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One Tree Hill – The Finale

(this is a re-post in honor of the 5th anniversary of the One Tree Hill Series Finale)

This is it friends. Our very last HAPPY OTH WEDNESDAY!!

I usually start my recaps off with a review of what happened last week and what I think might be coming this week but since this is the very final One Tree Hill recap I will ever write, I wanted to say a little something. I have so many tears in my eyes I can hardly see to type this but here goes:
To my OTH family: Thank you. Thank you for reading these recaps and all of my other articles. Thank you for sharing them with your friends. For leaving the most amazing comments. Thank you for talking to me on Twitter. For answering my questions. For laughing with me and crying with me. I am very new to this family but each and every one of you has welcomed me with open arms. I could not be more grateful. The One Tree Hill family has given me one of the most amazing fandom experiences I have ever had. I will always look back on this time with love in my heart and a smile on my face and it is all because of YOU. You have shared with me the love of these characters, the love of these stories and the love for one another. This ride with y’all has been so much fun! I would not trade this experience for anything and I am going to miss this part of my week more than I can express. And while I was late in joining the OTH party, I will be forever thankful that I was able to watch this last season live with all of you. It has honestly been life changing in the very best way. I have been overwhelmed by the love you have shown me. From the bottom of my ever grateful heart, thank you. A million times, thank you.
Now then. Here we go!!! My final OTH recap!!! The wine IV has been set up. Hope you all are mentally holding my hand right now!

***Hour One***

· I know I am not the only one already losing it completely. This first hour is going to be brutal. Absolute murder.
· And the husband’s eyes are already rolling. Also, he’s reminding me that the man doing the voice over is the same guy who narrates Gangland on Spike TV.
· All of these past scenes they are showing are making this so beautiful but SO much harder to watch. Is it possible to love something this much while hating it at the same time?
· RIVER COURT!!!! *sob* I just want to live there!! I would even sleep outside! And I do NOT camp.
· “It’s nice to hear that it’s going to be ok.” SO MUCH WORD MARK!!!
· Is that “Always & Forever” on the title card really necessary? So many feels!!!
· Kate Voegele’s voice is so magical that it makes my heart swell. I have chills.
· Loving all of these stories and all of this fan appreciation.
· And of course they have to talk the most about the episodes that made me cry the very hardest. So many powerful moments.
· KEITH! Holy lord the tears. The way that OTH has handled loss has been such a beautiful thing to me. One of the things I love most about it. And I am so grateful that they did exactly what they did.
· The way that these actors talk about their characters shows so much love and respect. I am in awe.
· This season 9 overview is perfect. I am so thankful for it. I have loved every minute.
· I can’t handle the cast choking up. All of their emotion. THE HUGS. The ache in my chest!
· All of these MOMENTS! GAH! It reminds me that sometimes watching this show is like getting a hug when you really need one.
· BTW, I REALLY need one right now. BAWLING MY EYES OUT!

***Hour Two***

· NATHAN!! Oh my. “Someday is today.”
· And BROOKE!! “Say it. Do it.”
· NALEY!!!! GAH!! And the predictions!!
· (also, hello arm porn)
· Um, you guys. This just keeps getting harder as it goes on. I am a huge MESS of emotions right now. So, yeah. Sorry for all of the outbursts and exclamation points.
· Laughing my butt off!!! Chris Keller is the best! Poor Chase. I probably would have peed the bed after that little surprise.
· Mouth & Millie. Way too cute.
· I want to rip Nathan’s jersey off the wall just so I can hug it and never let it go. But since I cannot do that, may it hang forever.
· I LOVE Blind Pilot. So great.
· Haley is totally talking to us, isn’t she? I think she is.
· Thank GOD for Chris Keller. I really needed these laughs. Tyler Hilton is so brilliant.
· HEY! What I do matters too!! Right? Can I have $500,000.00?? Mouth totally earned that though.
· HJS singing on stage. It does not get much better than this. Joy’s voice is heaven.
· UGH! Felix! Hate that guy! Love you Mouth. “Doesn’t matter.”
· I am so relieved that Chase’s drinks are still gross. And excuse me while I DIE from laughing at that slap. “Devil’s ass.”
· And then Clay too!! My stomach aches from cracking up so hard.
· Logan. SO CUTE IT HURTS. Also, love Clay quoting himself from season 8 when Nathan called him weird.
· “Dad.” I die.
· Is there anything more beautiful than Nathan’s face as he watches Haley sing? I think not friends. Except maybe the way she sounds.
· Oh my God!!! His guitar! From 3×09!!! Awwww!! Nathan really is the very best there is! As are these Chris Keller/Nathan moments. So sweet and funny and darling!
· LOVE this jam! SO SEXY! I am dancing in my chair. No, really. I’m quite good.
· The web site sales!!! Just like the very first Clothes over Bros!! Where’s the child labor though?
· The father/son moments on this show are some of my favorites. And Nathan is just SO great at this. SO GREAT!!!!! I’m gonna start crying again.
· BEVIN!!!!! SO MUCH CLAPPING!!!! I guess Tim didn’t work out? LOL
· Clay is Ah-Ma-Zing. And extremely hilarious. The crack head show does sound like fun.
· “Mom.” I die. Again.
· This bromance between Chase and Chris: I never saw it coming. And yet it is one of my favorite things. If they ended up with those twins it would be the best thing ever.
· “Chris Keller’s work here is done!” Something I will now say every single time I finish something. Even if I’m saying it only to myself.
· The book. From the Pilot. *sob*
· This trip down memory lane that Brooke & Haley are taking together is so heartfelt and comforting and SO much what their friendship is: Beautiful.
· Chris Keller & Haley James Scott are making me want to hug the whole world wearing a rainbow sweater.

· Okay. Here we go. Naley time. I may be a tad hysterical for this bit.
· Those James girls are just the most beautiful criers. This is so amazing!! It’s perfect for them. For all 3 of them. And there’s confetti. Of course there is.
· Mouth’s speech is hitting me really hard. And his scholarship? Edwards Scott. WOW.
· Aaaaaaaaand here we go. Be still my heart. It’s racing. And not from drugs. OMG. I can’t breathe from the Naley. I can’t breathe from the goodness. From the perfection. Lord thunderin Jesus.
· Brooke. And her house. And she gets to be The Girl Behind the Red Door. Because Julian is amazing. I am crying so hard that there are no longer sounds coming out.
· And the hits just keep coming. Thank you Evans Family.
· The passing of the prediction torch. The next generation.
· OH MY GOD HALEY! “There’s only one Tree Hill. And it is your home.”
· Oh B. Davis. Please don’t cry. I can’t handle it.
· The whole family!!! They are all together. And every single tiny bit of it is perfect. The singing and the playing and the kids and the sharing. And all at Karen’s. I couldn’t smile harder or cry harder if my life depended on it.
· The future. The song. The flashbacks. The voice over. The old quote. The love. The Ravens. “Believe in it. With all your heart.”

Perfect. Brilliant. Beautiful. Amazing.
Somehow all of these words seem totally inadequate and yet they are all I have left. It was everything and then some. Thank you show.
Good night friends. Good night OTH Family. Good night Tree Hill.

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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill – 2×23, 3×01, 3×02 & 3×03

We’re here!! We’re finally here!! Happy OTH Wednesday and happy Season 3 day! I am so excited to have finally made it to this point. Season 3 is my favorite for so many reasons. Can’t wait to jump in!

2×23 – “The Leavers Dance”

Overview: Season 2 comes to an explosive (literally) end as secrets are revealed and plans are made.

Random Observations:

  • Ellie seemed kinda off right from the start, didn’t she?
  • “We’re gonna be a family again.” Ugh. Dan. Don’t speak about things you know nothing about. Ass.
  • I still cannot believe Dan tried to blame Nathan for Deb’s problems. Go Deb. Get away from your dick of a husband.
  • Brooke in her cheerleading uniform reminds me part of why season 2 is so difficult: No basketball!
  • I KNEW it had to be a dream between Lucas & Brooke. It was too easy otherwise. Lucas’ cold shower is pretty freaking hilarious though.
  • I effing LOVE Nathan’s face when Brooke accuses he and Peyton of foreplay. Darling. Hilarious.
  • I always forget how intense this fight between Dan and Whitey is. Yikes.
  • GREAT timing Lucas. Tell her right before she leaves for the summer? Nice job buddy. And I am SO sure that is why he kept the Peyton stuff. Yeah right.
  • Poor Peyton. Now she gets a bomb dropped on her as well.
  • You have NO idea how badly I wanted Dan to die in this fire. I actually cheered. It was so exciting.
  • “Hi.” *SOBBING*

Best Bit: Haley! Haley is at the front door! For Nathan! In Tree Hill!!!!!!

Ugh! Moment: “We’re not brothers. We’re not even friends.” I hate it when Lucas & Nathan are fighting!!! I understand why Lucas did what he did but he shouldn’t have lied to Nathan. Nathan already has serious trust issues.

Fave Quote: Brooke: “Phantom feelings. Like, when you lose a leg and try to scratch it. Lucas was my gangrene infected amputated limb.”

Biggest Question: Is “WATCHMEWATCHU” on Peyton’s IM Creepy Derek already?

On My iPod: “The Good Kind” by The Wreckers & “Wires” by Athlete

3×01 – “Like You Like An Arsonist”

Overview: It’s time to find out what happened with the fire and how everyone in Tree Hill spent their summer vacation.

Random Observations:

  • I absolutely love how they set everyone up as the possible arsonist. It was a real mystery that was so fun to try and figure out.
  • They’re holding hands!! NALEY FEELS!!! SO MANY!!!!!
  • Damn it. Dan made it out alive. What a bummer.
  • Oh God!! Poor Nathan!! He’s so angry and hurt. At least they’re talking?
  • What a huge thing for Peyton to find out. World rocking even.
  • Nathan and Haley keep having the most difficult interactions and it’s so painful but I can’t help but just feel thankful that they’re in the same room again.
  • “Pretty angry huh?” I love the “pain stain.” But what happened to the clown?
  • Brooke is awesome to invite Haley to move in. “I got room for you but not a lot of pity. You did what you did.”
  • Anybody else totally think Nathan’s letter was from Haley? Or hoped that it was? Especially after she didn’t sign the annulment papers!!!
  • Dan is kind of scary. And I don’t doubt any of his threats.
  • This is probably one of my favorite Codas of the entire series. So beautifully done. And a GREAT surprise at the end. Nathan has his ring around his neck. *SOB*

Best Bit & Ugh! Moment: How can a moment feel so good and hurt so bad at the same time? The hardest part was thinking for one second while they were kissing that everything was just going to be okay.  “Always and forever. That’s what sucks Haley. I still do love you. I always will. I just can’t trust you.”

Fave Quote: Peyton (voiceover): “At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes…all you need is one.”

Biggest Question: Where did Haley spend her summer? Where did she live? She wasn’t at the apartment. Did she go back on tour?

On My iPod: “Feeling a Moment” by Feeder & “Street Map” by Athlete

3×02 – “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”

Overview: It’s time for the end of summer party but not everyone is in the mood.

Random Observations:

  • The infamous list of boys on the door. This list gets a lot of play over the next few years. Peyton’s face when Brooke points out her dad and Dan on the list is PRICELESS.
  • Nathan is ANGRY. And so hot playing basketball. It’s like early S1 Nathan all over again.
  • Larry is kind of a great dad. Glad that we’re getting to see more of him. Peyton’s situation totally sucks though. Poor thing.
  • Have I said yet how great it is to have Haley back? “How about never o’clock, or maybe quarter after stab out my eyes… either one would be good by me!”
  • Karen is the CUTEST. And I have really missed her and Lucas’ sweet mother son time. What, What!
  • Real time Naley time!! Their first chat in MONTHS. It’s not sweet but it’s words! Right? And arm porn. Mmmm…..
  • Peyton’s “music to slit your wrists to” soundtrack is kind of funny. Sad. But also funny.
  • “Well at least she won’t drown naked.” BAHAHAHA. Haley is the best.
  • Lucas’s speech to Brooke on the beach is pretty sweet. “I’m the guy for you.” How could she say no to that?
  • Peyton confronts Ellie about drugs and Dan has a revelation. Shit is getting REAL!

Best Bit & Ugh! Moment: One and the same again. Nathan and Haley finally have a heart to heart but everything is left up in the air. JUST MAKE UP ALREADY!

Fave Quote: Larry (to Peyton): “I understand you’re upset, but don’t be slamming doors and stomping your little chicken ass around this house when I’m talking to you.”

Biggest Question: Come on. Brooke really redecorated the entire apartment while Haley was sleeping?  Sure.

On My iPod: “Move Along” by The All-American Rejects, “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy &”When The Stars Go Blue” by Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton

3×03 – “First Day on a Brand New Planet”

Overview: It’s the first day of their senior year and it brings with it all kinds of surprises.

Random Observations:

  • The roof of Karen’s Café. The brick. The predictions. It’s ok if I cry, right?
  • Surprise #1! Dan is going after Whitey’s coaching job. Again. God he sucks.
  • Surprise #2! Ellie has cancer and that’s why she was buying drugs.  Not sure telling Lucas to tell Peyton is the best way to go about it though.
  • Nathan & Peyton time is always special. “Really, the only thing I missed was skipping algebra and making out in my car. As much as I loathed kissing you, algebra was worse.”
  • Is Whitey the greatest or what? Calling Haley Avril Lavigne, setting up the Naley detention. The first one is a wash but the 2nd one is AWESOME! Nathan speaks to her and then almost cracks a smile at her. HEAVEN.
  • If some lying druggy bitch was in my room when I got home, I’d have had the same reaction as Peyton. That was rude.
  • You know what else is special? Nathan & Karen time. We never get enough of it. “Faith is believing when there’s nothing else you can do. But she’s here now. What are you gonna do about it?”
  • Surprise #3! Karen comes to Whitey’s defense as coach of the Ravens and they WIN!
  • Surprise #4! It was Lucas who saved Dan from the fire. Sure wish he wouldn’t have done that.
  • The scene of Haley working on her predictions brings SO MANY finale feelings. My heart!

Best Bit: He puts his hand. On her back. In front of everyone. Can’t. Breathe.

Ugh! Moment: Nathan says the “D” word to Haley. NOOOOO!!!!!

Fave Quote: Brooke: “Sometimes people play hard to get because they need to know the other person’s feelings are real.”

Biggest Question: What is the exact reason all of those bitches are being such slunts to Haley? Because of the tour? Because of Nathan? They suck.

On My iPod: “Always Love” by Nada Surf & “This Is For Keeps” by The Spill Canvas



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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill – 2×19, 2×20, 2×21 & 2×22

Happy OTH Wednesday! So sorry for all of the absences. This summer has been nuts! The good news is that I think I’m done traveling for a while and the other good news is that this is the last full post of Season 2 episodes!!! Praise heaven! So ready for some Season 3 goodness next week!

2×19 – “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning”

Overview: Nathan’s uncle Cooper shows up to help him take his mind off of things and then it all comes crashing down.

Random Observations:

  • Cooper insisting on looking at Nathan’s junk really grosses me out. It’s just a joke, right?
  • Dan is such a shit. Just intent on destroying everything he can’t have.
  • Hey!!! Stu-Pac!!!! I love it when they have their little “brotherly” moment. Also, Lafferty Jr.’s shirt is awesome, “That ain’t frosting.”
  • I love Brooke Davis. “I really don’t miss Felix much at all.” None of us do Brooke. None of us.
  • Day drinking and a dance party. I could totally be down for that.
  • Is it just me or is that Daytona chick REALLY annoying? Even before she plays “When the Stars Go Blue.”
  • I probably shouldn’t, but I die laughing every time I see Deb passed out in the bushes. Hilarious.
  • GAH! Poor Nathan!! He’s so broken! It just kills me. I probably should hug him. Shirtless.
  • Whitey is just the best. Have I mentioned that lately? And LOL at his comment about Peyton keeping her door locked or creepy guys will get in. Foreshadowing?

Best Bit: Even though they cause him to crash into the wall, I love the Naley flashes in Nathan’s mind. He can’t stop missing her.

Ugh! Moment: When Nathan won’t let Lucas call Haley. How can near-death not put a stop to this nonsense?

Fave Quote: Dan: “Well, well. It’s my wife. The lawn gnome.”

Biggest Question: So, did Nathan lose control while thinking about Haley? Or did he crash on purpose?

On My iPod: “Son’s Gonna Rise” by Citizen Cope & “Like a Man Possessed” by The Get Up Kids

2×20 – “Lifetime Piling Up”

Overview: Whilein a coma, Nathan dreams of what might have been.

Random Observations:

  • Though not one of my favorites, the episode did do a good job of fooling me in the beginning. Right up until I saw Karen. Then I was just really confused.
  • Gotta admit, it’s kind of fun to see Lucas be the dick while Nathan’s the sweetie. It’s hard to believe that Keith would ever be smarmy.
  • It’s nice to see Nathan and Haley in the same place but it sucks big balls that they’re doing that whole friend thing. What a letdown.
  • Nathan’s reaction to Brooke in the shower is just THE BEST! Also, he’s naked.
  • No matter what the reality is, Dan is always trying to put one of his sons down and Whitey is always standing up to him for it.
  • Of course in Nathan’s dream, Haley can’t carry a tune in a bucket.
  • Alt universe Peyton is a LOT nicer to Nathan than she was in real life to Lucas. Kind of awesome.
  • It’s way more believable that Nathan would make the winning basket.
  • Deb’s on drugs, blah, blah, blah. Gonna get help, blah, blah, blah.
  • Damn it Nathan for telling Haley not to come! Damn it for saying that you both have to follow your dreams. Damn it for making sense! No dreams! Just togetherness!!

Best Bit: HALEY’S PONCHO!! And their scene at the dock! Is it weird that it makes me sob, even in this alternate universe?

Ugh! Moment: Nathan & Haley just friends? Eff that!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

On My iPod: “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional & “Rest In Pieces” by Saliva

2×21 – “What Could Have Been”

Overview: Nathan struggles to make ends meet after his accident and help from Dan comes with a scary ultimatum.

Random Observations:

  • Brooke is pretty awesome. I’m not really into the whole “bring Dan down” storyline, mostly because I knew it would never happen, but I’m glad Brooke is now helping.
  • What kind of hospital billing staff says, “She sounds like a keeper. Don’t let her get away.” Mind your own beeswax biatch.
  • Annulment papers!! AHHH!!! Run!! BURN THEM NOW!!!
  • Nathan seems almost cheerful. It’s been so long since we’ve seen a legit smile on his face I hardly recognize it. It’s absolute heaven.
  • Haley’s manager guy is a dick.
  • I absolutely LOVE Nathan’s face when he tells Brooke about the shower dream. Half smile, half cringe. So priceless and adorable.
  • Dan trying to convince Nathan that he’s anything other than a giant, douche bag, a-hole is some kind of joke.
  • Poor Karen. She just wants to talk to Keith. Their situation sucks.
  • Is Brooke allowed to be upset about Lucas keeping things that remind him of Peyton? Has she never kept anything from an ex?

Best Bit: I completely love Nathan and Peyton’s heart to hearts. They were terrible as a couple but their friend moments are some of the best.

Ugh! Moment: Dan going to see Haley with the annulment papers and a bag of lies! OMG I hate that guy! He ruins everything!!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “Lucas is THIS close to tucking me in and singing me a lullaby.”

Biggest Question: Did Nathan really sign the papers? Or did Dan forge his signature?

On My iPod: “Overcome” by Better Than Ezra, “Scar” by Missy Higgins & “Walking with the Ghost” by Tegan & Sara

2×22 – “The Tide That Left and Never Came Back”

Overview: Lucas and Brooke bond during a trip to New York to bring Haley home.

Random Observations:

  • Karen’s fit at Dan’s dealership is AWESOME!! I wish she would have taken that chair to his face instead of to his window though.
  • Dan is the fucking WORST. Blaming Nathan for Deb’s pill problem? I just want to stab him in the throat with a spork!
  • AWKWARD!! Walking in on Chris & Haley in a tickle fight? Nice Haley.
  • I cannot handle Nathan’s sad face staring at the Tutor Center sign. “Sometimes they come back, right?” *sob*
  • Is it possible to want to punch Chris Keller in the neck while laughing at him non-stop?
  • I don’t know who stitched Nathan up but pretty sure they did a terrible job. That thing bleeds an awful lot.
  • Haley! Go home! Go to your home! Are you too good for your home?
  • Poor Peyton. No wonder she is always crying. Poor girl can’t catch a break. And neither can Jake for that matter. Or Karen. Geez Louise.

Best Bit: Watching Nathan get back to basketball is kind of magical.

Ugh! Moment: Nicki showing up at the jail to show Jake that she’s taking Jenny. HORRIBLE BITCH!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “As far as I’m concerned, Shaw was a punk, ’cause you know what? Tragedies happen. What are you gonna do? Give up? Quit? No. I realize now that when your heart breaks, you gotta fight like hell to make sure you’re still alive. Because you are… and that pain you feel, it’s life. The confusion and fear, that’s there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better… and that something is worth fighting for.”

On My iPod: “Hear You Me” by Jimmy Eat World, “How Love Should Be” by Tyler Hilton & “All I Want” by Susie Suh


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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill – 2×11, 2×12, 2×13 & 2×14

Welcome back to OTH Wednesdays! Thanks for being patient with my absence as I traveled the country over the last few weeks. While I had a wonderful time, it feels great to be back on the job of recapping one of my favorite shows! And, not only is it OTH Wednesday, it’s also the birthday of both Nathan Scott himself, Mr. James Lafferty and the beautiful Shantel VanSanten!! Happy Birthday James & Shantel!!!! Let’s celebrate all this goodness by sobbing our eyes out, shall we?

2×11 – “The Heart Brings You Back”

Overview: Jake is back for Peyton and who knows who Haley’s sister Taylor is back for…

Random Observations:

  • I swear to GOD when I thought that first flash to Haley on the bus was real I almost kicked a hole in my TV. Thank the heavens it wasn’t. But she still kissed Chris Keller. Again. DAMN IT. And all the while, her husband is waiting at home with a romantic dinner. DAMN IT ALL TO HELL.
  • Taylor is trouble from the word GO. Wanted to punch that face the moment I saw it. I have good instincts sometimes.
  • I think I had always missed the part where Jakes says that Lucas called him for Peyton. That was pretty sweet of Lucas.
  • I’ve told y’all about my thing with the way James says “comfortable,” right? I just LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It’s like seriously a thing I have that I will never get over.
  • Aaaaaaaaaaand Jake spills the beans about Chris Keller & Haley.
  • Scott brother bonding!! My favorite! I literally laugh out loud every time I watch Nathan launch that ball into the river. And then laugh harder when Nathan tells Lucas about losing the V-card to Haley’s sister. It’s just too damn much.
  • “Usually I get them first.” Poor Nathan. He is a wreck.
  • Peyton is SO great. I get Anna being confused and everything but she doesn’t deserve a friend like Peyton. I don’t really care for Anna. I’ve said that, right? And I care for Felix even less. WANT TO STAB HIM MANY TIMES!!!!!
  • This Nathan and Taylor thing is a giant mess. GIANT MESS. But it’s good for Nathan right now in a way. He has someone to talk to. I guess.

Best Bit: “Hey, do you need some help?” And then Nathan joins Haley in the kitchen and they share that little kiss. And it’s hardly anything. But at the time, it’s everything.

Ugh! Moment: Every time Felix is on screen. That guy is beyond help at this point, no matter how many sweet things he says to Brooke.

Fave Quote: Lucas: (voiceover)”Tennessee Williams once wrote…When so many are lonely…as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish…to be lonely alone.”

On My iPod: none

2×12 – “Between Order and Randomness”

Overview: Nathan has a secret to share with Haley but Haley has secrets of her own.

Random Observations:

  • “We’re family now, we shouldn’t have secrets.” I am pretty sure I would be just fine never knowing how my brothers in law ever lost their virginity. Gross. Nathan’s recovery is AMAZING! “Whoever my first was wasn’t nearly as important as my last.” PERFECT MAN IS PERFECT!!!!
  • I love Brooke but I could not be less interested in her crab job story line.
  • Dan is such a sleaze bucket. Haven’t these people learned yet that they should question every single one of his motives?
  • HALEY IS A LIAR!!!!! Damn it Haley. Don’t be emailing Chris! UGH!
  • Nathan is VERY hot when he’s threatening but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect on Taylor who is a giant slut bag. It must be hard not to hit a girl in his situation.
  • Oh Lord. Poor Nathan. Most awkward convo ever. He’s so brave and adorable. I understand Haley getting upset that it was her sister but can she really hold against him what happened before she came along?
  • I mostly hate Taylor but I love her for calling Haley out on the Chris stuff. Someone needs to.
  • Of course Haley forgives Nathan. She really kind of has to after what happened between her and Chris. But either way, it warms my heart.

Best Bit: Haley and Nathan walking along the water, hand in hand, stopping to share kisses. Such a sweet moment. And knowing what comes next, a moment I wish I could trap them in forever.

Ugh! Moment: Dinner with the elder Scott brothers. Horrible. Uncomfortable. Cringe-worthy. Dan is really THE WORST.

Fave Quote: Nathan: “All right, Haley. We got married so quickly, we never really had the talk that most people have when they get engaged. About past relationships… sexual history.” Haley: “Ah, that’s probably because I can give you mine in under ten seconds, while yours is catalogued in the Library of Congress.”

Biggest Question: “Does this mean you didn’t wait for the ring to give it up either?” “I waited until I was in love.” Is Haley saying that she and Nathan did THAT before they got married? This statement has always confused me.

On My iPod: “Glad” by Tyler Hilton

2×13 – “The Hero Dies In This One”

Overview: Chris Keller is back in town and Haley must make a choice. Lucas makes a choice of his own that upsets everyone except Dan.

Random Observations:

  • If Nathan had to find out about Haley emailing Chris Keller at least he did it in a towel. No reason for it to be ALL torture.
  • HALEY STOP LYING!!! Taylor is definitely to blame for some of it but NOT ALL OF IT!!! DAMN IT!!!
  • LUCAS STOP LYING!!! My GOD these people are all idiots. Lying is never the answer!!
  • Dan is such a shit head. His double meaning is hidden in everything he says. What an ass. And he is SO GROSS. Was he really hitting on Taylor? Ugh!
  • Nathan is wearing a Celtics shirt. And wearing it SO WELL. I want it. GO BOSTON!
  • I love the way Peyton introduces Chris Keller. Hilarious. Like she’s touching something dirty as she says his name.
  • Chris Keller the character is the devil but Tyler Hilton is so talented. I love this song he does so much.
  • Angry, threatening Nathan is SO HOT you guys!!  But I cannot handle his face as he watches Haley watch The Wreckers on stage. He’s so afraid of losing her. OUCH!!
  • GAH!! Nathan!! She was wrong to kiss Chris Keller! Of course she was! But ultimatums are NEVER EVER GOOD EVER!
  • This Keane song makes me cry without fail every time. The flash back to their first time there at the dock does not help at all. This is horrible.
  • *SOB* Will I ever make it through the end of this episode without bawling my face off? GEEZE LOUISE!

Best Bit: There really is no best bit of this episode. The whole thing is painful. But the live music is great. Love both songs.

Ugh! Moment: Must I say it? It just hurts SO BAD!!! The yelling! The fighting! The keyboard throwing! The look on Nathan’s face when he knows that Haley is gone! I JUST CAN NOT!!!!!

Fave Quote: Peyton: “A kiss always means something.”

On My iPod: “When It Comes” by Tyler Hilton, “The Good Kind” by The Wreckers & “She Has No Time” by Keane

2×14 – “Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”

Overview: Everyone is struggling with loss. Nathan is a wreck after losing Haley and Karen after Lucas has moved in with Dan.

Random Observations:

  • Oh God. Poor Nathan. He’s such a mess. It hurts my soul just looking at him.
  • Erica Marsh is a bitch.
  • Nathan rocking bed head while drinking in class would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn tragic.
  • Jake and Peyton and Jenny are SO DAMN CUTE. I just love them. And whitey babysitting? ADORABLE!!!!!
  • “You got it right Peyton. People always leave.” Break my heart some more why don’t you?
  • Mouth is the sweetest. I just love him. I would totally vote for Brooke after that speech alone.
  • Damn it Haley! GO HOME! Or at least call your effing husband! GAH!
  • Brooke’s scene from the series finale!! SO MANY FEELINGS!!!
  • I absolutely love, love, love this scene with Karen & Nathan. They never get a lot of screen time together but this moment is so perfect. They are both so heartbroken. It’s so painful but so lovely.
  • “Sometimes they come back.” Awwww!! Thank you Peyton!!!

Best Bit: Another super painful episode but watching Nathan punch Dan in the face feels pretty damn good.

Ugh! Moment: Um, every single scene where I have to see the hurt all over Nathan’s face. IT’S SO DAMN HARD!!!!!

Fave Quote:

Ms. Hand: “Okay, please tell me you are not drinking beer in my class.”

Nathan: “Technically, it’s malt liquor…”

Ms. Hand: “Nathan!”

Nathan: “It’s okay, I brought enough to share.”

Ms. Hand: “Come with me, please.”

Nathan: “That’s a nice skirt, Ms. Hand. You know, if more teachers dressed like sluts, attendance in this place would skyrocket.”

On My iPod: “Flying High” by Jem & “Club Foot” by Kasabian

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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 2×07, 2×08, 2×09 & 2×10

Happy OTH Wednesday!!! And such a happy day it is!! Not only is it an OTH day, it is also my dear friend Jenna’s birthday!! And not just ANY birthday!! It’s her 23rd!!!!! I wish I had happier episodes to share on her special day but I do think it’s appropriate that Jimmy Eat World’s song “23” makes it’s first appearance within this group. Be sure to find her on twitter (@Jennabeans24) and send her happy birthday wishes. LOVE YOU JENNA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

2×07 – “Let the Reigns Go Loose”

Overview: The opening of Tric creates drama and an opportunity for dreams come true.

Random Observations:

  • “Can I be honest with you Dan? You’re creeping everybody out.” I love Karen.
  • Nathan going to visit Whitey in the hospital to talk to him about High Flyers is adorable. I still don’t understand how him going to camp would prevent Haley from pursuing music but it’s sweet just the same.
  • LMFAO at Keith’s face when he sees that Andy bought Lucas a little kid’s shirt. And then Andy calls him “Little Lucas.” Hilarious.
  • Aaaaaaaand Nathan meets Chris Keller for the first time. Then gives him the first of many “I am going to kill you,” glares without Chris Keller even noticing.
  • Tric’s opening night gives me SO MANY FINALE FEELINGS. It makes my heart ache.
  • Oh Karen. “Free round on the house… of juice!”
  • Nathan’s Haley pride is just OVERWHELMING. My heart can’t take it. I want to SQUEEZE HIM.
  • I feel bad for Brooke and what she’s going through but I feel worse for Mouth. He deserves better.
  • Have I mentioned how much I hate Felix & Anna? I feel that it’s worth repeating. Blech.
  • I love that Nathan is already giving Chris Keller the shifty eyes, even before Chris Keller opens his mouth about everyone wanting to screw Haley. He’s no dummy.

Best Bit: Haley’s first public performance and the look on Nathan’s face as he watches her on stage. Her happy little smile when everyone starts clapping? Beyond wonderful. And I could listen to Joy’s voice forever.

Ugh! Moment: Nathan laying in bed in the middle of the night, wondering where Haley is. I can feel his anxiety and I don’t like it.

Fave Quote: Chris (to Nathan): “You have any idea how many guys in the room wanna nail your wife right now?”

On My iPod: “Alive and Amplified” by The Mooney Suzuki

2×08 – “The Truth, Bitter Truth”

Overview: Nathan and Lucas take a road trip with a dual purpose and the girls have a slumber party where the secrets come pouring out.

Random Observations:

  • Nathan and Haley cannot be any effin cuter. “It’s our first night apart since we got married.” GAH. I just love them more than words.
  • Brooke is so gross sometimes. I would KILL anyone who had sex in my marital bed. KILL. With weapons.
  • I know that it’s bad for Haley to be working with Chris Keller behind Nathan’s back but they sound so damn good together.
  • I get tears in my eyes watching Nathan and Lucas watch that basketball game. Y’all know why. “That could be you some day.” SO MANY FEELS!!!!!!
  • I’m glad that Haley knows that lying to Nathan is dumb. She should also know that Nathan wants for what her whatever she wants for herself. It makes me sad that she doesn’t see that.
  • I cannot handle the way Nathan talks about Haley. “Basketball was the most important thing to me. Now Haley is.” His love for her is SO HUGE. Just thinking about it is enough to make my heart explode.
  • That slumber party would be perfect. Perfect for bonding, a perfect memory. There’s even a pillow fight! If only Anna weren’t there. Ugh.
  • Nathan and Lucas are so adorable on their road trip. And that SONG? So funny. When they sing along I DIE!!!!! Love me some Scott brother love.

Best Bit: Haley, Brooke and Peyton all screaming at each other over each of their respective wrongs. It’s pure comedy. Especially when Haley rips off Brooke’s nose strip and Peyton squeals. HILARIOUS!

Ugh! Moment: When Haley lies to Nathan about working with Chris Keller. Absolutely NOTHING GOOD will come of this.

Fave Quote: Peyton: “Okay. How wasted does one have to be to go home with one shoe? It’s like, at what point do you look down at your foot and say hmmm… ?”

Biggest Question: What would you do? Have the HCM test or not?

On My iPod: “When The Stars Go Blue” by Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton & “Every Ship Must Sail Away” by Blue Merle

2×09 – “The The Trick Is To Keep Breathing”

Overview: It’s the night of the Tree Hill High Formal and a lot of kept secrets will find their way onto the dance floor.

Random Observations:

  • I swear I cannot stop my eyes from rolling every single time Felix talks. He is RIDICULOUS!
  • Can’t help but kind of implicate Peyton in this Haley & Chris Keller mess. She insists that they play, right away, and doesn’t say anything when Chris Keller says that rehearsal might dip into the Formal. RUDE.
  • I can’t handle Nathan’s face or his whine/yell. “Hales!?” When Haley tells him that she has to be late to the formal. His heart is already breaking. I don’t like it.
  • I want to know what kind of budget Tree Hill High has. My school NEVER had the money to create THAT kind of dance. The half Eifel Tower? COME ON!!
  • Shut up Deb. Showing some concern. Right. Next stop: Mother of the year. No doubt.
  • I think that’s what I’ll name my first album: “Better Than Crap.”
  • NEVER, in their entire time in Tree Hill do I want to stab Felix and Anna more than when they take turns using “gay” and “lesbian” in order to insult Peyton. NOTHING about it is ok. The two of them were clearly raised by psycho bigots. I would have said raised by animals but I would never insult animals that way. They are just HORRIBLE human beings. I expect it from Felix but Anna? After Peyton went out of her way to make her feel welcome? WEAK AND DISGUSTING!
  • Brooke is a bit harsh on Mouth. She totally takes him for granted, is oblivious to his feelings and then blames him for Felix’s crap. Not cool.
  • Nathan and Haley fighting causes me actual, physical pain. It’s really unhealthy. For all of us. I may be too invested.
  • I feel pretty bad for Peyton most of the night but it really comes to a head when a drink gets spilled on her mother’s amazing dress. I cannot even imagine. On top of everything else.
  • GRRRRR!!!! The whole music vs. basketball camp thing is SO AGGRAVATING!!!!! Why is it a choice between the two? WHY do they keep lying to each other???? AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Best Bit: Nathan getting so excited about surprising Haley at the dance. He just wants everything to be perfect for her. He’s nearly giddy at the thought. “I actually have a pretty incredible night lined up for her.”

Ugh! Moment: Where do I start? When Nathan has to tell the carriage to leave without them. When he finds out that Haley lied. When they fight at the Beach House. It sucks. IT ALL SUCKS SO MUCH.

Fave Quote: Brooke: “Think of all the taffeta that had to die to make this thing. Ew.”

On My iPod: “When The Stars Go Blue” by Bethany Joy Galeotti and Tyler Hilton & “What You Waiting For?” by Gwen Stefani

2×10 – “Don’t Take Me for Granted”

Overview: Drama abounds after the Formal festivities. Peyton deals with hateful rumors and Nathan and Haley’s relationship continues to take hits.

Random Observations:

  • That “Formal on a Sunday” stuff is hilarious. And total Tree Hill nonsense. Like, what?
  • “Ew. You two realize you’re related, right?… Double ew if Tutor Wife is here.” Brooke is HILARIOUS! And Nathan’s: “Hi, Brooke,” is the most adorable thing. Why is it so cute? Two meaningless words and the boy kills me. I must be damaged.
  • Nathan demanding Haley to stop working with Chris? WRONG. Haley refusing? WRONG. Nathan turning around and walking out? WRONG!!!
  • I probably should NOT find a threatening, violent, jealous Nathan so damn hot. But I do. I’m sorry. I can’t help it.
  • Jules is trying to tell Keith to get out, away from Dan. Away from her. I wish he would have listened.
  • Karen: “Oh, grow up. That tragic hero crap only works in the movies. And you know what they don’t show you after they fade out? The hero’s mother putting her foot up his ass.” It’s so great that Karen even scared the River Court boys into not letting Lucas play. Lady has powers.
  • I absolutely LOVE the statement Peyton makes with her “DYKE” t-shirt. It is strong and brave and powerful and still so relevant. Makes me want to stand up and cheer.
  • I was HORRIFIED when I first learned that Dan had something to do with Jules and her relationship with Keith. He is a truly despicable person.
  • JAKE!!!!!! Have never been happier to see his face!!
  • Nathan waiting with a romantic dinner for Haley while she goes to see Chris absolutely tears me apart.

Best Bit: Nathan and Haley’s little make up doesn’t fix the overall problems but I still feel it all over. My heart SWELLLS. Why can’t they always be that way?

Ugh! Moment: Chris kissing Haley. OMG SO BAD!!!!! SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!

Fave Quote: Lucas: (voiceover) “Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote: No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”

On My iPod: “When It Comes” by Tyler Hilton, “Shoot Your Gun” by 22-20’s, “Sideways” by Citizen Cope & “23” by Jimmy Eat World.

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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 2×03, 2×04, 2×05 & 2×06

2×03 – “Near Wild Heaven”

Overview: Nathan and Haley let their friends throw them “better late than never” bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Random Observations:

  • I love that Nathan isn’t even trying to stop Tim. He just rolls his eyes and throws his hands up like there’s nothing he can do. It’s adorable. But who he is now is nothing like who he used to be, TIM!
  • Haley is darling, getting all flustered over the thought of Nathan with a stripper. Poor girl.
  • Only Dan could be this manipulative from his sick bed. Wanting Lucas to see those pictures, pretending to be a nice guy. Disgusting.
  • Why on earth would Mouth volunteer himself to get things thrown at him and be rolled into things? Also, I want to play.
  • 4 guys sitting around doing Cosmo quizzes. I KNEW this stuff happened. Lucas is the best. “What the hell are you reading?” His face kills me!
  • OMG Nathan’s face when he realizes who’s on the porno. SO DEAD!!!!! “Tim, is that your mom?” Effing hilarious. I had forgotten how damn funny this episode was.
  • HATE how awkward and distant things are between Keith and Karen. Makes me sad.
  • This episode is full of great faces. Haley’s when the tow truck driver strips off his pants? Priceless!
  • And the faces Lucas and Nathan exchange when Tim gets arrested? LAUGHING SO HARD!!  Then when Nathan sees Haley hanging out of the party bus? I could watch those faces on a loop for ages.
  • You know what else I could watch on a loop? Haley flying off the stripper pole. Absolutely fabulous.
  • Nathan looks like such a little boy when the stripper is coming on to him. So shy and sweet. So uncomfortable! I Love him.

Best Bit: Nathan stripping off his shirt and telling Haley he wants her. Whoa baby! Actually, I love their entire exchange. From the moment Nathan walks into the room (I never thought for one second he was taking the stripper up on her offer) until Haley tells him, “Honey, you’re gonna love the homework.” So sweet and sexy. Those two are just perfect.

Ugh! Moment: That slunt stripper propositioning Nathan in Haley’s house. What a whore!

Fave Quote: Haley: “All right. I’m off. All the important numbers are by the phone: police, fire, pimps.”

Biggest Question:  Is Lucas actually buying any of Dan’s BS? Is he really that curious about his father?

On My iPod: “Let’s Get It Started” by Black Eyed Peas

2×04 – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Overview: Brooke gets a new neighbor, Nathan & Haley have a new fight, Peyton tries a new hobby and Dan reverts to his old ways.

Random Observations:

  • “Are you writing a song or are you planning on killing me?” Could we just watch them live in domestic bliss forever and ever? I swear it would never get boring to me.
  • I may actually pee my pants laughing at Nathan’s Dan impression. Keith’s response is equally great. “At least the cardboard one’s polite.”
  • Every time I see Felix (barf!) I want to stab him in the neck. Every. Single. Time. Most especially when he hits on Haley and talks shit to Nathan. How hot is protective Nathan though? “A little close aren’t you?”
  • What is up with that guy? You can’t work with him unless you’re a coke head? What kind of sense does that make?
  • “Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.” WHO EFFING TALKS LIKE THAT?? What a loser! GOD I hate that kid.
  • Love that ‘Vette tough. Very sexy car. I don’t blame Lucas for turning it down but it must have been a super tough decision.
  • Keith is THE GREATEST. Nathan really needs a guy like him to look up to. I’m glad he’s standing up to Dan and not letting him back in his life but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a father figure. And Nathan is so excited to get to work on the car with him.
  • I don’t know if there is something wrong with me or what but I totally just cried watching Nathan & Haley make up. The way he reaches out to touch her face, insisting that she keep her gift, THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER (GOD that look could melt an iceberg), the excitement in her voice when she realizes that it’s hers to keep, the way she throws herself into his arms. They are just too precious for words.

Best Bit: Nathan is SOOOOOO cute when he gets all excited to show Haley her keyboard. He believes in her so much and his smile could light up the universe. It’s all just perfect. Right up until they fight about it. Which leads to:

Ugh! Moment: Every time Nathan and Haley fight it’s an UGH! Moment. I can’t handle it.

Fave Quote: It’s a tie between two of Nathan’s great retorts while talking to Dan. Dan: “Hey, I had a heart attack. I could’ve died.” Nathan: “Dad, we both know that’s never gonna happen. You can’t jerk anybody’s chains if you die.” And, Dan: “How’s your wife?” Nathan: “Happier than yours.”

Biggest Question: Is there anyone Dan has not tried to buy off with a car?

On My iPod: “Sway” by The Perishers

2×05 – “I Will Dare”

Overview: Felix (barf!) sets up a dare night for our favorite Tree Hill High kids and tries to get closer to Brooke.

Random Observations:

  • I would NEVER have agreed to do this dare night if Felix (barf!) was the one in charge.
  • “Well, ya know, in some countries, you can buy coffee without actually having to have sex with the cafe owner. Those countries aren’t nearly as much fun for me, but what are you gonna do?” Andy is hilarious. If Karen isn’t going to be with Keith, I’m glad he’s around.
  • Can you imagine being the sales woman when Lucas comes to return the clothes right off his back?
  • I cannot handle Nathan’s face during this scene in the massage parlor. WAY TOO FUNNY!!!! “I’m out.” I bet no one wrapped in a sheet has ever run faster.
  • CHOKING on laughter at the card that Nathan has to read. “Good evening, Mr and Mrs Tree Hill resident. We’re selling these delicious cookies to raise money for ‘Lady Leprechauns’, an organization that empowers us girls to be strong, beautiful, independent women of tomorrow.” His face in that hat. DEAD! And then Keith sees them as he drives by. I’m crying.
  • Peyton and Haley at the baseball thing are hysterical!! Peyton get’s slammed in the head with a ball, Haley moves in to check on her and then gets whacked in the back. I don’t know why that’s so funny to me.
  • I would never, ever in a billion years get into an open grave. Buffy I am not.
  • I honestly do not remember this conversation between Peyton and Haley in the church about Haley throwing up before the wedding. It makes my heart lurch to think of that moment before she marries Nathan.
  • I haven’t said anything about Anna & Lucas. Oh, right. That’s because I don’t care.

Best Bit: Nathan in a skirt. Duh. As I told my friend Kristen, baby has some sexy legs!

Ugh! Moment: “Dare You To Move,” for a scene that is NOT Nathan and Haley? FOR SHAME!!!!!!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “So this is legitimate right? This is like a massage?” Tim: “Dude, shut up! I am concentrating.” Nathan: “Yeah, you know what, I really don’t think I need to be here for this.” Masseuse: “Oh, it won’t take long.” Nathan: “Yeah, I’ll bet.”

Biggest Question: Did really no one see Lucas start to pull those photos out of his pocket? How blind are they?

On My iPod: “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot & “Collide” by Howie Day

2×06 – “We Might As Well Be Strangers”

Overview: New kids in town mean new couples. And new opportunities mean new challenges.

Random Observations:

  • Chris Keller!! He’s such an ass. But an ass that makes me smile. I just can’t help myself.
  • Awww!! Whitey. I sure have missed his crankiness. “How the hell should I know? Do I look like the Post Master General?”
  • I love that Andy assumes that Lucas is a little kid. Hilarious.
  • Oh Nathan. He’s so worried about being away from Haley if he goes to High Flyers. The stress in his face just breaks my heart.
  • Anna says that they “beat Our Lady of Peace every year” at basketball. Doesn’t she change schools all the time though?
  • Um, can I please have Andy’s yard?
  • I don’t think I ever realized that Keith was the first one that wanted to open a dealership. Probably because I have tried to block out all of his time with Jules. He just seems so happy. And then to remember how it’s taken away. Ugh. I don’t like it.
  • Lucas confronting Karen in the kitchen is so funny. I love their relationship.
  • Damn it Nathan! Why do you have to be so damn perfect? It’s horrible! You can both have your dreams!! You can!! UGH!!
  • “Welcome to Tric.” Iconic.
  • And then Nathan’s flash back from the series finale!!! I’m gonna go ahead and cry now.

Best Bit: Nathan and Haley watching the meteor shower together. He believes in her so much and he’s just trying to get her to believe in herself. He’s willing to risk his dreams to make that happen. That’s true love.

Ugh! Moment: Nathan lying to Haley about High Flyers. BAD NATHAN!! SO BAD!!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “I already know my future. It’s with Haley.”

Biggest Question: Why does Nathan think that Haley can’t have her music if he goes to camp? And why would Haley tell him that she’d only play when he got back? KIDS ARE DUMB!

On My iPod: “Glad” by Tyler Hilton (I would, of course, have “Let Me Fall” by Bethany Joy Lenz on my iPod if it was available. Grrr).


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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×21, 1×22, 2×01 & 2×02

Greetings OTH Family!! And Happy OTH Wednesday! We have hit the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. Some of the most important episodes of the entire series. Read, enjoy and don’t forget to leave all of those amazing comments that I love so much!

1×21 – “The Leaving Song”

Overview:  Everyone is under pressure as the basketball playoffs approach. Jake deals with Nicki, Haley & Nathan deal with new issues & everyone must deal with Dan.

Random Observations:

  • I love the Scott brother bonding. SO MUCH. They certainly have come a long way in just 20 episodes.
  • Whitey is always hilarious when talking to Dan but he’s also really sweet. So protective over his team.
  • Poor Nathan. He honestly thinks that Lucas was the lucky one having been abandoned by their father. The worst part is, he’s probably right.
  • NICKI IS SUCH A SLUNT!!!!! Poor Peyton. I cannot imagine the panic attack. And the guilt. Jake just cannot win.
  • I hate this argument for SO MANY REASONS. I can put myself back in my teen shoes and understand all of Haley’s insecurities. At the same time, I now know men and can understand their “needs” as well. It’s a lose/lose.
  • I absolutely love when Karen stands up to Dan because no matter what snide remarks Dan makes, Karen is always in the right. She is good, he is bad. Period.
  • “Isn’t this bad for your shoulder?” Nathan is looking out for his brother!! Awwwww!!!!! But damn it Lucas! You couldn’t have moved a few inches to the left and barfed on Dan’s shoes?
  • Oh man. Haley just does not understand the way boys work at all. Poor dear. Lucas is really sweet to go to bat for Nathan though and try to explain it to her.
  • Ok, the Peyton pics are BAD. Nathan is a dumb ass. Why on earth let your GF anywhere near your computer without cleaning some stuff up? Idiot. Poor Haley. She’s really hurt.
  • Ugh. Keith. I feel so bad for him. He has every right to be a little selfish now. He gave his whole life to Karen & Lucas. And now everyone is leaving.

Best Bit: Nathan talking to Lucas about his troubles with Haley while they work out. They’re laughing together, telling jokes, acting like real brothers. It warms my heart. And the fact that Dan hates it makes me even happier. “Porn freak. Just stay away from the sites with farm animals.”

Ugh! Moment: Haley & Nathan’s fight about porn. I can understand that at 17 it must be a big deal for Haley. At my age, it’s kind of funny and I’d think a guy was strange if he DIDN’T look at porn. Either way, I hate it when they fight, no matter what it’s about.

Fave Quote: Haley: “I was over at Nathan’s and I was on his computer, and I came across all this creepy porn.” Peyton: “How creepy? Like she-male midgets?”

Biggest Question: What was Dan’s motivation behind asking for custody of Lucas all those years ago? Did he honestly have a change of heart? I find that hard to believe.

On My iPod: “Thrown Away” by Vast & “Suffering” by Satchel

1×22 – “The Games That Play Us”

Overview: Lots of shock and awe for all the Tree Hill residents as the Ravens play their first post season game and Lucas & Keith prepare to leave.

Random Observations:

  • Have I shared with all of you my love affair with Nathan’s color coordinated basketball themed clothes? I want to build a shrine to them. That’s how much I love them. They are magnificent.
  • At this point in the story, there is NOTHING that isn’t abhorrent about Dan Scott. The way he coaches, the way he fathers his sons and the way he talks to every woman in his life. The man is a walking disease.
  • *SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!* “Because I’m sorry. Because I love you. And because you’re looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I’m thinking I have to kiss you.” Pardon me while I do a ridiculous happy dance complete with giggles and clapping. These two. I CANNOT.
  • This scene with Karen and Keith breaks my heart. Mostly because Moira Kelly is the most stunning crier EVER. But also because those two are SO MEANT TO BE and it just sucks that she keeps pushing Keith away.
  • GO HALEY!!!  This part. GAH. Nathan’s look of shock, Haley’s reassurance. SEXY AS HELL. I could watch it over and over. Wait, I have watched it over and over.
  • Why on earth would Lucas ask Haley to meet him in the cemetery? That is just weird. And then to break that kind of news to her there? What is his damage?
  • So incredibly proud of Nathan standing up to Dan that way. He’s right and Dan knows it. So sexy when he fights back. I want to give him a standing ovation. He’s come such a long way.
  • Who thought Nathan and Haley were talking about doing it? Raise your hand. Yeah, I totally thought that’s what they were talking about.
  • Not gonna lie, I kind of thought that Brooke had effed things up for Peyton there for a second. Was pretty stoked to be wrong about that. Bye, bye Nicki. Hate you. Never come back, ever.
  • Brother love!!! Awwww!!! Just adore those two getting along.
  • Really Lucas? You couldn’t leave each of them their own note? You haven’t put them through enough? Real nice.
  • DIE, DAN! DIE!!!
  • Two things about this scene in Nathan’s apartment. 1.) Lucas has ZERO right to get huffy with Haley about sleeping with Nathan. Who does he think he is? 2.) OMG!!! MARRIED!! Normally I would think 2 teens getting married was beyond stupid. But this, I allow. For so many reasons. Allow and LOVE!!!!!!!  I could seriously talk about it for days and probably will post about it at some point in the future. “We did wait.” The way she giggles, the way Nathan looks at her with SO MUCH LOVE written all over his face? I die.
  • Side note: If you have not yet listened to the two commentaries for this episode, get your hands on a DVD and enjoy! So awesome! Also, James talked about this episode at the recent ATX Festival and my friend Kristen has the full report. Check it out HERE.

Best Bit: This was a tough decision to make but how could I not go with our very first Naley kiss in the rain? A truly stunning moment.

Ugh! Moment: Dan catching Keith shirtless hugging Deb. That will not end well for anyone.

Fave Quote: Karen: “But no matter where you go or who you become, this place will always be with you. There is only one Tree Hill. And it’s your home.” A quote that will resonate until the very end of the series.

Biggest Question: What on earth is Haley wearing under her shirt? It’s not a camisole, it’s not a bra. I don’t get it at all. Nor have I ever seen one any place else.

On My iPod: “More Than Anyone” by Gavin DeGraw and “Run” by Snow Patrol

2×01 – “The Desperate Kingdom of Love”

Overview: All of Tree Hill deals with the fall out of Dan’s heart attack, Lucas & Keith’s departure and Naley’s big surprise.

Random Observations:

  • This opening funeral scene gave me so much hope. I really thought that Dan had died. What a bummer to find out that he didn’t. In other news, Nathan looks REALLY good in that suit.
  • “I had the strangest dream.” How insanely precious are these two? Infinitely sweet and sexy and beautiful together. I would watch 187 episodes of just THIS. Does that make me creepy?
  • “We’re married now Haley. I’m never gonna hide that.” Hey Nathan Scott. Could you please be more darling? LOVE YOU FOREVER.
  • Deb & Dan. WOW. They are just the WORST. To each other and to their son. Though “Assiest ass,” did make me laugh out loud.
  • This Naley flash back. Not sure there is an OTH scene I have watched more times. Absolutely perfect in every way. She is perfect. He is perfect. They are beyond. I want to cry from the epicness of it all.
  • If Dan had actually been given a chance to make that little speech he rehearsed in the car, there is no way Deb would have believed him. Right?
  • I adore Haley’s parents. LOVE THEM. I also LOVE that they let us think that Marion was Haley’s mom there for a second. Hilarious. As are the front door jokes. And the horny cat burglar joke. And poor Nathan. The awkward faces he makes standing in the kitchen are just priceless. BTW, that white shirt looks DAMN good on him. Holy Moses.
  • Keith’s reasons are hysterical. “Dan’s an ass. You’re an ass. Your mother annihilated my heart.” Love that guy. His rant about Dan is also pretty phenomenal.
  • SUPER proud of Brooke & Peyton for deciding not to let Lucas’ letter get between them. It shows growth. Hos before bros.
  • “I promise you Haley. I will always be there for you. I will always protect you. I will always protect you. Always.” MY HEART!! MY FEELINGS!! I thought about this scene so many times during S9. I wish I could explain why. It’s just so powerful.

Best Bit: The entire scene with Nathan and Haley in bed together. The jerk that Nathan once was, is so far gone now and all because of Haley’s love. She knows that too and it’s why he is able to convince her to marry him, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Nathan: “Ok, so I’ll say it again. I could love you forever.” Haley: “Nathan so could I.” Nathan: “So then why can’t forever start today?”

Ugh! Moment: Deb blaming Nathan for Dan’s heart attack and then telling Haley to shut up. What a bitch. And in a chapel too. Real nice.

Fave Quote: The first of many, the epic and iconic: “Always and Forever.”

Biggest Question: This entire episode takes place inside what I like to call the “Tree Hill Space/Time Continuum.” There is no way all of the events will ever fit into a time line that makes any sense at all to anyone. It does not work within the previous episode’s parameters even a little bit.

On My iPod: “Take Your Mama” by Scissor Sisters, “Empty Apartment” by Yellowcard,  “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 & “Lie In The Sound” by Trespassers William

2×02 – “Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise”

Overview: Lucas, Peyton & Brooke throw Nathan & Haley a wedding reception while Nathan’s parents continue to struggle with the news.

Random Observations:

  • Lucas is pretty great with his support of Nathan & Haley and with his party idea. And with trying to be friends with the girls. Must give credit where credit is due.
  • Dan’s “the sky is so blue” thing and all of the nicey nice? My eyes are rolling so intensely that they may pop out of my head.
  • Haley is so classy and sweet. And Deb is such a bitch in return. UGH!
  • Sorry but I am SO uninterested in Peyton’s Lust Factor story line. Take a hint Brooke. Why would anyone ever be happy about having naked pics of them posted on the internet?
  • Nathan is SO SO SO HOT when he stands up to his parents. “How about you and dad back off and shut up about Haley and me.” Yeah Deb! Take that!
  • Aaaaaaand Haley’s parents continue to be awesome, funny and supportive. Everything Nathan’s parents are not. “We found some hash in the guest room.” “By the way, the dog threw up on Mr. Waffles.”
  • LMAO at Mouth spraying Skills with cheese and then Fergie scraping it off with a chip.
  • Whitey’s gift is SO sweet. Not exactly useful at this time but sweet all the same.
  • Heaven help me. Nathan is already a perfect husband. Standing by Haley against his mother. Comforting her when she’s upset. I get all kinds of giddy when I watch that scene on the steps. They are everything to each other.

Best Bit: Haley standing up to Deb to defend her parents and Nathan loving her more for it. Do not mess with Haley James Scott people.

Ugh! Moment: Deb has some nerve saying that Haley ruined Nathan’s life. If anything, she saved it after his parents ruined it.

Fave Quote: Mr. James: “Hell, you can drive at sixteen, go to war at eighteen, you drink at twenty-one and retire at sixty-five. So how old do you have to be before your love is real?”

Biggest Question: I don’t want to be this curious but I really am. What in the hell was in that note Lucas wrote to Brooke & Peyton?

On My iPod: “Float On” by Modest Mouse, “Art” by Louque, & “Everybody’s Changing” by Keane


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