The Buzzing Box

I was texting with some girlfriends earlier and we were talking about how fucking annoying autocorrect is. One was telling me she had meant to text “junk drawer” but accidentally texted “kink drawer.” I laughed and then casually  deduced that we ALL have a “kink drawer.” We all laugh again and I was reminded of a story about when I first moved to Boston. 

When I had agreed to upend my life for love, I had packed everything away nice and tight and put it in storage and then traveled with 3 suitcases to Boston because when I moved here Pete had a studio attic apartment. 

I got a job after a couple months and we had enough money to move into the larger apartment downstairs in the same house. Then I finally saved up the $3,000.00 to get all of my shit delivered from Denver to Boston. 

The movers I hired were awful and super slow. It took forever to coordinate them and even when they showed up, they threatened to leave my sofa on the sidewalk because they couldn’t figure out how to move it. Eventually my sweetheart started helping them empty the truck so we could move on with our lives. 

The movers were in the kitchen positioning a big microwave cart/cabinet and my guy came in with a box CLEARLY LABELED BEDROOM, and just dropped it on the floor of the large kitchen.
And that is when we all started hearing a buzz.

My dude and the movers are like, “What is that sound?? Where is it coming from??” They are looking at all of the appliances in the kitchen.

I have my arms literally loaded with breakable dishes and no counter space and the love of my life is like, “It’s coming from this box!”

I tried so hard to say I didn’t hear it or that it was nothing.Probably the neighbors playing music!! He was determined to discover the origin of the sound.

And that is the story of my boyfriend of only one year unboxing my vibrator and turning it off in front of 2 strangers while I unpacked dishes. 

I must add to this and say that it wasn’t one of those inconspicuous vibrators that could be for backs or necks or just a tube. It looked like a dick and had the rabbit attachment and everything. A gift from a very good friend after I broke up with a terrible boyfriend a couple of years prior to the move.

Needless to say, this apparatus is no longer in my “kink drawer,” but boy did it make for a fun conversation after the movers left!!

What about y’all? What’s in your kink drawer? And OMG have you ever been so embarrassed??

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  1. Anonymous

    If this was to happen to someone, it could only be you! I can actually picture you both in this situation. 🤣 Oh boy. I don’t know if I could recover from that. 😅

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