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This Weekend in Collage

This Weekend in Collage

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What I’ll Be Watching: Thursdays

I could not be more excited for Fall TV to return! In preparation, as I do every year, I have put together my schedule by day, time and channel just to make sure that my Tivo and I will both get the most out of the television viewing experience. This is my schedule for Thursdays this fall (all times are Eastern):

8:00 PM on CBS – Big Bang Theory: An oldie but a goodie. Something my husband and I always enjoy sitting down to watch together. The constant nerd references are a huge plus. I think I jump up and down every single time a Whedon show is mentioned. (Premieres September 27th) (Please note that I will NOT be watching Two & a Half Men after BBT. Ever.)

8:00 PM on CW – The Vampire Diaries: Oh. My. God. Only my favorite show on television. I may have even tried to watch it while on my honeymoon. Season 4 is already looking to be one of the best yet. Not only do we get to see Elena try out her new fangs, but I am sure all 23 (YES! 23!) episodes will be full throttle, purely entertaining, angsty, fun! Be sure to come back to Wine Stained Life every Thursday after the show for my TVD recaps. (Premieres October 11th)

9:00 PM on ABC – Grey’s Anatomy: I want to say that Lexi’s death and Sloane’s imminent departure are turning me off of this show but then I would be lying. I have been with Grey’s for so long, through so many ridiculous story lines and so much heart ache, there is no way I can turn back now. Not when there’s still Mer & Der.  (Premieres September 27th)

9:00 PM on NBC – The Office: This upcoming season will be its last so even though I really don’t care much about it any longer, it would seem silly to leave Jim & Pam at this point. (Premieres September 20th)

9:30 PM on NBC – Parks & Recreation: By far the funniest comedy in prime time. Amy Poehler is divine and Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman, with the rest of the incredible cast, continue to make me laugh until it hurts every single week. It’s also a comedy that can bring out the sap in me and I just love that. Something you should pick up now if you’re not already watching. (Premieres September 20th)

Check out these helpful links to create your own master TV schedule:

My friend Kate (@katelinnea on twitter) has put together an extremely useful spreadsheet. (This is what I used to create mine). Check out the many other wonderful things on her blog.

TV Guide also has things illustrated rather well with their annual Day-by-Day Schedule and their Premiere Calendar

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