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Oscars! 2013 Round Table Questionnaire

I watched the Oscars last night and so did a few of my friends. Some of them agreed to talk to me about it!! See below for insight from JemaKate Linnea Welsh, Cindy, Christina, Melissa Miller, Thomas Galvin and Melissa Leaman.

Are you happy with the Best Picture Winner?
Jema: I haven’t seen it. Happy for Ben though. That beard is dedication.
Kate: Yes! I loved Argo. A lot.
Christina: I was surprised, but satisfied. Argo was damn good.
Cindy: Haven’t seen any of the nominated movies yet, but based on everything I’ve heard, sure. lol
Christina: I only saw three of them, and if was just between those three, I’d have still picked Argo. (For the record, I only saw: Argo, Django Unchained, and Silver Linings Playbook)
Melissa M: So happy. I LOVED Argo. So much. It was my favorite movie of the year, with Silver Linings Playbook a pretty close second for entirely different reasons. I just thought Argo was masterfully put together and I will never get over Ben not being up for director. I hold grudges.
Thomas: Silver Linings Playbook was the only one of these that I managed to drag myself off the couch to see, but I really liked it. You know, aside from the whole “where the hell is Katniss’ bow and arrow” thing.
Melissa L: I was very happy with Argo. The only one of the nominees that I haven’t seen yet is Amour (it hasn’t been showing in town until this weekend) and I think Argo overall deserved it most. It was a stellar movie. And to speak to Thomas’ below point (an excellent one) I would consider Argo in the fun movie category simply because everyone I knew was on the edge of their seat, despite it being a historical film. The suspense and drama were there, where so many nominees lacked any real engagement with the audience.
Thomas: Here’s the thing, though. I think the fact that so many of us haven’t seen all of the nominated films, or almost any of them, is very telling. The Oscars is trying to be all edgy and cool and relevant, which is why they started wearing a backwards baseball cap and listening to 70s rock music in the gym, and also why they hired Seth MacFarlane to host. The problem is, it’s not really the format of the award shows that’s out of touch, it’s the awards themselves. Silver Linings Playbook was a great movie, but The Avengers couldn’t even get a nomination? Same thing with The Dark Knight a few years ago. The Oscars thinks they’re “above” fun movies, and that makes them irrelevant to a lot of people. Silver Linings was probably the movie out of the ones nominated, but … so what?
Thomas: Also, I’m happy Zero Dark Thirty didn’t win. We have enough rednecks in this country just itching for the chance to waterboard a brown person without Hollywood telling them that that’s how we caught Bin Laden.

How about Best Actress?
Jema: Love Jennifer. So happy for her.
Kate: I haven’t seen that one yet, but I like Jennifer Lawrence in general. I did think Jessica Chastain was great in Zero Dark Thirty, so I was rooting for her, but I’m not upset at the result.
Christina: Pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong. This was another huge surprise. I actually gasped when they called her name, and for a brief second, wondered if I was imagining it? Here’s the thing: Silver Linings Playbook was a GOOD movie. I really liked it, and I especially liked the topic it tackled. But I never would have guessed it would be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, you know, let alone all these acting awards. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve the award, because let’s face it, Jennifer Lawrence was excellent in it. Totally convincing. It was just a surprise to me all around. A pleasant surprise, because girl deserves ALL the awards.
Cindy: Again, I haven’t seen the movie, but I was rooting for her in a way that was very unfair to the rest of the women. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have switched over to watch the last hour of the show after “The Walking Dead” if I hadn’t wanted to see her win her first Oscar so much. If Chastain would have beaten her out I would have held an irrational grudge against her forever.
Melissa M: So. Freaking. Happy. Jennifer Lawrence is a national treasure. I don’t have a problem with KStew like so many do, but in every way KStew is awkwardly awkward, JLaw is adorably awkward. She just says what she is thinking and it’s amazing to watch her. Plus she is a flawless actress to boot, which I suppose is the point of this category.
Thomas: Jennifer Lawrence is basically my favorite person in the whole world. She’s like this beautiful tomboy fangirl adorkaclutz who somehow stumbled into being one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood. My only problem with her winning Best Actress was that she didn’t also take home an award for “Being Jennifer Lawrence.”
Thomas: Although if she had joined hands with Quvenzhané Wallis and threatened to eat poison berries unless they were both allowed to win, I wouldn’t have minded.
Melissa L: There was no one I wanted to win more than J-Law. She’s perfection and she more than earned it.

Was there one specific Oscar moment that you loved?
Jema: Jennifer Lawrence falling over was amazing and perfect for who she is.. she is just a normal girl. I adore her. i love her dorkiness and she is ‘awkward’ but relatable unlike KStew who needs to go away. Also, the 9 year old (its midnight here.. I can’t remember her name.. oops!) nominee flexing as she was called for the best actress category. Adorable.
Kate: The Sound of Music joke when they introduced Christopher Plummer! That completely made my night.
Christina: The Sound of Music joke was legit funny, and my first laugh-out-loud moment of the night (sad, eh?). I’d have to say the ONE moment I loved… Ben Affleck’s breathless, yet coherent acceptance speech for Best Picture. His face when they won was excellent. He was in total shock, still managed to say sweet things about his (awesome) wife, and had a meaningful message that people can actually take to heart, you know? Unlike Anne Hathaway’s “message,” which was just SO condescending. (I have a DEEP hatred for her… I just do). Also, I think next year there should be a category for Best Beard. Ben would win, hands down.
Cindy: Since I only watched the last hour, Jennifer winning & of course Affleck with that fantastically perfect speech.
Melissa M: Like everyone else, I thought the Sound of Music gag was perfect. But, because I’m mean, my favorite moment is probably how Catherine Zeta Jones did an awful lip sync and then Jennifer Hudson came out and made her look like a fool by blowing it away. Live.
Thomas: The fact that the Oscars introduced “Jaws me off” to the pop culture lexicon.
Melissa L: I’ll ditto laughing at the Sound of Music gag. But I’m not actually a big Jennifer Hudson fan and yet she was by far my favorite moment. The show’s focus on music at the movies (the theme for the year) had a lot of Oscar winners on stage, but Jennifer was the performance that showed she EARNED her award.
Thomas: You know what they need to do? Have an Oscars all-star team. The Best Screenwriter of the year gets to write a movie starring the Best Actor and Best Actress, scored by Best Whatever They Call The Guy Who Does the Music, directed by Best Director, etc etc, just to see what happens when you get the most talented people in the world working on a single project. My prediction: it would be a total train wreck.

Is there any specific Oscar race that you were hoping would go a different way?
Jema: I am really disappointed Hugh didn’t win. He deserved it.
Kate: Not a specific race, I guess, but I would have liked Zero Dark Thirty to get some recognition. Though I wouldn’t give it Best Picture over Argo. Really, I would have wanted one of those to get Directing, but neither were even nominated.
Christina: Well, if only Argo had been nominated in the Director category… But as it was on stage… DEF Best Supporting Actress (see my complaint above. Hathaway is just the worst.) I would have given it to Sally Field. I didn’t even see Lincoln, but she’s fabulous and I love her. At least Sally has humility, right? “It came true!” *ROLLS MY EYES UNTIL THEY FALL OUT OF MY HEAD* You’re the worst, Hathaway. The Worst. AND you’re from New Jersey. Salt in the wound.
Melissa M: Obviously, director. But given the choices that were available, I’m super happy with Ang Lee. He’s great. But as far as the nominations as they were – Daniel Day Lewis. I do not like him. At all. And I think what Hugh did with Jean Valjean was so much better than what DDL did with Lincoln. Sorry America. Vive La France! 24601! (Just kidding… USA USA USA. Better?)
Thomas: I didn’t really have a dog in most of these races. For me the Oscars are just another night to sit on my couch and make sarcastic comments on Twitter, and I can do that no matter who wins.
Melissa L: If we’re counting upset about nominations, I’m still annoyed that Ben wasn’t in the director race and that John Goodman didn’t get a best supporting nom for Argo (he was fantastic). But as to the actual winners? I wanted anyone but Daniel Day Lewis. And while Paperman was an excellent animated short, I was hoping “Fresh Guac” would pull an upset. If y’all haven’t watched the shorts yet, get on that.
Thomas: I don’t get all the Anne Hathaway hate, so I’m kind of glad she won just because it pissed so many people off.
Cindy: LOL! I don’t get it either, Thomas. I feel like I missed something important in pop culture because I don’t know. As far as her winning though, I could care less. Also, I’m glad I was watching TWD & missed her nipples. Now I only have to navigate the online photo galleries.
Melissa L: Most of the time I like Anne Hathaway. This particular awards season though, she’s felt a bit Taylor Swifty to me is all. With that “oh you really like me” thing over & over. There’s someone who did the same thing a couple years ago and i found it grating then too. As for the ongoing hate of Hathaway, I don’t get that.

There is some controversy about the Gone With the Wind Score being played as Quentin Tarantino collected the award for Best Original Screenplay for Django Unchained. Were you offended? If so, why? If not, why not?
Jema: Who cares? I mean.. Who REALLY CARES???
Kate: I thought it was weird – a bunch of the music choices were weird – but I wasn’t offended.
Cindy: I don’t understand why panties were bunched. Why can’t it be timely BECAUSE they were both about the same era of time? It was Oscar winning music that has somehow universally come to represent the time of the civil war. Anyway, the entire show was produced & directed poorly. Period. What happened to playing the winners music? Didn’t that used to be the norm? Maybe it’s time for the orchestra to take a hike altogether. After the musical extravaganza that was last nights show, I doubt many would object.
Christina: I don’t know. It was an odd choice. But so was playing the Forrest Gump Suite for the people who did the documentary about the homeless artist chick. I wasn’t offended by it, and I don’t get why people are ALWAYS so quick to be offended on behalf of everyone else. I guarantee you it wasn’t MEANT to be offensive. Hell, the orchestra wasn’t even in the same building. There’s a chance they were just told to play something, and not necessarily told WHAT to play (not likely, but possible). They played the Forrest Gump song at least two times. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I didn’t hear any other repeats. Besides, the whole show was just terribly orchestrated (ha!), so anything is possible. People need to stop looking for things to take offense at.
Cindy: We need to do one of these things to vent our issues with over-sensitive whiny babies.
Melissa M: Nope. I mean, was it in poor taste? Yes. But of allllllll the things to be offended by last night, whether during the show or the aftermath, that was the least offensive to me. By a lot.
Thomas: I was asleep. They need to schedule these things for not in the middle of the damn night. It’s great that the sun doesn’t get to you until three hours after us, West Coast, but seriously, you’re only ¼ of our country and the rest of us have to work in the morning.
Melissa L: (I’m going to preface this by saying that if my comment is taken out, I’ll understand, but I’m going to be a bit more personal since I was involved in the discussion last night.)
Here was the thing. A few people on Twitter last night (including myself) made a brief comment at the time about the poor taste of the Academy in playing the GWTW score over a Django Unchained win. And that we found it offensive. That was it. That was the entire commentary. It was no more than the fact that I said I didn’t like the way Seth sexualized a nine year old or that I found the entire boob song intro offensive. We said it, we moved on. The comments were apparently perceived as an attack against GWTW itself. And yet somehow after I tried to simply explain the situation and where the offense was found, I (and those who agreed with me) are overly sensitive, getting our panties in a twist, and whiny babies. (Did I catch all the insults to my opinions from my ‘friends’? I’d hate to miss one).
There was no conspiracy about the evil supremacist Academy. We just stated that something was in poor taste. And none of us who made the comment about it being offensive in the first place made any indication that there was something wrong with people who thought it was fine. I’m still offended, but believe me, I don’t give a shit about when they played GWTW anymore. I’m offended at the attacks on my opinions and my person.

Adele won for “Skyfall” as Best Song. What is your all time favorite Oscar winning song?
Jema: Didn’t Toy Story win? Or Monsters Inc? Those. I live for that stuff.
Kate: “White Christmas” (1942!)
Cindy: “The Way We Were” (1973) or “You Must Love Me” (1996) I totally just went through the whole list. LOL
Christina: Haha, I had to go through the list too. Like I remember this kind of stuff. I’d have to go with “Falling Slowly” (2007). I can’t even think about that song without getting the feels. Or “Streets of Philadelphia,” (1993) but mostly because I love Philadelphia.
Melissa M: Sentimental- “Falling Slowly.” Just because now we all can say “Oscar Winner Eminem” it would be “Lose Yourself.” And not just because Barbra Streisand was the one who announced it that year. But that was pretty cool too.
Thomas: People have favorite Oscar winning songs? Did Metallica ever win?
Cindy: We’re girls, Thomas. You’re lucky we aren’t talking about favorite Oscar dresses of all time. Actually, thats not a bad idea…
Melissa L: “The Way You Look Tonight” (1936), “Moon River” (1961), “Falling Slowly”. I am kind of partial to the ‘94 nominees though since every single song was from a fairytale movie.

Was there a movie you loved that you feel wasn’t given the full honor of the Oscars?
Kate: Oh, I should have saved my Zero Dark Thirty answer for this question. And maybe Hunger Games.
Cindy: This year? I didn’t really have a dog in the race. I’m still pissed about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt2 was ignored last year. For the body of work of the franchise it at least deserved a nomination.
Christina: I didn’t see many of the nominated movies, so I don’t really feel like I can say any movie was “robbed.” However, I was extremely surprised that Ewan McGregor was not nominated for Supporting Actor for The Impossible when Naomi Watts was (and hers was in a Leading Role!). I don’t know if you saw that one, but… GOD. Talk about a downer. But if we’re judging nominations based on how well an actor does in the movie (is this not the criteria?), then I would have given it to McGregor before Watts. McGregor made me ugly cry. In the theater. Alone. Watts did not. Simple (non numerical) math. I wouldn’t have given him the award (hearts for Christoph Waltz!), but I would have at least nominated him.
Cindy: Word, Christina. So much word. I hate when shit like that happens. Like Kate & Leo in Titanic. She was great, but so was he. I mean, what is the criteria for performance here. Oh, that’s right, the lead actor slots never has enough slots. Lead actress, well, they sometimes have to *reach*, and I think they did exactly that this year.
Christina: Speaking of reaches, I was very surprised by Weaver getting the nom for Supporting Actress for Silver Linings Playbook. Sure, I guess she did a good job, but you know what the first thing I said when I got out of the theater was? “I really hated the mother. All she did was cry! She was on the verge of tears in every scene! I could have done without her.” So, yeah… being a teary-eyed blubberer is fine acting now? Maybe I’m uncultured.
Melissa M: I don’t think so…. But in general, I really wish Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy got more love in things that have nothing to do with FX or sound or editing or some combination of those. Things like Harry Potter and Dark Knight deserve more love. Just because Return of the King won everything, doesn’t mean the Academy is off the hook every other year.
Thomas: The Avengers. Joss Whedon is a golden god and pretty much everything he touches turns into pure perfection. Someone needs to slip that man Jennifer Lawrence’s resume. She’s already been in an X-Men movie! She’s like this close!
Melissa L: I’m with the others who think Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy should get more attention in main stream categories. Jennifer did amazing in Silver Linings. She also did amazing in Hunger Games. But only one will get the attention. And what Joss accomplished in directing The Avengers movie deserved some recognition as well. Unfortunately, the movies people actually watch will continue to have to accept their awards at the People’s Choice & Teen Choice Awards.
Melissa M: Just popping back in to say if Joss Whedon ever won for Director (and I think Avengers deserved more recognition than it got) I would probably be put in a padded room for the epic freak out that would ensue. I mean… just thinking about it is making me a little giddy. Also, if this J.Law/Whedon pairing that Thomas has suggested never happens I will never get over it. Make. It. Happen.

If you were to ever win an Oscar, who would be the first person you’d thank?
Jema: The person who cast me.
Kate: Probably whoever hired me or was otherwise responsible for getting me involved in the movie.
Christina: I probably wouldn’t be able to thank anyone because I would have passed out in my seat after they called my name. Once I came to, I’d knock myself unconscious by falling on the stairs (unlike Jennifer Lawrence who had the grace to get back up). However, if by some miracle this was all avoided, I’d have to thank… yeah, I agree with y’all… whoever got me on the movie in the first place.
Cindy: Exactly what Christina said. lol
Melissa M: Well, if I actually had my wits about me (which is unlikely, and it would probably go somewhat like Christina said) I would thank my Dad. He taught me to love film and the arts and to appreciate it even if people would say it is stupid and worthless and pretentious. He was the best for that and if I was ever up there, it would be because of him. But in reality I’d probably just word vomit inane nonsense and forget everyone who I’ve ever known.
Thomas: Nobody. I’d just stare at the camera, jaw clenched, eyes twitching, that little vein in my forehead pulsing, just daring them to start the Jaws music. Come on, punk. Make my day.
Melissa L: IF I didn’t freak out, I’d say my mom for reading Peter Pan to me when I was little and teaching me to fall in love with stories. I’d end by saying I was going to go stalk Jennifer Lawrence now.

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10 Random Questions with Kate Linnea Welsh

Kate is not just a great friend and a great writer; she is also a very busy woman about town (town being the most important parts of the internet). Kate writes and edits for my favorite TVD site, Vampire, she also writes for (my home away from home), blogs on her own and is launching her own new site: Despite all of the awesome work that she does, she took the time to answer more than ten of my random questions. Be sure to follow her on twitter!

Favorite Color

Blue! And I love that it has shades that evoke so many different moods.

Do you read fanfic?

Occasionally, usually when someone recommends a specific story. I used to read and write fanfic frequently but I just haven’t had time given my other writing commitments of late.

Person you’d most like to have dinner with tonight

My grandmother. She passed away when I was in high school and I’d love to be able to talk to her as an adult.

Last episode of television that made you cry

The Fringe series finale. SO MUCH CRYING.

The drink you order when someone else is buying

Usually Dewar’s and soda, though if the person buying wants to order me nicer Scotch I don’t object.

The name of your secret spy identity

I actually have a secret identity, so . . . I can’t tell you. 🙂

Tumblr. Yes or no?

Yep! My Tumblr name is katelinnea.

Last movie you saw in the theater and did you like it?

Zero Dark Thirty. I liked it a lot.

Favorite musical instrument

To play? Violin. To listen to? Trumpet, though I’d rather listen to a full symphony orchestra or a string quartet than any individual instrument.

The movie you can recite the most lines from

The Sound of Music. I can probably recite at least 90% of it, and that is not a short movie.

Your favorite food to make for yourself

I like cooking for other people! But I guess pasta with homemade marinara sauce.

Best book you’ve ever read

I cannot possibly pick just one, but if you put a gun to my head, Pride & Prejudice.

Favorite smell

Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source scent.

Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast?

Pancakes, but only if made by me or my mom. Otherwise waffles.

Travel and/or flight ritual?

I always start a new book when I arrive at the airport at the beginning of a trip.

Your favorite thing to do alone


Cake or Bacon?

I’m a vegetarian, so cake!

Pajamas in public. Yes or no?

NO. We live in a society, people.

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Into the Wild

Into the Wild

I know, I know! I haven’t done a snarky, thought by the minute, bullet point filled TVD recap in FOREVER. I hope y’all will forgive me. And I hope you have been reading my thoughts on the show over at

This episode takes us to a brand new place so I couldn’t resist putting in my two cents. Are you ready?

  • Have I told you guys how much I don’t love this new intro system? It’s so cheesy that it makes me want to dip it in ranch. What happened to “Previously on?” Who killed that guy? Can we un-dagger that?
  • Is Shane chasing a hoodie  wearing Native American or did someone slip me the brown acid?
  • Team Rebekah. AmIright?
  • Yeah Bonnie like you aren’t seriously enjoying your man meat photoshoot.
  • Tyler is an awesome choice for Klaus babysitting. And right up until the tasteless mom jokes, Ty was owning.
  • Did I used to hate Rebekah? I sucked. She is golden.
  • There are knives flying out from the night. This place seems not safe.
  • Shane’s headlamp is so dope. I wonder if he got it at Brookstone?
  • UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS. Damon knows. He knows what the cure brings.
  • Caroline Forbes how I have missed you. Please never leave me again. Ever.
  • Klaus. Never stop being you. UNLESS IT MEANS HURTING CAROLINE. WHAT HAVE I SAID ABOU THAT A MILLION TIMES? Way to get on my bad side, buddy.
  • I want to stop thinking that Stefan and Rebekah are so darling but I JUST CAN’T. They are precious. And they have so much in common. And why won’t they just make out some more? I know they want to.
  • Shane is a dick but kind of an evil genius dick.
  • Wow. Tyler. Wow. Consider me moved.
  • Did the hoodie guy take Jeremy?
  • Remember when Bonnie was  a fake psychic seeing fortunes in beer bottles? She’s come a long way, baby.
  • Um… yeah. So I am Team Rebekah FOREVER. How does she keep getting more awesome? Is there an app for that?
  • “I hope that the cure actually cures Elena of her shitty personality.” My friends are the best.
  • Klaus isn’t gonna let Caroline die. COME ON. That is not happening. No way. Nope.
  • Damon is my favorite when he is being Damon and I wish Elena would just LET him. Because it’s fun.
  • Is Damon really trying to sabotage himself? Does he hate himself that much or does he really not want be human? He’s kind of complicated. My brain hurts.
  • Okay. Actually bawling over this conversation between Klaus and Caroline because they are just so lovely. And impossible. And I KNEW HE WOULD NEVER LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO HER. *sob*
  • 10 points for honesty, Stefan. For the first time ever. Love you.
  • HEY!! Elena is being awesome! Though, the 3 of them together has to be pretty awkward. Do you think Elena & Rebekah might have time to compare notes?
  • More witches? I am confused. Which are the good witches and which are the bad ones?
  • I thought there could only be one hunter? I might be in need of a rewatch. Oops.

Next week we will spend a bit more time on worst island vacation ever (seriously do not use the Mystic Falls travel agent) and we’ll learn more about Jeremy’s bracelet buddy. Will Damon come to the rescue once again? Will the truce between Elena, Rebekah & Stefan hold out? Will Caroline let Klaus get some for saving her life? Check out the promo below and leave me lots of comments!


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‘Nashville’ Recap: I’ve Been Down That Road Before

SAM PALLADIO, CLARE BOWENThis week’s episode of Nashville should have been called “Elevator Music.” Deacon and Rayna are in a bad place. When he first joins her and Juliette on tour, he and Rayna aren’t even on speaking terms. She can’t seem to get past his joining Juliette’s band and he can’t seem to care. Who doesn’t love a sassy Deacon? They share a bit of civility when Rayna asks him to help her new guitar player learn one of his signature moves but it ends quickly when Rayna tries to vocalize their awkward situation.  The tension between Rayna and Deacon is so thick and their chemistry is so heavy I feel like I can taste it when I breathe. Their episodes apart were torture. After several elevator rides together, either in silence or very forced conversation, we all got our wish, what we have all been waiting for. Deacon successfully shut Rayna up with a super hot kiss up against an elevator wall. Someone pass me a fan, please. As hot as it was, it left me wondering: what comes next for them?

I thought we might find out what comes next but it turns out that Rayna was dealing with two difficult men in her life. Her husband being the other one. The two of them have been using Rayna’s tour as a break they so desperately needed after Teddy’s gory campaign. After giving his wife a hard time about Deacon joining the tour, a move she knew nothing about, the new mayor of Nashville ran into his former partner in crime and Peggy was very much about feeding his ego and easing his fears. Easing them right into bed. He then shows up at Rayna’s hotel room just in time to intercept Deacon, though he doesn’t know it. The reason for his visit? He wants a divorce. Either for her girls or despite them, I hope Rayna gives the cheating Mr. Mayor what he wants.

Juliette wants something different as well. She is struggling with her image as the pretty girl in sparkles, wanting to be known for something more. Wanting (much to her dismay) to be more like Rayna. Or, at least respected in that way. In one of her best moments, Juliette takes the stage sans glitter and her army of dancers and performs a song she wrote with Deacon. A stunning performance. She isn’t feeling great about it or herself when she reads tweets that some of her glitter loving fans were not keen. Though, once she realizes that there are people out there who really loved it, she gains a little more confidence and self respect. Two things she so desperately needs.

NashvilleIn Nashville, Scarlett and Gunnar are both dealing with their own problems at home. Scarlett can’t afford her rent now that Avery is gone and Gunnar is living with a band of hoodlums. It was almost too easy of a set up, staging the perfect opportunity for them to move in together. And that is exactly what they do. Before they can finish setting up furniture though, Avery shows up to try and make nice with Scarlett. The problem with Avery is that every time he does something to almost redeem himself, he counters it with something to make ne hate him even more. Thankfully Gunnar kicks his ass before he can insult Scarlett any further. Am I the only one waiting for Scarlett and Gunnar to get over their garbage and admit their love for one another? COME ON.

Other Notes and Quotes:

  • I am a big fan of Rayna and Juliette bickering. They are so snide and snarky. It’s a lovely thing. Looking forward to more of it in the future.
  • How amazing is Connie Britton on stage? I would go see her in concert. That woman is my queen. Sure would be nice to get a download option for “Already Gone.”
  • “Just getting used to all the glitter.” Deacon isn’t in his Nashville anymore.
  • “Never thought I’d see the day when you’d be singing ‘Boys & Busses’ with Juliette Barnes day in and day out but life never ceases to amaze.”
  • Juliette and Deacon’s latest song is stunning and I cannot wait to buy it!
  • “Weird to see Deacon playing with somebody else.” “Yes it is.”
  • I never thought I would find myself saying this but Hayden Panettiere brings such a quiet depth to Juliette Barnes that I find myself loving her and feeling empathy for a character I want so badly to hate.

Next week on Nashville the pressure is building for both Rayna (trying to handle three men in her life) and Juliette (trying her best to change her image). Check out a preview below and don’t forget to tell me your favorite parts in the comments!

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10 Random Questions with Thomas Galvin

Most of you know Thomas Galvin (@thomascgalvin on Twitter) as the recapper extraordinaire, covering The Vampire Diaries and many of our other favorite genre shows . Thomas also blogs on a number of other topics with the same great humor and collects goodies from around the web so that I don’t have to. His blog ( is one of my favorites so be sure to check it out. Thomas is also a respected novelist and you can purchase his first book, Sire here. Between writing amazing recaps and his Vampires of St. Troy sequel, he took some time to play my random questions game!

Song you will never get enough of

I’ve got a handful of favorites. “Murder Incorporated” by Springsteen. “Possession” by Sarah McLachlan. “Of Wold and Man” by Metallica. “Moon and Moon” by Bat for Lashes. The wailing laments of my enemies as I crush their dreams (and windpipes). “Ghost” by Ingrid Michaelson.

The name of your secret spy identity

Brock Pipelay. No, wait, that’s my porn name. Tabby Purrsalot. Crap, no, that’s my Bond Girl name. Um … a secret spy name would have to be pretty generic, wouldn’t it? Something that doesn’t attract attention? Like Dan Johnson or Jim Williams or something.

Also, why the hell does James Bond always introduce himself? “The name’s Bond, James Bond.” “Oh, yes, hello Mr. Bond. We know all about you, because you introduce yourself to everyone on the goddamn planet and then proceed to murder terrorists in the most attention-drawing manner possible. Here is your martini, shaken, not stirred, and mixed with three grams of the deadliest poison we could come up with on seven years’ notice. Also, I just had my friend shoot you in the back. With a regular gun, not some trick umbrella hidden inside a razor-rimmed fedora or some other idiot gadget. Jesus. This isn’t that hard. Look, see, there he is on the floor, bleeding to death. What? No, we’re not going to just leave him there while we go and carry out the rest of our intricate plan that is somehow contains an obvious single point of failure, I’m going to empty my gun into his face, then borrow your gun, empty that into his face, cut his head off, burn his body, and scatter the ashes in the Potomac. Seriously, people. We’re bad guys.”

So yeah, Jim Williams.

Tumblr. Yes or no?

My wife keeps trying to goad me into using it, but so far I’ve resisted its siren song. I get that it makes blogging and reblogging a buttload easier than most platforms, and apparently I’ve been quoted excerpted / ganked a bunch of times, but … I don’t know. I spent a lot of time setting up my own blog and building a following, and Twitter already takes up more of my time than I’m comfortable with. Adding *another* social media platform would be the straw that made the camel go crazy and start stabbing people that ask if I can introduce them to the cast of The Vampire Diaries. Also, Tumblr’s laden with porn. And that’s not a bad thing, per se, it’s just that I don’t need to be quickly checking to see what’s on the intergoogles and have my boss walk by and ask “HEY WHAT’S WITH ALL THE GIANT THROBBING COCK ON YOUR SCREEN LOL YOU’RE FIRED HAHAHA.” That would suck.

Last movie you saw in the theater and did you like it?

Silver Linings Playbook, and no, I kind of hated it. I mean, I understand that the audience wants a happy ending and everything, but taking away Katnis’ bow and arrow and making her fight in a fucking *dance competition* rather than the Hunger Games? Bullshit. I was really hoping for a more faithful adaption of the source material. Goddamn Hollywood.

Holiday you’d most like to abolish

Christmas. Jesus Christ, I am so sick of Christmas. Look, people. We all hate each other, okay? So let’s stop pretending to be all peace and joy and fucking light. God, one of my neighbors has this giant display, with this balloon snowman that’s like ten feet tall and light-up reindeer and a Santa that *literally* sings *Have a Holly Jolly Christmas* from Thanksgiving until New Years, and I swear to God one of these days I’m going to break into his house, cut his throat, and string him up in his display. Ho ho ho, you son of a bitch. That’s probably going to come back to haunt me, isn’t it?

You’re a groupie. Who’s the band?

Rebekah and the Evil Blood Sluts.

Your favorite food to make for yourself

I’m actually *just* starting to teach myself how to cook. I’ve been reading Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferris, and it’s been fantastic. I haven’t killed us with a single recipe so far. I just learned how to make lobster cakes the other night, which are like crab cakes but made out of meat I can actually find in New York in the winter. They’re pretty amazing. I also learned how to make this sauce from grapeseed oil and teriyaki sauce which is *great* on steamed chicken. My guilty pleasure home cooked meal is microwaved popcorn chicken, if you’re very generous with the definitions of “cooked” and “meal”. Pizza is my favorite, but I’m no good at making that at home.

Best GIF you’ve ever seen

Look, I don’t condone violence against women, but this is kind of mesmerizing:

Travel and/or flight ritual?

I go True Scotsman, just to give the TSA guys a thrill. I also spend a good half hour patting myself down to make sure I didn’t accidentally bring a knife with me.

Your favorite thing to do alone

I brood, I write, and then I brood some more.

Cake or Bacon?

Is this a trick question? Some Eddie Izzard thing? Because I definitely prefer bacon to cake, unless no one was picking “death” so they just changed the name to “bacon.” Don’t try to fool me, missy. I’m on to you.

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