‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Catastrophe and the Cure (9×06)


(this recap is a re-posting from 2/15/12)

Happy OTH Wednesday friends!!  So very excited about this episode! For starters we get our darling Nathan Scott back on our screens and to make it even sweeter this episode was directed by the amazingly talented James Lafferty. He always does such a great job.

I am worried though. My heart still tells me that we won’t lose Nathan but my friend Kianna made an amazing video this week that has had me crying almost daily with the thought. Find her or me if you too would like to torture yourself with the video. It’s pretty amazing.

I am also having second thoughts about Dan. Don’t get me wrong. I still hate the man. I feel what Nathan feels. The guy is bad news. But trying to stomach that he’d have something to do with his son’s disappearance is a hard pill to swallow. Even if it is Dan Scott. I suppose we’ll see! Let’s get this Nathan tied to a chair party started!

  • During the “previously on” Husband called Haley a stupid for calling the cops on Dan. Anyone know a good divorce attorney? (Kidding. Kind of.)
  • That Tara whore deserved everything she got from Brooke Davis and she’s lucky Brooke didn’t do more.
  • “Ask Nathan what happens in bar fights.” OUCH.
  • And now the husband is making bets with me on who will be the first of us to screw up with our future children. This is just great.
  • FYI – I am not on Team Brooke or Team Julian in this situation. It’s terrible. For everyone. I want to hug them all!!
  • More cheering for Dan. While his rant is pretty amazing, I am not pleased. I am going to get my husband a locket with Dan Scott’s picture in it.
  • Haley hearing on the news and then having to tell Jamie that Nathan is missing is just crushing my heart. Trying so hard not to cry right now.
  • Who are those guys with the bad acting and the terrible Russian accents? And why do they have Nathan tied up?
  • Ewwww!!!!!! Chris is sitting in the sex sheets!! GROSS!! Worse? It’s his GF with Chase sex sheets!!!
  • Nathan is Cyclops? Hmmm… I’m gonna have to think on this for a bit.
  • Logan is the CUTEST!!! “Like that old man who eats his buttons.”
  • These idiots are making me feel stabby. I mean, not that I haven’t thought of tying up Nathan from time to time, but I wouldn’t be such a jerk about it.
  • That Tara girl better watch out. I am so pissed right now. I am channeling my anger toward Brooke and hoping she can use it to really knock that whore off her feet.
  • I am not on Dan’s side. You guys KNOW that. But hearing Jamie yell at him broke my heart just a little. OUCHIE!!
  • Why do I feel ok about this Julian/Dan partnership? What have I become?
  • Haley got a new piano!
  • Jamie is going to make me cry. But Quinn is right. Nathan will come back.
  • Who would ever want to put a bag over Nathan’s face? Idiots.
  • MOUTH!! You cannot tell Clay about Nathan!!! He will want to leave! Damn it!!
  • I am wringing my hands. This stuff with Dan and Julian and Nathan is so messed up and I am so confused and I don’t understand my own feelings!!!
  • I effing knew IT!!! Clay is leaving! CRAAAAAAAAPPPPP!!!! Look at Logan’s face!
  • Brooke Davis. You are amazing. Even without trying. I love you Brooke Davis.
  • Does Clay really not know or is he mad? Why should this be a question? What is this show?
  • Chris Keller sounds so great. And he owes this to Haley and to Brooke and I love that he’s doing it for whatever reason.
  • I am on Team Chris Keller and Team Chase and Team KILL TARA!!!!!
  • Julian for ALL OF THE AWARDS!!!! Even Dan is impressed. I may have actually fist bumped the air. Don’t judge.
  • Haley’s brave face for Jamie is KILLING me.
  • OMG Nathan. Even knowing what I know my ass is on the edge of my seat and my heart is in my throat. Keep talking baby. Keep talking.
  • Brooke Davis. My hero.
  • Clay and Logan are THE CUTEST? Did I say that already? I mean it. They really are.
  • I seriously wish that Dan would stop doing things that make me like him. I hate it and it’s making me cry.
  • “Anything I can do?” “Yeah. Go easy on the carbs.” I am crying and laughing at the same time. I hate this show to the point of pure love. It’s ridiculous.
  • Lydia is walking!!!!!!! Daddy specifically asked her not to. Oh Lord. The massive size of the tears falling down my face right now is absurd.  Only eclipsed by how many are falling. Please tell me y’all are this emotional about this?

WHAT an episode! OMG guys! I am going to have to watch that one about a zillion more times. My poor heart. I am such a mess!

Next week we will see the return of Lucas Scott!!! Who’s excited? And who is our latest suspect in Nathan’s kidnapping? It has to be someone we know, right? Behind all of it? And what will Tara do to get revenge on Brooke? Or is that evil bitch gone for good?  This show y’all. I just love it!

After you leave me all the wonderful comments, don’t forget to check out Tyler Hilton’s new single, “Prince of Nothing Charming,” which was performed on tonight’s episode and now available on iTunes. Have a great week y’all!


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