Day 10

treadmillNow that I have decided to quitting smoking, I think about smoking a lot more than when I was actually smoking. I was thinking earlier today about something specific. Throughout adulthood, when I have been stressed or anxious or hyper, my strategy has always been to take a cup of coffee or glass of wine out on the deck with a cigarette and just wait as the whole world slowed down, one drag at a time.

It’s time to find a new strategy.

salad tweetSince I started quitting (does that even make sense?) I have also been trying to eat better and exercise more. It seems stupid to go half assed. So far, it’s going pretty good. I’m not following any specific diet. That shit doesn’t work for me. I am cutting out the bad, cutting down on the total and adding in a lot more good. I just really don’t want to create some obsession with food or counting or weighing. I’m obsessed with enough things (looking at you Prince Patrice). I only want to be better and feel better. I always think about that quote from Kate Moss about no food tasting as good as skinny feels. I’m not so sure about that. I’ve had a few steaks that felt pretty great. But feeling better about myself would taste pretty damn good.

Bangarang_coverThe working out is also going well. I like this as my new coping strategy, whenever possible. It is starting to feel good to run until my lungs burn. I’m enjoying feeling soreness in my muscles. The only thing I worry about is listening to too much Skrillex. I have been to the gym 6 out of the 10 days and I would like to add some Yoga/Pilates in at home as well. As with the food, I’m not following anything too strictly. I am setting small goals and then more small goals once the first are met. We’ll see how it goes!

Can anyone recommend stress strategies when jogging or lifting is not an option? It would be helpful to have as many tools as possible.


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  1. Cécile

    You’re doing pretty good bb ! I’m so proud of You ! What about some coloring mandalas anti-stress ? It works for a mot of people, including me and doesn’t demand any skills. And it’s pretry. 🙂

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