“One Tree Hill’ Recap: A Rush of Blood to the Head


(this recap is a re-posting from 2/29/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday to my OTH family!! Can you guys believe how fast the April 4th series finale is rushing at us? And today it was announced that we’ll get two hours of One Tree Hill goodness on finale night, complete with cast interviews. SO AWESOME!! Though I am still tempted to find a way to stop time and then our show never has to end at all! Who’s with me?

The last few weeks in Tree Hill have been so emotionally draining I feel like I need some extra recovery time anyways. And tonight’s doesn’t look to be much different. We’ll finally find out who Haley identifies under that sheet and I’m not sure I want to know. Can’t I just live in peaceful, ignorant bliss for the rest of my life? And of course it means more Haley tears which automatically means more Erin tears. This show is going to make me need Prozac. And probably a frontal lobotomy. All worth it though. Am I right?

Holy cow you guys. I am so nervous. My gut feels like it has been tied into a billion knots and I haven’t even started the episode yet. Here we go, I guess. Time to start the wine IV drip! Somebody hold me!

  • Who’s the drunk Dan is kicking the crap out of? Do we know that guy? My BFF wants to know if he should be doing so much cardio with a heart transplant.
  • That missing poster is going to break me. I want to cry all over it.
  • Xavier must die. I want to punch his brains in so hard. I sure hope Brooke gets to.
  • Do we still not know who knocked up Ms. Lauren?
  • I really kind of love this bromance between Chase & Chris Keller. And it’s pretty adorable that Chase is so worried about Chuck.
  • Just looking at Haley is going to make me lose it. I feel sick.
  • Clay and Logan are adorable. But did Logan’s hair change color? It did right? I am sad that he might leave Clay.
  • Chase is too cute to be really threatening but I think I can guess how he ends up covered in blood in the back of a police car.
  • Haley. I cannot do this. The talking to Nathan. The story. Of course he would pick out her favorite ice cream. Her break down, her tears. I am SOBBING. And my BFF is laughing at me. What a jerk. This voice over will be the death of me.
  • OMG here we go. I am not ready. NOT READY. The moment we have been waiting for. WHO IS IT???? WHO IS IT??? OMG!! Why is she doing that??
  • DEB!!!!!  Why is Deb there?
  • “Thank God it isn’t him.”
  • I want to say that I knew it wasn’t him, that I honestly believed that it wasn’t. But until those words were spoken I was scared out of my mind. Who was it though??? Is Nathan still in that warehouse?
  • I kind of hope the baby is Skillz’s
  • If Deb doesn’t think it’s Dan then Haley should probably listen to her. Deb knows Dan probably better than anyone.
  • My sister and BFF are making so much fun of that guy’s terrible Russian accent. They’re kind of right though.
  • I feel like I need to call my husband (since I’m away from him) and tell him that I take back (most) of what I’ve said about Dan. He’s working so hard. And his hug with Deb is pretty moving.
  • Is Dan talking about himself as well? Is he telling Julian not to trust him?
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!! David is the baby daddy??? AWKWARD!!! SO AWKWARD ALL AROUND!!
  • Clay talking about Sara is really heart crushing. If he could just get it all out though, I bet he would get better.
  • Julian is so smart (and hot, my sister adds, correctly).
  • That damn cop!!! GAH!!! I am so mad!!!
  • Holy hell. Chase is going to town. Kinda glad. Poor Chase though. My Navy sister is sitting here telling me that Chase’s military career is over.
  • Every time I see that poster I feel like I’m swallowing a rock and it has gotten stuck somewhere in my chest.
  • My sister says: Julian needs to go back into Karen’s and Clay needs to go back into his doctor’s office. She is SO RIGHT.
  • HOLY OMG IN HEAVEN. Jesus. Logan is his son. I am hyperventilating. CLAY!!!! AND HE LEFT???? I can’t breathe. OMG Quinn. You have no idea. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
  • Chase. Damn it. I knew it. Did he kill him? Crap, crap, crap.
  • Here we go Haley. This is a good move. NEVER thought I’d say that but this show makes me eat my words a lot so……

SO MANY FEELINGS!!!! I cannot believe Clay had a baby with Sara and blocked it out this whole time. CRAZY CRAP ON A CRACKER. I can’t wait to see Quinn’s reaction. OMG. THIS SHOW WITH THE NUTTINESS!!

I miss Nathan. I hope he’s ok. I am excited to see what Haley & Dan can come up with together. I can’t see that poster again though. It’s too painful. And Chase. Geez Louise. What has he done? Not that Chuck’s dad didn’t deserve some kind of karma but Chase?

This show is going to kill me you guys. And I am so scared for Brooke next week. How are y’all doing? Did you survive this? I need therapy. Please tell me you’re as messed up as I am!


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