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What I’ll Be Watching: Wednesdays

I could not be more excited for Fall TV to return! In preparation, as I do every year, I have put together my schedule by day, time and channel just to make sure that both my Tivo and I will get the most out of the television viewing experience. This is my schedule for Wednesdays this fall (all times are Eastern):

8:00 PM on CW – Arrow: (New Show!) Probably the most anticipated  new drama for me this season. And not just because of star Stephen Amell’s delicious abs. There will be action and mystery and with news of The Huntress, possibly even a love interest? My friend Erin will be recapping the show for OffColorTV.com and I can’t wait to read!

8:00 PM & 8:30 PM on NBC – Animal Practice & Guys with Kids: (New Shows!) Honestly, not two comedies I am hugely looking for to but the Olympic advertisements seemed to have worked for my husband. One thing these shows do have going for them is their casting. I love Justin Kirk (Weeds) and Zach Cregger (Friends with Benefits) and am a long time fan of the adorable Jesse Bradford (Bring it On). Hopefully they don’t totally suck! (AP Premieres 9/26 and GWK Premieres 9/12)

9:00 PM on ABC – Modern Family: This comedy didn’t have it’s best season last year but there is no way I’m giving up yet. It still makes me laugh out loud every week. And with a new baby on the way the fun can only increase. Right? (Premieres September 26th) (Please note that I will NOT be watching The Neighbors which airs directly after Modern Family)

9:00 PM on CW – Supernatural: (New Night!) DEAN!!!! You guys!! He is stuck in Purgatory and Cas seems to have left him and it’s dark and OMG what on earth is Sam doing?? I am so excited for season 8!!!!!!! In case you can’t tell, SPN is one of my all time favorites. Ever. I will never grow tired of the Winchesters. Looking forward to more laughs, more inside jokes and probably a lot of sobbing once this gem comes back to me.  This year I will be recapping Supernatural for TheTelevixen.com! Please follow @thetelevixen on Twitter & come find me on the blog every week after the show!  (Premieres October 3rd)

10:00 PM on ABC – Nashville: (New Show!) I really don’t know much about this country music themed drama except for the fact that Connie Britton is in it and I would follow Mrs. Coach anywhere. (Premieres October 10th)

10:00 PM on NBC – Chicago Fire: (New Show!) Two words: Taylor. Kinney. And he’ll be dirty and sweaty and doing heroic type things. Of course that’s not the only reason I’ll be watching. Just the most important one. (Premieres October 10th)

X-Factor on Fox: I had every intention of watching this show and only for Britney Spears but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. At least after the CW premieres it won’t. Sorry Britney but Winchesters always come first! (Premieres September 12th)

Check out these helpful links to create your own master TV schedule:

My friend Kate (@katelinnea on twitter) has put together an extremely useful spreadsheet. This is the one I used to make mine! Check out the many other wonderful things on her blog.

TV Guide also has things illustrated rather well with their annual Day-by-Day Schedule and their Premiere Calendar


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