10 Things I’d Like to See in the ‘Supernatural’ Season GR8 Finale


The Supernatural Season 8 Finale is right around the corner. An episode entitled, “Sacrifice.” And while I have been mostly ECSTATIC about this year in SPN, I feel like there are a few things I need in order to make it right. I am in no way, under any kind of delusion that even half of my demands will be met. But, it’s always better to fill your boat with wishes instead of rocks, right? And my boat is FULL of wishes. My top ten:

Dean Shirts1.) I want to see at least one of my favorite Dean shirts. I’m sure you all know which ones I’m talking about (see right). Both of them have made several S8 appearances. The black & gold one is my old school fave, dating all the way back to Season 2. The multi-color is new and stunning. It should stay forever. No shirt, is always preferable but, these two are the best options if a shirt MUST be worn. I really don’t feel like I’m asking too much here.

2.) I do not want the gates of hell closed just yet. I know this has been the major goal since Kevin first read the tablet, and I know that maybe I did want it closed at one point. REALLY wanted it. But I’ve thought about it and I have changed my mind. This show, our boys, are tied too tightly to the demons. It was a demon who started their story, their journey, in the first place. However, I do want an acceptable reason to why the gate will not be closed at this time. And I am hoping this team of writers can give us a great reason that we’ll need to put off the gate closing for a little bit longer.

3.) I hate to say it, but Crowley must go. I’m not sure I ever thought I would want that. I love Mark Sheppard. To no end. And Crowley has been one of the most fun, scary, interesting, flexible characters Supernatural has ever seen. Still. It’s his time. Threatening to eradicate the Winchesters’ life work? To undo everything they have done? To trivialize and make meaningless, every. Single. Sacrifice? They have given up absolutely everything. Their safety. Their happiness. Their lives. EACH OTHER. Many times over. And to have it mean NOTHING?? To negate the meaning of every last injury and heart break? That would be the most devastating thing of all. Sorry, Crowley, but this has to mean goodbye. Being Supernatural and all, I am sure we will see you again someday. In the mean time, Abaddon is probably out and about looking for a job. I can think of a possible opening.

4.) I want to see Sam find a means of recovery. Or an idea of how to get better. Even if they fail the trials or decide not to Sacrificefinish them. Maybe there is a loophole Kevin missed? Sam must live and with the possibility of health. We all love big brother/caretaker Dean but he cannot make and serve soup for the rest of his life. I mean, he can, but only because he wants to. Not because he has to. Are there repercussions for starting the trials but not finishing them? Is there a way to delay without Sam suffering every moment until they are actually closed?

5.) I may be too lame and too late to ask, but I would love an explanation of how the boys have all of a sudden visited the Grand Canyon. Or, who that guy was who was standing outside of Sam & Amelia’s place in the season premiere (was it really just her long lost husband?). And why was there an Amelia in the first place? I want to be okay with the explanation we were given for Sam refusing to look for Dean, but I am not okay with  it, at all, to be honest. I just feel like we are owed a bit better explanation of these things. No one depends on completion and continuity like SPN fans do.

6.) I want to see Cas and Metatron put their plan to close Heaven into action. And I want it to be made clear that we can trust Metatron. Because I really want to. Though, with this show, you never can tell. If they do close the gates of heaven, what will that mean for Earth-living angels like Cas and Metatron? Is there any way closing the gates of heaven could mean the return or Balthazar and/or Gabriel? Also, what will happen to Naomi?  And shouldn’t closing the gates of Heaven require Dean’s involvement in the trials? They need a warrior, he is tied to Heaven.  It only makes sense.

5x22 Chuck7.) After Supernatural book references from both Charlie and Crowley this season, I am going to go ahead and demand an update/confirmation on the fate of Chuck. LOVE Chuck! NEED Chuck. Between Cas’ off handed statement of his death and the boys’ emotionless acceptance and/or dismissal of that news, I am unwilling to let go. I need a story. I need to see his face again. Endings are hard. It’s even harder when you don’t get one.

8.) I know that we will get to hear “Carry On Wayward Son” on Wednesday. And even though it means the end of another season and the beginning of another hiatus, I cannot wait to hear it. I look forward to it every year. This song is our anthem and it means so very much to all of us. But… if it’s not asking too much, would it be possible to squeeze one more classic rock jam into the episode? It’s one of the things I miss the most from the earlier seasons. This show would never be the same without Foreigner and Boston and AC/DC. I think we’ve earned at least one more of THOSE. And how perfect would “All Along the Watchtower” be for this show?

9.) I want the return of the Samulet, and I want it NOW. Jensen mentioned at a recent convention that it could come back with the right story. S8 has been chock full of throw backs and GREAT stories. I don’t see how they can’t make two minutes for this VERY IMPORTANT thing to make its re-entry into the Supernatural universe. The brothers seem to be on the same, honest, supportive, loving, page. For the first time in a long time. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful, emotional, perfect, l thing, for Sam to re-gift this symbol of love, back to his brother? Who wouldn’t love to see that beautiful thing, at home around Dean’s neck, once again.

10.) One of the things I’d love most to see would be Sam, Dean and Cas, working together. Saving People. Hunting Sacrificethings. The resurrection of Team Free Will is far over due. Especially if we are expecting Cas to be with us full time next season. No secrets. No lies. No agendas. Just three, hard working warriors, teaming up to make the world better. There are a lot of hatchets to bury, but if anyone has cemetery experience, it’s these guys.

Don’t miss my recap of the Supernatural season 8 finale, Wednesday night at TheTelevixen.com.



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8 responses to “10 Things I’d Like to See in the ‘Supernatural’ Season GR8 Finale

  1. Kady

    The main thing I agree with you on is the return of the Samulet. The brothers are as close to being in the right situation than they have been in years for the message the return of the amulet, from Sam who’s kept it since Dean threw it away, to Dean who doesn’t know Sam still has it, would bring. It’s a visible sign of love between the brothers. They need it, and so do we.

  2. Sandy cub

    I would love to see the return of the amulet!! Also, I really like how you brought up the person who was standing outside Sam & Amelia’s house. The biggest thing for me would be some better reason for why Sam didn’t look for Dean – there just has to be something better than he “hit a dog and met a girl”. Jared said at the beginning of the season that things weren’t as they appeared and that we would understand. Somehow they need to address this. Jensen even acknowledged this past weekend at JIBcon that Dean is still resentful over Sam not looking for him but has set it aside because that’s what family does.

  3. trish

    I didn’t realise I wanted all of these things….and some of them quite badly…until I read them and went yes, yes, BLOODY HELL YES, yes, yes…ah, kinda…yes, yes, and so on. Even Crowley’s death, much as it pains me to want it, and answers to so far unanswered questions. Thanks for telling me what I want!

  4. artsydenise

    LOVE your list 😉
    One thing I really, really need is the return of the amulet! It represents the whole brotherly bond. That would make my season 😉

    Team Free Will also needs to make a comeback. We need these guys together- especially since the bros have even less allies than ever before!

    Great, fun article!

  5. Brit

    Great article, Erin! I think those things are something we would all like to see (although I’m not holding my breath, either). If I know anything about Supernatural season finales, they’ll give us the OPPOSITE of what we want. Ah, I remember those young, naïve days when I first watched the season 3 finale. “Oh, God – they wouldn’t REALLY send Dean to Hell, would they? That’s too far-fetched! Sam will save him! Sam will break the deal!” AND THEN BAM. PAIN FOREVER. Wow, now I’m sad. I’ve learned never to underestimate this show and how far they’ll go to make our boys suffer!

    One thing I would LOVE to see that you didn’t mention is Castiel’s fall from Grace – much like what happened to Anna. I would love to see him become human – not as far gone as 2014!Cas, but you know…just a taste. I think human!Cas would make an exceptional storyline. And hey, could that mean we get Cas sex scenes? LOL A girl can dream, right?

    That aside, though, I would love to see Team Free Will working together again – HONESTLY. No one keeping pesky secrets. Winchesters work best when they’re working together, if I do say so myself.

    I agree with you about Crowley – and hey, Abaddon for Queen of Hell! I’m so down with that. He’s a great villain, but that’s too far. I would hate Dean’s and Sam’s respective times in Hell to suddenly mean absolutely NOTHING. Man…actually, that would be the WORST. I hope they stop him.

    Oh, and can we please form a prayer circle for Kevin and this week’s guest star (I won’t say who, in case people haven’t heard). But omg. Kevin must live. Osric Chau is an awesome addition to the show!

    Okay, I think I’m done. Maybe. All I know is that as soon as Kansas starts up this week, I’m gonna be doing the ugly cry!

    See you Wednesday! 😉

  6. Genny

    GREAT List!! I agree with all of them but I think my top wish would be… the return of the boys and Cas as a unit. I am so sick of poor Cas being led astray by so many things… all which began with good intentions in mind; but for just went off the rails (Leviathans anyone??). As you mentioned, I really want to trust Metraton… but I don’t like the feeling that someone (once again) is using Cas. Im glad Sammy is already there- like when Dean said, “anyone else I would have stabbed by now, why does he get a free pass?” and Sam’s response was perfect: “Because he’s Cas”. Sigh. Yes, Dean, YOU 3 ARE FAMILY!! My #2 wish: DEATH OF CROWLEY. Poor Sarah! and poor Sammy! Dean’s face when she was dying and they coudl do nothing? UGH. I really wanted Crowely to HURT. How dare he!
    Overall, tomorrow will be bitter sweet. I can’t wait to see where we end up but then… NO BOYS FOR MONTHS!

  7. Shayla

    Personally I’m fed up with Castiel. They seem to keep this character around due to fandom pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I love Misha to death, but not Castiel.

  8. Ryan

    Thanks for not mentioning Destiel.. even if spn fans aren’t the most continuity dependent!

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