is supposed to be a romantic rival, or even a friend, she deserves to be her own person not the NOLA version of Caroline Forbes.

[Thomas]: I was all set for The Originals to be my favorite show of next season, right up until the Tragic Mistake of Horrible Plot Decisions and Diapers happened. There is nothing I like about the baby plot line, at all.  Klaus is not a dad. He’s not dad material. He has more daddy issues than a bus filled with strippers, he’s whiney, self-centered, irrational, and short tempered. And he doesn’t need an heir, because he’s never going to die. He doesn’t need to teach someone to take over New Orleans when he’s gone. That’s what he did with Marcel, and now Klaus’ to-do list reads:

1. Fuck with Marcel in every way possible

2. Probably bang that blond chick

3. Fuck with Marcel some more

Phoebe Tonkin is not a MILF, and I hate having her cast as one. She should be having sex and battling witches and fighting with vampires and eating tourists, not buying baby wipes in bulk from Costco. Marcel won me over from his very first scene. How ya like me now? Very well indeed, sir.

[Clarissa]: I didn’t watch Battlestar Galactica, so I can’t comment on an instance where a magical, supernatural baby didn’t ruin a show. As far as I’m concerned, it’s always ruined shows. Or, like Melissa L said, I can’t think of an instance where it’s been done in a way that it added anything. It feels so unbelievably unnecessary. I think Klaus would have remained in New Orleans solely to amass his power and didn’t need a baby to convince him to stick around. I think Hayley could have stuck around because of her connection to werewolves there. How are they going to make this baby story work? Will they bring out the youngin’ every other episode to remind us that he/she is alive? Will they magically age-up the baby like in Twilight or Angel, which is just completely laughable? I can’t think of a single scenario where the baby storyline doesn’t anger me to the point where everything else good about the show just seems silly by association. As for favorite new character: Marcel.  Hail to the king, baby!

[Melissa Miller]: There really isn’t much more to say as far as the baby is concerned. I think as avid TV viewers, we are all a little weary of a baby storyline that isn’t part of a family sitcom. It rarely leads to anything good. Especially when that baby is a “miracle baby,” even more when that miracle baby is created under supernatural circumstances. No one wants to see Klaus changing diapers and complaining about midnight feedings. That’s just… not fun.

Favorite new character is Marcel, obviously. Anyone who is first scene singing like a badass is going to be a favorite character. Plus, I’m just glad he’s not on Grey’s trying to ruin Karev’s shot at happiness anymore.

Final question: If TVD and The Originals were on at the same time (which is NOT happening) and you had to pick only one to watch live, which would it be?

[Melissa L]: The Originals would definitely win. As the actual schedule stands though, I’ll be watching SHIELD live over The Originals. Coulson > Elijah.

[Thomas]: Before the Unplanned Abomination of 2013, I would have said The Originals, hands down. Now it’s very much wait and see.

[Clarissa]: I probably would have stuck with watching Vampire Diaries live, which is what I do now. Love triangle nonsense is still not as bad as supernatural baby nonsense.

[Melissa Miller]: I’m… unsure, to be honest. I think Originals has a lot of potential, but I’m still invested in TVD. Either way – I’m going to be watching SHIELD live on Tuesdays, like Melissa. Coulson is a bigger badass than the rest of these guys.

[Wine Stained Life]: I am with The Melissas. VERY excited for SHIELD and will be watching that one live for sure. Thank goodness for Tivo. The Originals will be recording while I watch Coulson and hope for mentions of my favorite Tony Stark.


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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Into the Wild

Into the Wild

I know, I know! I haven’t done a snarky, thought by the minute, bullet point filled TVD recap in FOREVER. I hope y’all will forgive me. And I hope you have been reading my thoughts on the show over at TheTelevixen.com.

This episode takes us to a brand new place so I couldn’t resist putting in my two cents. Are you ready?

  • Have I told you guys how much I don’t love this new intro system? It’s so cheesy that it makes me want to dip it in ranch. What happened to “Previously on?” Who killed that guy? Can we un-dagger that?
  • Is Shane chasing a hoodie  wearing Native American or did someone slip me the brown acid?
  • Team Rebekah. AmIright?
  • Yeah Bonnie like you aren’t seriously enjoying your man meat photoshoot.
  • Tyler is an awesome choice for Klaus babysitting. And right up until the tasteless mom jokes, Ty was owning.
  • Did I used to hate Rebekah? I sucked. She is golden.
  • There are knives flying out from the night. This place seems not safe.
  • Shane’s headlamp is so dope. I wonder if he got it at Brookstone?
  • UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS. Damon knows. He knows what the cure brings.
  • Caroline Forbes how I have missed you. Please never leave me again. Ever.
  • Klaus. Never stop being you. UNLESS IT MEANS HURTING CAROLINE. WHAT HAVE I SAID ABOU THAT A MILLION TIMES? Way to get on my bad side, buddy.
  • I want to stop thinking that Stefan and Rebekah are so darling but I JUST CAN’T. They are precious. And they have so much in common. And why won’t they just make out some more? I know they want to.
  • Shane is a dick but kind of an evil genius dick.
  • Wow. Tyler. Wow. Consider me moved.
  • Did the hoodie guy take Jeremy?
  • Remember when Bonnie was  a fake psychic seeing fortunes in beer bottles? She’s come a long way, baby.
  • Um… yeah. So I am Team Rebekah FOREVER. How does she keep getting more awesome? Is there an app for that?
  • “I hope that the cure actually cures Elena of her shitty personality.” My friends are the best.
  • Klaus isn’t gonna let Caroline die. COME ON. That is not happening. No way. Nope.
  • Damon is my favorite when he is being Damon and I wish Elena would just LET him. Because it’s fun.
  • Is Damon really trying to sabotage himself? Does he hate himself that much or does he really not want be human? He’s kind of complicated. My brain hurts.
  • Okay. Actually bawling over this conversation between Klaus and Caroline because they are just so lovely. And impossible. And I KNEW HE WOULD NEVER LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO HER. *sob*
  • 10 points for honesty, Stefan. For the first time ever. Love you.
  • HEY!! Elena is being awesome! Though, the 3 of them together has to be pretty awkward. Do you think Elena & Rebekah might have time to compare notes?
  • More witches? I am confused. Which are the good witches and which are the bad ones?
  • I thought there could only be one hunter? I might be in need of a rewatch. Oops.

Next week we will spend a bit more time on worst island vacation ever (seriously do not use the Mystic Falls travel agent) and we’ll learn more about Jeremy’s bracelet buddy. Will Damon come to the rescue once again? Will the truce between Elena, Rebekah & Stefan hold out? Will Caroline let Klaus get some for saving her life? Check out the promo below and leave me lots of comments!


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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: 1/29/13

Lots of good stuff in this week’s list of FAVORITES!! I really hope you guys check them all out. I never write about stuff I only kind of like just a little bit maybe.

end-of-watch-posterEnd of Watch – I remember seeing previews for this movie and thinking that it looked pretty awesome, even though (don’t hate me) I am not the biggest Jake Gyllenhaal fan. The movie about two Los Angles cops was released on DVD last week and over the weekend my husband & I finally had the chance to check it out. Both of us LOVED it. A few minutes in I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take the shaky, hand held camera angles for a full movie but in no time at all I was too swept up in the action and the stories to notice and when I did, it only added to the intensity of the narrative. I was easily pulled into the lives of these partners and really grew to love their relationship. I won’t spoil the ending but it caused a lot of very different and very acute emotions. Grab it from the Red Box or On Demand as soon as you can. Great movie.

CrowOldies but Goodies – The husband and I were in serious movie watching mode this weekend and not just new ones. We also watched Reality Bites & The Crow for probably the millionth and billionth times. I love both of these movies but the best parts of each one are their soundtracks. AMAZING compilations of music and, for me, an instant time warp via my iPod. Reality Bites is full of indie rock and pop including the forever famous, “Stay,” from Lisa Loeb. The Crow is almost entirely industrial and hard rock from bands like Rage Against the Machine and Pantera. Favorites from Reality Bites are The Juliana Hatfield 3’s “Spin the Bottle” and “Going, Going, Gone” from The Posies. It’s harder to pick favorites on The Crow but I have to go with the Nine Inch Nails cover of Joy Division’s “Dead Souls” and The Cure’s remastered “Burn,” both of which are mainstays on my annual Halloween Party Playlist. Both soundtracks are available on iTunes and Amazon. If you don’t have them, get them. Music this great is timeless.

Carrie DiariesThe Carrie Diaries – The newest CW show is SO MUCH MORE than I ever hoped that it would be. I watched it online a few days after the Pilot aired because every TV genius I follow on Twitter was raving about it. They were not wrong. It’s absolutely darling and so much fun. As a huge Sex and the City fan, I had my doubts about this “prequel” series. Here’s the thing, though: If you loved SATC as I did, it’s pretty easy to distance yourself from the Carrie of this show and the Carrie you grew to love so long ago. They are the same but different (in case that makes any sense). And if you hated SATC or never watched it, you don’t have to be worried about what you hated or what you missed! Because it’s different! AND OMG THE MUSIC!! Amazing in epic proportions.  I strongly urge anyone and everyone who is a fan of or can relate to nostalgia or teen drama or growing up or The 80’s, in general, to watch this show!! You will not be sorry!! And if you are, you have my permission to TP my house! The Carrie Diaries airs every Monday at 8PM EST on The CW!!  

SpeakersHDMX Portable Speaker Case – My sister sent me this little speaker system for Christmas and it’s pretty much the best gift ever. As most of you know, I am OBSESSED with my music. I have an iPod dock in almost every room of my house. Which is great when I am hanging out in one room. But, when I am cleaning or cooking or doing a bunch of stuff at the same time, this little set is PERFECT. My iPod zips safely inside so even if my clumsy ass drops it, no damage will be done. And 3 AAA batteries last a really long time. The sound will not blow your mind but the convenience and the price will. Most online stores including Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond sell this gem for less than $10.

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Supernatural: Addressing the Award Winning Family

The other night Jules from SuperWiki asked on Twitter, “What’s your fav thing about being a Supernatural fan?”

J2 PCAs 2013She re-tweeted a bunch of answers and they were all really lovely and inspiring (and funny and pervy). It was great to read all of the reasons people love being a part of this fandom. It really is such a great group of brilliant, creative, fun (pervy) and generous people. The show and the fandom have actually changed lives. The fact that we have such an amazing show to build this kind of fanbase around is MY favorite thing about being a Supernatural fan. I love that we can come together and raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity and win People’s Choice Awards on a pretty consistent basis, even getting the PCAs to finally acknowledge us AND the guys that make our show so wonderful. We are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are things about this fandom I don’t care for so much. One of them is the near constant complaining that goes on about almost everything. Don’t get me wrong, complaints can be good! They breed discussion and can inspire change when change is needed (coughPCAcough). But they can also be disheartening and distracting. I decided I would address a couple of the complaints I am seeing most often these days and not only get some things off of my chest, but see if I can ease a few other worried minds out there as well.

It’s not fair that Dean gets to be in a costume for 8×11 and Sam doesn’t.

I’m not sure that he WON’T be. I think it’s unfair to complain about an episode we haven’t seen yet, based on a couple of promotional photos that the network chooses to show us. A recent TV Guide article suggested that we’d get to see them BOTH in “tight” costume so I don’t think anyone should wad their panties up just yet.

I wish Supernatural was more like it used to be, just hunting wendigos and vampires. 

I think it’s easy to become nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” when things get difficult. In life and in TV. But without the constant revolution of the mythology, the story and the brother’s relationship, we’d be stuck with a procedural. I would probably still watch it because Jared & Jensen are amazing. But there’s no way I would be as involved and there is no way that kind of thing 8 years in a row would inspire the kind of fans that are still drawn to Supernatural right now. The world has enough CSI.

I don’t even want a Season 9 if it’s going to continue like this. 

8x06 DeanI have seen this one A LOT. Listen, we’re all hurting from all of the brother fighting this season. Two things, though. One: it’s not new. They have been fighting in one way or another for a LONG TIME. In Season 1 they fought about finding John, in S2 it was about Sam’s destiny and Dean’s grief. Season 3 was Dean’s deal and disregard for his own life. It got REALLY bad in S4 with Dean’s time in hell and Sam’s special time with Ruby and continued into S5 as they dealt with the ramifications of their actions and tried to trust each other again. In Season 6 Sam had no soul for long enough to drive Dean crazy and in S7 they had to get past Sam’s inner hell and the loss of Bobby. There is no doubt that what is going on so far in Season 8 is the worst we’ve ever seen but they are dealing with all new issues concerning their year apart AS WELL AS dealing with all of the stuff from the previous 7 seasons, none of which they ever REALLY moved past. The second thing we have to remember is that we still have a lot of Season 8 left. Perhaps I am just a softhearted optimist with too much faith but I honestly believe that we will get some peace between them and I think it will be sooner rather than later. It could get worse before it gets better but I really, truly believe that it will get better. And not just in the short term like we’ve seen before. In my mind, there will be TRUE resolution of a lot of their long suffering issues. My mind is a wonderful place sometimes.

The writers must hate Sam Winchester.

8x06 SamI might be alone but I don’t really feel that the writers favor one of the brothers over the other. I am not super happy with Sam’s story line this season but I think that we still have a few things to learn about that. I am throwing that “faith” stuff around again. Faith and hope. Also, I don’t want anyone to forget the YEARS of Dean’s bitter, self loathing, going through the motions, lifestyle. Purgatory seems to have refreshed him a bit and I could not be happier. I do not see Sam ever really quitting hunting and I *think* something has to happen to convince him of that. I look forward to the Winchesters working more in sync with each other in future episodes and I have every confidence that will happen before the end of the season.


Listen, if I am wrong about all of this, I will be the first to admit it and you can all come throw rotten food at me. In the mean time, I think we need to exercise a little patience and try to see the season as a whole puzzle still missing pieces. I am a big believer in the SPN family and like every family, we love, we fight, we argue and we hug & make up. If we can win an award together and have it announced on national television, there isn’t much we can’t do. So, let me know. Do I have it wrong? Did I miss something? Do you have a counter argument to make? I would honestly love to hear it.

Don’t forget to watch an all new episode of Supernatural tonight at 9:00pm EST on The CW!! And after the episode you can read my recap/review at TheTelevixen.com!!


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‘Supernatural’ Give (Brotherly) Peace a Chance

The Winchester brothers, that is.

Season 7 left us with an explosive (literally) cliffhanger, not knowing what would happen to either of our boys or where we would see them next. The first two episodes of Season 8 have answered some of those questions and created many more. Is Benny ACTUALLY evil? What really happened to Cas? How did Dean shave? And, you know, zillions of others, if you’re keeping track.

Sam and Dean are at odds after Dean fought his way through and out of Purgatory, while Sam settled down and did his best to lead a normal life. Those are just the basics, though. There is a lot about both stories we still don’t know. And while it’s terribly disconcerting to see these favorite brothers in conflict, I believe that it is absolutely necessary in order to tell their story.

Hear me out.

Have you ever lived with a sibling? As an adult? Worked with them? Gone to school with them? Spent nearly every single hour of every single day with them? In a small space? And then been separated for a long time? Lived different lives? Had different experiences? Can you imagine the struggle? Why are some expecting this to be easy? For this resolution to come swiftly and without merit?

I don’t necessarily believe that people change at their core. Ever. Dean still loves burgers and Baby. Sam still enjoys healthy living and making bitch-face at Dean. But a person’s ability to relate to others after certain experiences absolutely changes. Especially if those experiences are even the least bit difficult. Don’t believe me? Ask a veteran. Ask a veteran’s family.

I recently read an article about Supernatural on a well-known television site. An article that concerned me greatly. I will not name it or link to it because it’s terrible and I don’t feel that it was written by someone who is fully invested in the show. Calling any part of any fandom “rabid” is not usually the way to make friends. I will say that I do not believe that Sam’s entire battle has been fought out of guilt and I do not believe that post-Purgatory Dean (am I wrong thinking that he has never been hotter?) is anything like Soulless!Sam. Would a battle hardened war veteran be thought soulless? (Those are only TWO of my many issues with the article but, I digress). My main concern about the piece was the comment section.

So many fans are frustrated and upset. And I get that. I absolutely understand being disheartened and dismayed over Sam not looking for Dean. Over Dean befriending a vampire. Over the brothers not getting along in perfect harmony. But I don’t understand people who threaten to stop watching if the conflicts are not resolved in the next episode. I have heard fans saying that the show has never hit such a low. I have read fans condemning the entire season based only on what they have seen so far.

You guys. Come on. We are two (almost 3) episodes into the season. That means we have about 20 episodes left before curtains are called on Season 8. There is SO MUCH MORE story to tell. So many secrets to be uncovered. New characters we haven’t met. Moments we haven’t yet imagined. Because there are hundreds of things we still don’t know.

This is a fandom in love with angst. More so than any other (in my experience). I’ve had several conversations with my friends and fellow Supernatural fans over the last 2 weeks, laughing and crying about what masochists we are.  My friend Yvonne:

We are literally searching out every heart shattering moment and if we can’t find one, we create them.

Finally we have some angst that we didn’t have to invent and it has nothing to do with who goes to Hell and who doesn’t. This is the real deal y’all. The kind that makes you uncomfortable and twitchy in your seat. The kind that causes you to wring your hands with anxiety and nervous anticipation. And it’s GLORIOUS. Would we honestly be happy or satisfied if they just forgot it all, made up (“I’m sorry.” “No, I am.”) and then went skipping, arm in arm down the yellow brick road, Tra, la, la? NO WAY. And if we know that these brothers can make it through Heaven and Hell situations (which require much longer and deeper discussions), if we know that they can face down the Devil himself, why is there any doubt that they will make it through this?

The Winchesters have had differences before. Terrible ones.  With horrible consequences. But they always live to see another day. Increasingly damaged. Never unaltered. Always wiser. Always together.

I, for one, am extremely excited to watch them experience this very real turmoil and come out the other side . Better brothers. Better hunters. Better people.

I think that if the true fans stick around and wait to see what happens next, they won’t be sorry. I have real faith in Carver and his plan and I believe that we’re getting some of the juiciest story lines we’ve seen yet. If I’m wrong, trust that Sam and Dean will (together) hunt me down for the monster that I am.

AND, don’t miss my weekly recaps of Supernatural episodes on TheTelevixen.com


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Happy Friday Full of Fun!!

Happy Friday y’all!! Hope this one flies by for you! I am definitely ready to start the weekend!

TONIGHT: Going to check out Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages with the BFF and the husbands. I am not a huge fan of musicals in general but this one seems to be PACKED with all of my favorite songs. How can I deny myself  Foreigner and Journey music? I think the biggest challenge will be refraining from singing out loud in the theater. I am sure my husband will “shush” me when necessary. Here is the promo if you haven’t seen it yet:


*** On a MUCH heavier, and WAY more important note, the political majority of men in the Michigan legislature would like to be the boss of every reproductive system in their state. The bill they are trying to pass  has me questioning so many things. Such as: What century is this? and… What country do we live in again? Read the full report from Jezebel.com. Very disturbing. BEWARE!! The curse word: “vagina,” is used.


Back to lighter fare: This week’s product placement goes to John Frieda’s FRIZZ-EASE: Sheer Solution. This stuff is PURE MAGIC. I have mostly straight, mostly manageable hair but New England summers = CRAZY FRIZZ CITY! For the record, I am usually ANTI-hair product. Hate putting junk in my luxurious locks. BUT, just a few drops of this amazing  serum and my hair goes from velociraptor evil to sweet bunny lovely. And with ZERO residue or product weight. Like I said, MAGIC!


It is THAT time again!! All of our favorite TV shows are turning in their Emmy submissions. I think that it is VERY important to remember: a submission does NOT equal an Emmy nomination. My friend Kate has ALL of the details about how the Emmys actually work! Kate does a GREAT job of breaking it down and making it much less complicated than it seems. AND, as sad and unfair as it may seem, it is HIGHLY unlikely that any show or actor from The CW will actually garner a nomination, regardless of what they are submitted for. So, please, manage your expectations accordingly.


If you are totally sick of listening to my FAVORITE song (“Call Me Maybe”) you should check out my 2nd favorite song. This one was taken from my latest TV obsession, the AMAZING, Australian teen drama: Dance Academy. If you have Netflix Instant and just a bit of time, PLEASE check out the show. So well done!!

My friend Melissa (@onlymystory ) is recapping the entire series. When you watch, you should read the recaps, starting with the Pilot.


Hungry for MORE music? Tyler Hilton is giving away free downloads of the acoustic version of “Kicking My Heels”

CLICK THIS LINK for more details. Trust me when I say that it is worth every second. Honestly, it’s a track I’d have been happy to pay for.

If you do not know Tyler’s stuff but are into things like good music backed by actual instruments, take a listen to the album version of “Kicking My Heels.” If you don’t love it, there is a possibility that there is something wrong with you. You should probably have that checked out.


Last but CERTAINLY not least, we have been awarded some GREAT new photos of Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe he is actually the most beautiful person on the planet. It doesn’t even seem fair to all of the rest of the humans. (p.s. if you know the actual source of these new photos, I’d love to give credit!)


Lots of love! Have a GREAT weekend!

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