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Day 13 (and several days prior as well)

I am going to start off this post by saying just one thing about current affairs: I am angry and I am afraid. And also very proud of Boston right now. Mayor Marty Walsh is doing the exact right thing by fighting fear and hate in every way he can. Keep doing you, Marty. Also, please read this article written by Yonatan Zunger, an engineer at Google and a former Stanford professor. It is eye opening and easy to read. It will probably not make you feel better.

fullsizerender-7In happier news, I got to spend this last weekend with my sister and it was so good to have her home, even for such a short time. We were able to squeeze in a lot of eating, drinking, and laughing, as well as a very intense game of Uno wherein she wiped the floor with her boyfriend and I. img_7695It was embarrassing. We also Visited Balboa park (gorgeous) and a couple of wineries up in Temecula (amazing). I had never been to Wine Country before and I have to say, the Sparkling Coconut Nui from Wilson Creek Winery is LIFE CHANGING. If you see it, pick it up, you can thank me later.

Not sure if I will get the chance to see Stacey again before I leave California so I am super glad we got to have an awesome, long weekend together. Miss her already.

img_7712Today, my first day alone in a while, I spent some time at the pool with my headphones and a book. Feel like I finally sunned some of the pale off of me. It would be be nice to get back to Boston and NOT be glowing in the dark any longer. Also enjoyed listening to the latest Steve Dangle Podcast featuring NHL All-Star and Legend, John Scott. What a great sport that guy is. Hopefully the people near me at the pool didn’t mind me laughing to myself for a solid hour (thanks most notably to a joke about a pro golfer at the zoo. Too hilarious for words). I probably looked really cool.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

fullsizerender-6Tonight I will be making my first of three Blue Apron dinners that my sister so generously set up for me. A glazed cod that looks really healthy and delicious. I’ve never really cooked fresh fish before (lobster doesn’t count) so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I will have an update on a later post. Wish me luck!!

Last but not least, this last weekend was the NHL All-Star Game. I didn’t get to see a lot of it since I was busy enjoying the California sunshine, but I did see a few pics, one especially that filled my heart and my tear ducts and has become one of my favorite hockey pics of all time. I present for you All-Stars Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand, formerly known as Bryler, two thirds of my favorite line of all time. Missed seeing them on the ice together!! Enjoy!


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Tyler Seguin is Such a Jerk

Here’s the thing.

I get that Tyler Seguin has a reputation for being a hard partying douche bag. A waste of a draft pick and a loser. Fine.

Every douche I know is upset when he scores his 4th goal of the game, wishing he could have given it to one of his teammates.

Ass holes always refuse to celebrate a 7th team goal. Because it’s not the right thing to do.

Dallas Ty Super jerks are all about starting a foundation to raise money and awareness for an affliction that has overcome their best childhood friend. Those kind always put their time, money and heart into something that means nothing to them. Buying suites, signing stuff, taking pics, spending time…. What an ass hole.

It’s usually the SUPER fuck ups that get 12 goals and 10 assists in their first 19 games with a new team.

And with their former team, 2nd overall in points was  HORRIBLE. Obviously.

And even after being drug through the mud and trash talked to no end, it’s the REAL jerks who continue to say wonderful things about their former team, their former city, their fans and all of the memories they made there.

Remember that time in Tyler Leather smallTampa when Seguin actually SAVED our entire playoffs? Oh yeah, we won a cup that year. Oh yeah, fuck that guy. Boo him off the ice. Piece of shit.

You guys are right, what an ass hole. How did I not see it before????

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Drama, Drama, Drama

9x03A lot of you know me as an avid television watcher.

A lover of stories.

A connoisseur of drama.

I have spent a lot of the past few years of my life writing about TV.

I have traveled the world to meet other people who love TV as much as I do.

The craziest TV. The best TV. The most heart stopping TV.

This year, a lot of my friends and followers are confused about my current preoccupation with sports and the theater that surrounds them.

I am here to say that sports and TV shows and the fandoms that follow them have absolutely everything in common.

You want drama? We’ve got that. You want to sit at the edge of your seat? We have that too. You want confusion, heart break, devastating loss? We have that in spades.

Last year, after a disastrous loss for my football team in the NFL playoffs, hockey came back to me. To be honest, the football season had kept me from missing hockey as much as I would have during the lockout. Getting it back just in time to have something new to cheer for was only one thing it did to change my life.

Win Bergy Marshy SegsA shortened, more intense season meant that every game counted. No game was to be missed and it was imperative to keep up on who was healthy and who was scoring, in order to better prepare for how each game might go. Which NHL team would make it into the playoffs and which would not, seemed to change every day. Even the mighty Bruins seemed questionable at times.

But the Bad Bruising Bruins did make it to the playoffs. Their game 7 win against Toronto will go into the history books. Not just for Boston but for the entire NHL. They proceeded to take out the unstoppable New York Rangers and then SWEPT the Eastern Darling Penguins, holding the best offense in the country to only two goals in four games.

But, making it far into the playoffs, to the final, and then losing on home ice is something, a pain, a loss that cannot be quantified.

Unless you are an avid television watcher.

There is something TV and hockey fans have in common!

2013 promo 2You pick your favorite show. You find a connection. One reason alone that makes it your very favorite. It speaks to you. It means something to you. And then you build on that. You find a favorite character. And once you recognize that character, you fall in love with the team behind them. But you still connect with the first thing that made you fall for the show. They do all of the things you love. They move in a way that speaks to you. The words they say mean something more. Sometimes they are silently amazing at what they do. Sometimes they are obnoxious in how they flaunt their abilities. Sometimes they are a little bit of both. Maybe they love your favorite kind of music. Maybe they dance as awkwardly as you might. Maybe they help your city come back from a devastating tragedy. Either way, you connect. You follow.

Maybe someday your favorite character and their team of sidekicks get just this close to catching the culprit. But your lead detective gets hurt so badly he can hardly breathe. He fights on anyways, knowing that they have to catch the bad bergy hurt 2guy! Everyone is over worked and over tired and the bad guy is gaining on them every minute they don’t act. They try their best. Everyone is working toward the same goal. But maybe a few new detectives have shown up putting kinks in the workings. And maybe some of the old ones aren’t working as hard as they should. No matter how hard they try. They just can’t get the bad guy. He kills again right in front of you and then gets away. Everyone is left holding the pieces and wondering what went wrong.

That’s it. That is your season finale. Everything went bad. So what does this mean for all of the characters you have fallen in love with over the last 48 or 82 episodes? And what if your character is new? What if your character has only been on the show for 5? 10? 20 episodes? Will you get to see them again next season? They didn’t die in the season finale but that doesn’t mean anything. Their fate is still left up for grabs.

You pray and you hope. They are your favorite character. You cannot live if they will not be on your show. THEY MUST BE ON YOUR SHOW. Certainly nothing will keep them from being on your show! They play an integral part!!! They want to stay! The show means so much to them!

But they won’t be on your show. Things happen. New deals are done. They will be working for another show next year. They will be a different character. And they will have brand new sidekicks you have never even heard of. They will be wearing clothes you never would have imagined them in.

Ty Dallas PreYou can only hope that if they aren’t going to be on your show next year, they will be on a show you can learn to love! A show that will promote all of their amazing qualities.

But, this isn’t a show. The bad guy is never caught. Not really. These aren’t characters. They are people. Parts of teams. Members of families.  Sometimes they choose to run away. Sometimes they are kicked out by parents who  just don’t understand. Often it’s just time to move on.

Sometimes it works out for the best. Sometimes it doesn’t.

But it never makes the drama any less.

This is how things are, though. Business is business. No one cares about your feelings or character relationships or families. You have to do what makes the most sense for viewers! For ratings! For trophies!

Suck it up!! Cheer for your team! Watch your show! Hope for your player! Pray for the best!

Nothing is sacred.

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The Tyler Seguin Dilemma

Pens game 1I followed hockey when I lived in Colorado. It was pretty easy. We had a Cup winning team. Twice in less than a decade. As a matter of fact, a lot of Denver residents didn’t even KNOW we had a hockey team until they won the cup and we got to have a parade!!! I was not that girl. I grew up in Vail. There was an AWHL hockey team there when I was a kid. I went to games with friends. I never learned SQUAT about the game and hockey was not the preferred sport in my house (FOOTBALL) but I tried to follow as best as any busy teenager could.

I came to the Bruins in the best way. My current BFF was ALWAYS going on about them at work. “Bruins, this. Bruins, that.” WHATEVER. Halfway through the 2010-2011 season, she convinced me to turn the TV on. A love affair was born. I wanted to learn more, watch more. When the playoffs started we were at her wedding in Newport, Rhode Island and we HAD to make sure that we found a bar that was playing the game. Hockey became exciting for me for the first time in a long time after leaving Colorado.

The most exciting part of watching hockey again after so many years, was the rookie, #19, and his AMAZING speed. I couldn’t believe how fast he was. And the impossible goals. BEAUTIFUL goals. My favorite player of all time is Peter Forsberg, a left shooting center. Not the fastest but certainly one of the best. And then here comes this right shooting wing, completely blowing my mind. This kid made things happen. Who is he? What is his name? I’d never seen anything like him. Not that it means much, given my limited knowledge. If he had been covered as much as Terrell Davis, maybe I would have had a bit more info?

042112bruinsce025.JPGI watched him. Game after game. I spent my youth with figure skaters in Vail. I can tell what fancy footwork looks like on ice, even if I am no hockey ingénue. This kid had it ALL. He was the kind of player that made the game so exciting to watch, even for someone just trying to learn more about it. His style and talent made hockey even more fun than it already was.

We won the Cup in 2011 and my BFF bought me a Seguin shirt. She knew that he was a huge part of why I was so excited about hockey again. His goals, his skating: BEAUTIFUL. Something anyone could appreciate.

Despite the Bruins’ shortened playoff run in 2012, he had proven himself so worthy, so talented, that he earned a GIANT contract worth nearly $5.75 million a year for 6 years. During the Lockout, he was the highest scorer on his EHC team. Not hard to believe. He had 67 points (29 goals, 38 assists) in an 81-game season in 2011-12. Via SportsDayDFW: “He has played 203 regular season games, tallying 121 points (56 goals, 65 assists) and is plus-53 in that span. What’s more, he has played 42 playoff games, already and has gone to the Stanley Cup Final twice, and already has won one Cup.”

TS19 Bday game 2To say that I was DEVASTATED when he was traded from Boston to Dallas on July 4th is the understatement of the century. I believe in the Bruins organization and I know that they are always doing their best to build the strongest team to win another Stanley Cup. I also believe that threatening a trade, taking it back and then making it happen, all while telling the media that there are other “issues,” is a cold, bull shit, way to do business. I don’t think you are allowed to publicly throw anyone under a bus unless you plan on trying to pick them up on the next bus. Humiliating Tyler Seguin in public right before trading him, made the Bruins GM look like he was making excuses for trading a quality player that he needed to get rid of due to salary cap issues. You can’t afford him? Fine! Be man enough to admit it. Don’t let us all believe that you’re going to keep him, just as long as he cleans up his act (which as a 21 year old includes going to parties. OH MY GOD THE HORROR).

I have a feeling that Tyler Seguin is just getting started. I’m not an analyst or a professional sports writer but I can tell you that this guy has a ton of talent and, one ‘less than great’ playoff run will not be the end of his career. Despite some immaturity, Seguin will move mountains and will be a player who will be talked about for years to come. I cannot wait for the rest of the NHL fans to witness his skill on the ice.

TS 2013 2Seguin has a lot of fans that love him because he is pretty to look at. So many that it has become tiresome. He is gorgeous, yes. Very true. That is something that cannot be denied. HOWEVER, I will continue to follow his career, knowing and hoping that he will have success on any team he plays for.

I am a Boston Bruins fan first and foremost. But I will never be ashamed to tell anyone that Tyler Seguin is one of my favorite players. I hope he finds all of the success in Dallas, playing first line center, as well as I believe that he can. His gorgeous skating and mind blowing goals will impress many more, I am sure.

He has a very pretty face. But all of his points look even better.

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