‘The Vampire Diaries’ – The Originals: Review


This isn’t my usual recap/review but I wanted to share a few thoughts on “The Originals” since it’s not just another episode, but a Pilot for a possible new show. I have said several times that I feel that the only show that would be successful after TVD on Thursdays would be another TVD. Because when we are all finished watching The Vampire Diaries at 8:00, all we want to do is talk about The Vampire Diaries and watch more of it. A spinoff about the oldest vampire family seemed like the very best option. I guess we’ll see. In the mean time, I have some things I want to talk about:

  • Marcel is hot. Like, REALLY hot. I am all in favor of Marcel. Is it too early to buy an “I love Marcel” t-shirt?
  • I still get chills every time Elijah shows his magnificent face on screen. Good chills. And maybe frightened chills as well. No one heart rips like our beautiful Elijah. People in the TVD world need to show him some more damned respect. And home boy rocks a three-piece-suit like no one else. Lord have mercy.
  • Joseph Morgan continues to delight me. Klaus has been such a great edition to TVD and if The Originals is picked up, he will be sorely missed in Mystic Falls. If anyone has earned their own show though, it’s this guy.
  • I may get burned at the stake for this, but I am NOT a Haley fan. I have nothing against Phoebe Tonkin, she’s fine, I suppose, I just do not care much, one way or the other. AND:
  • The way that they have pulled Haley into The Originals is pretty much the stupidest thing to have ever occurred on TVD and this is a show where precious stones are “hidden” in soap dishes. This pregnancy IS soap. I can’t even really discuss it without rolling my eyes. I have nothing against babies but I do not believe that they belong on my vampire shows. There were rumors about possible puppies on TVD ages ago and I threatened to stop watching if they became true. I’m not sure I can follow through with that, in this case, but I want to. Just. Wow. I don’t even know.
  • What’s up with all of these rules? Are we going to get a copy of them? I feel that without knowing, I could possibly break one or 10 of them and endanger my own life, completely by accident.
  • I like Camille. A lot. We will get more of her, yes?
  • What are the chances we could just trade Elena for Katherine, full time? Katherine is the best of the best and I want her always.
  • The downiest of the downsides of this episode going to show is the possible loss of the Klaus/Caroline stuff. Love me some Klaroline. That message he left her? How could she deny him?

Without the THING THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED, I am not sure what the other options were for pulling the Original family out of Mystic Falls and into this new world, but certainly there WERE other options? I am just really unsure about it and that’s unfortunate because I actually loved every other thing about this episode/pilot. The new characters are wonderful and we always need more time with the original vamps. Before watching this episode,  I was having day dreams of all kinds of cross-over episodes in the vein of Buffy season 4/Angel season 1. That was some killer television. Can the TVD world pull it off? Or will the entire possibility reek like a dirty diaper?



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6 responses to “‘The Vampire Diaries’ – The Originals: Review

  1. Katelyn

    Ughh yes…I had heard there was a twist, but I was secretly hoping it was was that Haley was killed and that’s why she wasn’t on the first poster the CW released. I don’t know what it is about her, but she drives me crazy! (and not in the good way like Elijah) 🙂

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  3. Genny

    Great points! Agreed with all of with the exception of the baby storyline… I liked it! I know it’s been done before and there’s been comparisons to Angel/Darla/Connor but… I think this is a great way to have Klaus find a way to redeem himself.. Although I have to admit I HATE Hayle AND the actress who plays her. Looking forward to her gruesome death if the series is picked up. Overall I really enjoyed the pilot. I can’t get enough of Elijah… My word when he said “I’m Elijah, do you know who I am?” I swooned. The man is flawless. I also enjoyed Klaus… He is so wicked, damaged, evil but I love him. There I said it. Would love to see how they get Becks to change her mind and join the boys. I also would have loved to have Finn and Kole in the series… I think the 5 of them made such a strucking group when they were all initially introduced…. Their dynamic could have been fun to watch. Overall, I am giddy…. And looking forward to the series!

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  5. Amy

    I think the show will be a success if it makes, like VD, the relationships between the Originals the center. The scenes with Elijah and his siblings are riveting. Without Elijah, Klaus is a bit like a spoiled teen throwing tantrums sometimes. As much as I enjoy him and adore the side only Caroline brings out, I hope the writers know Elijah is a truly unique character. Klaus is just a bigger version of Damon (not as hot though in my opinion or as funny). I thought the Marcel character was wonderfully set up and the actor both beautiful and compelling. We saw just enough of Camille to be intrigued-love that actress. Forcing us to put up with Hayley for 9 months is a drag, but I think once it’s clear Klaus and her won’t be paired, people will relax.

    If the show gets someone besides the bipolar Julie Plec to write for it, it’ll be much better. She’s been all over the place this season. I’d love to NOT see any love triangles for at least 2 seasons!! Or at least not make Elijah and Klaus fighting over a woman. Overall, I am SO excited to get to see Elijah ever week!

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