Tyler Seguin is Such a Jerk

Here’s the thing.

I get that Tyler Seguin has a reputation for being a hard partying douche bag. A waste of a draft pick and a loser. Fine.

Every douche I know is upset when he scores his 4th goal of the game, wishing he could have given it to one of his teammates.

Ass holes always refuse to celebrate a 7th team goal. Because it’s not the right thing to do.

Dallas Ty Super jerks are all about starting a foundation to raise money and awareness for an affliction that has overcome their best childhood friend. Those kind always put their time, money and heart into something that means nothing to them. Buying suites, signing stuff, taking pics, spending time…. What an ass hole.

It’s usually the SUPER fuck ups that get 12 goals and 10 assists in their first 19 games with a new team.

And with their former team, 2nd overall in points was  HORRIBLE. Obviously.

And even after being drug through the mud and trash talked to no end, it’s the REAL jerks who continue to say wonderful things about their former team, their former city, their fans and all of the memories they made there.

Remember that time in Tyler Leather smallTampa when Seguin actually SAVED our entire playoffs? Oh yeah, we won a cup that year. Oh yeah, fuck that guy. Boo him off the ice. Piece of shit.

You guys are right, what an ass hole. How did I not see it before????


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One response to “Tyler Seguin is Such a Jerk

  1. pardina

    Lol this is a beaut. I love the blatant sarcasm

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