Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×17, 1×18, 1×19 & 1×20

Happy OTH Wednesday friends!! I just love these days. Before we get started, don’t forget to follow the best Rob Buckley fans on the web: we love @Robaholics!!! Now then, after a batch of some of my not favorite episodes, we are back with the good stuff. Basketball, cheering, fighting, stripping Ravens and three magical words. So excited to share this with all of you!

1×17 – “Spirit in the Night”

Overview: During a road trip for a cheer competition and basketball game, Peyton continues to try to get back into Brooke’s good graces as Haley tries to balance her relationships with Lucas & Nathan.

Random Observations:

  • “Psycho hose-beast.” Great Wayne’s World reference. An insult I still love using to this day.
  • The scene with Lucas & Nathan makes me think ahead to S6. Nathan comes full circle when he is the one who has to coach a jerk on the basketball court.
  • “I thought one of you was bad enough.” Poor Keith. I’d like to help him set that Dan cardboard cutout on fire. Right after putting it through a wood chipper.
  • Whitey is the greatest. All the yelling and insulting and stirring the pot. What a crack up. I’d totally hang out with him.
  • Do they really take points off for complexion? That seems kind of harsh. And rude. Especially when dealing with teenagers.
  • “I’ll give her a jazz finger.” I LOVE HALEY JAMES. That is all.
  • Mouth’s amazing cheer routine still makes me laugh. He’s really good! Who knew?
  • I DIE at Nathan’s face when the male strippers come out on stage. At all the guys’ faces actually. Absolutely hilarious.
  • It’s so great that they make you think that Whitey is yelling at his team when really he’s yelling at Karen & Larry. Perfect.
  • Love, love, LOVE that Nathan calls Lucas out for his dick treatment of Haley. It says so much about his feelings for her. He wants her and he wants her to be happy.
  • Things are softening between Lucas &Nathan, poor Keith has lost Karen and his business and Brooke is still having a hard time forgiving Peyton. Oh, and Dan is still a huge ass hole.
  • Poor Nathan, all alone in that empty apartment. My GOD his parents suck.

Best Bit: It’s a tie between Nathan pulling Haley into his hotel room for a little kissy time and when she jumps into his arms after the cheer competition. What can I say? I just cannot get enough Naley love!

Ugh! Moment: Lucas telling Haley she looks ridiculous in her cheerleading uniform. SO RUDE. What a jerk.

Fave Quote: Haley: “I’m a born klutz; I almost drowned in the ball bin at Chuck E. Cheese.”

Biggest Question: Didn’t Dan drop out of college his freshman year? What right does he have telling Keith to go to college?

On My iPod: “100 Years” by Five For Fighting and “All Kinds Of Time” by Fountains Of Wayne

 1×18 – “To Wish Impossible Things”

Overview: The Ravens basketball team is up for auction and the ladies are willing to pay, not knowing that everyone will be getting a bit more than they bargained for.

Random Observations:

  • I love that each of the basketball players come on stage showing their real personalities. It’s brilliant. Tim is a dunce, Jake is adorable, Lucas is awkward, and Nathan is perfectly cocky.
  • Dear GOD help me. This entire bit with Nathan on the auction block is flawless. The flexing of his beautiful body, Haley’s facial expressions and of course Peyton’s comments. “It smells like sex in here.” And “That’s a creepy threesome.” I DIE A MILLION TIMES. Which is also about how many times I’ve watched it.
  • Poor Haley. Her face as she watches Nathan & Peyton walk away is kind of horrible. Her vulnerability is written all over it.
  • “I slipped.” And his laugh. GAH. I cannot.
  • I don’t know y’all. I love Mouth and Brooke getting to be closer friends, their relationship is so great, but the side by side lap dance kind of skeeves me out a bit.
  • OMG. Deb & Tim and Dan walking in? PRICELESS!! Talk about WOOPS!
  • Ugh. Lucas. SHUT UP. Quit yelling at Haley for crap you’ve done yourself. Such a hypocrite. But the way Haley explains it to him, how she’s falling for Nathan, how she feels turned inside out by him, it’s just amazing. Her fear and her excitement. She perfectly explains what it feels like to fall in love for the first time. I get butterflies myself just hearing her talk about it.
  • I HATE NICKI. SHE SUCKS SO MUCH. I just want put her in a canon and shoot her far, far away from Jake.
  • Poor Brooke. She breaks my heart in that scene in the car. And then she has to tell Lucas her big secret. Horrible!
  • Brooke isn’t the only one with a bomb to drop. GO KEITH!

Best Bit: Seriously? Nathan strips. Need I say more?

Ugh! Moment: Lucas catching Peyton & Nathan kissing. OF COURSE that’s when he walks up. I can only be thankful that he didn’t blab about it to Haley.

Fave Quote: Haley: “If I look at this tattoo 20 years from now, and it reminds me of how I feel today, I think I’ll be okay with that.”

Biggest Question: Did Nathan actually come on to Peyton? He tries to play it off, and then kind of admits it, but whether out of fear or stupidity, it still feels like he really did.

On My iPod: none (much to my surprise)

 1×19 – “How Can You Be Sure?”

Overview: Brooke and Lucas deal with the aftermath of having sex while Nathan and Haley deal with the issue of not having it.

Random Observations:

  • Damn it Karen. You’re making a HUGE mistake!!! TOO SAD!!
  • Here Lucas, let me shove the stick I just peed on in your face. Poor them though. Super scary.
  • “I am up.” Yeah Nathan, I’ll bet you are. Looks like everyone is getting a surprise! Nathan does not seem stoked about Haley’s tattoo.
  • Ugh. Nicki. Go die in a deep dark hole.
  • Oh Haley. “You can get a tattoo removed Nathan.” Yeah. With a ton of really painful skin grafting. I can’t really blame Nathan for being confused.
  • “I can’t breathe when I’m around him and when I’m not around him, I want to be. I’m just… I’m totally in love with him.” Butterflies. AGAIN. As always, Haley finds a way to perfectly express those falling in love feelings. If only I could find a way to bottle them and sell them on the black market. I’d make a fortune. If I didn’t use them all up myself. And even though it should be weird, considering the history, Peyton has been just the right person for Haley to talk to about all of it.
  • Piss off Dan.
  • Fun fact about me: I absolutely LOVE SO MUCH the way James says “comfortable,” pronouncing every single syllable. He still does it in interviews to this day. It makes me swoon. I am weird.
  • Now that THAT’S out of the way, I can only imagine how Haley must be feeling, like she’s not enough, like he doesn’t want her. It must be chewing a hole in her.
  • OUCH. Lucas & Karen. Their conversation (and the slap) is just heart crushing. One of the last things a parent wants to hear from their teenage child.
  • “Wow. There it is.” As;dklfjspdgjsdpgjspdfjspojdspfj!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH CLAPPING AND GOOFY GRINNING!!! I just love them. So much. There are no words to express it. It makes me want to explode from the inside out. Also, the song is PERFECT.
  • The Coda for this episode is SO sad. The song does not help. “Everybody hurts.”

Best Bit: Obviously. Nathan and Haley exchanging their first of many “I love you’s.” Is there a sweeter sound anywhere?

Ugh! Moment: Lucas & Brooke. The bitter exchanges, the name calling, the lying about a pregnancy? It’s all terrible. Really terrible.

Fave Quote: Nathan: “Haley, you got a tattoo for god sakes. It just freaks me out a little bit because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you. I just don’t want to do anything to pressure you. Or drive you away. Even though sometimes I can’t help it. Just like I can’t help that I fell in love with you. Cause I did. I love you, Haley. And it scares me, a little bit, but, there it is.”

Biggest Question: What was Brooke’s motivation for lying to Lucas about the pregnancy? Just to make him sweat, to punish him?

On My iPod: “Heaven” by The Fire Theft

1×20 – “What Is And What Should Never Be”

Overview: Haley throws her first big party and Nathan gets his first job. One goes slightly better than the other.

Random Observations:

  • FYI, this episode is named after one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. Supernatural also has an episode named after it. GREAT tune.
  • I used to have huge, amazing parties at my first apartment but I never remember it getting that trashed. Maybe my friends were nicer than Nathan’s? I don’t blame him at all for escaping to Haley’s house. BTW, it’s like the CUTEST THING that he just crawls in her window to actually just sleep with her. Makes me all squirmy!!! In the good way!
  • At this point, shouldn’t Peyton & Lucas just do it? The damage has been done. Why not get a little something out of it?
  • Before “I love you,” Haley’s tattoo really had Nathan freaked out. Now? Do you notice the look on his face when he sees it? Priceless. “Tim, go home!”
  • I love Brooke but at this point in the show, she’s never really been all that friendly to Haley. Not to mention, she’s currently fighting with two of Haley’s actual good friends. Pretty sure she has no right to be all that butt hurt about the party.
  • Nathan’s pretzels are so sad!! Is it ok that I really want to laugh at him and then give him a great big hug? And how does he make even a pretzel ball cap look so hot? What is up with that? “Isn’t that what they used to call your mom? Hot & Twisted?” Oh Nathan. BE MORE EFFING ADORABLE PLEASE!!!!!!
  • Have I mentioned before how much I love the Lucas & Keith moments? Lucas really was the lucky one of the Scott boys when it came to father figures. And then Karen and Keith and a baby? Excuse me while I go sob.
  • I hate seeing Brooke with Nicki and continuing to be such a bitch to Peyton. I understand her pain but Brooke is better than this and it sucks to watch her get so low.
  • CHICK FIGHT!! Nicki gets in one hell of a bitch slap. Slunt is CRAZY. And Lucas’ slutty secret is spilled. He is so screwed. And this time, not in the good way.
  • Poor Nathan. He works, doesn’t get to party, his apartment gets thrashed, he gets arrested AND has to deal with Dan on top of it. Thank God he has Haley.
  • Brooke crawling into Peyton’s bed somehow feels so right. After everything, they have both been crushed by the same boy. And the song by The Cure that plays is superbly chosen. GREAT scene.

Best Bit: Nathan throwing Dan a pretzel from the floor and watching him take a bite. Awesome. Eat mall dirt ass hat!

Ugh! Moment: Every time I have to look at Nicki’s face. Have I mentioned that I hate her skanky ass?

Fave Quote: Haley: (to Nathan) “I’ll kiss you later.”

Biggest Question: In the very beginning, when they want us to think that Nathan is in bed with another chick, but really isn’t, is that actually James? Or just a really great look-a-like?

On My iPod: “I Belive In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness & “Apart” by The Cure


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4 responses to “Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×17, 1×18, 1×19 & 1×20

  1. Noel Breaux

    LOVE LOVE LOVEY LOVE. “How Can You Be Sure?” is one of my all time favorites. For obvious reasons of course, but the way Nathan tells Haley is just so authentic to how young love like that starts. It’s absolute adorable perfection. And the Boy Toy Auction?? LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY OVARIES. But I do adore Haley and Lucas’ date. The water/milk balloon fight is presh. I love how they just wanted a night to get to just be them again. I think we have all been there when our lives are suddenly changing before our eyes and all you want is a night of normal. And the catfight with slunt Nicki is amazing. That shot of Peyton launching herself over the counter at her is the best thing ever. Best. Nicki can eat a bag of Richards.

  2. Kaire

    Everything is Naley and nothing freaking hurts in these episodes.. with exception to the damn pool scene with Peyton which everyone knows I hate! Yes, he was coming on to her and Ive never gotten over that.. just glad it was that one time! I loveee the I love you scene and the tatoo ( both really) the JL’s were so perfect in the early years just something so amazing that was flowing between them.. it stayed over the years but these beg episodes hold a special place in my heart! Nikki the queen of slunts! Im so glad P Sawyer rocked her ass.. Id have rocked Brookes just for bringing Nikki! Poor Keith and my word Lucas was the lucky one! Give me daddy Keith over daddy Dan anyday!!! Great episodes and like I said lots of classic Naley! I cant believe we wont have any new moments with them! #givethembacktous

  3. Dawn

    The only thing better than a boy actually kissing you, is a boy telling you ‘I’ll kiss you later”. Just try and concentrate on anything else until that kiss happens!!

  4. 1X19 I just watched the other day and thought and tweeted the EXACT same thing about Nathans comfortable. I’m pretty sure I picked it up from you! hahaha, it is to die for.

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