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Retro Recaps: The O.C. – 1×07, 1×08 & 1×09

1×07 – “The Escape”

Most Quotable: Ryan: “Why can’t we just go to Comic-Con?” Seth: “Comic-Con is basically a bunch of pathetic virgins ogling some porn star dressed as Cat Woman.” Ryan: “I thought you went every year?”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: It’s a tie between Seth and Summer sharing toast and Ryan and Marissa accidentally spooning in their sleep. Awwww!!!!

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Where do I start? He offers to sleep on the floor. He punches Luke (again) when Luke is caught cheating on Marissa and then he carries her lifeless body out of that scary Mexican alley. The swooning is never-ending.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: Chivalry’s dead sugar.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: This episode brings back ALL OF THE FEELINGS. One of my favorites of the entire series. The show started in the summer and then took an impossibly long 6 week break so that Fox could show baseball. “The Escape” was the summer finale and by the end of the hour I never thought I would make it through those six weeks alive. This is the episode that cemented our Core Four and introduced us to Summer’s rage blackouts. And who can ever forget the sight of Ryan Atwood in a sombrero? Tijuana hasn’t been the same since.

On My iPod: “Out of Control” by Chemical Brothers & “Into Dust” by Mazzy Starr

1×08 – “The Rescue”

Most Quotable: Ryan: “I know what she doesn’t want! She doesn’t wanna go to San Diego. And she doesn’t wanna live with you.”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: The flowers that Ryan brings Marissa in the hospital are absolutely precious. Right up until Julie Cooper drops them into the trash.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Not only does he help Marissa escape the psych ward, he stands up to the she-devil herself, Julie Cooper.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “It’s pronounced TEE-WANNA. That’s how…..you’re so white, mom!”

Orange Colored Thoughts: It’s no secret that Marissa Cooper has problems. The fact is, she probably should be in an institution. But Julie goes about it the absolute wrong way. And Ryan, blinded by his love for Marissa, only wants to give her want she wants, even at the expense of his own future. Thankfully, everything works out in the end. Ryan gets into Harbor, Marissa gets to live with Jimmy and we are all blessed with the introduction of Captain Oats.

On My iPod: “Keep It Together” by Guster

1×09 – “The Heights”

Most Quotable: Ryan: “Had to get the cheap Ferris wheel didn’t you? What kind of carnival is this Cooper?”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: I’ve never been a huge fan of the Seth & Anna coupling but I love her helping Seth get closer to Summer, even though she wants him for herself. Seth’s thank you gift of a sock monkey is darling.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Even Ryan’s incredibly charming fear of heights won’t keep him from his first kiss with Marissa at the top of the Ferris wheel.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “We’re going to school with like 300 Lukes minus the redeeming social qualities.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: It’s the first day of school after an eventful summer but school doesn’t mean that eventful stops. There are secrets, lies, acts of jealousy and even a little bit of violence. Don’t forget the beginning and end of Ryan’s soccer career. While Seth works to change Summer’s mind about him, and Ryan and Marissa share their first kiss, it is Sandy and Kirsten’s relationship that moves me the most in this one and firmly establishes them as my favorite parents on television.

On My iPod: “Paint the Silence” by South, “Don’t Give Up On Me” by Soloman Burke & “How Good Can It Be” by The 88


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Retro Recaps: The O.C. – 1×04, 1×05 & 1×06

1×04 – “The Debut”

Most Quotable: “Dude, you’re a Cohen now. Welcome to a world of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: Sandy and Kirsten take Ryan aside to officially welcome him into the family. The smile he cracks when he learns that he is wanted could light up the whole West Coast. And for Ryan, that’s quite a smile.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: He gets Marissa to the ball, escorts her when Luke runs out and then jumps in to try to save Jimmy from Holly’s dad. A true White Knight all around.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “Wow. You just got your butt kicked and you didn’t even fight back. Dude, you really are a Cohen.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: I love the continuing build up of sexual tension between Ryan and Marissa. I love Sandy’s delightful savior complex. I love watching Seth’s small confidences grow and I love that we’re starting to learn what a villain Julie Cooper really is. Now that we know Ryan is in Orange County for good, the fun can really begin.

On My iPod: “Why Can’t I” by Liz Phair, “Lazy Days” by Leona Naess “To Sheila” by The Smashing Pumpkins & “White Flag” by Dido

1×05 – “The Outsider”

Most Quotable: Sandy: “Ryan! Check this out! I have totally annihilated all the other ninjas!”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: Ryan and Marissa’s water fight is one of their most adorable moments in the entire series. Every time I’m in a pool with a boy, I get upset if it doesn’t go exactly that way.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Ryan leaves his date with Marissa to intercept Donnie who has brought a gun to an O.C. party and then dives for the gun when Donnie goes after Luke.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: Sandy: “So this happened in the parking lot of the IMAX movie theater?”

Seth: “Shark movies bring out a rough crowd.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: This is the first thing I ever saw Paul Wesley in and now the thought of a 165 year old vampire with a hand gun, shooting Luke Ward, brings me an endless amount of joy (“Who’s the bitch now?”). And let’s not forget to mention the evolution of my favorite bromance of all time. Finally, Seth and Ryan can really be brothers. What doesn’t bring me joy is watching Ryan and Marissa get so close to easing that sexual tension, only to have the rug pulled out from under them when Luke is shot.

On My iPod: “The Way We Get By” by Spoon, “Let’s Get Retarded” by Black Eyed Peas & “All Kinds of Time” by Fountains of Wayne

1×06 – “The Girlfriend”

Most Quotable: Seth: “Who’s winning, me or my hair?”

Sweet as a Balbo a Bar: After Seth admits to Summer the huge crush he’s had on her forever, she plants one on him. Seth’s reaction is priceless and so endearing.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Not Ryan’s best showing. He can’t even save Marissa’s virginity.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “You hooked up with my grandma? Actually that’s kinda hot, how was it?”

Orange Colored Thoughts: Luke getting shot was a huge step backward for Ryan and Marissa but Marissa catching Ryan with Gabrielle and then losing her V-card to Luke is a giant plane ride in the wrong direction. What a mess. In this episode we are also introduced to the larger than life Caleb Nichol and his uneasy relationships with everyone he lords over.

On My iPod: “More Bounce” by Soul Kid #1 &”Hollow” by Tricky

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Retro Recaps: The O.C. – 1×01, 1×02 & 1×03

I’ve really enjoyed doing recaps of old episodes of One Tree Hill over the past few months and the plan has always been to recap other old(ish) shows as well. The O.C. is and will always be one of my favorites. I try to watch all 94 episodes at least once a year and I quote it out loud at least once a week. Even to people who have zero idea of what I’m talking about. The characters and the music of The O.C. have become a part of me and I look forward to sharing that with all of you! Enjoy!

1×01 – “Pilot”

Most Quotable: Sandy: “… Have you given any thought at all to your future?” Ryan: “Modern medicine is advancing to the point where the average human life span will be one-hundred, but I read this article that said social security is supposed to run out by the year 2025, which means people are going to have to stay at their jobs until they’re… eighty. I don’t want to commit to anything too soon.”

“Welcome to the Darkside.”

“Way to salt his game Mr. Cohen.”

“Welcome to The OC bitch!”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: WhenMarissa has one too many, Ryan lifts her off of the sidewalk and carries her to a safe place to sleep.

Ryan Atwood Saves: Even after Seth blows his cover, Ryan rushes to the beach to save him from the ever oppressive Water Polo Team.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “Why do they even need a fashion show? Every day’s a fashion show for these people.”

Orange colored thoughts: This is one of few shows that I watched from the very beginning and never missed. This Pilot, to this day, is one of my favorite episodes of television EVER. And I have watched a lot of TV. Everything about it is iconic and memorable and burned into my brain better than if it had actually happened to me. It’s moving and sexy, fun and smart. I keep this episode on my iPod at all times and take it with me everywhere I go.

On My iPod: “Into Dust” by Mazzy Star, “Honey and the Moon” by Joseph Arthur & “California” by Phantom Planet

1×02 – “The Model Home”

Most Quotable: “I think the black turtleneck in August tipped her off.”

You know what I like about rich kids? Nothing!”

“We’re from different worlds.”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: Marissa is so disturbed by Ryan’s lack of music knowledge that she makes him a mix CD. Love letter of the turn of the century.

Ryan Atwood Saves: He stands up for Seth and punches Luke in the face. Again.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “Yeah, because everyone wants a brand new teenager.” “You know what I like about rich kids? Bam, nothing. Hey, Ryan, you wouldn’t consider me rich, would you? I’d be more upper middle class?”

Orange colored thoughts: This episode was the first great view at how the Cohen family actually functioned. All of their own neurosis and intricacies were laid out for us to see through not only our own eyes, but through Ryan’s as well. His face at the Cohen dinner table told the story. He had never had such an experience. Spending time with Ryan helps Seth find a place where he finally belongs: outside of the nonsense he was born into while still swimming chest deep in it.

On My iPod: “California” by Rufus Wainwright, “I’m A Terrible Person” by Rooney, “Caught By The River” by The Doves & “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley

1×03 – “The Gamble”

Most Quotable: “Well, I should be off. Got to find the next kid to jeopardize the community. Maybe a black kid. Or an Asian kid. Bye, ladies.”

“I never knew you to be an impulse shopper.”

“Ryan’s gonna stay with us now.”

“I’ll unpack later.”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: Luke is mostly a dick but he does try to help Ryan’s mom off of the floor.

Ryan Atwood Saves: When some juvenile delinquent (hello Weevil from Veronica Mars) goes after Kirsten, Ryan jumps in to protect her.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “Star Wars convention? I’m sorry, her top was off. You couldn’t at least have said X-Men for me?”

Orange colored thoughts: I was in love with this show from the very beginning but this is the episode that lays the first sturdy bricks on the already poured foundation. There are so many moving and emotional scenes that it’s hard to know where to start. We get to meet the Newpsies and see just how out of place Kirsten feels in her own community. We are privilege to exactly the kind of mess Ryan’s mom really is. Most importantly, this episode gives us our first Ryan/Kirsten moment. And, as a true O.C. fan knows, those moments come few and far between, each one more precious than the last.

On My iPod: “Rain City” by Turin Brakes


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Yoga for Beginners Who Have Done Yoga A Lot

Today I finally took my Beginners Yoga Kit for a spin. The box has been lying around my house since Christmas and I am so proud that I finally opened it up. My husband and I are both in the worst shape of our lives and have made a decision to get healthy together. This is hard for me as I am a lazy glutton. But if he’s doing it, I probably should too.

I started with the “Daily Yoga” selection on my DVD. First of all, “Beginners Experience,” MY ASS. The dude I was trying to follow is a billion times more flexible than I ever was or ever will be and he has junk (which you could clearly see outlined in his little boy shorts). I have never done Yoga before, not once, hence the BEGINNER kit that I bought. He gave the commands really fast and since I don’t know the positions, I was breaking a good sweat just trying to move around and keep up. Also, I apparently can’t tell my right from my left very well. Might have to work on that.

I wish I had the balls to video myself doing this for y’all. I am sure it was PURE COMEDY. Though seen out of context some might think I had recorded myself having a seizure. I think yoga is supposed to be kind of relaxing and rejuvenating but I was doing a bit too much flopping around to ever get to that point. As Seth Cohen once said, “I was Nemo and I just wanted to go home.” I may have even drooled a few times during my downward facing dog.

I suppose it’s good that I at least tried it, and I will try it again on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am going to stick to the Pilates DVD I have done 100 times so I can feel somewhat less mentally & physically inept for a day.




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