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Day 3 (i think)

fullsizerender-4Before I start Day 3 and you all wonder what happened to Day 2, it was pretty uneventful. I did a little shopping and then discovered old episodes of Smallville on Hulu. Spent way too much time on Lana and Clark. Sue me. The only noteworthy thing was listening to the latest PuckSoup podcast about “puck bunnies.” I took my book and my snacks down to the pool (I found the pool!!) thinking I would just listen a little and then read a little. I could not turn the podcast off. Such an img_7490incredible different look at the league I adore so much. I can’t say it changed my mind about anything but it certainly made me think about a lot of things. By the way, Patrice Bergeron is so hot and saying that does not diminish my knowledge that he is one of, if not the best, two way center in the league.  Toews beat him in a cup final game. Sure. But my man was rocking a punctured lung, separated shoulder, broken rib, broken nose, etc. Patrice is the best and also completely gorgeous. All there is to say about that.

img_7493On Day 3, I spent a little time mourning our outgoing POTUS. He achieved some pretty incredible things. bin Laden is dead. Every same sex couple in America can now legally be the victim of an over zealous wedding planner. Hundreds of thousands of troops got to come home to their families. Hundreds of kids can now fulfill their dream of serving in the military while maintaining their personal identities. Hard workers with long term illnesses were no longer kept from health insurance. He did it with no help from the GOP and with every ounce of class that I would have thrown out the window the first time someone questioned my place of birth. Obama made me proud to be an American. Michelle made me proud to be a woman with a brain. To say that they will be missed seems like the understatement of the century. I am beside myself.

img_7473Regardless of Cheetos, or narcissists, or the crumbling of our fundamental rights to exist,   I will be marching on Saturday. I cannot be in Boston to march with my ladies who voted for Senator Warren, (who is looking out for each and every one of us!), but I can stand with the ladies here in San Diego. Women’s rights are human rights!! Don’t ever forget that. Cannot wait to glitter up my sign!!

(btw, if you are looking for a gift for me, I want that Leia poster framed and in my kitchen. So damn good.


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Veteran’s Day is About Veterans

IMG_0972Veterans need your help in YOUR community!! 

But you can always donate to Wounded  Warriors!!

Or, if you want to help troops working today, home & abroad!! Please give to USO!!!

Since 1941, the United Service Organizations has stood by our troops through every step of their service. From deployment to rehabilitation and reintegration, we’re there for soldiers and their families. Because we are not a government agency, we rely on generous support from donors like you to fund programs and services that best fit the needs of our troops.

Huge thanks to Rob Wright for the photo!!!

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Frustration Station

bathroom-scaleYesterday marked week number 3 without a cigarette. I celebrated the Super Bowl with a glass of wine but until yesterday, I had been 3 weeks without booze as well. 3 weeks of eating right and exercise. 3 weeks of honest work to become a better me. 3 weeks feels like forever. Or at least long enough to make a difference. Except, I don’t feel like I’ve made a difference at all. I still look just as fat as I did when I started.

As with anything, it’s frustrating to work hard and not see results.

My cigarette cravings are definitely less. The rage blackouts have decreased exponentially. My energy is up! Hangovers gone! But getting nowhere fast is making me want to give it all up.

I’m not going to give up. But today, I want to. The lack of progress is making me cranky. Almost as cranky as the snow. Being trapped inside all the time is definitely not helping my cause. I am getting bored with workout DVDs and I’m just not sure how to work any harder without giving up even more small pleasures.

Gotta find something to help me over this grumpy hump!

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The Stress of being a Quitter

Day 9.

beerandcigs-thumb-254x267-143924As of today it has been 9 days since my last cigarette. 9 days since my last cocktail. Not that I’m trying to quit drinking forever, but I just know that after even one glass of wine I’m going to want to light up. And since I’m trying to get into a shape that isn’t round, I’d honestly rather get any extra cheat calories from cheese.

Quitting two of my favorite things (3 if you count cheese fries) at the same time seemed really scary at first but it hasn’t been impossible. Yet. I have definitely had moments where I want to crawl out of my skin. Moments when I feel a rage blackout is eminent. But I am sticking to it!! If I can make it through a couple of big tests coming up, I know I’ll be able to make it stick.

Since I’m the Queen of stressing out over sports, tonight will not be an easy one to get through vice free. Watching my favorite team vs. my favorite player (who never should have been traded) is always hard for me. And on Friday I will be at Garth Brooks with the bestest BFF to party it up until the wee hours. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to the Garden without ordering a beer.

I can do it. Watch the game from hell. Attend a girls night out.

Wish me luck!!

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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill – 2×15, 2×16, 2×17 & 2×18

Happy OTH Wednesday!! Another batch of my not so favorite episodes. UGH. I just wish season 2 would be DONE already! Very excited to get to Season 3 and much happier times. It will take me a little longer than I hoped though as I will be away again next week. Sorry!! So much travel for me in the summer months! But recaps will be back August 15th. Have a great 2 weeks!

2×15 – “Unopened Letter to the World”

Overview: The tree hill high students are tasked with creating a time capsule that allows each of them to unleash their true feelings. Some feelings are nicer than others.

Random Observations:

  • Poor Nathan. I just can’t handle this. I really do not care for these episodes that exist inside “The Dark Times.” I do not like them at all.
  • It’s so weird to see Peyton so happy. And I can’t really enjoy it knowing that Nathan is so miserable.
  • Ugh. Felix. Gross.
  • Do you think if Keith hadn’t been so love starved for most of his life, he still would have fallen for Jules so quickly?
  • Oh Nathan!!! I really want to laugh at the pink paint and the clown but it’s way too sad. And where did he get that clown painting anyway? Did he really go shopping for it? Good lord.
  • 10 points to Karen for use of the word ASS. Especially with “assy frat boy haircut.” I do feel so sorry for her though. She’s the only truly lovely parent in Tree Hill.
  • GO KAREN!!! Lucas totally had that coming.
  • “If I love her and she loves me, what is there to figure out?” Oh Nathan. So heart crushing.
  • I just love it when the brothers are sweet to each other. Warms my heart.

Best Bit: Jake and Peyton are finally making it happen. Love them together. They seem to be the only happy people in Tree Hill.

Ugh! Moment: Anna conning Mouth into breaking into the time capsule and then watching some of the vids. What a bitch.

Fave Quote: Nathan has several angry (but hilarious) one liners. The best though? Voicemail. I hope you still don’t got that crap.”

On My iPod: “Club Foot” by Kasabian

2×16 – “Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking”

Overview: It’s time for Keith and Jules’ wedding and everyone finds themselves with relationship decisions to make.

Random Observations:

  • Haley and Nathan on the phone with that split screen just murders me.
  • I love that Nathan is grocery shopping at Dan’s house. And I love the cold shoulder he throws Deb.
  • I just adore the shit out of Whitey. He’s so sweet and wise and hides it all under smart ass remarks. And I can’t believe Nathan tried to buy beer in front of his coach. Dumbass.
  • Lucas is trying to help and Deb is just a bitch.
  • YAY JAKE AND PEYTON!!!! They really are just so sweet.
  • Nathan’s smile when Haley corrects the interview to “Haley James Scott” is just magical. Which makes it that much more painful when he’s led to believe Haley & Chris Keller are a couple. OUCH.
  • Oh Nathan. GOD. What a mess. I just want to take care of him so much!! Poor baby!! He’s killing me.
  • And poor Keith too. Dan is such an effing CREEP!!! He even has an evil creep laugh!! He’s like some fairy tale villain. Only with fewer redeeming qualities.

Best Bit: Deb sending Nathan off to get Haley. I never saw it coming but so glad that she pushed him to go.

Ugh! Moment: SO MANY!! Nathan showing up drunk to the wedding, Jules leaving Keith at the altar, but it actually HURT to watch Nathan burn their wedding wall.

Fave Quote: Whitey: “I’m sorry. The pity store is closed today.”

Biggest Question: Not all the wedding wall pictures were of Haley and Nathan. Did he just want to forget the whole experience?

On My iPod: “Chariot” by Gavin DeGraw & “Now That You’re Gone” by Ryan Adams

2×17 – “Something I Can Never Have”

Overview: Nathan goes after Haley and while he’s gone, bad blood bubbles over in Tree Hill.

Random Observations:

  • Lucas really should have told Keith what was going on right away. Bad move on his part.
  • Felix is such a giant piece of garbage.
  • This episode is just FULL of giant ass holes. And you can’t have a giant ass hole episode without a few piece of shit remarks from Dan.
  • Just showing them in the same room together, laughing and smiling is enough to make me break down into tears. I WANT IT BACK!
  • Another flash back and Nathan has his arms around Haley! *SOB*And then the phone message!! WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I hate it I hate it!! Just rubbing in what we’re missing like salt in a very deep wound.
  • UGH! I forgot how much this episode makes me cry. Wedding flashbacks? That’s just the cruelest of the cruel. They’re so perfect together!
  • Together in real time! SQUEEE!!! And his face is so full of hope and love and it’s too much to take!
  • So long Felix! Good riddance!! Don’t feel bad for you!! Can’t wait for you to be gone!! Hate you! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!
  • Lucas and Karen are SO sweet!! Yay for Brooke!

Best Bit: The Naley flashbacks are TOO MUCH. Such perfect, beautiful moments. They feel like air after being trapped under water.

Ugh! Moment: Haley telling Nathan that she isn’t sure she was ready to be married to him and then Nathan walking away while she’s on stage. MY GOD THE PAIN!!

Fave Quote: Nicki:  “Well, if it isn’t the other woman… and my favorite travel agent. Any other places you’d like to recommend?” Brooke: “Yeah, far away from me! Unless you’d like your next period to come out of your nose.”

Biggest Question: Did anyone ever believe there was a chance that Brooke would leave?

On My iPod: “Chariot” by Gavin DeGraw & “Lie in the Sound” by Trespassers William

2×18 – “The Lonesome Road”

Overview: Nathan makes a dangerous pit stop on his way home and Lucas works with Andy to bring Dan down.

Random Observations:

  • Love that Lucas fancies himself some kind of detective.
  • Could not care less about Anna and her special friend. I love lesbians but I hate Anna.
  • Taylor is so much trouble. I just want to smack her 94% of the time.
  • There is just SO MUCH about this episode that I do not care at all about.
  • LOL at Brooke not understanding how “chores” and “grounded” work. Good for Karen.
  • Jake’s story about Nicki having Jenny in the car just breaks my heart. Jake would do anything for his little girl and Nicki is such a slunt!
  • That’s right Nathan. You CAN’T do that!!! You better NOT do that!!
  • Peyton breaks my heart when she must say goodbye to Jake.
  • This is the 6% where Taylor doesn’t totally suck. She has some good advice for Nathan.
  • Bye Anna! Won’t miss you at all!! Never come back!
  • Poor, poor Jake & Peyton!! Thank God for Whitey though!

Best Bit: Nathan trying to dance on the bar. He is good at so many things but dancing is not one of them. That doesn’t mean I don’t love to watch him try! But that hat baby? Um, yeah. Just no.

Ugh! Moment: Every second Nathan spends with Taylor. She’s a nuisance.  And then Nathan almost falls into her trap! Thank GOD he stopped just in time.

Biggest Question: Did Peyton & Jake clean Nathan’s apartment? It looks a hell of a lot better when he gets home than it did when he left.

On My iPod: None.


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My friend’s beautiful tribute to a show I have grown to love so very much.

Onlymystory's Blog

The day is finally here. The series finale of One Tree Hill. Oh there’s still the occasional question of would there be a new generation or a reunion down the road and such but we all know the show is over. The cast and most of the crew have moved on, booking other shows, movies, or writing books. It all ends tonight. Several months ago the cast said goodnight to Tree Hill and tonight we do the same. I won’t pretend that I’m okay with this. Hell, my eyes are watering just writing this post. (A post that has taken me about six months to nail down completely so you’ll have to put up with its serious length). I started watching One Tree Hill about halfway through S5. When the show first started it just wasn’t on my radar. I tried giving it a shot in S2 and was like…

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Extreme Office Makeover

A few weeks ago I mentioned to you guys that I was having a hard time keeping motivated and organized and part of that was because my home office was a DISASTER. I really needed to create a place where I could work without wanting to tear my hair out. Project: DONE.

I started by rearranging the furniture, moving the two largest bookcases across the room from each other to kind of separate my office nook from the rest of the very long room. I also moved the computer desk against one wall instead of under the window so that I could hang a peg board above it and my Vampire Diaries calendar beside it.

I also undertook a bit of an art project to fill some of the space above the peg board. We have pretty high ceilings in this house and large areas of blank white walls just make me feel anxious. The entire makeover cost me ZERO dollars.

I made the pegboard myself using some  scrapbooking paper, some cardboard and an old frame. I also added some of my Get Glue stickers.

Hanging above the peg board I painted some old frames I wasn’t using, typed some of my favorite quotes & song lyrics onto some of my favorite photographs, matted them on bright paper and clustered them all together. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

The wall opposite is still a blank canvas but I’m thinking of doing one larger collage over there. We’ll see.

Do you like it? Could you work here? Let’s hope I can!


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