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Day 13 (and several days prior as well)

I am going to start off this post by saying just one thing about current affairs: I am angry and I am afraid. And also very proud of Boston right now. Mayor Marty Walsh is doing the exact right thing by fighting fear and hate in every way he can. Keep doing you, Marty. Also, please read this article written by Yonatan Zunger, an engineer at Google and a former Stanford professor. It is eye opening and easy to read. It will probably not make you feel better.

fullsizerender-7In happier news, I got to spend this last weekend with my sister and it was so good to have her home, even for such a short time. We were able to squeeze in a lot of eating, drinking, and laughing, as well as a very intense game of Uno wherein she wiped the floor with her boyfriend and I. img_7695It was embarrassing. We also Visited Balboa park (gorgeous) and a couple of wineries up in Temecula (amazing). I had never been to Wine Country before and I have to say, the Sparkling Coconut Nui from Wilson Creek Winery is LIFE CHANGING. If you see it, pick it up, you can thank me later.

Not sure if I will get the chance to see Stacey again before I leave California so I am super glad we got to have an awesome, long weekend together. Miss her already.

img_7712Today, my first day alone in a while, I spent some time at the pool with my headphones and a book. Feel like I finally sunned some of the pale off of me. It would be be nice to get back to Boston and NOT be glowing in the dark any longer. Also enjoyed listening to the latest Steve Dangle Podcast featuring NHL All-Star and Legend, John Scott. What a great sport that guy is. Hopefully the people near me at the pool didn’t mind me laughing to myself for a solid hour (thanks most notably to a joke about a pro golfer at the zoo. Too hilarious for words). I probably looked really cool.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

fullsizerender-6Tonight I will be making my first of three Blue Apron dinners that my sister so generously set up for me. A glazed cod that looks really healthy and delicious. I’ve never really cooked fresh fish before (lobster doesn’t count) so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I will have an update on a later post. Wish me luck!!

Last but not least, this last weekend was the NHL All-Star Game. I didn’t get to see a lot of it since I was busy enjoying the California sunshine, but I did see a few pics, one especially that filled my heart and my tear ducts and has become one of my favorite hockey pics of all time. I present for you All-Stars Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand, formerly known as Bryler, two thirds of my favorite line of all time. Missed seeing them on the ice together!! Enjoy!


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Day 4 (and also Days 5 & 6)

Greetings from rainy San Diego! I know it’s rude for me to complain about the weather here when it’s also rainy and much colder back home, but I am pretty over the rain. I wanna go to the beach, damn it! Anyways…

Day 4 (Saturday), I attended the Women’s March here in San Diego. So glad Carly let me tag along with her and her friends. It was such an amazing experience. Inspiring and powerful and moving, not to mention educational. A once in a lifetime event shared with 40,000 like-minded individuals. Was happy to be a part of it.
img_7497 img_7500 img_7524 fullsizerender-5

underworldbwposterDay 5 was a little quieter. I went to the movies and did a little shopping. Picked up a new pair of Supernatural work out pants. img_7548They have pockets! I adore workout pants with pockets. Where else am I supposed to keep my chappie?? I also saw the new Underworld movie. I still dig vampires. The movie was not great. The action scenes were fun, Bradley James and Theo James are both really hot, but the acting was so bad and honestly I was a little confused. Turns out there was another Underworld movie that was released in 2012 and I never saw it. Oops! Maybe if I go back and watch that one (Awakening), this latest one will make a little more sense. At least it wasn’t a long movie and now I get to laugh at myself!

img_7553On Day 6 (today) I finally found the gym!img_7555It’s not a bad set up for an apartment complex. Quite a few treadmills and some free weights. Got a couple of miles in and then came back and made a smoothie and a batch of quiche cups. Feels good to start to get on track with the diet and exercise. The goal is to lose at least 15 pounds before heading back to Boston. I am hoping that once the weather shapes up I can add a walk on the beach to my daily schedule, on top of the morning workouts. Wish me luck!

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Day 1 (kind of)

fullsizerender-3I have arrived in California!!

Technically, I arrived last night and to such an amazing surprise!! I knew I was going to get to meet my sister Stacey’s new boyfriend Alec as he kindly offered to pick me up from the airport (he knows where she lives now and I do not). What I did not know, was that Stacey was going to be with him at the airport!! Such a surprise. I nearly burst into tears and definitely screamed loud enough to scare some pee out of a lady standing near by. The three of us had a wonderful evening playing trivia and eating gourmet mac & cheese at a brewery. Excellent start to the trip.

fullsizerender-1After a quick tour of her new place, Stacey had to get back to the boat and Meredith Grey (the cat, not the TV character) wasted no time in showing me just how unwelcome I was. She really is something else. After she made me bleed my own blood, I spent the following 12 hours closed inside Stacey’s bedroom. In my defense, I did have some sleep to catch up on and a fullsizerender-2book to finish reading so it wasn’t completely out of fear. Getting around today has been interesting though, to say the least. Meredith hates me. I am terrified of Meredith. Meredith is not a fan of the vacuum. Ergo, the vacuum and I have become attached at the hip BFFs. Big thanks to Alec for the excellent tip. Just me, dragging the vacuum from room to room in case I have to point it in her direction. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

img_7430I did escape the cat from hell for a bit to hit the grocery store and decided that since I was feeling so anxious about everything, I would also hit a beach. So, I turned the Guster up on the stereo and went for a little drive. The sound and the smell and the sight of the water was just what I needed. I definitely take for granted having it just down the street at home.

Tonight will be frozen pizza, streaming the Bruins game online, and trying not to get killed. Wish me luck.

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This is My House, This is My Home

BostonMy first job when I moved to Massachusetts 8 years ago, was on the 28th floor of the Prudential Center (800 Boylston St.) It’s the 2nd tallest building in Boston and surrounded on all sides by a shopping mall. Outside of the building is more shopping, tons of bars, restaurants, gorgeous brick sidewalks and stunning architecture. The Back Bay is one of the prettiest places I had ever visited and all of a sudden I was getting paid to visit there every single day.

My commute at the time was pretty long and I didn’t have a car so most of my doctors and hair and nail places were right in the neighborhood, on Boylston or Newbury (the next street over). All of my friends were my co-workers and we spent countless hours frequenting the nearby establishments. My house was in Salem but I practically lived in Back Bay for 4 years. Even when I left that company, I was always going down there to see my friends. I still do. I know almost every bar, every shop front, every T stop and every brick in every sidewalk. I’ve walked alone in the dark, sometimes for many blocks, and have never once felt unsafe.

I used to love working on Marathon Mondays. The commute was quiet with so many people taking the day off and I would get off the T a few stops early so that I could walk down Boylston and see all the preparation and fanfare. In the afternoons we would walk outside to watch the runners pass us by. It was a real Boston holiday and always felt that way, even when we all had to work.

SalemYesterday my favorite neighborhood in my favorite city was turned into a war zone. A scary place to be. And there is blood on my bricks. Waiting for text messages from friends who live and work in the area was panic inducing. Friends who have become my family. I can’t remember the last time I was so terrified. My BFF and I just kept repeating to each other that this kind of stuff isn’t supposed to happen in our city. I am sure everyone feels that way. But it is still such a shock, like it happened in some terrible nightmare and not in our backyard.

I am thankful that my loved ones are all safe and sound. I am thankful that there were already so many law enforcement and medical personnel in the area. I am thankful that so many people rushed to help those who needed it. Boston is a truly great city.

I continue to pray for all of the victims, their families and everyone touched by this gruesome tragedy. Boston is still home. Back Bay is still my favorite. I am going to cheer for the Bruins. I am going to pray that the Red Sox make the playoffs. And I will not let anyone make me afraid to walk those familiar streets. I can’t wait to get down there to share all of my city love with all my city friends. Love that dirty water.

I was listening to The Killers on my way to work this morning (life must go on) and the lyrics of my favorite song seemed appropriate to share:

Up against the wall 
There’s something dying on the street
When they knock you down 
You’re gonna get back on your feet
Cause you can’t stop now 

Did they break your heart? 
And did they cause your soul to mourn
Remember what I said
Boy you was battle born
Cause you can’t stop now 

Come on show your face
Come on give us one more spark
So we’ll start a fire
Unless we fall into the dark
And you can’t stop now

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Home Improvement V.2: Main Space Changes

Like many television addicts,  my favorite room in the house is where the big screen TV lives. I cannot tell a lie. I love to cook for my husband and I love to sleep, but my kitchen and bedroom will never hold the place in my heart that my living room does.

LM 1Because of the unique architecture of  this room and because of the cable and electrical outlet placement, I am unable to rearrange the furniture (which is what my mother used to do when ever she was bored with a room). Also, this is the first apartment I have ever lived in with wood floors throughout. I knew when we moved in 2 years ago that we needed a rug in this main room but it took this long for me me to really push for it. It also took about a billion years before my husband & I were able to agree on one in our price range. I feel like the one we chose brings a lot of warmth to the room and a lot of interesting color that we didn’t have before.

LM 2Our first Christmas here, I had strung some lights around the room in place of putting up a tree. We ended up loving them so much that they stayed. Only… I hated the way they looked when they weren’t lit up. Who wants a bunch of ugly green cords hanging about? So I took them down. Their absence made me realize that I had some wall space I needed to fill in order to keep the room from feeling too empty. I went into my basement and found one of my sister’s gorgeous paintings and some framed prints that I bought at the Ocean Beach, CA Farmer’s Market several years ago.

Since I already owned the furniture covers that I put back on the sofa & chairs, the entire makeover of this room cost me only the price of the rug. I also found a little nightlight that we can use whenever we are really missing the Christmas lights.


LM Before


LM After

The room feels so much cozier, now! Just in time for summer! (oops!) But I love walking around in my bare feet. The new rug is SO SOFT!! Sitting around the coffee table to play Apples To Apples is going to to be a lot more comfortable in the future. The good news is that I have already spilled on the new rug (just water), but it dried in an instant. I am almost ready for my next party!

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Home Improvement V.1: Framing It In

For reasons that I cannot even begin to explain, I have been in the mood to give my apartment a bit of a makeover. Maybe it’s Spring? Maybe a new start in my surroundings will create a new start in my brain? For whatever reason, I have been making some changes around my house. One of the easiest things to do is update my photos. The photos I had in my front room were so outdated it’s almost comical. The posted photo of my sisters & I was taken almost 12 years ago.The worst: my husband & I spent thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer and yet I had NONE of those photos on showcase in my main living space. Shameful.

While I was looking at the pictures in my living room, I was also noticing the frames. Boring. Cheap. And they didn’t coordinate with anything I had going on in my room. So… I spent some time. I did a little arts & crafts. I was worried that this makeover would cost a lot of money I didn’t have. These frames were a super easy way to make some changes without spending a penny. I used only the things I already had here at home. I must admit; I am super excited about how they turned out. Cannot wait to put them on display!!


Naked FramesAfter:

New Frames

Such an easy and inexpensive way to make some changes!! I am really excited to put the new photos in and show them off. Oh!!!! In case you were wondering, I also found the DREAMIEST wedding photo to put into one of the new frames. How darling are we?

1379 2

Stay tuned, friends!! I am making some other changes around here. Can’t wait to share them all with you!!

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‘Tis the Season

xmas 3Christmas time. A favorite for most. I think it used to be mine. Before I grew up and lost the little kid innocence that makes the holiday so great. I know it was my mom’s favorite, even as an adult.

No one got into Christmas like my mom. She used to decorate every inch of our house, starting the day after Thanksgiving. Lights and bunting and ribbons on everything. There were always cookies baking and new presents showing up under the tree. Her enthusiasm was infectious. It was impossible to be around my mother and not feel the Christmas spirit. Even when she was cursing the first batch of Peanut Brittle (which she always burnt). The Holidays with her were filled with glitter and sprinkles and the familiar scratch of her favorite Christmas albums on vinyl records. Everything smelled like evergreen and sugar and brand new rolls of wrapping paper.

My mom was generous with her time and her thoughtfulness. She once drove 2 hours in the snow and crazy holiday traffic just to get me the jersey of my favorite Denver Broncos player. Another time she bought my dad seat covers for his truck from a place she hated to shop because they were the only xmas 1store that carried the right size. She always helped us bake treats to take to our schools or jobs. She never failed to have a gift for everyone, even if it was just a tin of her best, baked with love. If ever there was someone who had no place to be on Christmas, they were always welcome at our house.

This is the time of year when I miss her the most. More so than on her birthday or the anniversary of her passing. I don’t want to say that Christmas has lost ALL of its magic since she has been gone. I still love to lie under my tree and look up at the lights while listening to her beloved Christmas songs. Only, now they’re on the iPod and no one is in the kitchen making my favorite goodies while I do so.  This will be my 12th Christmas without her and it doesn’t ever seem to get any easier. I hear her favorite music while I hang the ornaments she made me and I can’t ever stop myself from getting emotional while doing so. I probably never will.

xmas 2Perhaps one day I will have children of my own and I’ll be able pass down the things I learned from her about the Christmas season. I will fill the house with red and green and the sweets that they love. I will tell them that presents are fun but a warm, happy, home is the greatest gift. I will play them the songs I have grown up loving and hope that they will grow to love them, too. I will fill their minds with memories as rich as the ones she left with me and hope that they will share them with their children as well. I will teach them to be thankful for what they have and to treasure friends and family above all else.

Suzi’s Christmas Playlist:

Christmas songs


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