‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will


(this recap is a re-posting from 3/14/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday friends!!!! OMG I am so nervous and excited and this last week has just DRAGGED ON SO SLOWLY!! I never thought we’d get to this episode. Is it too much to hope that our darling Nathan Scott will finally be rescued? I sure do miss his face. And I’d like to see some really bad stuff happen to those douche canoes that’ve had him tied to a chair for so long. Speaking of bad things happening to bad people, is it too much to ask that Tara get hers too? Hate that chick so much!! I have a feeling she’s going to be sorry for being such a bitch to Brooke and so sweet to Xavier. Can’t say I’ll be sad when that happens.

After tonight we only have 3 episodes left. Just the thought is making the bottom of my stomach fall out. SO NOT READY!!! I am ready for this episode though!! Everyone have their oxygen masks ready to use and wine IV all set? Let’s lock and load!

  • OMG. How awesome is Julian’s freak out? I don’t want him to get into any trouble or anything but I wouldn’t cry if that ass hat drug dealer was actually dead.
  • Enter Chris Keller! Awesome!
  • NATHAN!!!!!! He doesn’t look so good. Someone help my baby!!!!
  • Karen’s Café is a WRECK!! And by the look of Brooke’s face, she’s not the one who did it.
  • Dan is practically babysitting. Those two are hilarious. I probably shouldn’t be laughing but I can’t help it!! Chris Keller is PRICELESS. “You said Chris Keller was pretty?” LOVING this trio!
  • Dan is getting me awfully excited!!!! SO MUCH CLAPPING!! And now he has handed those two clowns guns. Great.
  • “Dan Scott doesn’t like this either.” I die.
  • Awwww!! Clay is so sweet!! “You saved me.”
  • Poor Haley. Just give her husband back!
  • Nathan’s voice over is going to make me cry. “Fortitude.” My lord he is perfect isn’t he?
  • HATE TARA!! Kick her ass Brooke!! Husband thinks they need to settle this the old fashioned way: a swimming pool full of chocolate pudding.
  • I think these three should get a crime fighting spin off. SO MUCH LOVE. What would a good name for that show be? Any ideas?
  • MORE FLORENCE!!!! OMG!! SO AWESOME!! “Leave My Body,” also from the Ceremonials album! PERFECT!
  • OMG!! Dan is cutting Julian out!!! Holy crap!! Is Julian going to leave? Probably not, right?
  • Does that + scratched into the counter mean something?
  • Julian isn’t listening to Dan and Brooke isn’t listening to Julian. No one listens to anyone. Not sure if that is good or bad yet.
  • Leave it to Dan and Chris to make me laugh at a time like this. “Maybe you can sing them one of your songs and drive them away like you did to most of your fan base.” LMAO!!
  • Here it is! The final scene from the season premiere montage!! OMG!! HERE WE GO!
  • Xavier is on the prowl. GOD that guy gives me the CREEPS.
  • Husband: “My ass is sore just watching Clay & Quinn. They’ve been in that tiny little ‘vette for 14 days!”
  • ROCKY IV reference FOR THE WIN!! Nice job Chris Keller!! “I must break you.”
  • Where the hell is Brooke? I thought she always parked on the street?
  • GAH!! And he is playing the baby monitor music!! HE IS SO GROSS!
  • BROOKIE!! BE OK!!!
  • Oh My God!! THIS IS SO INTENSE!!
  • Way to go Chris Keller!!! That was brilliant!! Chris Keller gets a gold star.
  • GO DAN GO!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone else think he looks kinda hot cocking that shotgun?)
  • HOLY !@#$%%% I totally thought that was Dan for a second!! Is every guy in Tree Hill wearing a gray t-shirt? And how did the drug dealer get into that seat so fast? WTF?
  • This scene with Clay at Sara’s grave is very sad and sweet but I need to get back to the action!!! And then he asks for help for Haley and I start to cry again.
  • OMG!! His press conference from Season 4!!!! NALEY!!  Husband is making fun of me for crying and I so do not even care. I’m not alone, right?
  • Get him out of there Dan!! PLEASE!!
  • OUCH!!!  Get up Brooke! Falling down concrete steps is NOT on my To Do list.
  • This moment between Dan and Nathan is very moving. But obviously something is going to happen to Dan now. Why else have it?
  • TARA???? REALLY??? Didn’t see that coming AT ALL! Still kind of want to slap her but less hard now I guess.
  • Nathan! COME ON!! You can do it!!
  • Oh no. I knew that was coming. CRAP. DAN!! Don’t be dead!!!
  • OMG YES NATHAN YES!!! That’s what that jack nut gets for talking so damn much nonsense!
  • JULIAN!!!!!! Never been so excited to see his beautiful face!! I literally just clapped so much with my arms in the air!!!!
  • Tara gives an apology too? WOW. Has hell frozen over? Glad she saved Brooke but I will not miss her at all. Bye Tara!! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

YOU GUYS!!!!!  OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!!!! I think I have used a record number of capital letters and exclamation points recapping this episode! WHAT A RIDE!!! That was just really intense. I am still shaking. Nathan is free!! Finally!! And Chris Keller and Julian and Dan really saved the day! Glad to see from next week’s promo that Dan isn’t dead yet. I am looking forward to a proper goodbye if we have to give him one at all. I will surely cry my eyes out. Despite all that Dan has done, he has still done some good too. And he is Nathan’s dad. That will never change.

And then of course there is the very small matter of the Naley reunion next week. HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER. I am so excited for this and have been looking forward to it for 8 frickin weeks!!! I may actually die y’all. DIE. I start hyperventilating just thinking about it.

What did you guys think of the episode? How many times will we all watch it again this week? 20? 30? SO GOOD. Can’t wait to read your always BRILLIANT comments!

Don’t forget to check out Part Three of my Farewell to OTH Series!!


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  1. That’s not a “+” scratched into the counter, it’s an “X” which stands for “Xavier”….who was also called “X” in his early appearances in season 6

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