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‘Supernatural’ Guest Star Ty Olsson Talks Benny & SPN Fandom

There’s a new monster in town on Supernatural and I know we’re all waiting on pins and needles to learn more about him. Though we won’t see Ty Olsson’s Benny in tonight’s all new episode, we’ll be getting lots of him in next week’s “Blood Brother.” He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me and his responses are just too awesome to keep to myself for a whole week (very minimal spoilers below). Be sure to follow Ty on Twitter and don’t miss all new episodes of Supernatural, Wednesdays at 9:00 PM EST.

You have appeared on Supernatural once before. Can you tell me about coming back to the show as a new character and how that happened?

This is something that happens fairly frequently, particularly in shows that run a long time like Supernatural. In True Justice with Steven Seagal I played 2 characters in back to back seasons. I’m fortunate to have the ability to change my look easily and as well to have a range to allow this. Coming back to Supernatural was interesting because many of the crew had been with the show for many [years] ,so it was great having that moment of saying ” OH that’s where you’ve been. ” Other than being vampires, Benny and Eli really aren’t very similar. But they do look a little alike, don’t you think? 😉

What is your favorite thing about playing Benny? Your least favorite thing?

I love the storylines they’re giving Benny. He’s a complex character that struggles with the reality of what he is. A bloodthirsty vampire…Unlike a typical bloodsucker though his conscience and soul leave him in constant turmoil. Keeping his hunger at bay and searching for a place to fit in leaves him lost between the human world and his predatory one. I think in many ways Benny is still in Purgatory.

There really isn’t a down side to playing Benny, I do what I love for a living and have been given the chance to play this amazingly well written, complex character. What’s not to love? If I had to pick something it be that he seems to spend a lotta time dirty..hahaha.

Is there anything you have not yet been given the opportunity to do as Benny that you would love to do?

An on camera, epic bloodbath, fight scene … a beautiful and violent ballet of death with the song “Benny and the Jets,” playing in the background..

The Supernatural fandom is very passionate and protective of their show. What has your fandom experience been like so far?

Love the fans, little kooky (like me), very passionate and they make me laugh out loud every day. Been really enjoying being able to connect with them over twitter. We have a little unofficial contest going …who gets more blushes…I’m destroying them !!  It’s all in good fun and I’m grateful that so many people are enjoying my work as Benny.  Not only that but I seem to have my own little internet IT team!! They have all been so helpful!!

You’ve recently been announced as a guest for the Vancouver Supernatural Convention. Is there anything specific you are looking forward to? Anything you are secretly fearing?

I’m SOOO excited about getting the opportunity to do some conventions in 2013. What a great opportunity for me to travel, meet fans, and maybe squeeze a little R and R in ..I guess if I had a fear … losing a little bit of my anonymity. I’ve been fortunate to work a lot over the years,  but I’ve never really had to worry that if i do something dumb (my only other talent) everyone is gonna know about it . I’ve already promised some fans a drunken karaoke night out … .Sigh* I guess it’s inevitable.

Other than Supernatural, of course, is there a show on television you are really excited about watching?

I don’t have time to watch much TV to be honest…but I have recently started watching The Walking Dead and am enjoying the first season quite a lot ..

Anything you are embarrassed to admit you watch regularly?

I have two young girls so when they are with me the TV is perpetually on kids channels…and I will confess some of them get me watching …I actually thought Hannah Montana was a pretty damn good show hahaha…Nooooo I never turned it on myself … but I’d watch and yes was curious how the series was gonna end ..I’ve seen ALL the kids and teeny shows out there …Witches of Waverly Place is pretty well done too…and the Suite Life ..ok…..I’m gonna stop now .

What is the most important thing the Supernatural fans should know about you?

The most important thing fans should know about me? I wear boxers. Not briefs. And no, I will not smell Jared, Jensen or Misha for you. Although I’m sure they do smell amazing as you say.


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5 Important Reasons to Watch ‘Nashville’ on ABC

ABC’s Nashville is my favorite new show on TV this year and here are just a few reasons why:

The Queen – If you watch Nashville for one reason and one reason only, it should be Connie Britton. Her Rayna Jaymes is edgier and slightly more volatile than Mrs. Coach but just as flawless and with every bit as much grace. She absolutely lights up every scene she’s in. In just two episodes she has me fully invested in her character and the journey that lies ahead. And who knew? The lady can SING!

The Brat – Quite a few people have told me they aren’t watching Nashville because they aren’t fans of Hayden Panettiere. I’ve never really gone one way or the other. I didn’t watch much of Heroes and I haven’t really seen her in anything else. But this role seems hand made for her. Her portrayal of Juliette Barnes, part ingenue, part slutty siren, is spot on. While she initially comes across as pure crossover country trouble, you can see in her eyes that something deeper lies within.

The Chemistry – Connie Britton’s Rayna Jaymes and Charles Esten’s Deacon Claybourne have incredible, palpable chemistry whether they’re shooting the breeze, singing a song or screaming at each other from across the room. It’s hard not to root for them despite pesky things likes husbands and history. They also have incredible chemistry with whomever they’re sharing the screen, making every interaction feel rich with unspoken tension. They aren’t the only ones though. Clare Bowen’s Scarlett and Sam Palladio’s Gunnar have almost as much sparkle and they’re just getting started.

The Drama – The intricacies with which the characters’ lives are interwoven are just part of what makes this show so special. The narrative is fraught with familial animosity, power struggles, shady politics, seduction, love and heartbreak. All of this  in just 84 minutes of television.

The Music – I’ve never been a big fan of country music. In fact, I avoid it when I can. It was something that made me nervous when I decided I wanted to try this show. I needn’t have worried. There is some country music, yes. But it’s really good! There are also stunning acoustic songs, sung beautifully by the actors who put an incredible amount of emotion into their performances. Rayna & Deacon’s “No One Will Ever Love You,” gave me chills and moved me to tears with its intensity. The best part? Most of the songs are made available on iTunes after the show!

Haven’t started your love affair with Nashville yet? It’s not too late! New episodes air Wednesdays at 9pm EST on ABC.


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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Memorial

Happy TVD Thursday! I have to admit, all of the journalists’ tweets about this episode have been making me nervous. My body has a fight or flight response to being told I will need tissues. And, since it’s The Vampire Diaries, I am going to do my best to fight through the pain and terror.  Y’all with me?

  • Damon always such a positive attitude. Something I really admire about him.
  • Holy shit! This is AMAZING. I have very warm feelings all over.
  • And then not. Gross. Though it is nice to see that Stefan’s not the one cock blocking for a change.
  • “If there’s anything I can do, you know, short of giving her a ride.” Matt Donovan you are the greatest. Boy’s got jokes!
  • I cannot emotionally handle Damon and his saved seat at the bar. It is so damn depressing. My heart literally aches. Can I shut off my emotions?
  • Stefan is at his best when he’s in a great mood, though it’s hard to judge since I can’t remember the last time that he was. I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many smiles out of the boy.
  • I hate it when Damon & Elena are hot and moving. Ugh.
  • Okay. Watching Stefan take bullets out of Tyler is actually kind of sexy? AND Stefan is using his big boy brain. Also, very hot.
  • I am sorry Elena but I think there are a few people who did not love her dad. I think you might be one of them.
  • I thought that vampires needed more than a nod to get in. Wasn’t that established before? Didn’t Stefan need more than that in order to get into Elena’s?
  • Stefan is helping EVERYONE. And keeping the unicorns very busy as they trot after him from location to location.
  • But why is Elena so afraid to talk to Stefan about this?
  • “Damon, germaphobe.”
  • Ummmmm… why did that ass hat stab Poor April. She’s human, right? I am so confused.
  • Elena I don’t know that eating a blood bag on the church lawn is the greatest idea you have ever had. I’ve been really hungry before too but we have to remember our manners.
  • Stefan has every right to be mad at Damon, even though he’s just trying to help. He knew it would piss him off and part of me thinks he did it because of and not in spite of.
  • This whole thing at the funeral with the bleeding April and the sniper scope and a starving Elena is very intense. Now I’m gonna have PTSD every time I hear that hymn in church.
  • Matt Donovan ladies and gentlemen. And is it me or is Elena the cleanest eater yet? Everyone else needed mad wet nap action after their first feedings.
  • Why did Tyler jump out front like that? Just trying to draw Connor out? Was that a stake gun?
  • How is that guy so strong? He got the best of Damon? Was it because he was shot? WHAT IS GOING ON? Is it me or do I have a lot of questions tonight? Do you like pie?
  • Yay! Stefan punch. “You know what.” Did I hear some sass in that? Sassy Stefan y’all!
  • Awwwww!!! This little thing between Caroline and Elena is very reminiscent of when Caroline turned. She had a good teacher, you guys.
  • I am very glad that Stefan got mad and called Elena out on her bull shit lying. She should know that he would want the truth and want to help her. “You are in hell which means I am in hell.”
  • Okay so I was totally bawling throughout the lantern lighting. They have all lost so much. And when each individual is listed out, one by one, it weighs so much heavier than taking it in over the last 63 episodes. Everyone has sacrificed. Everyone has been damaged. I am glad that Elena admitted to grieving for herself and I wish Tyler could have been there. I honestly didn’t think I could cry any harder and barley managed an eye roll when Damon stormed off.
  • HA! AND THEN. Fucking Damon in the cemetery. Drinking and talking to his friend. Just as he would if Alaric were standing right there, or sitting next to him at the Grille. SWEET JESUS. And then he is right there. Listening to Damon complain about the kids and make jokes about the wrong birthday on his headstone. And the wind has been kicked out of my lungs because the crying is so intense I can’t breathe or see. But I can hear Alaric say “I miss you too, buddy.” AND I JUST WANT TO DIE. GOD DAMN IT.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a lot of snark and jokes for you guys tonight. Honestly, I just wish all of you could come over and give me a hug and drink wine with me. And we could talk about how much we love this show and how much we, too have lost. We could stay up all night, laughing and comforting each other. It would be so great.

Until next week friends. I’ll probably still be crying.

**Afterthoughts now that I can breathe**

  • I do honestly think that Stefan pulling out the champagne was a little bit premature but I know that his heart was in the right place. I think Elena should have been upfront with him about what was going on. Why is there any doubt that he would do ANYTHING to make her happy and healthy? He bashed a man’s skull against iron in order to get her fed. And I refuse to believe that she would never guess that drinking from Damon would upset him. She put her mouth against another man’s skin. Wrong. Period.
  • Damon crossing himself with Holy Water was one of my favorite things he has ever done. His enjoyment of it made it that much better. I would totally go to church with Damon.
  • Want to see the faces of the EMTs and the doctors when they examine Tyler. “But he was shot! I saw it!” “Nope. I’m good. I must have had a seizure or something. Can I go now?”

Okay. now back to crying.


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‘Supernatural’ Give (Brotherly) Peace a Chance

The Winchester brothers, that is.

Season 7 left us with an explosive (literally) cliffhanger, not knowing what would happen to either of our boys or where we would see them next. The first two episodes of Season 8 have answered some of those questions and created many more. Is Benny ACTUALLY evil? What really happened to Cas? How did Dean shave? And, you know, zillions of others, if you’re keeping track.

Sam and Dean are at odds after Dean fought his way through and out of Purgatory, while Sam settled down and did his best to lead a normal life. Those are just the basics, though. There is a lot about both stories we still don’t know. And while it’s terribly disconcerting to see these favorite brothers in conflict, I believe that it is absolutely necessary in order to tell their story.

Hear me out.

Have you ever lived with a sibling? As an adult? Worked with them? Gone to school with them? Spent nearly every single hour of every single day with them? In a small space? And then been separated for a long time? Lived different lives? Had different experiences? Can you imagine the struggle? Why are some expecting this to be easy? For this resolution to come swiftly and without merit?

I don’t necessarily believe that people change at their core. Ever. Dean still loves burgers and Baby. Sam still enjoys healthy living and making bitch-face at Dean. But a person’s ability to relate to others after certain experiences absolutely changes. Especially if those experiences are even the least bit difficult. Don’t believe me? Ask a veteran. Ask a veteran’s family.

I recently read an article about Supernatural on a well-known television site. An article that concerned me greatly. I will not name it or link to it because it’s terrible and I don’t feel that it was written by someone who is fully invested in the show. Calling any part of any fandom “rabid” is not usually the way to make friends. I will say that I do not believe that Sam’s entire battle has been fought out of guilt and I do not believe that post-Purgatory Dean (am I wrong thinking that he has never been hotter?) is anything like Soulless!Sam. Would a battle hardened war veteran be thought soulless? (Those are only TWO of my many issues with the article but, I digress). My main concern about the piece was the comment section.

So many fans are frustrated and upset. And I get that. I absolutely understand being disheartened and dismayed over Sam not looking for Dean. Over Dean befriending a vampire. Over the brothers not getting along in perfect harmony. But I don’t understand people who threaten to stop watching if the conflicts are not resolved in the next episode. I have heard fans saying that the show has never hit such a low. I have read fans condemning the entire season based only on what they have seen so far.

You guys. Come on. We are two (almost 3) episodes into the season. That means we have about 20 episodes left before curtains are called on Season 8. There is SO MUCH MORE story to tell. So many secrets to be uncovered. New characters we haven’t met. Moments we haven’t yet imagined. Because there are hundreds of things we still don’t know.

This is a fandom in love with angst. More so than any other (in my experience). I’ve had several conversations with my friends and fellow Supernatural fans over the last 2 weeks, laughing and crying about what masochists we are.  My friend Yvonne:

We are literally searching out every heart shattering moment and if we can’t find one, we create them.

Finally we have some angst that we didn’t have to invent and it has nothing to do with who goes to Hell and who doesn’t. This is the real deal y’all. The kind that makes you uncomfortable and twitchy in your seat. The kind that causes you to wring your hands with anxiety and nervous anticipation. And it’s GLORIOUS. Would we honestly be happy or satisfied if they just forgot it all, made up (“I’m sorry.” “No, I am.”) and then went skipping, arm in arm down the yellow brick road, Tra, la, la? NO WAY. And if we know that these brothers can make it through Heaven and Hell situations (which require much longer and deeper discussions), if we know that they can face down the Devil himself, why is there any doubt that they will make it through this?

The Winchesters have had differences before. Terrible ones.  With horrible consequences. But they always live to see another day. Increasingly damaged. Never unaltered. Always wiser. Always together.

I, for one, am extremely excited to watch them experience this very real turmoil and come out the other side . Better brothers. Better hunters. Better people.

I think that if the true fans stick around and wait to see what happens next, they won’t be sorry. I have real faith in Carver and his plan and I believe that we’re getting some of the juiciest story lines we’ve seen yet. If I’m wrong, trust that Sam and Dean will (together) hunt me down for the monster that I am.

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Interview with ‘One Tree Hill’ Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington

(This interview was originally done on March 28th, 2012. I was feeling nostalgic and decided to post it again)

One of the very best parts of One Tree Hill has always been the music. The songs are such a huge part of the show to the point they are almost a character all in their own. The OTH playlist on my iPod is nearly 200 songs deep and I haven’t even skimmed the surface of all of the show’s amazing tunes. One Tree Hill’s Music Supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington (@lonewolflindsay on Twitter) gets all of the credit for that as week after week she delivers the musical goods for our favorite show. And because she is just that awesome, Lindsay was sweet enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my questions.

I’m dying to know: what is your process? How do you find all of the great music that ends up on the show? Do the songs find you or do you find the songs?

When I get the script, I read it and mark scenes where I think a song will go – sometimes it’s obvious because we are in a bar, other times it’s an emotional moment that I think we’ll want to score with a song. Then I break down all the scenes in a spreadsheet, divvy up where we will spend our money (because we can’t use big artists in every spot, hence our search for great indie artists!), and then put my headphones on. I go through new albums I’ve received from major labels, publishers and companies who represent indie artists. And then I also browse through folders I have been filtering music into. I have folders in my iTunes for mellow music, for dramatic “what’s going to happen” moments, and then upbeat and quirky songs. I send my suggestions (2-3 songs per spot, usually 3-4 for the coda) to the editor cutting that episode and they temp them in. Then as the episodes become polished, we revise music accordingly. Sometimes the scene reads completely different in the script than it does on-camera, so I just put on my headphones again and find better choices!

The latest album from Florence + The Machine is (in my opinion) one of the best albums ever recorded and you have been able to feature three of its tracks in Season 9. Was there something specific that compelled you to want this music?

Not particularly. I am a Florence fan, and I was disappointed that we weren’t able to use songs from her last album in the show. But that was simply a matter of the tone of the episodes at the time. What I have loved about Season 9 is that it has been so dramatic and tense. Therefore, we get to use more dramatic and tense music. Florence’s sound is so big; the picture needs to be just as big to match it. Other Lives is another one of those bands that is so fun to use in darker, intense episodes because that is their sound.

We only have 2 new episodes of One Tree Hill left EVER! Is there a musical moment coming up that you think we will all be crazy about for years to come?

You sent me this interview before episode 911, so I might’ve said Coldplay “Us Against the World.” But I have to say, the fan feedback to that one has been bigger than I expected! The opening and closing song of the series finale are great moments. The last one simply because it is the last coda – it doesn’t disappoint. And the first song is special for more subtle reasons. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say that one night when we were working on the finale, I blasted the opening song on repeat in my car and cried all the way home. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics, I think, summed up what the show has been about from the start. Believe in yourself, listen for your calling and go for it. Some days it feels like I was meant to work on One Tree Hill, and I’m so appreciative for having had the chance to work on it, to gain Mark and Joe’s trust, and to highlight some great music. It’s been an honor.

One Tree Hill has introduced me to so many great bands that I would never have found otherwise. Blind Pilot and  Wakey!Wakey! are the first to come to mind. But the show has also featured classics from Boston and The Cure. How do you manage that balance?

Well, Boston was Mark’s pick. He loved that song and had always wanted to use it. I would say it was usually his direction that led us to use some of the older songs. But Peyton had a vinyl collection, and when the show started in 2003, most albums on vinyl were older. That was the inspiration for using some classics like Cheap Trick (who eventually performed on the show) and The Replacements (who are one of Mark’s favorite bands ever). Same with the Cure – I had loved the Cure since I was young, as did Mark, and it had that classic, moody sound that was very Peyton. So that’s why it worked for us in a couple different moments where we needed an older song that meant something to her character and to Schwahn. On the other side of things, we thrive on using new music and using bands before they get signed or blow up. Sometimes it is a matter of budget, but in general, it is so much fun to discover new music and since we have a young cast and a young audience, new artists make sense and work really well on the show. My favorite part of the job is getting really excited about a new song or band I’ve heard and being able to showcase it on the show a few weeks later.

OTH has been blessed with an extremely talented cast, musically (Kate Voegele, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Tyler Hilton & Jana Kramer just to name a few). Has that fact made your job easier or more challenging?

Probably easier. I was involved with the casting of Kate and Tyler, which was very cool. And it was fun finding songs for Joy to sing in the beginning and then bringing her music to the forefront in later seasons. And then Jana’s singing on the show came after they cast her, so it was just a good fit.

Is there a particular scene above all others that you have LOVED choosing music for?

I get really excited about dramatic or emotional scenes. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in other interviews, but I was really excited to find “Maybe Tomorrow” by Stereophonics for the first time Lucas and Peyton made out in Season 1. Oh, and The Veils “Nux Vomica” when Brooke and Peyton overcame psycho Derek. That was really cool because when I heard it, I hadn’t seen the scene and I thought – this is either going to be awful or perfect. And I think it was the latter! Other honorable mentions would be the uses of The Veils “Lavinia,” Keane “She Has No Time,” The Weepies “The World Spins Madly On” and Civil Twilight “Quiet in My Town.” There are too many to pick just one!

Has there been a moment where choosing music has been very difficult?

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to find a song to play a sequence that has several different emotions. And sometimes we like to do that! Also, it’s harder to play comedy with a song, which we did a lot of in Season 8.

Because this is all music related, I have to ask: favorite song of all time?

All time? That’s tough. Here are a few: The Sundays “When I’m Thinking About You” (always calms me); 10,000 Maniacs “What’s the Matter Here?” (very powerful subject matter); and U2 “All I Want is You” (it kills me how good this song is, and the way it was used in Reality Bites is part of what inspired me to be a music supervisor!). And for a good dance party? “Dancing with Myself” Billy Idol and “Tubthumping” Chumbawumba. Yes, it should be embarrassing that I just mentioned Chumbawumba, but that song is so much fun to dance to!

What is the one artist you have never seen live but would love to?

The Sundays. They are my favorite band and I think they broke up before I could ever see them. And 10,000 Maniacs. Same story.

Lastly, is there a TV show, other than OTH, that you feel is done very well musically?

I don’t watch a lot of scripted TV shows, actually. But I have a ton of respect for my Music Supervisor peers, so I know there are plenty of shows that have great music!

HUGE thanks to Lindsay for participating! Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the last two episodes of One Tree Hill!

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Growing Pains

HAPPY TVD THURSDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS DECADE!!! That’s how it feels anyways. Longest. Hiatus. Ever. And now it’s finally here and I am scared and nervous and excited and FEELING SO MANY FEELINGS. Let’s DO this TVD fam!

  • Really missing Stefan’s “this is my story,” right about now. This new intro is SOOOOOO cheesy. I don’t hate it. It’s just dripping in queso.
  • Damon’s a tad bitter, no? Why is he talking about Elena making her own choices as if it’s this terrible thing? Is he a republican?
  • And now Jeremy is kind of giving her attitude as if it was all her fault (which it kind of is) but still. Rude.
  • Michael Trevino is kicking SERIOUS ASS as the Klaus Clothes. I am super impressed.
  • Matty & Caroline. I just still love those crazy kids together. They are both the best so why not be the best together? I am living in denial. Obvi.
  • This new council means business! Does that mean we have to stop calling them a joke, now? That’s too bad.
  • Caroline must have an invisible “kick me,” sign that she wears at all times only hers says, “please vervain me, tie me up and torture me, that’d be great kthanksbye.”
  • AH! My people. Don’t worry. The unicorns will finish your sandwich Elena. When Stefan says sweet things to you it gives them quite an appetite.
  • It’s ok that I was also laughing at Elena’s “cross that bridge,” joke?  It was funny.
  • GAH! First Damon flashback! I like the way they have filmed this. Instead of a fuzzy dream sequence it’s as if she’s in the room watching it happen. Brilliant. And beautiful.
  • Tyler in the Klaus clothes doesn’t even have to fake his concern for Caroline. I have serious fucking chills you guys. And then he LEAVES REBEKAH. HA! Klaus is the cat’s pajamas.
  • Not gonna lie. Have miss Damon’s snark. Not so much the choking kids I like thing but the snark thing for sure.
  • Elena’s transitional freaking out is making me feel like I too could become a vampire at any moment and I probably should stay away from people because all I want is BLOOD and the sun is hot and AAAAHHHHH. Amazing. Until she gets hit upside the head, of course.
  • Didn’t Jeremy just tell Elena that she needed to go with the Bonnie plan? He is such a downer.
  • Matt is wearing the helmet with the big brains today! YAY MATTY!
  • Bonnie has a mouth full of nose blood. Again. Always gross, Bonnie.
  • Bonnie can do magic you guys OMG!!! And Elena is a very good mime!!
  • GRAMS!!  She is totally bossy but always nice to see her face.
  • Stop shooting Stefan mean guy. Seriously. Stop. I do not like that Sam I am.
  • Caroline is so sweet and trying to reason with Klaus but Klaus is very unreasonable and is kind of a brat always wanting his way. Geez.
  • My unicorns are very happy-ish with this situation. They aren’t real fans of the near death, thing but, you know. They are where they want to be at least. It’s very magical. Despite the paleness.
  • Hey guys? What did we say about the Paul Wesley tears? Cannot deal. Sobbing for reals. Show is evil, yo.
  • Damon has changed into his business attire. I love it when Damon means business. Matt is the working lunch, I guess?
  • Whoa. Bonnie did a bad, bad thing you guys. Poor Grams. This is very bad and sad.
  • I probably just yelled “FUCK YEAH STEFAN,” loud enough for my whole block to hear. I just thought they should know. Because that was rad. And hot.
  • ELENA IS ALSO RAD AND HOT!! YAY VAMPIRE ELENA!! She saved Matt!! And her vamp face is bitchin! Almost looks like Katherine!
  • How did they get out of the cages? Did I miss something?
  • Good speech Stefan. Love you Matt but come on. You’ve had enough whamburger and French cries for one day.
  • I actually feel a little bad for Damon. He’s really heartbroken that Elena has turned. Then again, he did try to turn her once himself, so…
  • Klaus. Wanna hate you so bad but can’t. You are a monster and I love you. Damn it.
  • This moment between Stefan & Elena on the roof is just stunning. In every way. The colors. The words. Her ring. I just love how they love each other. Little will ever convince me otherwise. GAH. So many feelings (if you look closely you can see my babies grazing on the lawn. The sandwich wasn’t really enough).
  • What the eff? Did they just light themselves all on fire? While holding vervain? This council is bananas. Is that pastor guy like the Mystic Falls Jim Jones? I don’t get it.

Another BALLS OUT season premiere you guys!! This show really doesn’t know the concept of taking it easy. And that is why we LOVE IT. Right? Very excited that it is finally back. Very excited that my Unicorns have bathed and are eating well. VERY excited for next week. It looks sexy! And scary! AND AWESOME. What did you guys think of the season premiere? Doing a little dance with me?


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How Is This A Thing?

I am sorry but I need to interrupt this gorgeous Friday afternoon to rant quickly about something stupid.

The Vampire Diaries is great television, its superb acting and writing constantly underrated. And with the Season 4 premiere less than a week away, we have been getting lots of news and goodies about what we have to look forward to.

My friend Vee shared (with disdain), a post from The posting is all about what kind of “father/uncle duo” both the characters (Stefan and Damon Salvatore) and the actors (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder) would be if they had children.


There are literally millions of things to talk about in regards to The Vampire Diaries. Even if you hate it. Of ALL of the topics that could be broached, why was this one even on the list? It’s ridiculous. Even beyond the total skeeve factor.

I want video of how the decision was made to discuss this. I can only imagine:

“So… I’d like to talk about vampires as caretakers of children and connect the actors who play the vampires.”

“GREAT IDEA! Do it!”

I really shouldn’t let idiocy like this bother me but COME ON!



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