The Story of Virgil The Unicorn

The first time I talked about unicorns (publicly) was in a recap of The Vampire Diaries. It was so long ago I can’t even find the post anymore. It was something to do with Stefan and Elena and a special moment they shared and I was so excited that I was SURE Unicorns were running on Rainbow Roads as it was happening. When they suffered a setback later in their relationship I mentioned that said Unicorns were lying in dirty puddles, crying tears of congealed glitter. For some reason, that was enough to get the attention of TVD creator and writer extraordinaire,  Julie Plec and my unicorn wrangler persona took flight.

Since then, my friend Melissa has created a story about Unicorns, just for me (parts One and Two for your enjoyment). And I continue to write about unicorns in my weekly TVD recaps on as well as in my every day life. My friend Thomas Galvin (an amazing TVD recapper and an amazing writer in general) even suggested that I wear something like this to the TVD Convention in Chicago in April.

We both decided that I would scare ALL OF THE PEOPLE if I wore something like that. Too bad I don’t have the money or the balls to actually do it. Maybe I have the balls. But definitely not the cash. Currently taking donations.

More recently, my friend Ceci  (a long time friend of mine turned Vampire Diaries addict) came all the way from Argentina to the USA for the first time. We couldn’t schedule a face to face visit during her short time here but when she got home she mailed me the most amazing present.

Isn’t he THE CUTEST??? His name is Virgil. He was named by my friend Vee (@dieslaughing) and we have all decided that he should wear cardigans and/ or sweater vests. I just can’t find any in his size!!

Virgil and I are now INSEPARABLE. He’s the best kind of pet. He doesn’t shed, doesn’t bark or need a litter box. He’s rather opinionated but I usually like that in a companion. He even does Yoga with me though, he is far better at it than I am and not afraid to rub it in.

So please, stay tuned. Virgil and I are only at the start  of our epic relationship and on the brink of something amazing, I am sure. I’m positive that we will have many super swell adventures together.


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  1. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    hahahahaha omg he is adorable… can’t wait to meet him!

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