Bruins: Eastern Conference Finals: Game 3

BergySo incredibly PROUD of my Boston Bruins tonight. The Pens really came out and played a much stronger game in #3. MUCH stronger.

Despite their efforts, Rask was OUT OF CONTROL. Love our crazy Finn. Bergy (his poor face!) earned that Army Ranger jacket. He’s our A for a reason. But, Tuukka Rask was also a real hero of this game. His saves were ridiculous. Absolutely incredible. Marchy and Jags and French Fries were REALLY AMAZING, as well.

That’s the thing, about this group. There is not one guy. They work so hard, TOGETHER. They really look like a team. And they play like one, too.

I love that they rallied behind Soupy. And I REALLY hope that he’s okay. Very worried. But it’s just like him, to risk it all, for the good of the team.

UPDATE: Gregory Campbell has broken his leg. He will not be back for the rest of the season. (Source).

They all play like that. There is no star. There is no king. There is just the Bruins. They risk everything. They sacrifice it all to win. And that is why I love them. That is why I

If you are counting this series, we have 3 down and only one to go.

If you are counting the playoffs as a total, we have 11 down and 5 to go.

Not that I am keeping track.


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  1. The picture in the middle isn’t coming up for me! Anyways, it was an amazing game. I already can’t wait for tomorrow night’s game.

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