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Thoughts on Game of Thrones 2×05 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

I’m not sure anything this week will be able to shock  and confuse me more than last week’s LOST smoke monster flying out of that woman’s vag but, this is GoT so it’s not impossible. More teenagers breastfeeding perhaps? Dear lord.

  • So the smoke monster is actually looking more like The Mummy. It can stab people? Great. RIP Renly. And his 2 idiot guards.
  • The neck of Margaery’s dress looks like a cup. I kinda want to see what would happen if someone filled it with water.
  • Stannis doesn’t care about the vagina monster. I have a feeling that will come back to bite him in the arse. And I will laugh.
  • Demon monkey. Laughing FOREVER. Poor Tyrion.
  • Theon is such a pantywaist. I wanna kick him in the box.
  • Little Arya Stark has bigger cojones than 90% of the male population of Westeros. Right? Love her.
  • Jon Snow!!! Nice to see his face. ALWAYS nice to see his face. They really shouldn’t give us whole episodes without his face. Quite rude.
  • Bronn is quickly climbing my list of favorites. The guy is hilarious.
  • Was that Warlock guy in Qarth one of Buffy’s Gentlemen? Yikes! Eat a sandwich dude. Stay in the shade.
  • Did that chick buy her mask at Zed’s little shop of horrors? Is she the sister of The Gimp?
  • CHEERING OUT LOUD! FIST  PUMPING!!! Loving this Catelyn and Brienne team!!
  • I don’t think I entirely understand what is going on North of the wall. Can anyone explain this to me? I feel dumb.
  • Why hello dirty, shirtless Gendry. HELLO.

This episode felt kind of slow to me. And I have a billion questions (other than the one about North of the wall. Seriously confused about that). Who are the other 2 people Arya will tell that soldier to kill? If Tyrion thinks using the wildfire is a bad idea, why does he want them to keep making it for him? What will the vagina monster do next?


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The Vampire Diaries: Recap: Do Not Go Gentle

Well TVD fans!! It’s a brand new week! My unicorns are hoping for an excuse to crawl out of their mud puddles. Though, the way this season has been going, they’ve pretty much set up residence in them and are even having their mail forwarded. The great news is that it’s time for another Decade Dance! And for one of my very favorite decades. I’m thirsty for moonshine just thinking about it. These always go really well with hardly any trouble so it should be a nice, light hearted evening for our favorite Mystic Falls inhabitants. Girls, don your knee length pearls and move your gams! Boys grab your dames! It’s Vampire Diaries time!

  • Klaus is ready to fly the coop. I want to guess that he has plans to take Elena with him when he goes? And Rebekah is still Esther, right? And Esther as Rebekah has access to all of the things that Beks wants? Like to go to a dance? Clearly I have a lot of questions.
  • Aaaaaaand Alaric is evil. Rebekah is staked and Esther is back in her annoying body. This is just great.
  • TEAM Caroline!! “Stefan is your epic love.” Just one of the many reasons that Caroline is THE BEST. Also, I absolutely love it when she resorts to her usually bossy self. Dance committee Caroline is another reason she is THE BEST.
  • How adorable is it that Elena is nervous to ask Stefan to the dance? I mean, they’ve boned like dozens of times and she still has first crush reactions. LOVE IT.
  • These magic rules are confusing. Is there a Cliffs Notes for all the grimoires?
  • Elena looks stunning. And Stefan. Lord help me. That suit may very well be the death of me.
  • I AM SMILING SO MUCH MY FACE HURTS!!! And I think my unicorns are officially toweling off.
  • An indestructible stake. OF COURSE. Why didn’t I think of that?
  • Wow. Matty and Ty look amazing as well. Can it be 1920 in Mystic Falls FOREVER?
  • Good luck to Tyler. I am glad he has decided to stop being douchey jealous guy. Caroline looks like she’s glad about that too.
  • Oh man you guys. Not sure I can take a whole lot of this. EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT! I have become bitter and hardened over the last few months and I know that if I let the facade crack, the rug will just wind up getting pulled from under me. And then I’ll wind up on my ass in a mud puddle, crying glitter with my buddies.
  • There is spinning and dipping. I am going to die.
  • I love Jer and I love Alaric but what other options is there? TVD is the leading manufacturer of Rocks and Hard Places.
  • I like Jamie. He’s sexy and has a nice smile and is sweet to Bonnie. Also, her circle of “friends” doesn’t seem to scare him off so that’s a plus.
  • ESTHER!!! DIE A BILLION TIMES YOU SLUNT FROM HELL! (I don’t really care for her or her antics)
  • “I don’t have to prove anything Love! I am the alpha male!” Klaus is a BAMF. Sorry Tyler. You’re great and I hope we can still be friends. But……
  • Caroline!! Let him show you!!! There is so much to see!!!
  • Stefan is so smart. I fancy him.
  • OH MY GOD! Is Alaric a vampire?
  • Oh Bonnie don’t whine. No one misses Abby, including you and you know it.
  • Stefan seems so much like his old self here. I miss this guy. As much as I love the Ripper, this will always be the vampire I fell in love with.
  • Tyler: The newest member of the Martyr Club. I hope he gets his commemorative pin.
  • Jer and Matty to the rescue!!! Or not. CRAP.
  • OH CRAP.
  • Alaric. Oh no. No, no, no. This is terrible. Jer. And Elena. They were a family. Serious ugly crying right now. Everyone is there. HUG ME!!!!
  • You know it must be grim when even Matt and Jeremy’s bromance + shots isn’t cheering me up.
  • “You have me.” I CAN NOT. Why oh why does this damn show insist on hurting me??? I want to stab it and choke it and then buy it flowers and candy.
  • Poor Damon is about to lose his bestie. That is very sad. I can’t handle the thought that we’ve seen the last of Blood & Beer. Their relationship is too precious.
  • Alaric is crying? WTF? This is so mean!!!
  • And now Damon too? EFF THIS ISH.
  • OMG!!!!  OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!

Well, the title of this episode suddenly makes more sense. While I am glad that we haven’t really lost him, I know that being a vampire is something that the real Alaric would never want. I have a feeling that the next two episodes will hold a great deal of pain for everyone involved. Mostly me, of course (it’s always about me).

What are you all the most frightened to see happen?




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Very Superstitious

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a lucky shirt. In high school it was this red, ribbed t-shirt from The Limited and every time I wore it something amazing would happen. The hot guy would ask me out or I would ace a test I hadn’t studied for. This shirt was so lucky that I believe it to still be hanging in my closet despite not fitting me in over a decade. But shirts aren’t the only thing I’m superstitious about. I have lucky days of the week (it WAS Wednesday there for a while), lucky dates on the calendar (LOVE Friday the 13th) and lucky songs on my iPod (I firmly believe listening to “Rock of Ages” by Def Leppard before my interview is the only reason I got my last job).

I am especially superstitious when it comes to sports. And I know I’m not the only one. Find me a hockey player, playing in the playoffs, without facial hair. Last year during the final series for the Cup against the Canucks, I refused to wear anything blue on game days. Something nearly impossible for me to do since every thing I own is blue. But it all worked out! Thank God for black yoga pants.

After Sunday’s big Game 6 win over the Capitals, I hung up the pants and Ray Bourque t-shirt I was wearing with all the faith that they were lucky and would be again for Wednesday’s Game 7. While getting dressed yesterday, I threw on a black tank top under my t-shirt because the t-shirt is a little short and I would be more comfortable having something longer underneath. I also painted my nails a brilliant gold as I had before the Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 last year, only this time I didn’t add the black Shatter polish over the top. Sometimes  it just comes out looking messy and I didn’t want to deal with it. And then we ran out of time before puck drop yesterday to listen to “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I could feel the nagging at my subconscious even as I was making these changes and yet did nothing to remedy it. And this morning, while I continue to dry my tears, I just cannot shake the feeling that making these changes to my routine, to my wardrobe, to my life, is what caused last night’s heart breaking loss. The logical side of my brain is screaming at me to STOP BEING SO RIDICULOUS! It’s telling me that the Bruins didn’t play their best game and that the Capitals just wanted it more.

But there is a part of me that will always wonder if it was because I washed my hair or didn’t drink exactly three beers.

Sorry fellow Bruins fans. It’s all my fault. Next year I’ll dig out the red Limited shirt.


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My Interview: Price Peterson

The first thing you all should know about Price Peterson from TV.Com is that he has made me laugh harder than probably any writer I’ve ever read in my life time. He has an uncanny ability to break things down into pure comedy, whether they are supposed to be funny or not. Price does weekly photo recaps of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle as well as recaps for TV movies, award shows and other fabulous things. (These are just a couple of my favorites screen caps):

Please follow him on Twitter (@pricepeterson) for links to all of his recaps and for randomly hilarious tweets about just about everything.

Watching TV is the new, cool thing to do. Of everything you’re watching right now, what is your favorite?

Would you make fun of me and push me into a mud puddle if I said I really like the 2 shows on CW Thursdays?  I honestly look forward to those shows more than anything else, partly because I suddenly feel involved in the fandom and everyone has been really, really nice to me.  So first I get to watch the shows and see what happens, but then I also get to see what everyone else thinks, and I get to read the cool comments on my own pieces.  It’s this big weekly event that I love.  But as for other shows that are on the air right this minute, I truly love Game of Thrones (doesn’t everybody?) and New Girl and Girls.  I also really like Breaking Bad and Teen Wolf (different reasons) and True Blood (I know) and Homeland and Property Virgins.  And I’m really looking forward to QVC’s Christmas in July sale.  I will probably DVR as much of it as I can so I can watch it throughout the whole summer.

You compose amazing photo recaps for two “genre” television shows. Is there a show based in reality that you’d love to recap?

I honestly don’t think I would like to do that, because making fun of real people would make me feel weird and sad.  Like even when I’m poking fun at a bad movie or ludicrous moment from a TV show, there’s still a level of removal where it’s really nobody’s fault that it’s bad.  Except maybe the writer or director, but they can just sit in their infinity pools counting money so who cares?  I’ve learned that personally insulting an actor isn’t really my favorite thing to do (I love actors so much because acting looks really hard to me).  Making fun of a character is cool, but making fun of the actor is less cool (though I’ve done it and regretted it).  So if it were a reality show, as much as that stuff is staged, it’s still supposed to be a real person.  Usually I try to remember how sensitive to criticism I AM and behave accordingly.

Anything you watch that you wish you could just give up?

I’m not trying to brag, but I think I have a really good sense for when I won’t like something.  Either I’ll avoid it right off the bat or I’ll quit a show very quickly after I start getting a bad feeling about it.  Life is way too short (and there are so many GOOD shows) for us to have to endure anything we don’t like.  That being said, I’m not sure how much longer my Up All Night season pass will last.  Gotta clear up some room for the QVC Christmas in July sale, you know?  I’m hearing a lot of buzz about multicolored LED wreaths this year.

There have been a lot of great new shows this season. Do you have a favorite?

I don’t even care what people think of my taste levels, but I genuinely love New Girl and Girls.  I haven’t started watching Revenge yet, mostly because my bestie Lily Sparks (who recaps it for has urged me to wait until the summer when I can marathon it while drinking a wheelbarrow of sangria.

Is there one that you were expecting to love but just don’t?

I really wish Ringer had been funnier. And that everyone on Falling Skies got killed off except maybe the son.

You bag on The Vampire Diaries a lot but we all know that you love it. Who is your stand out character for season three so far and why?

Yeah I really didn’t like it when I first saw it, and even when I first started recapping it I was very dubious about its charms.  Whether it’s a chicken-or-the-egg scenario or Stockholm Syndrome or the simple reason that TVD just keeps getting better, my love for this show is now  manifold.  Look, I have eyes and ears and a brain and a heart, so obviously Caroline is the best character overall.  But Season 3 belongs to Klaus in a big way.  I am legit scared that he’ll die or Joseph Morgan will get snapped up by another show because at this point Klaus’ absence would be devastating.  Like, turn him good, make him one of the gang, TURN HIM HUMAN, I don’t even care.  Keep him on my TV please!  Are you listening powers that be?  Please don’t stick us with this boring love triangle week in and week out.  Caroline and Klaus and Rebekah (and Katherine) are the ones I’m really coming back for.

I hate using the term “guilty pleasure” because I never feel guilty about TV but, is there something you’re embarrassed to admit you watch regularly?

No, nothing.  I do tend to watch A LOT of things based on how attractive the actors are, but that’s not against the law, right?  I am a tax-paying citizen and I like it when people look good!

What TV character (ever, in the history of TV) has made you laugh the most?

Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy.  That show is basically my comedy Rosetta Stone.  Pretty much everything I find funny in the universe can all be traced back to that show’s 30 incredible episodes.  I still can’t believe that show existed and they got away with what they did.  I quote it all the time, to an almost annoying extent.  Strangers With Candy was so effed up that it seems silly getting emotional over it, but it’s definitely something I feel truly lucky to have been able to watch in my lifetime.  “Cancer?  That’s hilaaarious.  I should be a stand-up.  I’m sad.” – Jerri Blank

Favorite television character of all time:

Aside from Jerri Blank, probably Rayanne from My So-Called Life.  It should go without saying that both of these shows were on during really formative times in my life, so as an awkward and confused 8th grader, My So-Called Life occupied A LOT of my mental real estate.  But Rayanne was special in that (1) she was genuinely hilarious, (2) had a cool funky style, and (3) made tons of mistakes and was as realistically vulnerable as any supposed tough-girl I’d ever seen.  I wanted to be her friend so bad and I still think about what she’d be up to today.

Favorite Television moment of all time:

This is insanely difficult, how dare you?  But here’s the moment that got the biggest reaction out of me when I watched it:  The New Caprica “exodus” scene from Season 3, Episode 4 of Battlestar Galactica.  If you haven’t watched this show yet, first of all I’m very mad at you because you still get to see it for the first time.  But I’m talking about a 10 minute rescue sequence in which tons of disparate forces came together into this amazing, terrifying show of teamwork and bravery and I remember gasp-crying when it happened.  I mean I am generally VERY susceptible to crying during movies and TV shows, but I was so excited by this scene that I couldn’t breathe.  It was like the last five minutes of United 93 where I was so wrapped up in a piece of entertainment it took DAYS to recover.  So yeah, I’m a nerd AND I cry during TV/movies (but not in real life, weirdly) so this scene from Battlestar Galactica rocked me to my core basically.  Also I really enjoyed East Dillon’s victory at the end of Friday Night Lights Season 4.  And Locke getting up to walk in Lost Season 1.  And when QVC sold out of Mrs. Snowman glowing hood ornaments during last year’s Christmas in July Sale.

The show you wished would have never ended:

I like it when shows end, even good ones.  I like the closure.  I really wish more of our shows in America were like British ones, where each season kind of plays like a movie and the following seasons are like sequels.  So my answer would be like things that ended before they finished:  My So-Called Life, Veronica Mars, Freaks & Geeks.  Stuff like that.  But if Homicide: Life on the Street was still on, I’d watch it.  That’s pretty much the only procedural I’d never get tired of.

If you could say one thing to all of the current TV watchers what would it be?

If you ever get in an argument with someone over whether something is good or bad… Whoever argues that it’s good is always the winner.  Celebrating something is so much better than shutting it down.  I mean, sure, I still hate Hart of Dixie, but if you like it then you win that argument automatically.  Liking = winning.


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Weeks Go By Like Days

One week.

One week since we all said goodbye to something that changed our lives, that filled our hearts, that moved us more than we ever thought it would.

And now that the last DVD has been released, we are at the end of the end.

No new promos or video clips or commentaries. No new episodes. No new Naley.

Just saying that out loud hurts my heart.

“I guess I just miss all of it. Does any of that make any sense?”

“Yeah, it makes all the sense in the world.”

In the finale we were gifted with new memories, fresh starts and a brand new kiss in the rain. So playful and stunning and real. It was everything.

This last week has been difficult, to say the least. And I know that I am not the only one who feels that way. I have had the privilege of talking with so many fans and friends over the last 7 days. On Twitter, Tumblr, Skype and email.  There are so many of us in the same boat. In mourning. In denial. We are all hurting. Reflective, empty, melancholy.

The thought that we have heard the very last word, sang the very last song and seen the very last kiss, as epic as it was, makes me bury my face in my hands as I feel that heart crushing sorrow.

So many of us have spent this last week with Blind Pilot, Gavin DeGraw and U2 on repeat. We have watched and shared more fan vids than I ever thought possible. We have started the series over from the start. Or have picked our favorite episodes to watch again with new eyes. We’ve found our favorite screen caps and GIFs on tumblr to reblog. And reblog. And reblog.

Most importantly, we have shared it with each other. We have shared every tear, every heart break, every soul burst. I have seen so many virtual hugs this week; we may have set a record. Too bad we were all too busy crying to keep count.

Today, our first Wednesday in months without our show, has been miserable for me to even think about. There was no “Happy OTH Wednesday” tweet. There is no new episode tonight to watch and recap. I will have no comments to read as I while away my sleepless night.

I feel burdened with the weight of this farewell. But I feel better knowing that there are so many carrying it with me. I think that it’s important that we take this experience with us moving forward. This sharing of the burden. Not just of THIS sadness, but of all of the sadness and difficulty life has yet to hand out. I think that’s the least we could take away from our show.

It has been said: time heals all wounds. And time will fix this one as well. We have to continue to support each other and comfort each other. No matter how long it takes. And in the future, we can remember this time, and lean on one another again.

Surely it will be a while before any of us can watch basketball or see purple flowers without feeling that pang. But that day will come.

“The hardest part of saying good-bye is having to do it again every single day.”

Much love to my OTH Family. Miss you already.


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TVD Chicago: You’re Invited!

Attending the TVD Chicago Convention?

Please join us for dinner and drinks at The Ram on Saturday night at 8:00pm.

The Ram is a short 10 minute walk from the Convention hotel.

Please RSVP by leaving a comment below or send me an email at


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My Interview: Carina MacKenzie – The One Tree Hill Edition

Not ready to quit those OTH articles just yet?

As promised! I had a chance to chat with my favorite journalist, the very sweet Carina MacKenzie of Zap2It about all things One Tree Hill. Now that the very last episode has come and gone, I am happy to share with you her thoughts on the show.

When you’re done here, check out my last interview with Carina where she talked to me a bit about One Tree Hill and a lot about some other great TV.

Be sure to follow her on twitter (@cadlymack) for all the latest and greatest TV news!

Are you pleased with the way this final season left everything? Were there parts of the finale you loved more than others? Parts you hated?

I didn’t care for the stuff with the twinterns, but otherwise I liked the finale. One Tree Hill is famous for those musical codas they stick at the end of episodes, where we check in on each character and get a little post-game recap for the week. The finale was essentially an hour-long coda. There was hardly any plot to speak of, just moment after moment. It worked for this show.

A lot of fans were pretty happy with the way Season 8 ended and were wary about a Season 9. For you, good choice or bad?

Great choice. Otherwise we wouldn’t have ever met Logan, and come on. The world would be a cold dead place.

What was your favorite story line of this last season and why?

Julian’s baby-in-the-car story. So powerful. First of all, I was thrilled to see Austin have so much material to work with. Not only is he an immensely underrated actor, but he’s one of the single nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering in my professional life. That dude is just top notch. Second of all, I think what “OTH” does best is exploring real, honest human failures. Kidnappings and psychos and fugue states and tasers are all fun. But none of that can compare to the look on Julian’s face when he realized he’d left his kid in that car. If anyone hasn’t read this Pulitzer-winning article on the tragic phenomenon, please do: Find the Award Winning article here.

In one of our previous interviews you mentioned that it was a dream of yours to do a set visit in Wilmington and you finally got to do that last year while they filmed season 9. Was the experience all that you hoped it would be?

Yes, it was fantastic. I had a blast on set with the cast and Warner Bros really took care of us. When work was over, Sophia and I went out and she gave me a nice little taste of Wilmington. I really hope I can go back sometime in the future, whether to cover the show or just to get a little small town time to myself.

What was your favorite episode of the series?

“A Crash Course in Polite Conversation.”

[Season 1, Episode 12]

Do you have a least favorite episode or story line?

Eh, I hate Felix. Mark Schwahn told me that Felix was pretty much his only One Tree Hill regret — the network pushed for new characters, and they didn’t end up fitting into that world — so at least Schwahn and I are on the same page there.

Favorite character?

Brooke Davis, by FAR. I wrote up a whole thing about it last night, so I won’t do it again, but here it is, if you want to read:

What from OTH made you laugh the most? Cry the hardest?

I laughed the most when Nathan was hilarious. His little performance in the Season 8 finale was pretty spectacular. I cried every time Brooke cried. (That has extended into me crying every time Sophia cries, too. It’s basically Pavlovian.)

You have had a lot of fandom experiences. How has your experience been with the OTH Family over the years?

To be fair, I’ve only really interacted with One Tree Hill fans for two years since I started covering the show for Zap2it; otherwise I wasn’t aware or involved with the online fandom. Everyone’s been nice. There’s a disappointing tendency to pit female characters against each other — there seems to be a bizarre Brooke vs. Haley tug of war in the fandom — but I ignore that.

What will you miss the most about the show now that One Tree Hill is finished?

So much. It’s 1:30 AM in LA right now, and I just exchanged emails with Mark Schwahn — he’s in North Carolina, up late on a night shoot for his new pilot, Shelter. I told him that the One Tree Hill finale was unique, to me, because as proud as I was of the characters, the finale also made me proud of myself. As all the characters looked back at themselves as kids, I felt like I was doing the same — reflecting on who I was nine years ago and being proud of her and proud of how far I’ve come from her. That’s what One Tree Hill has always done — it’s been a reflection of its audience. It’s represented that burning hope of youth and all the tiny failures of adulthood. One Tree Hill was painfully earnest; it wore its heart on its sleeve. It wasn’t subtle and it didn’t try to be a metaphor for some greater message. It was just One Tree Hill.

HUGE Thanks to Carina for answering all of my questions. AGAIN. 

And in case you missed it: My Final OTH Post and My Very Last OTH Recap


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