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Day 4 (and also Days 5 & 6)

Greetings from rainy San Diego! I know it’s rude for me to complain about the weather here when it’s also rainy and much colder back home, but I am pretty over the rain. I wanna go to the beach, damn it! Anyways…

Day 4 (Saturday), I attended the Women’s March here in San Diego. So glad Carly let me tag along with her and her friends. It was such an amazing experience. Inspiring and powerful and moving, not to mention educational. A once in a lifetime event shared with 40,000 like-minded individuals. Was happy to be a part of it.
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underworldbwposterDay 5 was a little quieter. I went to the movies and did a little shopping. Picked up a new pair of Supernatural work out pants. img_7548They have pockets! I adore workout pants with pockets. Where else am I supposed to keep my chappie?? I also saw the new Underworld movie. I still dig vampires. The movie was not great. The action scenes were fun, Bradley James and Theo James are both really hot, but the acting was so bad and honestly I was a little confused. Turns out there was another Underworld movie that was released in 2012 and I never saw it. Oops! Maybe if I go back and watch that one (Awakening), this latest one will make a little more sense. At least it wasn’t a long movie and now I get to laugh at myself!

img_7553On Day 6 (today) I finally found the gym!img_7555It’s not a bad set up for an apartment complex. Quite a few treadmills and some free weights. Got a couple of miles in and then came back and made a smoothie and a batch of quiche cups. Feels good to start to get on track with the diet and exercise. The goal is to lose at least 15 pounds before heading back to Boston. I am hoping that once the weather shapes up I can add a walk on the beach to my daily schedule, on top of the morning workouts. Wish me luck!

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‘Supernatural’ Guest Star Ty Olsson Talks Benny & SPN Fandom

There’s a new monster in town on Supernatural and I know we’re all waiting on pins and needles to learn more about him. Though we won’t see Ty Olsson’s Benny in tonight’s all new episode, we’ll be getting lots of him in next week’s “Blood Brother.” He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me and his responses are just too awesome to keep to myself for a whole week (very minimal spoilers below). Be sure to follow Ty on Twitter and don’t miss all new episodes of Supernatural, Wednesdays at 9:00 PM EST.

You have appeared on Supernatural once before. Can you tell me about coming back to the show as a new character and how that happened?

This is something that happens fairly frequently, particularly in shows that run a long time like Supernatural. In True Justice with Steven Seagal I played 2 characters in back to back seasons. I’m fortunate to have the ability to change my look easily and as well to have a range to allow this. Coming back to Supernatural was interesting because many of the crew had been with the show for many [years] ,so it was great having that moment of saying ” OH that’s where you’ve been. ” Other than being vampires, Benny and Eli really aren’t very similar. But they do look a little alike, don’t you think? 😉

What is your favorite thing about playing Benny? Your least favorite thing?

I love the storylines they’re giving Benny. He’s a complex character that struggles with the reality of what he is. A bloodthirsty vampire…Unlike a typical bloodsucker though his conscience and soul leave him in constant turmoil. Keeping his hunger at bay and searching for a place to fit in leaves him lost between the human world and his predatory one. I think in many ways Benny is still in Purgatory.

There really isn’t a down side to playing Benny, I do what I love for a living and have been given the chance to play this amazingly well written, complex character. What’s not to love? If I had to pick something it be that he seems to spend a lotta time dirty..hahaha.

Is there anything you have not yet been given the opportunity to do as Benny that you would love to do?

An on camera, epic bloodbath, fight scene … a beautiful and violent ballet of death with the song “Benny and the Jets,” playing in the background..

The Supernatural fandom is very passionate and protective of their show. What has your fandom experience been like so far?

Love the fans, little kooky (like me), very passionate and they make me laugh out loud every day. Been really enjoying being able to connect with them over twitter. We have a little unofficial contest going …who gets more blushes…I’m destroying them !!  It’s all in good fun and I’m grateful that so many people are enjoying my work as Benny.  Not only that but I seem to have my own little internet IT team!! They have all been so helpful!!

You’ve recently been announced as a guest for the Vancouver Supernatural Convention. Is there anything specific you are looking forward to? Anything you are secretly fearing?

I’m SOOO excited about getting the opportunity to do some conventions in 2013. What a great opportunity for me to travel, meet fans, and maybe squeeze a little R and R in ..I guess if I had a fear … losing a little bit of my anonymity. I’ve been fortunate to work a lot over the years,  but I’ve never really had to worry that if i do something dumb (my only other talent) everyone is gonna know about it . I’ve already promised some fans a drunken karaoke night out … .Sigh* I guess it’s inevitable.

Other than Supernatural, of course, is there a show on television you are really excited about watching?

I don’t have time to watch much TV to be honest…but I have recently started watching The Walking Dead and am enjoying the first season quite a lot ..

Anything you are embarrassed to admit you watch regularly?

I have two young girls so when they are with me the TV is perpetually on kids channels…and I will confess some of them get me watching …I actually thought Hannah Montana was a pretty damn good show hahaha…Nooooo I never turned it on myself … but I’d watch and yes was curious how the series was gonna end ..I’ve seen ALL the kids and teeny shows out there …Witches of Waverly Place is pretty well done too…and the Suite Life ..ok…..I’m gonna stop now .

What is the most important thing the Supernatural fans should know about you?

The most important thing fans should know about me? I wear boxers. Not briefs. And no, I will not smell Jared, Jensen or Misha for you. Although I’m sure they do smell amazing as you say.


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Thoughts on the 5th Season of True Blood

Finally! A full season of True Blood that I didn’t mostly loathe from start to finish. It wasn’t perfect by any means and so very effing weird, but at least it was entertaining.


At the beginning of the season when Sookie and Lafayette had Pam turn Tara into a vampire, I thought for sure I would have to quit this show. Tara has been my least favorite character since at least season 2 when she first started crying ALL THE TIME. Turns out, it wasn’t the worst thing. I loved that she seemed to gain a bit of her smart mouth back and I loved her sexy Fangtasia costumes. Mostly though, I loved her relationship and interactions with Pam. I may even be ok with them continuing their love affair. Leave it to Pam to make a character tolerable again. That woman can do no wrong. Pam’s interactions with Eric were flawless as always and actually quite moving at times. They have always had one of my favorite relationships.

Speaking of Eric, is it me or does he just get hotter and more fun every year? I have been the lone member of the Team Bill & Sookie club for so long but I feel that this season’s Eric & Sookie moments finally have me on the switch. He can be sweet and funny under his facade of dark and sexy and I’m a bit mad at myself for taking so long to come around. I actually cheered out loud when I found out that he wasn’t doing the Authority’s bidding. Can’t wait to see what happens with them next season.

Another favorite? Jason Stackhouse. Sexy, adorable, dumb as a box of rocks. I loved him and Jessica together and am sorry that his new anti-vampire stance may keep them from hooking up again in the future. He’s gonna need to get over that. He and Jessica saying goodbye to Hoyt after Jessica had glamoured them out of his memory was truly heart breaking. Must admit, the tears were flowing. Is that the last we’ll see of Mr. Fortenberry?

One story line that I was surprisingly into involved Sam and his shape shifter lady and the crazy ass holes trying to hunt them all down. The politics of it were slightly over handed but interesting just the same. It was nice to see Sam having a purpose for once.

I didn’t care at all for Terry’s smoke monster story line. I was so excited for Scott Foley to be on the show but feel that he was entirely wasted. Very glad that was all resolved before the end so that I won’t have to deal with it next season. Also, still not entirely sure how I feel about Andy and his new set of Faerie quadruplets. What the hell is that about? And I’d like to care more about Alcide and his situation but I just don’t. He needs to get back in Sookie’s bed. That was hot.

Oh Bill Compton. I hate this version of him. He’s annoying without being at all scary. And while I didn’t hate all of his fellow Lilith worshiping vamps, I am glad that they’re gone. The final battle in the Authority headquarters was a lot of fun. How effectual can he be without his lackeys though? And most importantly, is he going to look like a fruit roll-up for the duration of season 6?

Despite the fact that it has turned Jason anti-vamp again, really excited to see more of the story regarding the death of he and Sookie’s parents and the vampire that Sookie has been promised to. Will Eric be able to protect her? I always thought there had to be something ELSE involved in the death of their parents. So far, it has been really interesting. Hope they don’t eff that up.


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The Vampire Diaries Recap: Before Sunset

Happy TVD Renewal day!!! It’s official! We’re getting a season 4 (like we had any doubt).

We’re one week and one hour away from summer hiatus. I don’t even want to think about it. You know what else I don’t want to think about? Alaric. I feel like watching him as an evil vampire is going to break my heart. And my will to live. I am, however, looking forward to watching Klaus be on our side for a change. Really, I just look forward to watching Klaus. I’M SCARED THOUGH!! Time to set up the Pinot Grigio IV and anesthetize Virgil (I don’t want to deal with his nightmares if he watches this).

  • This feels so wrong. This Alaric being in that classroom. Especially after watching “Let the Right One In” this week and getting to see the first mission plotted there. I’m sad.
  • Poor Rebekah is awful butt hurt about missing the dance. She will never get to be a real girl, will she?
  • Does the stake not kill Evil Alaric or did they just miss his heart?
  • WHAT THE FRAK? That was some effed up ish right there kids. Alaric, burning in the sun, breaking Caroline’s neck and then dragging her body back into the school. I may have peed my pants just a little. Holy mother of crap.
  • Also, I thought Beks and Caroline had just had a little bonding moment and then she just let her get dragged to certain doom? Nice lady.
  • Whoa. Jeremy is angry. Poor kid.
  • Damon is angry too. This is sad. Did I already say that? “I do stupid things like let my friend die with dignity when I should have killed him.” If anyone needs me I’ll be sailing my boat down my river of tears.
  • Damon’s car is on the street. Stefan must have walked. (Shut up. I care about these things).
  • Dammit Elena. Or as husband says it: “Dumb bitch.” I think he is not a fan.
  • People still have the newspaper delivered? I didn’t know that still happened.
  • Not gonna lie. This is kind of fun.  The throwing things bit. It’s like a vampire temper tantrum but with props. I wonder if the neighbors will be confused about what happened to their fence. Also, I hope those kids have insurance and a broom.
  • Is it ok that I am totally cool with the “Klaus and Elena leave and Stefan goes with” plan? I would totally watch that show.
  • This is awful. I can’t watch. Why does it always have to be Caroline? Why? SOMEONE ANSWER ME!!!
  • How awesome would it have been if Bonnie answered the door and it was a Girl Scout.
  • Klaus is a Stelena shipper. FYI.
  • Did Bonnie just Bing where Elena was?
  • I wanna know if Klaus is telling the truth about the bloodline. Like I really wanna know real bad.
  • BE STILL MY HEART! Oh Em Gee. Klaus’ care and concern for Caroline is like palpable. And I wanna swim in it.
  • I love the vampire fighting. I don’t like watching Stefan & Damon get tossed around like rag dolls but the action is HOT.
  • Did Elena just use her brain? Someone get the poor girl an Excedrin right away. It must hurt like hell.
  • GET STEFAN!!!  Did you hear what she said? DID YOU???
  • Elena’s not the only one wearing her thinking cap. Klaus has come to a few conclusions of his own. Elena can’t choose. This episode is like a Mensa meeting!
  • “Just between us girls.” I love Klaus. Even when he’s doing evil things. I love him.
  • YAY TYLER!! (I don’t think I have yelled that ever but it felt good).  I may have also done lots of clapping.
  • Oh no. I mean YAY but also NO! This is terrible. And good? I don’t understand my feelings!!!
  • This is all very intense with Klaus and Stefan staring into each others eyes while Bonnie kills Jeremy and stuff. Does Stefan secretly wish there was another way? Does he kind of not want this to happen? I bet Klaus kind of doesn’t want it to happen either.
  • The boys are taking Klaus for a swim I guess?
  • I love and hate this conversation. I am glad she was honest with them and what she says makes perfect sense. Still sucks though. It’s all stupid. This show is stupid. I hate this show.
  • This scene is so great. So happy. I love these characters. I love this show. A bit miffed that Elena is reluctant to do tequila shots though. What a loser.
  • Alaric has sold out the leading ladies of Mystic Falls. Ruh-roh.
  • ONCE MORE WITH FEELING!! (I have feelings watching these brothers. The “I want to hug all of my unicorns and all of you while sobbing” kind of feelings).
  • “She’s a pretty special girl.” KILL ME NOW!!!!!!
  • What happened? What’s wrong with Elena??? She’s going to get paint in her hair!!!

Best season 3 episode. AMIRIGHT? That was incredible. Scary and funny and devastating and heartfelt and action packed. Only one left. UGH! And so many questions!! Are they going to be able to take down Alaric? When they do, will that be the very end of him forever? Will Elena make a choice? Will her choice make me want to stab kittens? I can’t wait to see the pre-pilot flash backs. I have a feeling I will need beach towels to dry my tears. Are y’all ready for it?


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