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Day 4 (and also Days 5 & 6)

Greetings from rainy San Diego! I know it’s rude for me to complain about the weather here when it’s also rainy and much colder back home, but I am pretty over the rain. I wanna go to the beach, damn it! Anyways…

Day 4 (Saturday), I attended the Women’s March here in San Diego. So glad Carly let me tag along with her and her friends. It was such an amazing experience. Inspiring and powerful and moving, not to mention educational. A once in a lifetime event shared with 40,000 like-minded individuals. Was happy to be a part of it.
img_7497 img_7500 img_7524 fullsizerender-5

underworldbwposterDay 5 was a little quieter. I went to the movies and did a little shopping. Picked up a new pair of Supernatural work out pants. img_7548They have pockets! I adore workout pants with pockets. Where else am I supposed to keep my chappie?? I also saw the new Underworld movie. I still dig vampires. The movie was not great. The action scenes were fun, Bradley James and Theo James are both really hot, but the acting was so bad and honestly I was a little confused. Turns out there was another Underworld movie that was released in 2012 and I never saw it. Oops! Maybe if I go back and watch that one (Awakening), this latest one will make a little more sense. At least it wasn’t a long movie and now I get to laugh at myself!

img_7553On Day 6 (today) I finally found the gym!img_7555It’s not a bad set up for an apartment complex. Quite a few treadmills and some free weights. Got a couple of miles in and then came back and made a smoothie and a batch of quiche cups. Feels good to start to get on track with the diet and exercise. The goal is to lose at least 15 pounds before heading back to Boston. I am hoping that once the weather shapes up I can add a walk on the beach to my daily schedule, on top of the morning workouts. Wish me luck!

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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 3×08, 3×09, 3×10 and 3×11


3×08 – “The Worst Day Since Yesterday”

Overview:  Brooke deals with the fallout of sleeping with Chris Keller, Karen deals with Dan and everyone prepares for the first Ravens game of the season.

Random Observations:

  • Lucas is allowed to be grossed out about Chris Keller but he’s not allowed to be mad. He and Brooke were not together.
  • Nathan Scott is my favorite. All protective over Brooke. And threatening Chris Keller. It’s so hot. “I like to think of that as hitting you. Without the hitting.”
  • Who wouldn’t vote for Karen? She is a gem.
  • Just the thought of Dan wanting or trying to hurt Nathan makes me want to throw him off a bridge. Such an abusive bastard.
  • Watching Nathan & Haley have a civilized conversation at this point makes me so happy. I DON’T ASK FOR MUCH.
  • Karen Roe for PRESIDENT. When she messes up that quote about getting under someone? I die. She is hilarious.
  • LOL at Whitey making Tim wear 0 after he gets 55 tattooed on himself. Whitey is kind of the best.
  • If Danneel was cheering for me, I would have a really hard time concentrating. Lady is a bombshell.  I love her.
  • I crack up laughing every time Nathan nails Chris in the face with the ball. And then he laughs at Lucas and is SO cute.
  • So when Nathan calls Haley right away after talking to her so that they can walk together, I start crying and making these strange noises because OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS.
  • Go Mouth. Getting Dan beating up his kid on tape is super rad.

Best Bit: James’ impression of CMM is SPOT ON and PERFECT and I could watch it forever. Seriously. I just die. Over and over. Also, his buzz cut is so damn sexy.

Ugh! Moment: Dan going after Nathan in the locker room. It makes my blood boil and I just want to KILL him. Such a dick.

Fave Quote: “Quit looking at Keller. We already know he can score.” Snarky Nathan is amazing.

Biggest Question: How come the team didn’t make Lucas join in with the shaved heads thing? He probably needs it more than anyone eles!

On My iPod: “Song Beneath The Song” by Maria Taylor & “The Mixed Tape” by Jack’s Mannequin


3×09 – “How a Resurrection Really Feels”

Overview: The election comes to a close, the investigation into who tried to kill Dan heats up, and Nathan hits the road with Chris Keller.

Random Observations:

  • “I guess we know who the cellblock tough’s gonna be.” Brooke is hilarious. I don’t think they would have been put into jumpsuits, though.
  • When I first thought Nathan was telling this stuff to Haley, I got really upset. Thank GOD it was just Chris Keller.
  • I remember wanting to know who was on that tape SO BAD. It was murder waiting to find out. Not sure I ever pegged Deb, though.
  • I love Marty and I LOVE that he was mentioned again in Season 9. Hilarious.
  • The birth of Clothes over Bros!!! Awwwwwww!!!! The unnecessary apostrophe really bothers me, though.
  • Every interaction between Nathan and Chris Keller is priceless. They are incredible together. No wonder James had so much fun filming this episode. It’s so much fun to watch!
  • After hearing “Halo” for the first time, I sang it non-stop in my head FOR MONTHS. Killer jam.
  • “Chris Keller’s work here is done.” Farewell Chris Keller (for now).
  • I can never decide whether or not I like Peyton’s inner conversations with her Halloween self.
  • I feel so bad for Brooke. Lucas really dicked her over and she was just trying to protect her heart and he couldn’t handle it. What an ass. Glad he finally got over himself.

Best Bit: I BET YOU’LL NEVER GUESS. Sweet reunion heaven. Everything about it is perfect. The way they look at each other, their kissing. The recreation of the scene at the door when Nathan asks if he can stay with her in “With Arms Outstretched.” And then oh my God she pulls him down by his wedding ring on the chain. LORD HAVE MERCY I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT. THE FEELINGS ARE TOO MUCH.

Ugh! Moment: I hate being reminded that it wasn’t Nathan who kissed Haley while wearing the batman costume. Bad times, man. Also, Karen should have won the election.

Fave Quote: “Haley. Stay with me tonight.” I JUST DIE A BILLION TIMES OMG.

Biggest Question: Do we really believe that Brooke could have made THOSE dresses, by herself, in that short amount of time?

On My iPod: “For Blue Skies” by Strays Don’t Sleep & “Halo” by Bethany Joy Lenz

3x10 3×10 – “Brave New World”

Overview: Deb confesses to Nathan, Lucas helps Peyton find Ellie and Brooke officially launches Clothes Over Bro’s.

Random Observations:

  • I love starting the episode with Naley kisses. With them in bed together. It just makes me so happy.
  • Dan is so fucking creepy. Picking up Haley’s bra? Talking about Peyton? Stealing Nathan’s note for Haley? Ugh. That guy. Gross.
  • “You called me 17 minutes ago and I DRIVE a bicycle.” I love Mouth. Brooke doesn’t appreciate him enough.
  • I am glad that Peyton sought out and found Ellie. I love this storyline of hers!!
  • On the other hand, I could not care less about Lucas and his friends who are not in Tree Hill.
  • I hate Dan but Nathan is right, what he screams at Deb. “You don’t have the courage to leave him but you have the courage to kill him?” GO NATHAN. Deb will never win a mother of the year award.
  • I love that Haley told Brooke to stop being such a bitch to everyone who was working so hard. Brooke really needed to hear that. She was acting like a real d-bag.

Best Bit: I love that Nathan came home from that horrible time with his mom and wanted to see Haley right away. Be still my heart!

Ugh! Moment: Lucas really left Brooke in bed to go do something with the girl that broke them up in the first place??? I’m all about Leyton but Lucas can be such a tool.

Fave Quote: Ida Scott Taylor once wrote, “Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone and do not be troubled for the future for it is yet to come. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.”

Biggest Question:  Didn’t Brooke make those other dresses in her bedroom in like 3 hours? What happened to her magic powers?

On My iPod: “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy & “Halo” by Bethany Joy Lenz


3×11 – “Return of the Future”

Overview: The Ravens are losing, Peyton & Ellie are working on their album and Haley and Nathan try and navigate more rough waters.

Random Observations:

  • Dan is gross. And is so sheisty. Hate that guy so much. SCREW HIM for trying to make problems between Nathan & Haley. UGH!
  • KEITH!! So good to see his face. SO GOOD. I never realize how much I miss that guy until I see him again.
  • “Kiss first.” Haley. You are my spirit animal. Never change.
  • NATHAN! You fucking a-hole. IT TAKES TWO!! Why does SHE have to be in charge of the birth control? DO NOT BE YOUR FATHER’S SON!
  • Did I mention that Whitey is the best? I wish he could coach all of my teams. They would always win!!
  • Lucas is such a douche. Teasing Brooke about the letters that she put so much of her heart into? Fuck Lucas.
  • Karen & Keith make me all melty. They are so precious and sweet.
  • This argument between Nathan & Haley is so rough. Really hard to hear. But I know it has been played out before. I hate that Nathan is letting Dan get into his head. I hate that he is acting like Dan in how he is talking to Haley. Haley made a mistake.
  • “Here’s an idea. If you don’t want to be like Dan, don’t.” I love Haley James Scott SO DAMN MUCH.
  • GO KAREN!! Kiss the HELL out of Keith!! ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Best Bit: Lucas and Nathan finding their rhythm on the new/old court. Just like the old Boston Garden. (I may be Boston biased).

Ugh! Moment: I hate it when Nathan and Haley fight but I especially hate it when they are fighting because he is being a jerk. He’s so much better than Dan. He just needs to remember that ALL the time.

Fave Quote: after seeing Dan, Whitey: (I thought we killed all the cockroaches.)

On My iPod: “Concrete Bed” by Nada Surf, “You Wanted It” by MoZella, “Always Love” by Nada Surf & “The Blues” by Switchfoot

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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will


(this recap is a re-posting from 3/14/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday friends!!!! OMG I am so nervous and excited and this last week has just DRAGGED ON SO SLOWLY!! I never thought we’d get to this episode. Is it too much to hope that our darling Nathan Scott will finally be rescued? I sure do miss his face. And I’d like to see some really bad stuff happen to those douche canoes that’ve had him tied to a chair for so long. Speaking of bad things happening to bad people, is it too much to ask that Tara get hers too? Hate that chick so much!! I have a feeling she’s going to be sorry for being such a bitch to Brooke and so sweet to Xavier. Can’t say I’ll be sad when that happens.

After tonight we only have 3 episodes left. Just the thought is making the bottom of my stomach fall out. SO NOT READY!!! I am ready for this episode though!! Everyone have their oxygen masks ready to use and wine IV all set? Let’s lock and load!

  • OMG. How awesome is Julian’s freak out? I don’t want him to get into any trouble or anything but I wouldn’t cry if that ass hat drug dealer was actually dead.
  • Enter Chris Keller! Awesome!
  • NATHAN!!!!!! He doesn’t look so good. Someone help my baby!!!!
  • Karen’s Café is a WRECK!! And by the look of Brooke’s face, she’s not the one who did it.
  • Dan is practically babysitting. Those two are hilarious. I probably shouldn’t be laughing but I can’t help it!! Chris Keller is PRICELESS. “You said Chris Keller was pretty?” LOVING this trio!
  • Dan is getting me awfully excited!!!! SO MUCH CLAPPING!! And now he has handed those two clowns guns. Great.
  • “Dan Scott doesn’t like this either.” I die.
  • Awwww!! Clay is so sweet!! “You saved me.”
  • Poor Haley. Just give her husband back!
  • Nathan’s voice over is going to make me cry. “Fortitude.” My lord he is perfect isn’t he?
  • HATE TARA!! Kick her ass Brooke!! Husband thinks they need to settle this the old fashioned way: a swimming pool full of chocolate pudding.
  • I think these three should get a crime fighting spin off. SO MUCH LOVE. What would a good name for that show be? Any ideas?
  • MORE FLORENCE!!!! OMG!! SO AWESOME!! “Leave My Body,” also from the Ceremonials album! PERFECT!
  • OMG!! Dan is cutting Julian out!!! Holy crap!! Is Julian going to leave? Probably not, right?
  • Does that + scratched into the counter mean something?
  • Julian isn’t listening to Dan and Brooke isn’t listening to Julian. No one listens to anyone. Not sure if that is good or bad yet.
  • Leave it to Dan and Chris to make me laugh at a time like this. “Maybe you can sing them one of your songs and drive them away like you did to most of your fan base.” LMAO!!
  • Here it is! The final scene from the season premiere montage!! OMG!! HERE WE GO!
  • Xavier is on the prowl. GOD that guy gives me the CREEPS.
  • Husband: “My ass is sore just watching Clay & Quinn. They’ve been in that tiny little ‘vette for 14 days!”
  • ROCKY IV reference FOR THE WIN!! Nice job Chris Keller!! “I must break you.”
  • Where the hell is Brooke? I thought she always parked on the street?
  • GAH!! And he is playing the baby monitor music!! HE IS SO GROSS!
  • BROOKIE!! BE OK!!!
  • Oh My God!! THIS IS SO INTENSE!!
  • Way to go Chris Keller!!! That was brilliant!! Chris Keller gets a gold star.
  • GO DAN GO!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone else think he looks kinda hot cocking that shotgun?)
  • HOLY !@#$%%% I totally thought that was Dan for a second!! Is every guy in Tree Hill wearing a gray t-shirt? And how did the drug dealer get into that seat so fast? WTF?
  • This scene with Clay at Sara’s grave is very sad and sweet but I need to get back to the action!!! And then he asks for help for Haley and I start to cry again.
  • OMG!! His press conference from Season 4!!!! NALEY!!  Husband is making fun of me for crying and I so do not even care. I’m not alone, right?
  • Get him out of there Dan!! PLEASE!!
  • OUCH!!!  Get up Brooke! Falling down concrete steps is NOT on my To Do list.
  • This moment between Dan and Nathan is very moving. But obviously something is going to happen to Dan now. Why else have it?
  • TARA???? REALLY??? Didn’t see that coming AT ALL! Still kind of want to slap her but less hard now I guess.
  • Nathan! COME ON!! You can do it!!
  • Oh no. I knew that was coming. CRAP. DAN!! Don’t be dead!!!
  • OMG YES NATHAN YES!!! That’s what that jack nut gets for talking so damn much nonsense!
  • JULIAN!!!!!! Never been so excited to see his beautiful face!! I literally just clapped so much with my arms in the air!!!!
  • Tara gives an apology too? WOW. Has hell frozen over? Glad she saved Brooke but I will not miss her at all. Bye Tara!! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

YOU GUYS!!!!!  OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!!!! I think I have used a record number of capital letters and exclamation points recapping this episode! WHAT A RIDE!!! That was just really intense. I am still shaking. Nathan is free!! Finally!! And Chris Keller and Julian and Dan really saved the day! Glad to see from next week’s promo that Dan isn’t dead yet. I am looking forward to a proper goodbye if we have to give him one at all. I will surely cry my eyes out. Despite all that Dan has done, he has still done some good too. And he is Nathan’s dad. That will never change.

And then of course there is the very small matter of the Naley reunion next week. HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER. I am so excited for this and have been looking forward to it for 8 frickin weeks!!! I may actually die y’all. DIE. I start hyperventilating just thinking about it.

What did you guys think of the episode? How many times will we all watch it again this week? 20? 30? SO GOOD. Can’t wait to read your always BRILLIANT comments!

Don’t forget to check out Part Three of my Farewell to OTH Series!!

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‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Every Breath Is a Bomb


(this recap is a re-posting from 3/7/12)

YOU GUYS!!!!! After today, I only get to say “Happy OTH Wednesday!” 4 more times!!! Can you even believe it? Do you think we could get a group therapy discount when it’s all over? Admit it, you’ll need it just as much as I will.

As a reminder, the only bit we haven’t seen yet from the season’s opening montage is Dan Scott & Chris Keller armed & dangerous. What are those two up to? Will we find out tonight?

I am SO worried about everyone. About Nathan of course, that won’t go away until he is back in Haley’s arms. And when that moment finally happens it’ll take an elephant tranquilizer to settle me down. I am now also very worried about Chase. Did he kill Chuck’s dad? Obviously his Air Force career is over. What a mess. I am anxious to see how Clay moves forward with the knowledge that Logan is his son. Surely Quinn will be 100% supportive. She’s that kind of girl. Right? And last but not least, Brooke. Xavier is SO CREEPY!!! And you have no idea how much I want Julian to kick his ASS. We’ve gotten to see Julian be sweet and sad and goofy and supportive but I don’t think we’ve ever gotten to see him go straight up Alpha Male Bad Ass. I’m READY!

  • Haley & Dan!! This is both crazy and awesome!! And I never thought I would ever say that!!
  • OMG Chuck’s mom is such a SLUNT!! Haley should probably push her and call her a bitch again.
  • I’m glad Clay isn’t trying to keep the truth about Logan from Quinn. Best to just come out and say it.
  • If I were Brooke & Julian I would not let those boys or each other out of my sight.
  • I don’t love Tara (and I really thought we were done with her) but that doesn’t mean I want Xavier the Creepy to do something to her.
  • I love Skills. He always puts a smile on my face.
  • QUINN!!!! I knew she would be awesome. She is a James girl after all! She is so sweet and supportive! Even though that is HUGE news to get from the man you love.
  • Chris Keller just keeps getting better and better. Hard to believe I ever disliked that guy.
  • Ok, remember when I said I didn’t want Xavier to do anything bad to Tara? I changed my mind. HATE HER!
  • WOW!! Haley looks AMAZING. If my husband was missing I would probably be wearing a dirty shirt and a greasy pony tail. Not Haley though! She is SMOKIN!
  • Waiting for Clay to remember Logan on his own does not seem like the best idea ever. That doctor should probably lose his license or something.
  • Chase didn’t kill Chuck’s dad. So that’s good. His mom needs to sack up or pack up though.
  • This parole officer is making my list of people in Tree Hill I would like kick many times in the head. This list is getting longer every week.
  • Holy hot legs Haley James!! Just when I thought she couldn’t get any sexier! And even husband thinks that drug dealer looks skeevy.
  • Awww!! Julian is so cute with his film history lessons.
  • Logan has gotten even cuter now that we know he’s Clay’s son. He’s even giving husband the giggles.
  • Chris Keller gets extra cookies from me. LOVE HIM for talking to Chuck.
  • OMG poor Haley has that skeevy dick hanging all over her!! GROSS!! I would need SO MANY SHOTS to put up with that. And then a Purell shower. BLEURG!
  • GO DAN GO!!!! And again husband reminds me that I have switched to Team Dan and he was on it the whole time. I GET IT!! I WAS WRONG!! It never happens though so I get why he’s rubbing it in.
  • BJG is just blowing my mind with her hotness. I would switch teams for her. Oh Em Gee.
  • Chase is super hot in that uniform!! And I’m not even an Air Force girl! (GO NAVY!) Also, GO CHUCK!! I’m gonna cry!! Over Chase & Chuck!! WHO KNEW?? This damn show.
  • LOL at Dan’s remark about Deb’s clothes. And he’s gonna get that jerk to talk and we’re gonna get our Nathan back!!! I AM SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!
  • I am going to have nightmares about Xavier. YIKES!! And where was Julian? Why was Brooke allowed to walk to the car by herself in the dark? HUH? I asked my husband if he would let me out of his sight if I was Brooke he said yes but only if I was heavily armed and promised to shoot first & ask questions later.
  • Clay is doing an amazing job explaining this to Logan. I am impressed. And sad for both of them.
  • Chris Keller, “They’ve weakened our nation today!” He is too much awesome.
  • That is probably not what Julian intended his sound stage for but I am all in favor.
  • OMG. OMG. OMG. Is he in the house? OMG!!! OMG OMG!!!!! I don’t know if I should cry or scream or WHAT? GAH!!!

I feel like this episode was just a great big pile of hold our breath and wring our hands moments, waiting  for when all of the ISH goes down over the next few weeks!!! Holy crap!!! VIP of the night goes to BJG as Mrs. Haley James Scott. Lady knocked my socks off.

Next week is the BAMF Trifecta of Dan, Julian & Chris Keller. THIS I cannot wait to see. Will it all end with the rescue of our favorite boy? And when will Xavier finally get what’s coming to him? And can we finally be done with Tara now? She is also on my kick many times in the head list. Wouldn’t mind if she took a ride in Dan Scott’s chair of pain. GRRRRRR!!!

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‘One Tree Hill” Recap: Last Known Surroundings

Last Known Surroundings

(this recap is a re-posting from 2/22/12)

You guys!!! It’s OTH Wednesday!!! *Happy Dance* *Clapping like a seal* – Not sure I should be this excited though. Do y’all realize that after tonight we are more than half way done with the final season? I can’t even think about it. There is happy to be had though. Tonight marks the return of Lucas Scott in an episode directed by our dear Austin Nichols. It’s gotta be epic right? It will be tough to beat last week’s amazing show though. My favorite of the season so far. Everyone was so on point and the story really moved forward. James Lafferty did an incredible job directing and being tied to a chair. I think I have probably watched it 12 or 15 times already. And I’m not sure I can take many more of Ms. Bethany Joy Galeotti’s tears. They are going to be the death of me.

As you guys know from last week, I am less of a Dan hater than I was two weeks ago. Begrudgingly. The question remains though: if Nathan lives (*crosses self*) will he forgive Dan? Will he let bygones be bygones? I cannot wait to see how the rest of this all unfolds!! GAH!!!

Are you guys ready for this? Here we go!!

  • NOT the face I was hoping to get a close up of. Gross.
  • Nathan’s shirt is all wet. It should probably be removed.
  • And baby is brave to boot. BE HOTTER. All screaming and flexing arms. Sorry. I will try to get a hold of myself.
  • I want to trust this young cop. I want to. He is adorable and seems sweet. But, I don’t know. I can’t trust anyone.
  • Except maybe Dan? Which goes against EVERYTHING that I feel. And I am trying to watch this episode but all I can hear is my husband singing, “Dan, Dan, He’s Our Man! If He Can’t Do It, Nobody Can!” Lord help me.
  • Clay is feeling guilty. This is sad. POOR EVERYONE. *sob*
  • LUCAS!!! I didn’t think I would be excited. But OMG the emotions!! Even with that TERRIBLE hair. My heart swells.
  • If Peyton was really getting her way do you think she’d let him have that hair? Let’s be honest now.
  • HOLY CRAP!!! Did they have a threesome?? I am dying. Chris Keller & Chase cuddle time is THE BEST. OMG FOURSOME!! Cannot stop laughing.
  • Brooke!! Do not forgive him!! Just talking about Quentin is making me cry so hard. That was the worst. Why does she have such a good heart? That guy sucks.
  • “Are you Chuck? From the Gossip Girl? No means no!” I die. Too funny. But funny does not mean that you can hit my Nathan. Creep.
  • And now the husband is ROLLING ALL OVER ME AGAIN because he totally called that the drug dealer Quinn & Clay pissed off would be behind Nathan’s kidnapping. And he is also reminding me that Dan will probably be the one to save him. I HATE WHEN HE IS RIGHT!! CRAP!
  • I like hearing Clay talk about when he first met Nathan and why he decided to represent him. It warms my heart.
  • Damn it. I said I couldn’t take any more Haley tears. Husband is saying, “Don’t cry! Don’t cry!” It’s almost working. Please tell me I’m not the only one getting emotional over her talk with Luke.
  • He’s taking the kids??? That is why he is there?? OMG!!! The tears will not stop!! I was trying to figure out why they weren’t leaving the airport…
  • I am digging the Dan/Julian banter. They are kind of hilarious, no? Who would have thought?
  • Haley!! Please stop crying!! Dan!! Please stop playing the video!! It all just hurts so bad!!
  • Classic Nathan Scott smirk. There is nothing sexier than that smirk. Except maybe choking the crap out of that guy. That is also VERY sexy.
  • Mr. Daniels is not any less creepy. God bless Brooke Davis for what she says to the parole board. Could not love her any more. I wish Haley and Nathan and Lucas could hear her. For Q.
  • Chase leaving actually has me kind of sad. For Chuck and for Chris Keller and for me. I never thought that would happen.
  • Shaking sobs. Haley saying bye to her kids. This is just HARD. So hard. I am ugly crying so grossly. And Jamie hugging Lucas like that. WHY GOD OH WHY!!
  • Husband caught it before I did. That cop! The one I said I didn’t trust switched out the magazine in the gun. SON OF A BITCH! NATHAN!!!
  • Looks like Tree Hill has more than its fair share of villains. Including Chuck’s dad. What a dick.
  • They let that bastard out???? WHAT THE CRAP??? No way. Brooke Davis is going to have to go CRAZY on that ass hole. No doubt. Can’t wait.
  • Haley James Scott is my girl. I cannot even believe she is still standing. I want to hug her and bring her tea and kill everyone who has ever harmed Nathan.

Holy crap, friends. Is it me or do these episodes just keep getting better and better? I cannot believe how amazing this was. Even though I pretty much bawled my eyes out through the whole thing. I can only be thankful that my husband is no longer traveling overseas for work for 6 weeks at a time while this airs. If that were still happening there is no WAY I would be watching this show right now. I am feeling for Haley on a level you do NOT even know. The lady is breaking my heart. And it looks like next week will just get worse in that department.

I would like to thank director Austin Nichols for a job very well done on this episode. I am blown away by the talent of this cast. I would also like to thank who ever decided to put Nathan Scott in that t-shirt for the duration. It fits him very well.

What did you guys think? Were you excited to seek Lucas despite his homeless hair? Did you cry even half as much as I did? Do you want to hug Haley forEVER? I’m off to chug some wine. That one was STRESSFUL!!

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“One Tree Hill’ Recap: A Rush of Blood to the Head


(this recap is a re-posting from 2/29/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday to my OTH family!! Can you guys believe how fast the April 4th series finale is rushing at us? And today it was announced that we’ll get two hours of One Tree Hill goodness on finale night, complete with cast interviews. SO AWESOME!! Though I am still tempted to find a way to stop time and then our show never has to end at all! Who’s with me?

The last few weeks in Tree Hill have been so emotionally draining I feel like I need some extra recovery time anyways. And tonight’s doesn’t look to be much different. We’ll finally find out who Haley identifies under that sheet and I’m not sure I want to know. Can’t I just live in peaceful, ignorant bliss for the rest of my life? And of course it means more Haley tears which automatically means more Erin tears. This show is going to make me need Prozac. And probably a frontal lobotomy. All worth it though. Am I right?

Holy cow you guys. I am so nervous. My gut feels like it has been tied into a billion knots and I haven’t even started the episode yet. Here we go, I guess. Time to start the wine IV drip! Somebody hold me!

  • Who’s the drunk Dan is kicking the crap out of? Do we know that guy? My BFF wants to know if he should be doing so much cardio with a heart transplant.
  • That missing poster is going to break me. I want to cry all over it.
  • Xavier must die. I want to punch his brains in so hard. I sure hope Brooke gets to.
  • Do we still not know who knocked up Ms. Lauren?
  • I really kind of love this bromance between Chase & Chris Keller. And it’s pretty adorable that Chase is so worried about Chuck.
  • Just looking at Haley is going to make me lose it. I feel sick.
  • Clay and Logan are adorable. But did Logan’s hair change color? It did right? I am sad that he might leave Clay.
  • Chase is too cute to be really threatening but I think I can guess how he ends up covered in blood in the back of a police car.
  • Haley. I cannot do this. The talking to Nathan. The story. Of course he would pick out her favorite ice cream. Her break down, her tears. I am SOBBING. And my BFF is laughing at me. What a jerk. This voice over will be the death of me.
  • OMG here we go. I am not ready. NOT READY. The moment we have been waiting for. WHO IS IT???? WHO IS IT??? OMG!! Why is she doing that??
  • DEB!!!!!  Why is Deb there?
  • “Thank God it isn’t him.”
  • I want to say that I knew it wasn’t him, that I honestly believed that it wasn’t. But until those words were spoken I was scared out of my mind. Who was it though??? Is Nathan still in that warehouse?
  • I kind of hope the baby is Skillz’s
  • If Deb doesn’t think it’s Dan then Haley should probably listen to her. Deb knows Dan probably better than anyone.
  • My sister and BFF are making so much fun of that guy’s terrible Russian accent. They’re kind of right though.
  • I feel like I need to call my husband (since I’m away from him) and tell him that I take back (most) of what I’ve said about Dan. He’s working so hard. And his hug with Deb is pretty moving.
  • Is Dan talking about himself as well? Is he telling Julian not to trust him?
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!! David is the baby daddy??? AWKWARD!!! SO AWKWARD ALL AROUND!!
  • Clay talking about Sara is really heart crushing. If he could just get it all out though, I bet he would get better.
  • Julian is so smart (and hot, my sister adds, correctly).
  • That damn cop!!! GAH!!! I am so mad!!!
  • Holy hell. Chase is going to town. Kinda glad. Poor Chase though. My Navy sister is sitting here telling me that Chase’s military career is over.
  • Every time I see that poster I feel like I’m swallowing a rock and it has gotten stuck somewhere in my chest.
  • My sister says: Julian needs to go back into Karen’s and Clay needs to go back into his doctor’s office. She is SO RIGHT.
  • HOLY OMG IN HEAVEN. Jesus. Logan is his son. I am hyperventilating. CLAY!!!! AND HE LEFT???? I can’t breathe. OMG Quinn. You have no idea. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
  • Chase. Damn it. I knew it. Did he kill him? Crap, crap, crap.
  • Here we go Haley. This is a good move. NEVER thought I’d say that but this show makes me eat my words a lot so……

SO MANY FEELINGS!!!! I cannot believe Clay had a baby with Sara and blocked it out this whole time. CRAZY CRAP ON A CRACKER. I can’t wait to see Quinn’s reaction. OMG. THIS SHOW WITH THE NUTTINESS!!

I miss Nathan. I hope he’s ok. I am excited to see what Haley & Dan can come up with together. I can’t see that poster again though. It’s too painful. And Chase. Geez Louise. What has he done? Not that Chuck’s dad didn’t deserve some kind of karma but Chase?

This show is going to kill me you guys. And I am so scared for Brooke next week. How are y’all doing? Did you survive this? I need therapy. Please tell me you’re as messed up as I am!

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ – The Originals: Review


This isn’t my usual recap/review but I wanted to share a few thoughts on “The Originals” since it’s not just another episode, but a Pilot for a possible new show. I have said several times that I feel that the only show that would be successful after TVD on Thursdays would be another TVD. Because when we are all finished watching The Vampire Diaries at 8:00, all we want to do is talk about The Vampire Diaries and watch more of it. A spinoff about the oldest vampire family seemed like the very best option. I guess we’ll see. In the mean time, I have some things I want to talk about:

  • Marcel is hot. Like, REALLY hot. I am all in favor of Marcel. Is it too early to buy an “I love Marcel” t-shirt?
  • I still get chills every time Elijah shows his magnificent face on screen. Good chills. And maybe frightened chills as well. No one heart rips like our beautiful Elijah. People in the TVD world need to show him some more damned respect. And home boy rocks a three-piece-suit like no one else. Lord have mercy.
  • Joseph Morgan continues to delight me. Klaus has been such a great edition to TVD and if The Originals is picked up, he will be sorely missed in Mystic Falls. If anyone has earned their own show though, it’s this guy.
  • I may get burned at the stake for this, but I am NOT a Haley fan. I have nothing against Phoebe Tonkin, she’s fine, I suppose, I just do not care much, one way or the other. AND:
  • The way that they have pulled Haley into The Originals is pretty much the stupidest thing to have ever occurred on TVD and this is a show where precious stones are “hidden” in soap dishes. This pregnancy IS soap. I can’t even really discuss it without rolling my eyes. I have nothing against babies but I do not believe that they belong on my vampire shows. There were rumors about possible puppies on TVD ages ago and I threatened to stop watching if they became true. I’m not sure I can follow through with that, in this case, but I want to. Just. Wow. I don’t even know.
  • What’s up with all of these rules? Are we going to get a copy of them? I feel that without knowing, I could possibly break one or 10 of them and endanger my own life, completely by accident.
  • I like Camille. A lot. We will get more of her, yes?
  • What are the chances we could just trade Elena for Katherine, full time? Katherine is the best of the best and I want her always.
  • The downiest of the downsides of this episode going to show is the possible loss of the Klaus/Caroline stuff. Love me some Klaroline. That message he left her? How could she deny him?

Without the THING THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED, I am not sure what the other options were for pulling the Original family out of Mystic Falls and into this new world, but certainly there WERE other options? I am just really unsure about it and that’s unfortunate because I actually loved every other thing about this episode/pilot. The new characters are wonderful and we always need more time with the original vamps. Before watching this episode,  I was having day dreams of all kinds of cross-over episodes in the vein of Buffy season 4/Angel season 1. That was some killer television. Can the TVD world pull it off? Or will the entire possibility reek like a dirty diaper?


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