‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Love The Way You Lie (9×03)

Love The Way You Lie

(this recap is a re-posting from 1/25/12)

I’m facing a few dilemmas you guys. First of all, I want all the new episodes of One Tree Hill right away. I want them NOW. But the faster they come, the sooner it will all be over and the sooner I will have to lay on the floor in a puddle of my own Brain Blaster flavored tears.

My 2nd dilemma? I’m kinda mad at Clay y’all. I don’t want to be. I mostly really love him. But he’s clearly having a problem. Which would be fine but his problem is causing Nathan to have to be far away. I don’t like it when Nathan is far away. That too would be okay though if Clay was actually trying to fix his problem. But he’s not. So I am experiencing some anger toward him. I hope he does something to change that.

By the way, my husband has committed to watching the entire episode with me tonight so I will probably have a few of his thoughts to share. Hope that’s ok with you guys….

  • At least we get Nathan in the “previously on” right? *sadface*
  • Chase is not a happy camper. He’s destroying art work after losing his girl because of Chris Keller. When have we seen this before?
  • Husband after seeing Quinn: “You need a bathrobe like that.” Right. Because I would definitely look as good as Shantel in that. Probably not.
  • Jaime Scott is the coolest kid. He is going to ruin me for when I have my own children. How could they ever be as awesome?
  • Poor Haley. Because what she really needs is something else to worry about. Re: New Cafe
  • Brooke’s golf outfit is RAD. I want it.
  • Every time Victoria is on the screen, my husband just says the word “Spaceballs,” over and over and over. It’s so charming.
  • I am LOVING Haley’s hair this season. I can’t put my finger on exactly what about it I love but I do really love it.
  • Oh lord. Really Chuck? Because what the world really needs is another Chris Keller.
  • I feel like I should be offended by the way Chris Keller is handling this intern situation. I want to be offended. But this is Chris Keller we are talking about. Also, I cannot say is name without say his WHOLE name. Anyone else?
  • Question: is lying about NOT taking pills better or worse than lying about taking pills? OR, is lying better or worse than drugs? That’s right friends. We’re hitting on the heavy issues tonight.
  • Chris Keller is becoming my husband’s favorite character, right after Dan Scott. I may need some with this. Dear lord.
  • I am going to say one more thing about THIS and you will (hopefully) never have to read my words about it again. This “Mouth is fat” THING is ridiculous. Of all the things that could happen to a couple after being together for so many years. Of all the stories IN THE WHOLE WORLD to tell, this is just… I’m done. I don’t like it and I’m done.
  • Julian gets ALL OF THE AWARDS and ALL OF MY LOVE for doing Goonies. I love that this movie has such a presence on this show. A true classic.
  • Lauren is pregnant? Did I miss this from the first two episodes? I sometimes don’t pay attention to things. Help me out y’all. Who’s the baby daddy?
  • NATHAN!!! (only a flash back but you know I can’t keep it together when it comes to him)
  • Chris Keller screams like a woman and my husband takes back his love. “I can’t have favorite characters who scream like that.” He still loves Dan though.
  • Brooke’s desperate need for her father’s love and attention is worrying me. She’s losing herself in it and Brooke should never lose any part of herself. I love her, just as she is. Could Victoria possibly be right? THE HORROR.
  • It’s too bad punching kids is against the rules because I’d like to punch Chuck for being a jerk to Julian. Julian is precious and should only be teased by Nathan and Brooke.
  • Catching Dan in the kitchen, saving the day, has caused a situation where my husband is trying to force me into fist bumping him and admitting that he was right about Dan being awesome. UGH! This show!!!
  • Jamie is skateboarding now?? OMG THE LOVE!!!! Makes me miss Sam. And his little chat with Julian made my heart swell.
  • “She wanted to play golf and slow down their round.” I am sorry that my husband is a jerk some times.
  • Awwww!! Brookie!!! She breaks my heart. And I hate to say this (GOD I hate to say this) but I think she will miss Victoria. There is a chance that I might as well.
  • Me: “Julian is DARLING! I love him!” Husband: “You love him now?” Me: “Well, not more than you. And definitely not more than Nathan.” Husband: “Nice. It has always been my goal to come second to Nathan.”
  • That little Davis family is pretty dang adorable. I’d like to hug them.
  • I can’t decide if it is Quinn or Clay looking most shady here. Quinn with her stalker lens and Clay buying SOMETHING that does not look like it’s coming from a legit pharmacy. Unless your pharmacist also wears a leather jacket and black skinny jeans on the job. Mine wears a white coat.
  • Haley! What are you doing? I will admit feeling some sympathy toward Dan but at the expense of your business? I can only hope that she’s doing it for Jamie and for no one else. That said all those people are dicks.
  • Chase is a fool. Regardless of Chris Keller, what were the chances that Alex would have stuck around with a bar “manager” forever. Move on dude.
  • Has Haley forgotten that murdering Keith is not the only crime Dan has committed? What about all of the things he did to manipulate and torture her husband? Not that she should throw him out on his ass but…
  • Do you think Brooke’s hair was done like that to make her look like more of a little girl while dealing with this father situation? This whole thing is worrying me.
  • Julian is like INTENSE.
  • Clay. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? She says she has pictures and you’re going to keep trying to deny it? How stupid are you, exactly? I hate wanting to kick you but I REALLY WANT TO KICK YOU!
  • Ok, for reals, this is the last I will say about it but I have to share. My husband LOST HIS ISH Mouth and Millie’s “health concerns.”  I wish I’d have recorded his laugh. He HOWLED. He’s not a Millie fan. Then he yells, “Nachos are the devil’s work!” Followed by a rant about promoting anorexia and bulimia. My husband should have his own TV show.
  • What kind of crap is Clay flinging now?
  • My husband on Dan: “The man is a saint. He only knows how to kiss one way. Eskimo kisses because he is adorable.” I wish I was making this up.

You guys. YOU GUYS!!! Julian is like one of my favorites! I hate this!! He has REALLY screwed up!! What will Brooke say? Also, how will he ever forgive himself?? This is not good. Not good at all.

And how about this Dan situation? What should we do about that? I feel very torn. And not just because my husband has a huge Dan Scott crush.

Thanks to Clay and his ISSUES we got no new Nathan in tonight’s episode. If you are really missing him, feel free to read all about why I love him here.

The count now is 10 episodes to go. And we are getting only more problems and ZERO solutions. This is getting wild y’all!! Be sure to leave your answers to all of my questions as well as your favorite parts in the comments!!


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