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Home Improvement V.2: Main Space Changes

Like many television addicts,  my favorite room in the house is where the big screen TV lives. I cannot tell a lie. I love to cook for my husband and I love to sleep, but my kitchen and bedroom will never hold the place in my heart that my living room does.

LM 1Because of the unique architecture of  this room and because of the cable and electrical outlet placement, I am unable to rearrange the furniture (which is what my mother used to do when ever she was bored with a room). Also, this is the first apartment I have ever lived in with wood floors throughout. I knew when we moved in 2 years ago that we needed a rug in this main room but it took this long for me me to really push for it. It also took about a billion years before my husband & I were able to agree on one in our price range. I feel like the one we chose brings a lot of warmth to the room and a lot of interesting color that we didn’t have before.

LM 2Our first Christmas here, I had strung some lights around the room in place of putting up a tree. We ended up loving them so much that they stayed. Only… I hated the way they looked when they weren’t lit up. Who wants a bunch of ugly green cords hanging about? So I took them down. Their absence made me realize that I had some wall space I needed to fill in order to keep the room from feeling too empty. I went into my basement and found one of my sister’s gorgeous paintings and some framed prints that I bought at the Ocean Beach, CA Farmer’s Market several years ago.

Since I already owned the furniture covers that I put back on the sofa & chairs, the entire makeover of this room cost me only the price of the rug. I also found a little nightlight that we can use whenever we are really missing the Christmas lights.


LM Before


LM After

The room feels so much cozier, now! Just in time for summer! (oops!) But I love walking around in my bare feet. The new rug is SO SOFT!! Sitting around the coffee table to play Apples To Apples is going to to be a lot more comfortable in the future. The good news is that I have already spilled on the new rug (just water), but it dried in an instant. I am almost ready for my next party!

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Home Improvement V.1: Framing It In

For reasons that I cannot even begin to explain, I have been in the mood to give my apartment a bit of a makeover. Maybe it’s Spring? Maybe a new start in my surroundings will create a new start in my brain? For whatever reason, I have been making some changes around my house. One of the easiest things to do is update my photos. The photos I had in my front room were so outdated it’s almost comical. The posted photo of my sisters & I was taken almost 12 years ago.The worst: my husband & I spent thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer and yet I had NONE of those photos on showcase in my main living space. Shameful.

While I was looking at the pictures in my living room, I was also noticing the frames. Boring. Cheap. And they didn’t coordinate with anything I had going on in my room. So… I spent some time. I did a little arts & crafts. I was worried that this makeover would cost a lot of money I didn’t have. These frames were a super easy way to make some changes without spending a penny. I used only the things I already had here at home. I must admit; I am super excited about how they turned out. Cannot wait to put them on display!!


Naked FramesAfter:

New Frames

Such an easy and inexpensive way to make some changes!! I am really excited to put the new photos in and show them off. Oh!!!! In case you were wondering, I also found the DREAMIEST wedding photo to put into one of the new frames. How darling are we?

1379 2

Stay tuned, friends!! I am making some other changes around here. Can’t wait to share them all with you!!

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Yoga for Beginners Who Have Done Yoga A Lot

Today I finally took my Beginners Yoga Kit for a spin. The box has been lying around my house since Christmas and I am so proud that I finally opened it up. My husband and I are both in the worst shape of our lives and have made a decision to get healthy together. This is hard for me as I am a lazy glutton. But if he’s doing it, I probably should too.

I started with the “Daily Yoga” selection on my DVD. First of all, “Beginners Experience,” MY ASS. The dude I was trying to follow is a billion times more flexible than I ever was or ever will be and he has junk (which you could clearly see outlined in his little boy shorts). I have never done Yoga before, not once, hence the BEGINNER kit that I bought. He gave the commands really fast and since I don’t know the positions, I was breaking a good sweat just trying to move around and keep up. Also, I apparently can’t tell my right from my left very well. Might have to work on that.

I wish I had the balls to video myself doing this for y’all. I am sure it was PURE COMEDY. Though seen out of context some might think I had recorded myself having a seizure. I think yoga is supposed to be kind of relaxing and rejuvenating but I was doing a bit too much flopping around to ever get to that point. As Seth Cohen once said, “I was Nemo and I just wanted to go home.” I may have even drooled a few times during my downward facing dog.

I suppose it’s good that I at least tried it, and I will try it again on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am going to stick to the Pilates DVD I have done 100 times so I can feel somewhat less mentally & physically inept for a day.




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Extreme Office Makeover

A few weeks ago I mentioned to you guys that I was having a hard time keeping motivated and organized and part of that was because my home office was a DISASTER. I really needed to create a place where I could work without wanting to tear my hair out. Project: DONE.

I started by rearranging the furniture, moving the two largest bookcases across the room from each other to kind of separate my office nook from the rest of the very long room. I also moved the computer desk against one wall instead of under the window so that I could hang a peg board above it and my Vampire Diaries calendar beside it.

I also undertook a bit of an art project to fill some of the space above the peg board. We have pretty high ceilings in this house and large areas of blank white walls just make me feel anxious. The entire makeover cost me ZERO dollars.

I made the pegboard myself using some  scrapbooking paper, some cardboard and an old frame. I also added some of my Get Glue stickers.

Hanging above the peg board I painted some old frames I wasn’t using, typed some of my favorite quotes & song lyrics onto some of my favorite photographs, matted them on bright paper and clustered them all together. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

The wall opposite is still a blank canvas but I’m thinking of doing one larger collage over there. We’ll see.

Do you like it? Could you work here? Let’s hope I can!


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Lists and Plans

Despite the fact that I spend almost every hour of every day sitting at one of three computers in my house, I MUST have pen and paper nearby. It’s a necessity. I fill notebook after notebook with grocery lists, essay ideas, rants, love letters, songs to download, shows to watch and books to read. Often I wax poetic on how I plan to fill my days, get in shape, find inspiration. I write page after page of lists and plans. The problem is that after I fill a page, I turn it. Sometimes I go back and find a good idea to use or remember that I really do need to put that song on my iPod or mail that package, but more often than not, it all gets buried behind new pages and totally disregarded.

When I worked in a cubicle I had sticky notes EVERYWHERE. I mean, on EVERYTHING. Desk top, phone, computer, walls, and then little piles of them stacked in corners. I have a desk area at home but it’s pretty much a disaster. Okay, not pretty much. It’s a war zone. Even finding a pen over there is sometimes hard to do. See exhibit A:


Now that I’m not in a traditional work place, I spend my days with the best of intentions, to do things that will make me a better writer, a better wife, a better friend. In my mind I orchestrate museum visits, craft projects, and home improvement exploits. What I do instead is sit in my arm-chair, laptop on lap, Diet Coke on the coaster, eating candy and watching shows I’ve already seen like 100 times. That notebook on the end table to my right is full of lists and plans and sometimes it seems overwhelming. I won’t deny that I’m lazy. I am a slave to my creature comforts. New and different can be scary. But I WANT to be better, do more. Part of the problem is not having any kind of routine. Another part is my constant state of disorganization. It plagues me.

So, today is Monday. That day of the week when everyone starts their new diet, their new job, their new PLAN. And I have mine. Get organized, find a routine. Starting with my office area. Perhaps if it is a place I enjoy going to, a place that promotes creativity and productivity, I will have a better chance at obtaining those two things on a daily basis.

Of course, I wrote this all down in my notebook. I just have to try not to turn the page.


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