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Speak To No One

I’ve been pretty quiet over the last few days. Not silent but not really myself either.

I have blogged before about my depression.

It’s not a huge secret anymore.

Usually, even when I cannot deal with the real world and the people who inhabit it, I am able to handle friends on the Twitter and Tumblr and blog level.

I just have had so many days lately where I cannot deal with any of it.

I apologize for my absence. I hope to be back to myself after this long weekend away. I think a few days out in the middle of nowhere with my best friends is just what I need to get back to feeling like myself again.

Or, at least I hope it is. Don’t give up on me! Love you all!



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My Interview: Clarissa of TVOvermind.Com

My favorite writer this week is Clarissa (@clarissa373 on Twitter), managing editor for and BIG Supernatural fan. Clarissa has written extensive and detailed articles about what should and/or might come next for all of our favorite Supernatural characters when season 8 begins in the fall (find those articles here) and she continues to work hard on a multitude of other projects. Despite her busy schedule, she was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions for me about Supernatural and TV in general.

We’re all highly anticipating an 8th season of Supernatural. You’ve written your wish lists for all the main characters but what is the ONE THING you are most looking forward to seeing in S8?

The ONE THING I’m most looking forward to seeing is the Purgatory storyline, and everything that it entails. See what I did there? I made it more than ONE thing. The good thing about Supernatural is that it can occasionally revisit storylines without necessarily feeling repetitive. The Purgatory storyline give Dean an opportunity to revisit his Hell storyline which, in turn, gives him an opportunity to: (a) survive a terrible ordeal and, hopefully, find his purpose for fighting once again, and (b) gives Sam an opportunity to save his brother this time around, thereby repairing any remaining fractures in their relationship. The Purgatory storyline is an opportunity for both of the main characters to grow, even if it’s separately for a little while.

You have mentioned that you don’t think that Bobby should come back from the dead another time. Maybe I am seeing things but it looked a bit like his flask hadn’t totally burned. IF Bobby were to return, what would you like to see happen with him?

I really wish they had never killed Bobby in the first place, if only because they brought him back for what amounted to little discernible reason. I accept the fact that death is not necessarily a permanent state in Supernatural, but why kill him twice only to bring him back a third time in season 8 (assuming that happens)? It seems like emotional manipulation for the fans. That being said, if Bobby does come back, I want him to come back alive. If that means that God steps in and resurrects him – or the angels, like they did with Adam – then I’ll happily accept that as a permanent state. He gets reanimated and goes back to fighting with the boys. No more ghostliness, no popping up in Purgatory or Heaven, just straight-up living/breathing Bobby. And maybe he gets a night with Sheriff Mills, because God knows that man needs to get some after his recently hellish ordeal.

We both agree that Dean’s trip to Purgatory could be a great way for him to kind of snap back into his former, hot shit, less apathetic, hunter self. There are lots of monsters for him to fight. If ONE monster fight were to affect him more than any other, what monster would you choose?

I would like to see him fight a “monster” from his past … ideally, Azazel. But I have all sorts of rules in my head about what should/should not be in Purgatory, and I don’t think demons would be there. But keeping in line with monsters from Dean’s past, I would pick Gordon Walker. Some fans argue that the show hasn’t always had continuous characterizations of its main characters, but I’ve always felt that secondary characters have had great continuity. Gordon was one of those characters who was consistently a nuisance and/or evil from day 1. The villains in Supernatural usually fall into a few categories: you have the big bads of the season(s) who stick around for a while, you have the monsters- of-the-week who can often be compelling, you have people like Meg and Crowley who have been long-lasting, but are occasionally allies, so sometimes it’s hard to see them as true villains, and then you have people like Gordon, who was always a villain and stuck around for a while, even if he was pretending to be a good guy. Like we’ve both mentioned, Dean’s trip to Purgatory could be a kick-in-the-pants for him, and what better way to get back to his fighting spirit then facing a (literal) monster from his past? And, more particularly, a monster from his past when he *was* an ass-kicking hunter.

Supernatural has had an AMAZING Technicolor dream coat of guest stars. If you could have one of the recurring characters back for an episode, who would it be and in what capacity?

I want John Winchester to return. I think that, out of all the characters who have died on this show, he is one character that still has an unfinished story. We learned most of what we know about John through his sons and I’d like the boys to have an opportunity to see their father one last time. More importantly, I’d like John to have the opportunity to see the men that his boys have become. A lot of people give John grief for the type of father he was, but I think he did the best that he could under the most terrible of circumstances. The fact that, in the end, he was willing to endure an eternity of Hell to save his eldest son’s life tells me what kind of a father he was. I appreciate Bobby’s place as a surrogate father in the Winchester boys’ lives, but before the show ends, I’d like to see John just one more time.

The 2011-12 Television season provided a large number of amazing shows. Other than Supernatural, was there one you loved more than all of the others?

I love so many shows, including dramas like The Good Wife, which I feel consistently delivers each and every episode. And The Vampire Diaries have been firing on all cylinders this season. But if I had to pick two shows that I loved more than all of the others, I would have to say Revenge and Once Upon a Time, and I love them both for very different reasons. For me, Revenge was a return to the true primetime soap opera. Does it have ridiculous scenarios? Of course it does. But it realizes that and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I like that this soapy drama proved itself to be must-see-TV. With Once Upon a Time, I liked that it was so different from anything else on television. The show had some problems with pacing in its first season, but I liked the fact that it took chances and delivered the type of show that can be watched by both children and adults. Josh Dallas riding a horse didn’t exactly hurt the show either.

Is there currently a show in your watch list that you wish you could give up?

Gossip Girl. No one seems to like it anymore – least of all the cast themselves. But I started watching it on day 1, and I’ll be there at the end (just like I was with Passions….shut up).

Sounds like there are a lot of great pilots coming to us in the fall. Is there a pilot that you are more excited about, above all others? If so, what can you tell us about it?

I’m most excited by three pilots right now: Nashville, Arrow and The Following. Nashville feels like a grown-up version of Dallas, but without all of the soapiness. I didn’t think I would like it, because I don’t like country music, but I adored the pilot. Connie Britton, who I didn’t really know until now, is sublime as an aging country music star, and all of the other characters fit perfectly into the story. Sure, there’s going to be an element of soap opera, but it doesn’t feel cheap. Arrow is the complete opposite of Nashville….a true super hero story. I didn’t really watch Smallville, but it’s a different look and feel altogether. I love Stephen Amell in the title role (staring at his abs isn’t exactly a hardship, if you know what I mean) and the whole show is a combination of fun/complex fight scenes and a compelling- enough story. I think that with Arrow, The CW has the next Vampire Diaries on its hands….finally.

Finally, I don’t know how to describe the wonder that is The Following except to say that the pilot feels like a two hour movie in less than 60 minutes. And that’s not an insult at all. It doesn’t feel crammed or rushed, it just feels *big*. The performances are stellar, the production value is terrific, and the story will scare the hell out of you. If the American public doesn’t absolutely adore The Following I will throw my computer at my television and declare myself done with the entire television industry.

Summer TV is in full swing. Is there anything you are watching right now that you are totally in love with?

I always love watching Pretty Little Liars during the summer. The truth is, I actually prefer to take a break throughout most of the summer because I watch so much TV throughout the fall-winter season that I feel like I need a break. Between Comic-Con and watching new pilots, I keep myself busy. Although, I have to say that I’m liking Breaking Pointe a lot more than I thought I would. I find it fascinating to watch the sheer amount of work these dancers put in to become professionals. Also, while watching stuff like Cake Boss makes me feel hungry, watching Breaking Pointe is a huge deterrent for snacking at night.

Now it’s time for the hard questions!!

Favorite television character of all time:

Buffy Summers. This actually wasn’t that hard of a question (although the next one is nearly, nearly impossible). To me, there’s two ways of looking at Buffy: on the one hand, she’s a supernaturally- gifted fighter, on the other, she’s a human being. In fact, Buffy is probably one of the most human – and, therefore, flawed – character I’ve seen in a long time. If you take the series as a metaphor for life (which you very often could), then Buffy’s characterization reveals that she’s a person like the rest of us – strong, brave, needy, funny, loving, and occasionally stupid…in other words, she’s a normal person.

I don’t always agree with her choices (the whole Spike storyline comes to mind), but I respect the fact that Joss Whedon and Sarah Michelle Gellar made her as human as they could.

Dean Winchester comes in a close second. Like Buffy, he’s a tragic hero figure who is so painfully human it makes him compelling to watch. I find that characters in genre shows – the kind of characters who are put in fantastical situations that you think could never be real – are the kinds of characters that are more human than the regular humans.

Favorite Television moment of all time:

It’s impossible to choose a single moment. I love the final moments of the LOST pilot, which is still one of my favorite pilots ever (followed very closely by The Following). When Charlie asks where they are, as the culmination to all of the crazy occurrences in the pilot, it feels like a big moment. Little did we know what it would lead to. That island would spawn some incredible (and, yes, silly) moments throughout its six year run, but I keep going back to those final moments of the pilot and thinking “we’re in for a wild ride”. I love two moments in Buffy: the scene where Buffy fights Angelus and then sends him to Hell, because it’s such a great fight scene followed by utter despair, and the moment in the finale where Buffy is getting beaten down and then finally stands up against The First Evil. The line Buffy delivers (“I want you… to get out of my face”) is so utterly *Buffy* that it always resonates with me. With Supernatural, there are so many incredible, emotional moments, but if I had to pick just one, I would say the final fight scene in “Swan Song”, when Sam/Lucifer is beating on Dean, and he’s just sitting there and taking it, brokenly telling Sam that he’s not going to lose him. Then there’s that beautiful (silent) montage of the brothers’ relationship, and it breaks my heart every time.

The show you wish would have never ended:

I wish Supernatural had never ended. Oh, we got another season? Wicked. Next question. But seriously, as much as there are many shows I wish had never ended (I think Angel ended before its time, even if I wasn’t crazy about every storyline), I think there’s a natural ending to most shows and most of the shows I’ve watched have ended at a time that felt right.

If you could say one thing to all of the current TV watchers what would it be?

Please, PLEASE love The Following. Also, stop with the ‘shipper wars. Instead, concoct elaborate fantasies in your head whereby you are one-half of your favorite couple. Trust me; it will make you far happier than getting involved in ‘shipper wars.

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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 2×07, 2×08, 2×09 & 2×10

Happy OTH Wednesday!!! And such a happy day it is!! Not only is it an OTH day, it is also my dear friend Jenna’s birthday!! And not just ANY birthday!! It’s her 23rd!!!!! I wish I had happier episodes to share on her special day but I do think it’s appropriate that Jimmy Eat World’s song “23” makes it’s first appearance within this group. Be sure to find her on twitter (@Jennabeans24) and send her happy birthday wishes. LOVE YOU JENNA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

2×07 – “Let the Reigns Go Loose”

Overview: The opening of Tric creates drama and an opportunity for dreams come true.

Random Observations:

  • “Can I be honest with you Dan? You’re creeping everybody out.” I love Karen.
  • Nathan going to visit Whitey in the hospital to talk to him about High Flyers is adorable. I still don’t understand how him going to camp would prevent Haley from pursuing music but it’s sweet just the same.
  • LMFAO at Keith’s face when he sees that Andy bought Lucas a little kid’s shirt. And then Andy calls him “Little Lucas.” Hilarious.
  • Aaaaaaaand Nathan meets Chris Keller for the first time. Then gives him the first of many “I am going to kill you,” glares without Chris Keller even noticing.
  • Tric’s opening night gives me SO MANY FINALE FEELINGS. It makes my heart ache.
  • Oh Karen. “Free round on the house… of juice!”
  • Nathan’s Haley pride is just OVERWHELMING. My heart can’t take it. I want to SQUEEZE HIM.
  • I feel bad for Brooke and what she’s going through but I feel worse for Mouth. He deserves better.
  • Have I mentioned how much I hate Felix & Anna? I feel that it’s worth repeating. Blech.
  • I love that Nathan is already giving Chris Keller the shifty eyes, even before Chris Keller opens his mouth about everyone wanting to screw Haley. He’s no dummy.

Best Bit: Haley’s first public performance and the look on Nathan’s face as he watches her on stage. Her happy little smile when everyone starts clapping? Beyond wonderful. And I could listen to Joy’s voice forever.

Ugh! Moment: Nathan laying in bed in the middle of the night, wondering where Haley is. I can feel his anxiety and I don’t like it.

Fave Quote: Chris (to Nathan): “You have any idea how many guys in the room wanna nail your wife right now?”

On My iPod: “Alive and Amplified” by The Mooney Suzuki

2×08 – “The Truth, Bitter Truth”

Overview: Nathan and Lucas take a road trip with a dual purpose and the girls have a slumber party where the secrets come pouring out.

Random Observations:

  • Nathan and Haley cannot be any effin cuter. “It’s our first night apart since we got married.” GAH. I just love them more than words.
  • Brooke is so gross sometimes. I would KILL anyone who had sex in my marital bed. KILL. With weapons.
  • I know that it’s bad for Haley to be working with Chris Keller behind Nathan’s back but they sound so damn good together.
  • I get tears in my eyes watching Nathan and Lucas watch that basketball game. Y’all know why. “That could be you some day.” SO MANY FEELS!!!!!!
  • I’m glad that Haley knows that lying to Nathan is dumb. She should also know that Nathan wants for what her whatever she wants for herself. It makes me sad that she doesn’t see that.
  • I cannot handle the way Nathan talks about Haley. “Basketball was the most important thing to me. Now Haley is.” His love for her is SO HUGE. Just thinking about it is enough to make my heart explode.
  • That slumber party would be perfect. Perfect for bonding, a perfect memory. There’s even a pillow fight! If only Anna weren’t there. Ugh.
  • Nathan and Lucas are so adorable on their road trip. And that SONG? So funny. When they sing along I DIE!!!!! Love me some Scott brother love.

Best Bit: Haley, Brooke and Peyton all screaming at each other over each of their respective wrongs. It’s pure comedy. Especially when Haley rips off Brooke’s nose strip and Peyton squeals. HILARIOUS!

Ugh! Moment: When Haley lies to Nathan about working with Chris Keller. Absolutely NOTHING GOOD will come of this.

Fave Quote: Peyton: “Okay. How wasted does one have to be to go home with one shoe? It’s like, at what point do you look down at your foot and say hmmm… ?”

Biggest Question: What would you do? Have the HCM test or not?

On My iPod: “When The Stars Go Blue” by Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton & “Every Ship Must Sail Away” by Blue Merle

2×09 – “The The Trick Is To Keep Breathing”

Overview: It’s the night of the Tree Hill High Formal and a lot of kept secrets will find their way onto the dance floor.

Random Observations:

  • I swear I cannot stop my eyes from rolling every single time Felix talks. He is RIDICULOUS!
  • Can’t help but kind of implicate Peyton in this Haley & Chris Keller mess. She insists that they play, right away, and doesn’t say anything when Chris Keller says that rehearsal might dip into the Formal. RUDE.
  • I can’t handle Nathan’s face or his whine/yell. “Hales!?” When Haley tells him that she has to be late to the formal. His heart is already breaking. I don’t like it.
  • I want to know what kind of budget Tree Hill High has. My school NEVER had the money to create THAT kind of dance. The half Eifel Tower? COME ON!!
  • Shut up Deb. Showing some concern. Right. Next stop: Mother of the year. No doubt.
  • I think that’s what I’ll name my first album: “Better Than Crap.”
  • NEVER, in their entire time in Tree Hill do I want to stab Felix and Anna more than when they take turns using “gay” and “lesbian” in order to insult Peyton. NOTHING about it is ok. The two of them were clearly raised by psycho bigots. I would have said raised by animals but I would never insult animals that way. They are just HORRIBLE human beings. I expect it from Felix but Anna? After Peyton went out of her way to make her feel welcome? WEAK AND DISGUSTING!
  • Brooke is a bit harsh on Mouth. She totally takes him for granted, is oblivious to his feelings and then blames him for Felix’s crap. Not cool.
  • Nathan and Haley fighting causes me actual, physical pain. It’s really unhealthy. For all of us. I may be too invested.
  • I feel pretty bad for Peyton most of the night but it really comes to a head when a drink gets spilled on her mother’s amazing dress. I cannot even imagine. On top of everything else.
  • GRRRRR!!!! The whole music vs. basketball camp thing is SO AGGRAVATING!!!!! Why is it a choice between the two? WHY do they keep lying to each other???? AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Best Bit: Nathan getting so excited about surprising Haley at the dance. He just wants everything to be perfect for her. He’s nearly giddy at the thought. “I actually have a pretty incredible night lined up for her.”

Ugh! Moment: Where do I start? When Nathan has to tell the carriage to leave without them. When he finds out that Haley lied. When they fight at the Beach House. It sucks. IT ALL SUCKS SO MUCH.

Fave Quote: Brooke: “Think of all the taffeta that had to die to make this thing. Ew.”

On My iPod: “When The Stars Go Blue” by Bethany Joy Galeotti and Tyler Hilton & “What You Waiting For?” by Gwen Stefani

2×10 – “Don’t Take Me for Granted”

Overview: Drama abounds after the Formal festivities. Peyton deals with hateful rumors and Nathan and Haley’s relationship continues to take hits.

Random Observations:

  • That “Formal on a Sunday” stuff is hilarious. And total Tree Hill nonsense. Like, what?
  • “Ew. You two realize you’re related, right?… Double ew if Tutor Wife is here.” Brooke is HILARIOUS! And Nathan’s: “Hi, Brooke,” is the most adorable thing. Why is it so cute? Two meaningless words and the boy kills me. I must be damaged.
  • Nathan demanding Haley to stop working with Chris? WRONG. Haley refusing? WRONG. Nathan turning around and walking out? WRONG!!!
  • I probably should NOT find a threatening, violent, jealous Nathan so damn hot. But I do. I’m sorry. I can’t help it.
  • Jules is trying to tell Keith to get out, away from Dan. Away from her. I wish he would have listened.
  • Karen: “Oh, grow up. That tragic hero crap only works in the movies. And you know what they don’t show you after they fade out? The hero’s mother putting her foot up his ass.” It’s so great that Karen even scared the River Court boys into not letting Lucas play. Lady has powers.
  • I absolutely LOVE the statement Peyton makes with her “DYKE” t-shirt. It is strong and brave and powerful and still so relevant. Makes me want to stand up and cheer.
  • I was HORRIFIED when I first learned that Dan had something to do with Jules and her relationship with Keith. He is a truly despicable person.
  • JAKE!!!!!! Have never been happier to see his face!!
  • Nathan waiting with a romantic dinner for Haley while she goes to see Chris absolutely tears me apart.

Best Bit: Nathan and Haley’s little make up doesn’t fix the overall problems but I still feel it all over. My heart SWELLLS. Why can’t they always be that way?

Ugh! Moment: Chris kissing Haley. OMG SO BAD!!!!! SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!

Fave Quote: Lucas: (voiceover) “Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote: No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”

On My iPod: “When It Comes” by Tyler Hilton, “Shoot Your Gun” by 22-20’s, “Sideways” by Citizen Cope & “23” by Jimmy Eat World.

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Happy Friday Full of Fun!!

Happy Friday y’all!! Hope this one flies by for you! I am definitely ready to start the weekend!

TONIGHT: Going to check out Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages with the BFF and the husbands. I am not a huge fan of musicals in general but this one seems to be PACKED with all of my favorite songs. How can I deny myself  Foreigner and Journey music? I think the biggest challenge will be refraining from singing out loud in the theater. I am sure my husband will “shush” me when necessary. Here is the promo if you haven’t seen it yet:


*** On a MUCH heavier, and WAY more important note, the political majority of men in the Michigan legislature would like to be the boss of every reproductive system in their state. The bill they are trying to pass  has me questioning so many things. Such as: What century is this? and… What country do we live in again? Read the full report from Very disturbing. BEWARE!! The curse word: “vagina,” is used.


Back to lighter fare: This week’s product placement goes to John Frieda’s FRIZZ-EASE: Sheer Solution. This stuff is PURE MAGIC. I have mostly straight, mostly manageable hair but New England summers = CRAZY FRIZZ CITY! For the record, I am usually ANTI-hair product. Hate putting junk in my luxurious locks. BUT, just a few drops of this amazing  serum and my hair goes from velociraptor evil to sweet bunny lovely. And with ZERO residue or product weight. Like I said, MAGIC!


It is THAT time again!! All of our favorite TV shows are turning in their Emmy submissions. I think that it is VERY important to remember: a submission does NOT equal an Emmy nomination. My friend Kate has ALL of the details about how the Emmys actually work! Kate does a GREAT job of breaking it down and making it much less complicated than it seems. AND, as sad and unfair as it may seem, it is HIGHLY unlikely that any show or actor from The CW will actually garner a nomination, regardless of what they are submitted for. So, please, manage your expectations accordingly.


If you are totally sick of listening to my FAVORITE song (“Call Me Maybe”) you should check out my 2nd favorite song. This one was taken from my latest TV obsession, the AMAZING, Australian teen drama: Dance Academy. If you have Netflix Instant and just a bit of time, PLEASE check out the show. So well done!!

My friend Melissa (@onlymystory ) is recapping the entire series. When you watch, you should read the recaps, starting with the Pilot.


Hungry for MORE music? Tyler Hilton is giving away free downloads of the acoustic version of “Kicking My Heels”

CLICK THIS LINK for more details. Trust me when I say that it is worth every second. Honestly, it’s a track I’d have been happy to pay for.

If you do not know Tyler’s stuff but are into things like good music backed by actual instruments, take a listen to the album version of “Kicking My Heels.” If you don’t love it, there is a possibility that there is something wrong with you. You should probably have that checked out.


Last but CERTAINLY not least, we have been awarded some GREAT new photos of Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe he is actually the most beautiful person on the planet. It doesn’t even seem fair to all of the rest of the humans. (p.s. if you know the actual source of these new photos, I’d love to give credit!)


Lots of love! Have a GREAT weekend!

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My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part Two

TVD Hiatus is still happening!  As much as I loved re-watching Season 1, I am still in complete denial that our show will be away for 4 more months. I am now onto Season 2. Which only means, double the pleasure, double the fun! And double the heart wrenching pain. Like I said last week, I am re-watching 15 of my favorite episodes, 5 from each season. Please note: these are listed in order of original air dates, not by preference. Also, if you have NEVER watched The Vampire Diaries, this IS NOT a list of episodes to see before you check into S4. YOU MUST WATCH ALL OF THE EPISODES.

1.) “Brave New World” (2×02)

Best Bite: Stefan helping Caroline in the bathroom. He’s cleaning her up, he’s calming her down, talking her through. He’s exactly what she needs, exactly when she needs it. The entire scene is so moving and heart crushing and beautiful. I’ve never gotten through it without crying. Special shout out to another moment I never get through without crying: Stefan waking Elena to take her on the Ferris Wheel. These two get so few sweet moments.

Stuff to think about: Damon: “Caroline of all people will not make it as a vampire.” EAT YOUR WORDS DAMON!!!

Character I’d like to set on fire: Sorry to say it but UGH! Bonnie!! So judgy!! What happened to Caroline wasn’t even Damon’s fault (for a change)!! And it’s not Caroline’s fault either!!

Moment to stake: Damon nearly staking our favorite vampire Barbie. He soothes her and then threatens her? HORRIBLE!!! Thank GOD for Elena and Stefan.

Fave Damon-ism: “Aren’t you worried that one day all the forest animals will band together and fight back? I mean, surely, they talk.”

Biggest Question: I would still like to know how Caroline got into her house. Do we assume that Sherriff Forbes picked her up without talking to the doctors and then invited her into her own house?

The song I play: “All This Time” by OneRepublic. Another song I danced to at my wedding and a song that so perfectly embodies one of the most beautiful moments between Stefan and Elena.

2.) “Kill Or Be Killed” (2×05)

Best Bite: Caroline saves the day!! She stops Elena while she’s blathering about. She takes out a shit talking Mason (sweet shot to the twig and giggle berries followed by a beautiful kick to the gut) and then she gets the best of the deputies and risks everything by showing her new colors. Caroline is a bad ass!! “Hi Mom.”

Stuff to think about: Why weren’t the Sherriff’s deputies full of vervain? And if they were, how was Damon able to drink them?

Character I’d like to set on fire: Mason. He did a bad, bad thing. I blame him for the death of those deputies, not Caroline.

Moment to stake: I cannot stand to see my Salvatore boys shot. IT HURTS SO BAD!! It hurts to watch Damon get shot while he’s down but she shoots Stefan when he’s not even moving? OUCH!!!!!!

Fave Damon-ism: Damon is pretty awesome in this episode which means a lack of his usual sarcasm. I LOVE when he refuses to kill Liz because: “You’re my friend.” And then he tells Elena that Stefan didn’t drink but needs to. Very selfless Damon moves.

Biggest Question: How was Mason SURE that Stefan and Damon would follow him into the woods? That plan sure worked out for him, didn’t it?

The song I play: “I Need To Know” by Kris Allen. This song plays when Elena lets Stefan drink from her. “It’s you and me Stefan. Always.” Such a moving and important moment for the both of them.

**I have to give some love to 2×04 (“Memory Lane”) because the flash backs were STUNNING and for the first time, I almost believed that what Katherine felt for Stefan was real. Love her or not, lady is a BAMF.

3.) “Plan B” (2×06)

Best Bite: I love that both the very beginning of the episode and the very end are illustrations of absolute love. One makes me giggle with delight while the other makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry forever. That is what Stefan and Elena mean to me my friends. This episode says it all.

Stuff to think about: Tyler: “You know what I think of Caroline Forbes. She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Katherine. She makes one hell of a mess by having Jenna stab herself. And knowing what her end plans are, she’s just doing it to be a bitch.

Moment to stake: SO MANY!! For starters: I am not a big fan of Mason after what he did to the boys.  But what Damon does to him is too much. I seriously cannot even watch. And I am a fan of Reservoir Dogs.That is saying A LOT!!

Fave Damon-ism: “Werewolf thing aside, the guy’s a surfer.”

Biggest Question: Does Katherine actually have any feelings at all for Stefan or is she just f**king with everyone?

The song I play: “Wires” by Athlete. Every time I hear it I see Stefan’s face. And that face. I CANNOT EVEN!!! Paul Wesley should be fined for making that face. It stings like nothing else I have ever seen on TV.

3.) “By the Light of the Moon” (2×11)

Best Bite: This is not my favorite episode. I love Elijah. And Tyler’s transformation is HUGE! But it isn’t until THAT ONE MOMENT. The moment that made me BAWL from happiness. Only because I was never stupid enough to believe that it would happen. But sure enough: Stefan gets out of the tomb and then runs to Elena. Not only does she embrace him, but she kisses his brains out! Absolute perfection and everything I needed to take me through a long, holiday hiatus.

Stuff to think about: This is the first of many deals Elena makes with Elijah. How many does he keep? How many does Elena keep?

Character I’d like to set on fire: Jules. I do not like her sniffing around. She is going to cause trouble.

Moment to stake: Watching Tyler turn for the first time. Oh. My. God. OUCH FOR A MILLION YEARS!!

Fave Damon-ism: “You should get out, enjoy the sun. Oh, wait, you can’t!”

Biggest Question: Is there anyone Jenna will not open the door to?

The song I play: “Longest Night” by Howie Day. A beautiful choice for a beautiful CODA.

5.) “The Sun Also Rises” (2×21)

Best Bite: Hard to find a best part of an episode so fraught with horror. But I love that Jenna tries SO HARD to fight all of it, to sacrifice herself in her last moments. I love that Elena is able to tell Jenna to turn it off. I love that as she dies, Elena is looking into Stefan’s eyes and I hate that he can do nothing to stop it! I love that Damon knows enough to set Elena next to Stefan and that Stefan knows enough to tell Damon to take her away. I love that at the end, all of Elena’s friends are beside her when she lays her family to rest. I even love that Damon keeps his injury a secret, just to minimize the damage done. It’s all sad. But the unity is lovely. They are a family.

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I’m sorry that you’ve lost so many people.” Jeremy: “I still have you.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Greta. Because she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t even care. It’s not vampire nature, it’s not for the good of anything. She just SUCKS!

Moment to stake: Um… this whole episode? The whole thing makes me cry my eyes out. Jenna losing her life, Alaric and Jeremy being unable to say goodbye. All of it. So painful.

Fave Damon-ism: “That’s my brother for ya. Always cleaning up my messes.”

Biggest Question: If the vampire wasn’t Jenna, it would be Caroline. Which would you chose? And what if Klaus would have allowed Elena to chose? Jenna over Stefan?

The song I play: “Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)” by Birdy – Always an instant tear jerker. So gorgeous and so heart crushing.


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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 2×03, 2×04, 2×05 & 2×06

2×03 – “Near Wild Heaven”

Overview: Nathan and Haley let their friends throw them “better late than never” bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Random Observations:

  • I love that Nathan isn’t even trying to stop Tim. He just rolls his eyes and throws his hands up like there’s nothing he can do. It’s adorable. But who he is now is nothing like who he used to be, TIM!
  • Haley is darling, getting all flustered over the thought of Nathan with a stripper. Poor girl.
  • Only Dan could be this manipulative from his sick bed. Wanting Lucas to see those pictures, pretending to be a nice guy. Disgusting.
  • Why on earth would Mouth volunteer himself to get things thrown at him and be rolled into things? Also, I want to play.
  • 4 guys sitting around doing Cosmo quizzes. I KNEW this stuff happened. Lucas is the best. “What the hell are you reading?” His face kills me!
  • OMG Nathan’s face when he realizes who’s on the porno. SO DEAD!!!!! “Tim, is that your mom?” Effing hilarious. I had forgotten how damn funny this episode was.
  • HATE how awkward and distant things are between Keith and Karen. Makes me sad.
  • This episode is full of great faces. Haley’s when the tow truck driver strips off his pants? Priceless!
  • And the faces Lucas and Nathan exchange when Tim gets arrested? LAUGHING SO HARD!!  Then when Nathan sees Haley hanging out of the party bus? I could watch those faces on a loop for ages.
  • You know what else I could watch on a loop? Haley flying off the stripper pole. Absolutely fabulous.
  • Nathan looks like such a little boy when the stripper is coming on to him. So shy and sweet. So uncomfortable! I Love him.

Best Bit: Nathan stripping off his shirt and telling Haley he wants her. Whoa baby! Actually, I love their entire exchange. From the moment Nathan walks into the room (I never thought for one second he was taking the stripper up on her offer) until Haley tells him, “Honey, you’re gonna love the homework.” So sweet and sexy. Those two are just perfect.

Ugh! Moment: That slunt stripper propositioning Nathan in Haley’s house. What a whore!

Fave Quote: Haley: “All right. I’m off. All the important numbers are by the phone: police, fire, pimps.”

Biggest Question:  Is Lucas actually buying any of Dan’s BS? Is he really that curious about his father?

On My iPod: “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas

2×04 – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Overview: Brooke gets a new neighbor, Nathan & Haley have a new fight, Peyton tries a new hobby and Dan reverts to his old ways.

Random Observations:

  • “Are you writing a song or are you planning on killing me?” Could we just watch them live in domestic bliss forever and ever? I swear it would never get boring to me.
  • I may actually pee my pants laughing at Nathan’s Dan impression. Keith’s response is equally great. “At least the cardboard one’s polite.”
  • Every time I see Felix (barf!) I want to stab him in the neck. Every. Single. Time. Most especially when he hits on Haley and talks shit to Nathan. How hot is protective Nathan though? “A little close aren’t you?”
  • What is up with that guy? You can’t work with him unless you’re a coke head? What kind of sense does that make?
  • “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.” WHO EFFING TALKS LIKE THAT?? What a loser! GOD I hate that kid.
  • Love that ‘Vette tough. Very sexy car. I don’t blame Lucas for turning it down but it must have been a super tough decision.
  • Keith is THE GREATEST. Nathan really needs a guy like him to look up to. I’m glad he’s standing up to Dan and not letting him back in his life but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a father figure. And Nathan is so excited to get to work on the car with him.
  • I don’t know if there is something wrong with me or what but I totally just cried watching Nathan & Haley make up. The way he reaches out to touch her face, insisting that she keep her gift, THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER (GOD that look could melt an iceberg), the excitement in her voice when she realizes that it’s hers to keep, the way she throws herself into his arms. They are just too precious for words.

Best Bit: Nathan is SOOOOOO cute when he gets all excited to show Haley her keyboard. He believes in her so much and his smile could light up the universe. It’s all just perfect. Right up until they fight about it. Which leads to:

Ugh! Moment: Every time Nathan and Haley fight it’s an UGH! Moment. I can’t handle it.

Fave Quote: It’s a tie between two of Nathan’s great retorts while talking to Dan. Dan: “Hey, I had a heart attack. I could’ve died.” Nathan: “Dad, we both know that’s never gonna happen. You can’t jerk anybody’s chains if you die.” And, Dan: “How’s your wife?” Nathan: “Happier than yours.”

Biggest Question: Is there anyone Dan has not tried to buy off with a car?

On My iPod: “Sway” by The Perishers

2×05 – “I Will Dare”

Overview: Felix (barf!) sets up a dare night for our favorite Tree Hill High kids and tries to get closer to Brooke.

Random Observations:

  • I would NEVER have agreed to do this dare night if Felix (barf!) was the one in charge.
  • “Well, ya know, in some countries, you can buy coffee without actually having to have sex with the cafe owner. Those countries aren’t nearly as much fun for me, but what are you gonna do?” Andy is hilarious. If Karen isn’t going to be with Keith, I’m glad he’s around.
  • Can you imagine being the sales woman when Lucas comes to return the clothes right off his back?
  • I cannot handle Nathan’s face during this scene in the massage parlor. WAY TOO FUNNY!!!! “I’m out.” I bet no one wrapped in a sheet has ever run faster.
  • CHOKING on laughter at the card that Nathan has to read. “Good evening, Mr and Mrs Tree Hill resident. We’re selling these delicious cookies to raise money for ‘Lady Leprechauns’, an organization that empowers us girls to be strong, beautiful, independent women of tomorrow.” His face in that hat. DEAD! And then Keith sees them as he drives by. I’m crying.
  • Peyton and Haley at the baseball thing are hysterical!! Peyton get’s slammed in the head with a ball, Haley moves in to check on her and then gets whacked in the back. I don’t know why that’s so funny to me.
  • I would never, ever in a billion years get into an open grave. Buffy I am not.
  • I honestly do not remember this conversation between Peyton and Haley in the church about Haley throwing up before the wedding. It makes my heart lurch to think of that moment before she marries Nathan.
  • I haven’t said anything about Anna & Lucas. Oh, right. That’s because I don’t care.

Best Bit: Nathan in a skirt. Duh. As I told my friend Kristen, baby has some sexy legs!

Ugh! Moment: “Dare You To Move,” for a scene that is NOT Nathan and Haley? FOR SHAME!!!!!!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “So this is legitimate right? This is like a massage?” Tim: “Dude, shut up! I am concentrating.” Nathan: “Yeah, you know what, I really don’t think I need to be here for this.” Masseuse: “Oh, it won’t take long.” Nathan: “Yeah, I’ll bet.”

Biggest Question: Did really no one see Lucas start to pull those photos out of his pocket? How blind are they?

On My iPod: “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot & “Collide” by Howie Day

2×06 – “We Might As Well Be Strangers”

Overview: New kids in town mean new couples. And new opportunities mean new challenges.

Random Observations:

  • Chris Keller!! He’s such an ass. But an ass that makes me smile. I just can’t help myself.
  • Awww!! Whitey. I sure have missed his crankiness. “How the hell should I know? Do I look like the Post Master General?”
  • I love that Andy assumes that Lucas is a little kid. Hilarious.
  • Oh Nathan. He’s so worried about being away from Haley if he goes to High Flyers. The stress in his face just breaks my heart.
  • Anna says that they “beat Our Lady of Peace every year” at basketball. Doesn’t she change schools all the time though?
  • Um, can I please have Andy’s yard?
  • I don’t think I ever realized that Keith was the first one that wanted to open a dealership. Probably because I have tried to block out all of his time with Jules. He just seems so happy. And then to remember how it’s taken away. Ugh. I don’t like it.
  • Lucas confronting Karen in the kitchen is so funny. I love their relationship.
  • Damn it Nathan! Why do you have to be so damn perfect? It’s horrible! You can both have your dreams!! You can!! UGH!!
  • “Welcome to Tric.” Iconic.
  • And then Nathan’s flash back from the series finale!!! I’m gonna go ahead and cry now.

Best Bit: Nathan and Haley watching the meteor shower together. He believes in her so much and he’s just trying to get her to believe in herself. He’s willing to risk his dreams to make that happen. That’s true love.

Ugh! Moment: Nathan lying to Haley about High Flyers. BAD NATHAN!! SO BAD!!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “I already know my future. It’s with Haley.”

Biggest Question: Why does Nathan think that Haley can’t have her music if he goes to camp? And why would Haley tell him that she’d only play when he got back? KIDS ARE DUMB!

On My iPod: “Glad” by Tyler Hilton (I would, of course, have “Let Me Fall” by Bethany Joy Lenz on my iPod if it was available. Grrr).


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My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part One

Heaven help me. The TVD Hiatus is already killing me and it has only been a few weeks. We still have 4 months (at least) before the Season 4 premiere. In order to ease the pain a bit, I am re-watching 15 of my favorite episodes, 5 from each season. Please note: these are listed in order of original air dates, not by preference. Also, if you have NEVER watched The Vampire Diaries, this IS NOT a list of episodes to see before you check into S4. YOU MUST WATCH ALL OF THE EPISODES.

1.) “Lost Girls” (1×06)

Best Bite: “You said you wanted to know. I’m not going to hold anything back.” And while that is a tiny bit of a lie, Stefan does share a butt ton of information with Elena. His actual age. Where he came from. His history with Katherine. The reason he’s fighting with Damon. I also kind of love the flashbacks. Okay, I love them A LOT. Aaaaand Damon & Vicki’s boozy dance off. Love that too.

Stuff to think about: Stefan: “That’s the thing about Damon. He doesn’t get mad. He just gets even.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Damon. Hilarious? Yes. Maniacal ass hole? Also, yes. What he does to Vicki is really horrible.

Moment to stake: I hate seeing Elena afraid of Stefan. It seriously rips me apart. Hours ago they were making kissy face at the car wash and now she’s crying in fear of him. Tragic.

Fave Damon-ism: “I’m at the Sizzler. I had the buffet.” “Don’t get blood on the couch!”

Biggest Question: Still dying to know exactly how Uncle Zach is related to our Salvatore brothers.

The song I play: For boozy dancing I love the Anberlin cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” For sobbing against my front door, Jason Walker’s “Down” is perfect.

2.) “The Turning Point” (1×10)

Best Bite: Up until this point, Elena has been hesitant to really FEEL her feelings for Stefan. But when she feels them, when she shares them with Stefan, all is right. And all of the unicorns in the world run on every rainbow they can find.  “I love you Stefan.” “Don’t hide from me.”

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I don’t want to talk about my future Stefan. Because everything you’re saying is making it perfectly clear that you’re not going to be in it.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Logan. What an ass. And really bad at being a vampire.

Moment to stake: Damon using and compelling Caroline. Not cool dude. Not cool.

Fave Damon-ism: “But we’re a team! We could travel the world together! We could try out for the Amazing Race!”

Biggest Question: Where did Stefan go to get Elena a glass of water? Niagara falls? Dude was gone for AGES!!

The song I play: I absolutely LOVE “Cut” by Plumb but I danced at my wedding to “This is Beautiful” by Tyrone Wells. It’s a tossup!

3.) “Let The Right One In” (1×17)

Best Bite: Sure, they’re in love. Or so they say. But Elena really proves it when she not only risks her life to get Stefan out of the house of horrors but is willing to feed him her blood as well.

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I’ve just never… You were like this other person.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Frederick. Duh. The countless stabs just are not enough.

Moment to stake: It’s a tie. I HATE watching Stefan being tortured. But he is shirtless… I also hate that Elena seems seriously put off when her vampire boyfriend acts like a vampire. Get a grip lady.

Fave Damon-ism: “I understand. He’s the reason you live, his love lifts you up where you belong. I get it.”

Biggest Question: Damon winds the clock. Does he do other house hold chores as well?

The song I play: “All You Wanted” by Sounds Under Radio. Moves me every time.

4.) “Under Control” (1×18)

Best Bite: Stefan is freaking out. He doesn’t know what to do but he knows that he needs to be honest with Elena. He’s obviously struggling and it’s clearly hard for him to admit his weakness. But he does it. And of course, she wants to do anything she can to help him. They love each other. “I’m afraid of what I could do to you.” “I’m not. I’m not.”

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I know it’s hard to understand. But Stefan’s different. He would never do anything to hurt me.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Uncle John. And to think, this is only the beginning of his douchey-ness.

Moment to stake: One of THE most disgusting moments in TV history: Stefan licking Julie Cooper (a.k.a. Mrs. Donovan) off of his fingers. BARF!

Fave Damon-ism: “You ask, I come. I’m easy like that.” “No, Elena! I will not go to your bedroom with you!”

Biggest Question: Damon knows about Stefan’s “Ripper” side. Why doesn’t he feel the need to warn Elena?

The song I play: “Brick by Boring Brick” by Paramore. Great tune for dancing with your alcoholic, vampire boyfriend.

5.) “Founder’s Day” (1×22)

Best Bite: The editing flow between Stefan & Elena getting dressed in their 1864 gear is flawless and emotional and absolutely stunning but, for supreme best, I have to go with Damon and Katherine on the Gilbert porch. This one scene had the entire fandom in heat for months between seasons one and two. Serious intensity.

Stuff to think about: Damon: “Elena is not Katherine.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Uncle John. Again. He killed Anna and tried to set the Salvatores on fire. He has it coming.

Moment to stake: Losing Anna was heart crushing. And it’s hard to watch Caroline go down, knowing what it leads to.

Fave Damon-ism: “I’m here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.”

Biggest Question: Were John & the V5 Deputies able to collect ALL of the tomb vampires? Could some of them still be wandering around?

The song I play: “Bloodstream” by Stateless. Obviously.


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