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My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part Three

Happy TVD DVD day!! That is SO much fun to say! And not just because we finally get to celebrate the latest season of our favorite show being ours to own and hug and watch FOREVER. I thought today would be the perfect day to unleash my favorite episodes of season 3. Not only is the DVD out today, but we still have a little over 4 weeks to wait for the Season 4 premiere! UGH! October 11th cannot come fast enough! I was unable to hold myself to 5 as I did with Season One and with Season Two. There were just way too many awesome moments. Don’t forget to share your favorites with me in the comments!

1.) “The Birthday” (3×01)

Best Bite: This episode set a tone: This season was going to be painful. And in the first of many, MANY ugly cry-inducing moments, Stefan moved from under Klaus’ watchful eye long enough to make a phone call to Elena. And though he doesn’t utter a word, the conversation was enough to both give me hope that someday all would be right with the world, and to break my heart into a million pieces. “Stefan, if this is you, you’ll be okay. I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.”

Damon thrashing Stefan’s room in utter despair also registers (a.k.a. makes me sob).

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: This was the first episode to ever reflect a time lapse and they did an amazing job with that. It honestly felt like it had been ages since the Season Two finale. Jeremy is still seeing ghosts, Tyler and Caroline decide to get hot & heavy and Alaric feels unworthy of guardianship.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Klaus. I love him and want to bash his head in at the same time. He’s got Stefan under his thumb and what he does to poor Ray is just gross and pretty terrible.

Moment to stake: Stefan compelling Andie to jump to her death is horrible. And sad. And proof that the Stefan I love is so far away.

Fave Damon-ism: “You don’t want that. You want the cheap, young stuff over by the cheap, young people.” “Drink more. It’ll feel less weird.”

Biggest Question: What the hell car is Jeremy driving and how did he get it?

The song I play: The episode is full of great dance songs. I love to jam out to Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel.” But when I want the good stuff, when I’m feeling all of the feels, only Ron Pope’s “A Drop In The Ocean” will work for me.

2.) “The End of the Affair” (3×03)

Best Bite: I love the 1920s and I love Katherine’s bob but I mostly love Stefan’s scary closet o’ victims. Elena gets caught in there when he and Klaus show up at the apartment and for 30 perilous seconds I am caught in a whirlwind of emotions, wondering for the first time if Stefan will actually do something to hurt Elena, getting angry that something like that would even cross my mind.  Stefan doesn’t give her away, of course, but he doesn’t reach out for her either and at the end of the episode, when he sends her away, telling her he doesn’t want her anymore, I am too exhausted from that moment in the closet to do anything other than join my unicorns in their puddle and weep.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: Bill Forbes is torturing his own daughter, trying to burn the vampire right out of her. Horrifying. Tyler’s rescue is beyond. And Elena reading all about Stefan’s worst day makes me miss Lexi.

Stuff to think about: Our first introductions to Rebekah and Gloria. Both of whom will prove to be a tad troublesome. And I’d never thought I’d say it, but it’s nice to see Katherine again.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Rebekah. I think it’s almost funny that she thought the real Stefan was ever in love with her.

Moment to stake: Finding out that Elena’s necklace first belonged to Rebekah. Ugh.

Fave Damon-ism: “You know you were dreaming about me. It explains the drool.” “I’m shocked! Stefan’s not a virgin.”

The song I play: Birdy’s “Shelter” is so moving when Caroline lets both her mom and Tyler help her heal.

3.) “The Reckoning” (3×05)

Best Bite: Klaus has finally had enough of Stefan’s lying and duplicity and feels he must be punished. Only, punishment for Stefan means punishment for everyone (a.k.a. Me). Stefan does his very best to fight Klaus’s compulsion to make him drink Elena. He screams at her to run, he tries to stake himself! He works so hard to keep her safe, to cling desperately to his humanity. In the end, none of it matters because Klaus takes it away. Just. Like. That. And after the love for Elena leaves his eyes, he sinks his teeth in and I can’t help but think back to the night when Elena first learns what he is, when he promises that he’ll never hurt her. THAT Stefan doesn’t live here anymore. “What did you do?” “I fixed him.”

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: Tyler nearly dies only to rise again as a Hybrid and Matt drowns himself just to see ghosts.

Stuff to think about: Can we talk about how the “pranks” being pulled are kind of stupid? Dawson’s Creek did it so much better.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Klaus is so awful in this episode. Far beyond his usual evil. It is here that he takes his horror to the next level.

Moment to stake: RIP Dana.  Now is the time, I guess.

Fave Damon-ism:  (to Katherine) “Truth is, you just don’t do it for me anymore.” “I wouldn’t have done it for you.”

Biggest Question:  If Elena’s necklace was important, how come it was never as big of a deal as the moonstone, until now?

The song I play: Shady Bard’s “Torch Song” is both gorgeous and devastating as it plays over Damon finally coming to Elena’s rescue. “Where were you Damon?”

4.) “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (3×06)

Best Bite: Stefan’s transformation into full on Ripper is as heart crushing as it gets but I can’t help but find his nonchalant douche baggery 100% charming and hilarious. Bloody twister, leaving food on the rug, shoving dudes with the audacity to bump into Elena. But maybe he’s okay because he is staring longingly at her and then saves her when she falls? I am so ruined by this show.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls: Alaric and Damon are training Elena to Buffy up, Caroline is dealing with her boyfriend the sired, hybrid, ass, Matt is chatting up his evil, dead sister and Jeremy is getting closer to Anna. Again.Oh right, and Katherine is at work.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Ugh. Sired Tyler is SO obnoxious! Poor Caroline. Hasn’t she been through enough?

Moment to stake: I know in my heart that it isn’t possible, but I feel like Alaric stakes Stefan just before the magic part!

Fave Damon-ism: “The two brunettes on the staircase owe me a Persian rug.”

Biggest Question: “We need to de-rippify Stefan before he destroys my house.” Has Damon already forgotten about the time when he got bored inside and made a big ol’ mess?

The song I play: “Rave On” by Cults. The perfect song for a high school party full of grown up drama.

5.) “Do Not Go Gentle” (3×20)

Best Bite: We all felt it coming. We knew it would be over soon. That doesn’t mean the loss of our Alaric was any easier to bear. The site of everyone gathered to mourn him was too much. The entire fandom wept. When Damon went inside the tomb to share one last bottle with his bestest, good friend, we all lost a piece of ourselves. With all of the loss we’ve experienced over three seasons in Mystic Falls, this one was the hardest yet. But we all did it together.

Stuff to think about: “Taking care of you and Jeremy has been the closest I’ve ever come to having the life I’ve always wanted.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Esther. My good GOD she sucks. I would die of exhaustion before I would tire of stabbing her in the neck with a fork.

Moment to stake: RIP Team Blood and Beer.

Fave Damon-ism:  “I offered to snap his neck, put him out of his misery. He didn’t take me up on it.” “Sorry I killed you. Twice.”

The song I play: The Fray “Be Still” – sobbing for days.

6.) “The Departed” (3×22)

Best Bite: Sure. I always thought that Elena becoming a vampire was a thing. Some… thing that would happen way in the future. Maybe. And then. She died. Elena mother effing died. Like, dead. Is there a card for that? “I regret to inform you that you are now dead. Enjoy unlimited existence. Also, enjoy having fangs for eternity. And shit.”

Stuff to think about: Despite the fact that she is now on their wave length, neither one of the Salvatore brothers are going to be happy about this. Oops.

Character I’d like to set on fire: Rebekah. Again. Barbie Klaus just makes messes where ever she goes. She is a total nuisance!

Fave Damon-ism:  “Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you not being the dumbest brother on earth?” “No, no, no, no. Did I mention no?” “You know what else is her call? Every thing bad ever.”

Biggest Question: Has Caroline ever read anything about head injuries? Pretty sure booze is not recommended for concussions.I’m no doctor though.

The song I play: Sigur Rós “Dauðalogn” – It’s obvious. But dark. And sad. And absolutely perfect.


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