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Day 13 (and several days prior as well)

I am going to start off this post by saying just one thing about current affairs: I am angry and I am afraid. And also very proud of Boston right now. Mayor Marty Walsh is doing the exact right thing by fighting fear and hate in every way he can. Keep doing you, Marty. Also, please read this article written by Yonatan Zunger, an engineer at Google and a former Stanford professor. It is eye opening and easy to read. It will probably not make you feel better.

fullsizerender-7In happier news, I got to spend this last weekend with my sister and it was so good to have her home, even for such a short time. We were able to squeeze in a lot of eating, drinking, and laughing, as well as a very intense game of Uno wherein she wiped the floor with her boyfriend and I. img_7695It was embarrassing. We also Visited Balboa park (gorgeous) and a couple of wineries up in Temecula (amazing). I had never been to Wine Country before and I have to say, the Sparkling Coconut Nui from Wilson Creek Winery is LIFE CHANGING. If you see it, pick it up, you can thank me later.

Not sure if I will get the chance to see Stacey again before I leave California so I am super glad we got to have an awesome, long weekend together. Miss her already.

img_7712Today, my first day alone in a while, I spent some time at the pool with my headphones and a book. Feel like I finally sunned some of the pale off of me. It would be be nice to get back to Boston and NOT be glowing in the dark any longer. Also enjoyed listening to the latest Steve Dangle Podcast featuring NHL All-Star and Legend, John Scott. What a great sport that guy is. Hopefully the people near me at the pool didn’t mind me laughing to myself for a solid hour (thanks most notably to a joke about a pro golfer at the zoo. Too hilarious for words). I probably looked really cool.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

fullsizerender-6Tonight I will be making my first of three Blue Apron dinners that my sister so generously set up for me. A glazed cod that looks really healthy and delicious. I’ve never really cooked fresh fish before (lobster doesn’t count) so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I will have an update on a later post. Wish me luck!!

Last but not least, this last weekend was the NHL All-Star Game. I didn’t get to see a lot of it since I was busy enjoying the California sunshine, but I did see a few pics, one especially that filled my heart and my tear ducts and has become one of my favorite hockey pics of all time. I present for you All-Stars Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand, formerly known as Bryler, two thirds of my favorite line of all time. Missed seeing them on the ice together!! Enjoy!


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Day 4 (and also Days 5 & 6)

Greetings from rainy San Diego! I know it’s rude for me to complain about the weather here when it’s also rainy and much colder back home, but I am pretty over the rain. I wanna go to the beach, damn it! Anyways…

Day 4 (Saturday), I attended the Women’s March here in San Diego. So glad Carly let me tag along with her and her friends. It was such an amazing experience. Inspiring and powerful and moving, not to mention educational. A once in a lifetime event shared with 40,000 like-minded individuals. Was happy to be a part of it.
img_7497 img_7500 img_7524 fullsizerender-5

underworldbwposterDay 5 was a little quieter. I went to the movies and did a little shopping. Picked up a new pair of Supernatural work out pants. img_7548They have pockets! I adore workout pants with pockets. Where else am I supposed to keep my chappie?? I also saw the new Underworld movie. I still dig vampires. The movie was not great. The action scenes were fun, Bradley James and Theo James are both really hot, but the acting was so bad and honestly I was a little confused. Turns out there was another Underworld movie that was released in 2012 and I never saw it. Oops! Maybe if I go back and watch that one (Awakening), this latest one will make a little more sense. At least it wasn’t a long movie and now I get to laugh at myself!

img_7553On Day 6 (today) I finally found the gym!img_7555It’s not a bad set up for an apartment complex. Quite a few treadmills and some free weights. Got a couple of miles in and then came back and made a smoothie and a batch of quiche cups. Feels good to start to get on track with the diet and exercise. The goal is to lose at least 15 pounds before heading back to Boston. I am hoping that once the weather shapes up I can add a walk on the beach to my daily schedule, on top of the morning workouts. Wish me luck!

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9/11 After 11 Years

Over the last year I have had the privilege of reading and hearing  a lot of people tell their 9/11 stories. It’s always interesting and moving to read the stories from that day. These stories have changed the world. Here is mine:

It was the 2nd day of my 2nd week back to real life. I had lost my mom unexpectedly on the 25th of August. I took that first week off after she died to help plan her funeral and greet the hundreds of people who came to offer support to my family. After a quiet Labor Day weekend it was time to get back to life. I had 2 jobs and a full class load at college waiting for me.

When we were little and all through high school, when ever we were complaining that we didn’t feel good, my mom had always said to us, “get up and get moving and you’ll feel better.” Much to our dismay, she was almost always right. On that Tuesday morning I was just repeating that in my head over and over. Get up. Get moving. You’ll feel better. Getting up wasn’t all that difficult to do since I hadn’t been sleeping well anyways. I had been up to see my dad off to work at 5:30 and had taken the longest shower of my life. I didn’t have to be to class until 8, so when I was ready to go at 6:30 (I was in Colorado, so it was 8:30 EST) I sat down to watch the Today show because my mom had always watched Today when she was getting ready in the morning.

And there, behind the heads of Matt Lauer and Katie Couric I watched the entire world break apart. It felt like watching a movie. It couldn’t be real. What in the hell was going on? The minute I showed up to class that morning, they had us all stuck to the television. Right up until the time they sent us away. With zero answers and so much fear, they sent us home. And then my night job decided to close early as well. With what was left of my family, I sat glued to the TV, unable to turn away. One more horrifying chapter to add to the story of my life. Only this time it was so much worse. And we didn’t have mom there holding our hands or making us mac & cheese as we all cried during the nonstop footage we just couldn’t seem to turn away from.

Why had this happened? We weren’t even allowed time to recover from one tragedy before we were faced with yet another. And while the events of 9/11 were an absolute nightmare, they served as a distraction from the nightmare we were already living.

I was lucky enough not to have lost anyone that day. So many people were not. I really felt for them, though. For the first time during a tragedy, I actually knew what it was like to feel such a devastating loss. As those buildings crumbled to the ground, so did the last of all that was right with the world.

In the days after, when it was time again to try to get back to our regularly scheduled lives, my sister and I talked about the overwhelming numbness and fear that we felt. Like nothing would ever be right with the world again. It was too much at once and we had a pretty hard time dealing.

Eleven years later, despite all of the tragedy, life has gone on.

I have met and married a Navy man who served on board a ship sitting below the Brooklyn Bridge, that on that day was forced to threaten to shoot down planes daring to cross them.

Since that day I have seen one sister join the Army and one join the Navy. I have seen them off on one military deployment after another. But we have all survived. And we have all built new lives for ourselves. We have all moved on. But we all still remember.I am sure the entire country has done that with us.

As we move on, and build our lives, we take time today to remember all of those who were taken from us on that tragic day. God bless us every one.

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”
― Rose Kennedy

If you would like to learn more about supporting our troops at home and abroad, please visit

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Happy Friday Full of Fun!!

Happy Friday y’all!! Hope this one flies by for you! I am definitely ready to start the weekend!

TONIGHT: Going to check out Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages with the BFF and the husbands. I am not a huge fan of musicals in general but this one seems to be PACKED with all of my favorite songs. How can I deny myself  Foreigner and Journey music? I think the biggest challenge will be refraining from singing out loud in the theater. I am sure my husband will “shush” me when necessary. Here is the promo if you haven’t seen it yet:


*** On a MUCH heavier, and WAY more important note, the political majority of men in the Michigan legislature would like to be the boss of every reproductive system in their state. The bill they are trying to pass  has me questioning so many things. Such as: What century is this? and… What country do we live in again? Read the full report from Very disturbing. BEWARE!! The curse word: “vagina,” is used.


Back to lighter fare: This week’s product placement goes to John Frieda’s FRIZZ-EASE: Sheer Solution. This stuff is PURE MAGIC. I have mostly straight, mostly manageable hair but New England summers = CRAZY FRIZZ CITY! For the record, I am usually ANTI-hair product. Hate putting junk in my luxurious locks. BUT, just a few drops of this amazing  serum and my hair goes from velociraptor evil to sweet bunny lovely. And with ZERO residue or product weight. Like I said, MAGIC!


It is THAT time again!! All of our favorite TV shows are turning in their Emmy submissions. I think that it is VERY important to remember: a submission does NOT equal an Emmy nomination. My friend Kate has ALL of the details about how the Emmys actually work! Kate does a GREAT job of breaking it down and making it much less complicated than it seems. AND, as sad and unfair as it may seem, it is HIGHLY unlikely that any show or actor from The CW will actually garner a nomination, regardless of what they are submitted for. So, please, manage your expectations accordingly.


If you are totally sick of listening to my FAVORITE song (“Call Me Maybe”) you should check out my 2nd favorite song. This one was taken from my latest TV obsession, the AMAZING, Australian teen drama: Dance Academy. If you have Netflix Instant and just a bit of time, PLEASE check out the show. So well done!!

My friend Melissa (@onlymystory ) is recapping the entire series. When you watch, you should read the recaps, starting with the Pilot.


Hungry for MORE music? Tyler Hilton is giving away free downloads of the acoustic version of “Kicking My Heels”

CLICK THIS LINK for more details. Trust me when I say that it is worth every second. Honestly, it’s a track I’d have been happy to pay for.

If you do not know Tyler’s stuff but are into things like good music backed by actual instruments, take a listen to the album version of “Kicking My Heels.” If you don’t love it, there is a possibility that there is something wrong with you. You should probably have that checked out.


Last but CERTAINLY not least, we have been awarded some GREAT new photos of Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe he is actually the most beautiful person on the planet. It doesn’t even seem fair to all of the rest of the humans. (p.s. if you know the actual source of these new photos, I’d love to give credit!)


Lots of love! Have a GREAT weekend!

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All Around The World

Happy Thursday!! I wish I was coming to you today with great news of equality and fair treatment. What a great day that might be!! Not today though.

My friend Kate, through her Morning Coffee post, brought this gem to my attention (read all of what she posts, the lady is a CHAMP): An article on how not only human rights are being stomped on but Women’s rights specifically. Read it here:

Moving on to less serious but also detrimental things:

I hope that all of you were able to see The Hunger Games over the last 10 days! And I hope that you all read the books before you saw the movie!! I started the books as soon as they came out and waited a year between each one and then waited AGAIN for this movie. I was not disappointed. You can read my initial review here. I say initial because I have every intention of seeing it again 200 times.

There are a few that do not feel that the movie was done properly.

From Jezebel: “Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed”

and from Slate: “Jennifer Lawrence Is Not ‘Too Big’ To Play Katniss”

The movie has done VERY well as far as $$$ go. I love that a movie that has a strong, smart, female, protagonist, is the movie that is bringing in the big money. Katniss is the kind of girl that women of today and tomorrow should look up to. She has morals. She cares about her family, she fights for them and risks everything for them. Not for a boy. But for her baby sister. She is tough but she is also incredibly kind. She is also VERY smart and is not afraid to be herself. This girl is a role model if ever there was one.

And still, there are haters trying to tarnish this experience! By making racist remarks about her dear friend Rue and by claiming that the wonderful and extremely talented Jennifer Lawrence is too “fat,” to BE Katniss.

To all of the haters, I say: Piss off! Educate yourselves AND go read the books. If you can read at all.

This week also marks the final days leading up to the very last One Tree Hill. Ever.  I didn’t start watching this show until late last year but I have been able to cover it for for its 9th season and I have had a BLAST doing it. These last few days will be very emotional for me as I say goodbye to the show, to the experience and to all of the fans that have followed me throughout my time within their world. Letting go is going to be rough. More to come on THAT situation later.

Until then…


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Monday? Again?

I have so much to do, I’m going to bed.

That is how I feel every time I walk into my kitchen today. The husband and I really let it go over weekend. And I would love to say that it was because we cooked this big amazing meal but we ordered in ever meal but one which we went out for on Friday night. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the cold and snow. Yeah. That’s it.

I did leave the house once on Saturday to go see The Vow with a girlfriend. And despite the steady stream of tears that fell down my face throughout the entire thing, I loved it. I can’t really figure out why. It was a little on the slow side, incomplete at times, but that didn’t seem to matter. I walked out of the theater wanting so badly to see it again. And I swear that Channing Tatum’s bare butt had nothing to do with it.

Staying in most of the weekend gave me time to read a couple of articles on the atrocities done unto women that make this country look like it’s still in the dark ages. The first, from was about Chris Brown and the Grammy’s (during last night’s ceremony he performed and won for Best R&B Album). After reading the article, I decided not to watch the award show at all. It wasn’t so much that I was pissed about Chris Brown (which I still am and have every right to be) but more so because of what was said about it by the Grammy Producers:

“We’re glad to have him back,” said executive producer Ken Ehrlich. “I think people deserve a second chance, you know. If you’ll note, he has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.”

Glad to see that both Adele and the Foo Fighters were awarded many times over (although my favorite F+M was completely ignored) but NOTHING was going to make me watch that telecast after reading that. What a disgusting pig. If he’d like to become an actual victim I am sure that can be arranged.

The other article that had me ready to light up my torch and take to the streets was an opinion piece from the Chicago Tribune on how various men in Congress, The Supreme Court and in the Catholic Church believe women to be incapable of making decisions about their own bodies. This kind of stuff always gets me on the defensive and makes me want to look at women who side with THEM like they have some kind of alien appendage growing out of their faces.

The CW has opted for a different way of raising my blood pressure. Starting today on their Facebook page they have available old school looking Valentine’s Day cards staring all of your favorite CW guys. I suppose you have to know the characters or plot lines of their shows in order to get the little jokes but these are my three favorites, aren’t they so dreamy?





















And someone (I don’t remember who) posted this at some point over the weekend and it made me laugh and think of everyone I knew growing up in Colorado:










Lastly, I leave you with a song from one of my favorite bands, Wakey!Wakey! which is more for my benefit than it is for yours since I am probably the only one still in bed.

Have a great week y’all!




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