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Home is Where the Heart is

I was beyond shocked to wake up to news of a shooting at a movie theater in my former home town of Aurora, CO. A theater I used to frequent often. I still have the ticket stub from the last movie I saw there (Fahrenheit 9/11) the summer before I moved to Massachusetts.

On Tuesday night I returned to Boston after 2 weeks in my home state of Colorado, a state already devastated by raging fires. And as I was walking home from the Salem farmer’s market last night, I saw a columbine blooming in front of my house and felt homesick for the mountains, despite just getting back from there. As I mentioned in my previous post:

Colorado is where I grew up. It’s where I became the person that I am. And it is filled with my family, the people who helped to make me who I am.

I spoke with my Denver based  sister this morning to make sure that everyone we know and love was safe and healthy. “It feels just like Columbine all over again,” she said. “Get out of the house. Don’t sit and watch the news all day.” We were both living at home with our parents in Aurora, CO on that day in April 1999. Sitting on a sofa, glued to the television, just 6 miles from this morning’s terrible shooting. And she is right. This feels very much the same. Only this time my mom isn’t sitting next to me, holding my hand.

It’ all so very surreal. And senseless. And it makes me want to zip up my still unpacked suitcase and get on a plane, back to my friends and family in the Centennial State. I just wish there was something I could do. Something that would help.

If you are in CO and can, please donate blood. You can find more details here.

To all the victims and their families: my thoughts and prayers are with you and with everyone back home. God bless.

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The World’s Oldest Teenager

I was on the plane yesterday, heading home to Boston after 2 weeks in Colorado and I was feeling a little sad about it. So, I was doing things that were comforting. I was reading my Comic Con TV Guide with the cast of The Vampire Diaries on the cover, drinking Diet Coke and when I wasn’t listening to Carly Rae Jepsen I was watching season 1 episodes of The O.C. When I bent down to scratch where my knot tied anklet was itching me, it occurred to me: I am the world’s oldest teenager. And I don’t even care.

The parts about my trip (aside from spending time with friends and family) that I loved the most also made me feel a little young for my age. I loved that staying in my aunt’s big, beautiful house meant that I could blare my music all day and night and dance around like a fool without worrying about neighbors who might be sharing a wall or a floor. I loved that drinking at high altitude meant no hangovers (Sogrape Gazela Vinho Verde is my current fave).

My main job for two weeks, besides the occasional baby sitting,  was just making sure the house was taken care of so I was free to read as much as I wanted and watch as many Channing Tatum movies as I could find. It was pretty magical. I loved going for pedicures with my sister and my CO bestie (of course we all got flowers painted on our toes) and then doing handstands in the pool for an entire afternoon.

I have since come home to a pile of mail that needs dealt with, tons of unpacking that needs done and several messes that I made before I left on my trip. All will need to be taken care of but I made myself a CO trip playlist that should help me make it through the not so fun stuff.

I was super excited to see my husband and my MA bestie and I am really looking forward to the upcoming trip to Ohio with the rest of my Boston friends. But there are a lot of things I am missing as well. Like drying off after a shower. The humidity out here on the East Coast makes that impossible. And the July temperature really never drops here at home, even after dark. I’m also missing the two little girls who loved to color with me and thought that I was the COOLEST EVER!

Colorado is where I grew up. It’s where I became the person that I am. And it is filled with my family, the people who helped to make me who I am. The house where I stayed is surrounded by petunias. The flower that my mother always filled her gardens with. Every time I smell them, I think of her and miss her so much. At night there, the air is so calm and comfortable. And so very quiet. The only sounds were the crickets and the lake water lapping on the shore. I’m really going to miss that.

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There’s No Place Like Home

Remember how I said I was going to blog every day from the road? FAIL! I think I also promised pictures. ANOTHER FAIL!

I did have an amazing trip though. Some highlights:

Getting to see a Navy graduation in Pensacola was an amazing experience. The camaraderie built between my sister and all of her class mates, all heading out into the world to become Navy Recruiters, was a sight to see. All of these sailors have been dedicated to the Navy for at least 5 years. They are squared away (put together), very charming and a great group of people. My short time with all of them was delightful. The ceremony itself was VERY powerful. It created in me a huge sense of pride for my sister Stacey, for the Navy and for our country. If you ever feel discouraged with how things are going in the USA, spend some time with these people. They are so devoted and hard-working, it will make you believe in just about anything. They are also a GREAT time and very smart!

After graduation, Stacey and I hit the road. The two of us are road trip masters, especially together, and this was no different. Each long day on the road went by faster than I would have liked. On day one we got to have lunch with my good friend Jessica who drove over 2 hours each way just to meet up with us. It was wonderful to see her!

Stacey and I jammed out to Florence & The Machine, and our old road trip fave, BarenakedLadies. Gordon has always been our road album. We LOVE to blare the music at full volume and sing at the top of our lungs. There is no voice judgement, only shared favorite verses. She even sang my favorite Kate Voegele songs with me. Often we would pause the music to play catch up, share stories or relive old memories. It was a dream. I was incredibly sad when we finally reached our destination. I could have stayed in the car with my sister for AGES.

Denver is always a bag of mixed emotions for me. I left it so many years ago and have found so much happiness in Massachusetts. But Denver also means home and family. I stayed with my best friend Bird who has been a friend of mine for WAY longer than I care to admit. She gets me. So much sometimes, it’s scary! She is a sister from another mother. It was so great to get time with her. I always cherish our moments. She’s an amazing and gracious hostess. Also, she’s an amazing cook so I know time at her house always means good food! Accompanied by lots of wine and lots of laughs!

I also got to spend an entire day with my extended family. My other sister, Carrie, my niece Teagan (my Monkey) my Aunts, Uncles, cousins and all of the above. It was a perfect day. Lunch with all (most) of the ladies of the family. Besides my husband, my favorite people in the world. These are the women who have shaped me, have made me who I am. All different generations. Some of us wives, some mothers, some neither. All supportive and smart and funny. I feel so blessed to come from a family of so many amazing women. It makes me miss my mother. But on a day like that, I know she was there in spirit. A fun side note: My cousin Kelly, whom I have looked up to most of my life, started watching Supernatural because of this blog! Huge win! I hate that it’s giving her nightmares but LOVE that she’s getting to experience Sam & Dean Winchester! Everyone should experience that joy! Keep at it Kelly!

While I was in Colorado, Bird and I were able to drive up to Nebraska to see my other BFF, Jen, one of my favorite people in the world and I had not seen her since she stood in my wedding a year & a half ago. Since then, she has had a baby and has had to leave Colorado. She was her amazing self, taking me out for Lincoln’s best beers and greeting me with two boxes of Gobstoppers and her GORGEOUS baby boy, Cole. Knowing that it was my first time with him and that trips to see her would be few & far between, she let me have him almost exclusively while I was there. WHAT A DOLL. This boy is going to break hearts. He definitely broke mine. He cried on me a few times but I also got MILES of darling Cole grins and baby laughs and he even napped on me for an hour or so on Sunday morning. My favorite thing EVER!!! Jen & Ross should make children professionally. They are VERY good at it!

After 4 planes, 5 days in the car, 1 bus, one cab, 2 subways, one commuter train and 11 days, I am so happy to be home in Salem. Later today I will go for a walk on my cobble streets to pick out a card and a 6 pack of man flowers. It’s my husband’s birthday and I would not be any place else. Flying in over the water yesterday, my heart started to race. There is something about being near the ocean that just makes me happy.

And while I am SO glad to be home, I am already missing everyone so much. It was such an amazing trip.

Still, there is no place like home.



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Monday? Again?

I have so much to do, I’m going to bed.

That is how I feel every time I walk into my kitchen today. The husband and I really let it go over weekend. And I would love to say that it was because we cooked this big amazing meal but we ordered in ever meal but one which we went out for on Friday night. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the cold and snow. Yeah. That’s it.

I did leave the house once on Saturday to go see The Vow with a girlfriend. And despite the steady stream of tears that fell down my face throughout the entire thing, I loved it. I can’t really figure out why. It was a little on the slow side, incomplete at times, but that didn’t seem to matter. I walked out of the theater wanting so badly to see it again. And I swear that Channing Tatum’s bare butt had nothing to do with it.

Staying in most of the weekend gave me time to read a couple of articles on the atrocities done unto women that make this country look like it’s still in the dark ages. The first, from HelloGiggles.com was about Chris Brown and the Grammy’s (during last night’s ceremony he performed and won for Best R&B Album). After reading the article, I decided not to watch the award show at all. It wasn’t so much that I was pissed about Chris Brown (which I still am and have every right to be) but more so because of what was said about it by the Grammy Producers:

“We’re glad to have him back,” said executive producer Ken Ehrlich. “I think people deserve a second chance, you know. If you’ll note, he has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.”

Glad to see that both Adele and the Foo Fighters were awarded many times over (although my favorite F+M was completely ignored) but NOTHING was going to make me watch that telecast after reading that. What a disgusting pig. If he’d like to become an actual victim I am sure that can be arranged.

The other article that had me ready to light up my torch and take to the streets was an opinion piece from the Chicago Tribune on how various men in Congress, The Supreme Court and in the Catholic Church believe women to be incapable of making decisions about their own bodies. This kind of stuff always gets me on the defensive and makes me want to look at women who side with THEM like they have some kind of alien appendage growing out of their faces.

The CW has opted for a different way of raising my blood pressure. Starting today on their Facebook page they have available old school looking Valentine’s Day cards staring all of your favorite CW guys. I suppose you have to know the characters or plot lines of their shows in order to get the little jokes but these are my three favorites, aren’t they so dreamy?





















And someone (I don’t remember who) posted this at some point over the weekend and it made me laugh and think of everyone I knew growing up in Colorado:










Lastly, I leave you with a song from one of my favorite bands, Wakey!Wakey! which is more for my benefit than it is for yours since I am probably the only one still in bed.

Have a great week y’all!




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