‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: Know This, We’ve Noticed (9×01)


(This recap is a re-posting from 1/11/12)

Welcome to my very first One Tree Hill recap!!! It may also be my last. I haven’t recapped this show before so I don’t really know how it will go for me or for my readers. One thing I am certain of: I have developed such a passion for this prime time soap over the last few weeks, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement. I feel lucky to have found my love for it just in time for the 9th and final season. I am blessed to have had conversations with some of the show’s biggest fans. The OTH family has been most welcoming. I cannot wait to take this last ride with all of you! Thank you for making it so much fun for me! Let the games begin!

  • Opening with Nathan’s voice and fire. These are a few of my favorite things.
  • Dan Scott and Chris Keller are armed and dangerous, Chase is arrested, Quinn and Clay are screaming at each other, Brooke is tearing up Karen’s Café, Haley is identifying a body she knows, Julian is getting his ass beat. WHAT IS GOING ON?
  • Back in today land (I’m guessing)…
  • Brooke and Julian are wicked sleep deprived. I remember the first few months with my niece. I cannot imagine two at a time. I don’t think I blame Julian for considering alternatives.
  • I told my husband that one of the reasons I love Nathan Scott so much is that I think he and Nathan have a lot in common. “No way,” he says. And then Nathan says: “I love you too angel. Sweet dreams.” Husband: “He stole my line!” I never tell lies my friends. It’s ok to be jealous.
  • Why is Clay on a merry go round? Is he drunk? Spinning things are not good if you’re drunk.
  • One of my favorite quotes, ever spoken on TV in 30 some years: “”People say hell is endless. They say it’s our worst nightmare. The face of our darkness. But whatever it is, however it is, I say hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” NATHAN! What are you getting at?
  • Husband thinks Haley is a hottie. He is also not opposed to Alex and her bootie shake. “F**k the alarm, I’m not going anywhere,” he says.
  • Julian is signing a bunch of papers. He must be buying something big. Oh. Like a sound stage. Tiny little thing. I have like 12 of those.
  • Clay is sleep walking. Not drunk. Drunk would be more fun.
  • iPod and a glass of wine. Haley is my hero. There is nothing in life those 2 things cannot make better. Listen to her y’all!!
  • Chris Keller turning around in a chair is very Bond villain. My husband thinks it’s ridiculous but he doesn’t know Chris Keller. I think it’s kind of awesome. Running Red Bedroom though? Peyton must not care at all, where ever she is.
  • “Harry Johnson.” Ok. I am 12 and Chris Keller is hilarious. Because every time they say Harry Johnson I giggle. SO DO YOU!! DON’T LIE!!
  • “Hey it’s the Spaceballs chick.” “Yeah. She’s been on the show for 3 seasons.” “Still don’t wanna watch this show.”
  • Brooke Davis makes me want babies. I hate Brooke Davis.
  • “This guy is a douche.” My husband is really good sometimes. He certainly has Chris Keller pegged.
  • Talk about smuggling plums! Oh wait, we weren’t talking about that at all. BUT LOOK!!  I feel violated.
  • Quinny is trying to stay awake for Clay. That is the cutest!! True love is the best. Also, I may or may not be guilty of eating food off of sleeping loved ones. Whatever. It happens.
  • “You say the sweetest things to me Haley James.” What a beautiful shout out to 7×21 when Haley was just too damn depressed to care about anything. I love this show.
  • Husband thinks Haley needs to buy herself a sawed off shot gun. He’s probably right. That would be hot. And I know a few boys who could hook her up. They’ll be around on Friday.
  • “I like Tree Hill like this.” I am mad, crazy in love with Brooke Davis. And not just because she is eating fries when I would like to be. Though that is part of it.
  • Clay’s visit to the doc made me realize how little of this show my husband has actually seen. “Who shot him?” “She was a stalker. She was played by that chick from that ballet movie, Center Stage.” “OH!” “What?” “Thank GOD!” “What??” “My balls. They’re still there. Why would you think I have seen that movie?”
  • Daddy Davis in the house! I didn’t trust him on Chuck and I am not sure I trust him here either. He has that face!
  • Jana and Tyler are both amazing musicians. One of my favorite parts about this show.
  • Ted and Victoria have the best prison sex convo I’ve ever heard. Is it weird that I’ve heard lots of prison sex conversations? ON TV THOUGH!! Not in real life!! I swear!
  • It speaks a lot of Paul Johansson’s acting ability that I actually feel sorry for Dan. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? He has been just shy of Lucifer for 8 seasons!!! And a sweet speech and teary eyes have me believing in him? I am so easy.
  • Alex & Chris Keller have me wanting to DL a country song. How dare them.
  • Brooke and Julian are darling. I have never so badly wanted sex and a good night sleep for two people who are not me and my husband. That was probably too much? My bad.
  • Did Haley James Scott leave her children at home alone with Dan Scott? Not that he would ever hurt the kids. But…
  • Chris Keller’s “Chris Keller missed you.” grin at Haley was probably the only thing that man has ever done that has charmed the pants right off of me. Well played Chris Keller!! Well played!
  • HOLY SHIZ NIT!!! Nathan is NOT gonna be happy about that random Dan siting in the bedroom of his baby girl!!! Uh-oh!

Amazing start!! I cannot wait to see how everyone ends up at their opening shot. I cannot wait to see how Nathan deals with Dan in his house. I cannot wait to see how Clay over comes his night terrors. I cannot wait to see how Brooke and Julian deal with all of their new family and professional drama. This season is going to be the cat’s pajamas you guys!! Who’s excited with me???? And who has a cat that wears pajamas?


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