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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×13, 1×14, 1×15 & 1×16

Happy #OTH Wednesday! How awesome is it that it’s the 23rd? I know, I am such a nerd. This week has been super heavy with the OTH nostalgia as the UK finished up the series and The CW here in the states re-played the final two. One Tree Hill is in the air! Don’t miss all of the OTH goodies at the end of the recap!

1×13 – “Hanging By A Moment”

Overview: Whitey and Haley both get a little help from Nathan, Peyton is guilt-ridden by what happened with Lucas and Keith is anxious for Karen to get home. A little too anxious.

Random Observations:

  • How awesome is it that Nathan is shirtless in Haley’s dream? I mean, why wouldn’t he be? We know where her mind is at.
  • I forgot Dan & Deb were still going to therapy. That’s not a waste of time with Dan or anything.
  • I think it’s kind of ballsy for Lucas & Peyton to make out right there in the hall. Isn’t high school like FULL of blabber mouths?
  • AWKWARD!! Brooke telling Peyton she’s falling for Lucas right when they’re about to drop their big secret? Yikes.
  • “I don’t want to go with my dad. I want to be with you.” *sigh*
  • Dan is just AWFUL to Keith. Makes me crazy. That is not how brothers should treat each other.
  • Haley has every right to be mad at Lucas. I think what he’s doing behind Brooke’s back is terrible. He should have broken up with her right away. And why is he all up in Haley’s business about Nathan again? They’re wonderful together!!! Shut up Lucas.
  • I love the conversation between Nathan and Whitey. It’s so indicative of their relationship. And then Nathan lets his sweet little boy side show and it’s just very heartwarming. He says exactly what Whitey needs to hear.
  • The first time I saw that car accident it made me jump out of my seat. Quite unexpected.
  • I love how that doctor already knows Lucas will need surgery after just glancing at him for a second. He’s good.

Best Bit: Nathan teaching Haley how to shoot a free throw. SO EFFING CUTE. You can tell that he loves that there is something he can help her with after everything she has helped him with. It’s all over his face. And she is so worried about impressing him still. I just love it.

Ugh! Moment: Stupid Nathan. I am not saying that he should lie but maybe telling Haley why he went after her at the start was not the brightest idea.

Fave Quote: Whitey: (to Nathan) “You were in the library? Temperature must’ve dropped in hell.”

Biggest Question: Should Dan have moved Lucas from the accident scene like that? What if he had a broken neck or something?

On My iPod: “Pink Bullets” by The Shins

1×14 – “I Shall Believe”

Overview: Lucas lies unconscious in the hospital after the accident and drama continues to flow around him as Peyton, Nathan, Haley & Keith all feel their own kind of guilt.

Random Observations:

  • UGH!!! I absolutely HATE when Nathan and Haley are fighting. Haley has a right to be upset and Nathan was kinda dumb for sharing the whole truth but can’t they just move past it right away? For me?
  • Oh man. Keith and Karen. Before it all goes bad. They are so sweet. He kissed the top of her head. I love that.
  • Lucas is out cold surrounded by all the women who love him. Except Haley who can’t bring herself to go see him. AWKWARD.
  • Nathan: “How’s Lucas?” Haley: “Like you care.” Nathan: “Haley, come on. That’s not fair. Look, we’re not tight, but I don’t wanna see the guy in the hospital.” Haley: “Why? Because if he’s out of circulation, then you can’t use me to piss him off?” STOP IT YOU TWO!! JUST STOP!!
  • I have to give Brooke props. I am not sure I could ever just hang out with my boyfriend’s mom whom I just met while said boyfriend was in a coma.
  • My mom found out about my first tattoo while I was in the hospital too. Best way to break the news. They can’t get that mad then.
  • Moira Kelly is a really pretty crier.
  • BLECH. Dan. Good God. Just give the woman a damn divorce.
  • Peyton has great conversations in this episode. With Karen, with Haley and with Nathan. She’s kind of a screw up sometimes but she gives good advice.
  • Nathan and Lucas have been strangers and enemies and now Nathan is helping him drink water. Weird.
  • When Haley cries, I cry. Starting when Nathan goes to see her in the café. Even this early into their relationship, Nathan knows that Haley needs Lucas and vice versa and he won’t stop until he helps her. The crying carries all the way through to the end when she crawls into Lucas’ arms. Best friends forgive each other. SOB CITY.

Best Bit: I think it takes a LOT for Nathan to go and sit and talk to Lucas while he’s unconscious in the hospital. It’s great proof of how far he has already come and how much he cares about Haley. It’s also a great illustration of the weight Nathan is carrying. He thinks comatose Lucas is the lucky one?

Ugh! Moment: When Karen tells Keith to leave. I understand why she’s upset, but it still hurts my heart. Keith was so close to getting what he always wanted and then BAM!

Fave Quote: Nathan: “Look, I know that it was wrong to go after you for the reasons that I did. I can’t apologize for it. I’m glad I did it. I’m not that person anymore. It’s because of you.”

Biggest Question: Where does Haley find all of her weird hats?

On My iPod: “I Shall Believe” by Sheryl Crow

1×15 – “Suddenly Everything Has Changed”

Overview: Lucas is home from the hospital and must face the women in his life. All of them.

Random Observations:

  • Poor Brooke. She tries so hard. And she just has no idea. Sucks.
  • Did Deb actually think that Dan would just give her an easy divorce?
  • Oh my God Peyton. The wacked out phone excuse? WEAK.
  • “What’s wrong with the old you?” I love you Nathan Scott. You’re just the sweetest. Ever.
  • Good Lord. Those two ass holes are literally fighting over Nathan. Poor kid. I just want to slam their heads together.
  • Oh Brooke. Hanging out with your ex’s mom? You are not making things easier for yourself. Poor girl needs some love.
  • OMG THE LYING LUCAS!!! So bad!! I cannot deny the chemistry between Lucas and Peyton but what they do to Brooke is so shitty. But Lucas does have a point with Karen about Keith. That sucks.
  • I seriously cannot say enough about what terrible parents Deb & Dan are. The manipulating from Dan? The lying from Deb? They should both be in jail. Right after I stab them nearly to death. Ass hats.
  • It was a nice sentiment Peyton but it was a bit too late. Whether you continue your relationship with Lucas or not, the damage has been done.
  • “Come on! You said you would do anything to help me and this would really take my mind off things.” Who could ever say no to that face? Ever?

Best Bit: Is there a question? When Haley sings to Nathan for the first time, Lord help me. Joy’s voice is just magical. I get chills. And his face as he watches her? KILL ME NOW!!

Ugh! Moment: Realizing that Brooke saw Lucas and Peyton on the webcam. Of all the ways to find out…

Fave Quote: Nathan: “I realized that if I’m gonna live in the moment, I just wanna live in it with you.”

Biggest Question: Did Lucas honestly think he would get away with messing with Peyton behind Brooke’s back?

On My iPod: “Elsewhere” by Sarah McLachlan (sung on the episode by Bethany Joy Lenz) and “I Can’t Make Me” by Butterfly Boucher

1×16 – “The First Cut Is the Deepest”

Overview: Dan continues to manipulate everyone around him as Lucas, Brooke and Peyton deal with the fallout of a love triangle gone wrong.

Random Observations:

  • That look Nathan throws Peyton after she asks about the car is just ADORABLE. Half “shut up” and half “I’m a snotty brat.” Love it. Also, his DSL promises are very charming.
  •  “I’m sorry for the way things ended last time Nate.” “Whatever.” Nathan Scott. Please stop being perfect. It’s really not fair.
  • Lucas is SUCH A BRAT!!! I seriously just want to smack him and put him in time out just like I would a toddler acting the exact same way.
  • Oh my GOD I hate Nicki. So much. She totally wasted a drink and then also is a whore bitch from hell. And why does she keep setting things on fire?
  • Lucas is such a slut. That being said, I would totally have sex on a carousel if no one was around. Kind of awesome.
  • Peyton and Jake and Jenny are darling. And then Jake calls his little girl “Angel.” My word.
  • Friggin A. Poor Nathan. He feels abandoned and betrayed. And has every right to feel that way. Nice one Deb. Thank the heavens for Haley. “How does it  feel to be abandoned mom?” Yay for emancipation!
  • And yay for Brooke slamming the door in Lucas’ face.

Best Bit: Honestly? Not one of my favorite episodes. But if I had to pick one moment I liked it would have to be Haley’s face when Sheryl Crow walks into the café. And then Nathan gently telling her to settle down.

Ugh! Moment: Nicki kissing Lucas’ arm and licking his fingers. Gross.

Fave Quote: Nathan: “Thanks for the car dad. Now I can get away from you whenever I want.”

Biggest Question: I don’t know what the emancipation rules are in North Carolina but at least one of Nathan’s parents has to sign off on it, right?

On My iPod: “The First Cut Is The Deepest” by Sheryl Crow


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Have a GREAT week y’all!!



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Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×09, 1×10, 1×11 & 1×12

Happy #OTH Wednesday to my OTH Family! Thanks for continuing to make these days happy for me! Before we get started this week, a HUGE Congratulations to Rob Buckley!! His new show 666 Park Avenue has been officially picked up and will air this fall on ABC. Be sure to follow the wonderful ladies over at (@Robaholics) on Twitter for all the delicious Rob details!

1×09 – “With Arms Outstretched”

Overview: With a big game coming up, Nathan needs a little help. The illegal and bad for you kind.

Random Observations:

  • Come on. That cocky grin is on his face from the moment he enters the screen. And then he grabs her and kisses her and then she giggles and then he says “I’ll kiss you later.” If that does not make you want to giggle scream into a pillow while kicking your legs in the air you have problems. SO MUCH SQUEEEEE!!!
  • Lucas does not give Brooke the most romantic or fun book.
  • Dan is such a shit. Every time he tears Nathan down I want take one of his fingers with a pliers and a blow torch. “I’m happy mom. Dad loves me.”
  • I love these little talks Lucas and Keith have. They’ve got such a great relationship.
  • “My heart’s racing too. That’s what happens when I’m around you.” GAH! KILL ME!!
  • Dan kinda has a  point about Whitey. Dan is a total f**k face to his son but Whitey puts a lot of pressure on Nathan too.
  • Brooke’s Weird Science impression is phenomenal. The moment I really fell in love with Brooke Davis.
  • “I’ve been kissing Nathan.” How friggin adorable is Haley James? I’m very relieved that Lucas doesn’t give her more of a hard time about it. He’s growing.
  • “That’s how it works. People are mean. Life’s a bitch.” Beautiful philosophy Nathan. Makes me want to slap him and hug him at the same time.
  • LOL at Mouth for calling Dan: “He who won’t be named.”
  • Oh Deb and Dan. This is where it starts to get really ugly. Can’t really blame Deb for wanting to stab him in his sleep though.
  • That break in his voice, her eyes near tears, his honesty, her concern. I CANNOT. This scene gets me every damn time I watch it. Stunning moment for the two of them. “Haley. Let me stay with you tonight.”

Best Bit: From the moment he enters her doorway until the moment she closes that same door behind them both. If possible, it means more the 2nd time around because you know that that’s the moment he fell in love with her.

Ugh! Moment: Happy, hot kissing!! And then he won’t listen the first time Haley tells him to slow down. So bad.

Fave Quote:  Nathan: “When I fell to the floor tonight, I was so scared, I was so terrified. Then I saw you, and I promised myself that if I could just get up, I’d walk over to you… I’d tell you how much I need you and how much I want you… and nothing else matters.”

Biggest Question: I have never taken “performance enhancers” but would they really effect someone’s aggression levels so quickly?

On My iPod: “Rain King” by Counting Crows, “Fallen” by Sarah McLachlan and “Re-Offender” by Travis

1×10 – “You Gotta Go There to Come Back”

Overview: Lucas makes a choice between the two girls who want him who had no idea who he was a month ago and in the wake of Nathan’s little experiment, Whitey cancels basketball.

Random Observations:

  • How awkward was that scene with Booke and Peyton both in Lucas’ room? The start of ship wars that will go on for years and years and years.
  • Oh Naley. I cannot handle the cuteness of their cuddles and their bedhead. And I am so thankful that Nathan was honest with Haley about his intentions after the last time they were in her room together. It was needed. Go him. And then after she kisses him and when she nestles back into her pillow with that sigh and that HAPPIEST GIRL ON THE PLANET grin (do not get me started on the her little foot touching his back), she embodies every girl on the planet when they are first falling for a guy. Just so perfectly portrayed.
  • Lucas is pretty on point about Peyton. As right as the two of them might be for each other, she is covered head to toe in issues.
  • I would never be ok with anyone packing my bag for me. How do they know what I want to wear? How do they know what underwear are my favorites? What if they forget the proper shoes for each outfit? Dan is awfully presumptuous.
  • While it would be really embarrassing to catch your friend’s kid with whip cream and condoms, I think Deb oversteps just a tad by going Keith. People should mind their business. Brooke is right, maybe she should look at her own son (pre Haley of course).
  • Haley really is the worst artist. Did you see those posters? Yikes.
  • You’re not my mommy! Lucas is such a brat sometimes.
  • Daddy Jake is kinda hot. Actually, not much about Jake isn’t hot.
  • If I ever found myself on the golf course with Dan Scott I would do more than scream at him. I would hit him a few times in the head with that club and then drown him in the water hazard. WHAT A DICK.
  • The start of live music in Tree Hill. And Gavin! YAY!!

Best Bit: All of the boys playing basketball together on the River Court while all the girls watch.

Ugh! Moment: Nathan realizing he’s the fallback choice for what was supposed to be his parents’ romantic weekend away. Gross.

Fave Quote: Nathan: “Hey, look it’s not about sex with me, okay? When you’re ready, I’ll be too.”

Biggest Question: Did I totally forget or black out a conversation Brooke and Peyton had about Peyton being totally over trying to make anything happen with Lucas?

On My iPod: “Re-Offender” by Travis, “Everything” by Fefe Dobson and “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw

1×11 – “The Living Years”

Overview: Basketball is back on but everyone still manages to find time for other activities.

Random Observations:

  • How awesome would family counseling with Dan be? Answer: as much fun as poking yourself in the eye with a BBQ fork. Or so I imagine.
  • I don’t get Brooke some times. Who doesn’t LOVE the smell of a library and old books?
  • “I’m gonna go put this back.” Lucas is pretty cute with that rake. I wonder where that rake is when a certain someone shows up in season 4.
  • “I think you’re really brave to consider rethinking who you are.” Every single moment they share is just …. I die.
  • Not gonna lie, kinda surprised that Nathan even knows what a ratchet is.
  • Nathan and Haley kind a make me want to go get drunk on the beach with my husband. That shit looks wicked fun.
  • Ugh. Lucas shut up. You can get drunk and get tattooed but Haley can’t skip one class to hit the beach?
  • Is it even legal for Peyton to be home alone that much?
  • I think Brooke hit the nail on the head for their current situation. Lucas is getting something he wants from both girls.
  • “I don’t want to see you change. I like you. And I like the fact that someone like you sees something in me.” Dear Lord.
  • Nathan giving up basketball is kind of emotional for me and I can’t remember if it was the first time I saw him rip off that name sticker or not.

Best Bit: Definitely when Haley throws up on Dan. Nathan said it: “How great was that?” I have pretty severe vomit phobia but for some reason I can watch her barf in his lap over and over and over. And all of their faces!! Laughing FOREVER.

Ugh! Moment: Dan flirting with the waitress in front of Nathan and then yelling at him in public. This guy. Seriously.

Fave Quote: Lucas: (voiceover) “And the little prince said to the man, grownups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always explaining things to them.”

Biggest Question: Are the people who work at Dan’s dealership in the habit of giving Nathan keys to any car he wants, any time he wants it?

On My iPod: “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5 and “Everywhere She Goes” by Across The Sky

1×12 – “Crash Course in Polite Conversation”

Overview: Peyton has a scare when she thinks something is wrong with her dad. Lucas offers to help her with that and a few other things.

Random Observations:

  • Just so all of you know what a old lady I am, I used to watch Nathan’s grandpa on Major Dad.
  • Within the first 30 seconds of meeting Dan’s parents you can almost understand how he became such a twat.
  • Keith is positively thrilled with himself at inviting Whitey to dinner. Love it.
  • Brooke is pretty selfless about sending Peyton off with her boyfriend. And considering what happens…. Makes me feel bad for her.
  • Nathan: “Haley, you got that look.” Haley: “What look?” Nathan: “The look you get when you wanna tell me something, but you don’t really want to tell me.” Haley: “No I don’t and you shouldn’t know that look yet.” He probably knows a lot more about you than you realize Miss Haley James. Just so he can KILL ME.
  • Most uncomfortable family meal EVER. I mean, Royal YELLS at Haley. And everyone is coming down on everyone else and lying and spilling secrets. I would have to be so drunk for that.
  • Dan has an honest moment with Nathan and Nathan snaps back at him. Good for him. Dan earned that after everything he put Nathan through.
  • Poor Peyton. I cannot imagine having to identify a body you think might be your loved one. Makes me think of another time that happens and now I think I’ll go cry.
  • “I have to beat him, Haley. it’s the only way I’m ever going to be free of my dad.” Very sad.
  • Worst dinner party ever followed by the most awkward breakfast ever. Haley really is a genius. Skipping that was very smart.

Best Bit: The Leyton hookup is so hot and intense and emotional. And the song is SO good. I kind of love it even though I know it’s wrong.

Ugh! Moment: Every time Royal digs at Keith.

Fave Quote: Royal: “You answer the door in your underwear?”

Biggest Question: Did Royal give Karen money over the years? Was he aware of what his son had done to Karen? Was Karen ok with Royal while being NOT ok with Dan?

On My iPod: “Maybe Tomorrow” by Stereophonics

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