‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: The Killing Moon (9×05)


(this recap is re-posted from 2/8/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday friends!!! Well, probably not happy, I’m guessing from the promos but you know what I mean.

Because it needs to be said again and again, AMAZING performance by Austin Nichols last week. I can hardly think of his final scene in the car with Sophia without breaking down. Just beautiful.

Before I get into the thick, I wanted to review with y’all what we know so far about that opening “future” montage in the season premiere. It’s not much. We know why Clay and Quinn were screaming at each other but that is IT. We don’t know why Dan Scott and Chris Keller are armed and dangerous, what Chase is arrested for, why Brooke is tearing up Karen’s Café, who is kicking Julian’s butt or which body Haley is identifying at the morgue. And don’t think it’s lost on me that there was no Nathan in that clip reel. I have seen a lot of worried comments on the interwebs, people fearing that Haley is identifying Nathan. Here’s the thing though: I just don’t think it’s him. I want to believe that Mark would never do that to us. Because if he did, it would FOREVER change how I view the entire series. I would never be able to watch it the same way again. We should probably start a prayer circle though, just in case.

  • I will repeat this as many times as necessary but I LOVE that we get Nathan in the “previously on” even on the nights when we don’t really get him.
  • Ugh. DAN. I just want to punch him in the face.
  • Julian is going to make me cry again. I wish he would stop being so hard on himself. Easier said than done, I know.
  • Husband thinks that Julian would get a lot of action in jail because he’s so pretty. Good lord. Glad he’s not going to jail though.
  • Tara needs to pull a Nanny Carrie on Chuck and the two of them need to GO AWAY.
  • Clay’s convo with his Doc is giving me Psych 101 flash backs. I should probably get to work on that term paper I never turned in.
  • Every time Haley says Nathan’s name I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack. Full on, stomach in knots, might throw up, PANIC.
  • Husband and I used the commercial break to argue theories. I think Dan has something to do with Nathan missing and husband is sure it is the drug dealer Quinn pissed off.  We should probably put money on this or something.
  • Brooke Davis Baker is by far the most adorable thing EVER. I would be happy to show her how to use the milk fluffer thingy.
  • Now Chuck is going to talk in the 3rd person? Stab me.
  • Chris Keller is a sweetie to help. Husband might be right about him after all.
  • Why does Julian have the boys at the doctor? He is killing me.
  • Jamie is rocking out the Harry Potter references. Officially the coolest kid in the world. Like we didn’t know that already though.
  • Tara is a SLUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Bugs are the WORST!!!! So of course husband thinks it’s hilarious. GROSS!!! I have the major jeebs. Go Brooke yourself Tara.
  • Feisty Brooke is the best Brooke. That bitch better watch out. Also, Millie? Not helping.
  • I have seen this scene with Chris Keller and Haley and the cop over 1000 times (due to the clip I can’t stop watching) but it’s still gut wrenching. My heart is destroyed for Haley and I REALLY love Chris Keller for his part.
  • Clay is darling with Logan. He and Quinn need to have kids. He would be a good dad. Not Nathan good, but good.
  • Another argument about Dan. He really needs to stop saying and doing things that are good because it’s all a LIE and despite what husband says he does NOT rock.
  • Here we go. Oh God. I cannot handle Haley tears. CAN. NOT. And that damn moose. CRAP ON A CRACKER.
  • I want to know who left that note on Julian’s car so that I can kick them in the junk. Hard.
  • Jamie’s werewolf thing is awesome. To be honest, I would not be at all surprised if he really was one. This is Tree Hill after all. Weird ish happens all the time.
  • “What a dick.” My husband on Chuck’s dad. Finally we agree on something.
  • Fighting again. I think Haley has every right to go through Dan’s crap. Husband disagrees. What do you guys think? Of course you’re on my side. Because my side is Haley’s side.
  • FLORENCE + THE MACHINE!!!! F+M on OTH makes me a very happy girl. If you don’t have it yet, Ceremonials was the best album of 2011. GO GET IT!!
  • Also, anyone else think of James Lafferty’s gorgeous eyes when the song says “bright blue eyes?” They’re SO blue!! (Sorry for that, I’ve had wine).
  • WHOA Brooke. Glad it’s not Karen’s Café that she is tearing up. Give em hell Brooke!
  • And now we know who is beating the crap out of Julian. DAMN IT.
  • NATHAN!!! Flashback Nathan but still, NATHAN!!!
  • HALEY!!!! Way to go lady. I knew you weren’t that naïve. You guys. I love this woman. LOVE HER. So. Much. And all of the awards this week for Joy. STUNNING performance. The lady is killing it.
  • And there’s creepy Dan again. Doing his creepy lurking. I know it looks obvious that it is him but that does not mean that it is not him!!! GAH!!

Y’all. WHERE IS NATHAN??? I am so stressed out. For serious. I have shakes and everything. I should probably not be this involved with this show or something.

Two more of the premiere’s “future” stories have been told. We’re down to Dan and Chris, Chase, and Haley & Nathan of course. Next week we will be forced to watch Nathan get beat up while tied to a chair. I’m going to need elephant tranquilizers to settle down after watching that.

So what did you guys think of this one? Joy rocked it, am I right? And please be sure to let me know whose side you’re on in the comments. Husband and I have definitely put some money down. This lady needs new sunglasses!!


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One response to “‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: The Killing Moon (9×05)

  1. ■Husband thinks that Julian would get a lot of action in jail because he’s so pretty. Good lord. Glad he’s not going to jail though.

    LOL!! Your recaps alone are hilarious, but then you throw in your husbands comments, it’s so funny to hear his perspective too. You guys are too much.

    This is late (obviously) I wanted to comment on the whole your side/your husbands side about Nathan being taken. I 100% thought it was Dan too when I was watching the series. He is just pure creep, so I thought for sure he was up to no good. Kudos to your husband for basically being right lol.

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