‘One Tree Hill’ Recap: In the Room Where You Sleep (9×02)

In The Room Where You Sleep

(this recap is a re-posting from 1/18/12)

Back by popular demand!! Huge thanks to all the One Tree Hill fans who read, shared and left comments on my first ever OTH recap last week! You guys really put a smile on my face! It’s so nice to find others with such a passion for this show!

Last week we left off with quite a surprise. Both for us and for Nathan, who found dear old dad holding his baby girl INSIDE HIS HOUSE. Probably not the best welcome home gift he’s ever gotten. Can’t wait to see how that plays out. Oh, and WHO was opening all of Haley’s doors? Dan is probably way too obvious of an answer. First things first though:

  • Dan Scott gets a cheer from my husband as the “previously on” rolls. Boy do I have a lot of work to do with this one.
  • It would appear that Brooke and Julian finally got a full night’s rest. Good for them!!  Julian’s “They’re gone! Someone stole them!” should probably not have made me laugh as much as it did. There is a child stealing precedent in Tree Hill.
  • Julian AGAIN. His thing with that coffee cake made me laugh so loud my husband heard it from the kitchen and RAN to see what was cracking me up so much. How are those two women NOT LAUGHING?
  • NALEY!!! (sorry, that happens sometimes, err…, um…, any time they appear on screen together. I can’t seem to help it). He looks so much like season 3 Nathan with that hair cut. I’m having heart palpitations.
  • Nathan puts the hammer down on Dan’s stay at The House the NBA Made. Yell loudly if you’re surprised. *crickets*
  • Love that Chris Keller wrote Quinn’s toaster pastry song. Would Haley have tolerated it so easily if she knew that?
  • Husband hates Millie right off (he’s new). Can’t say I totally blame him. I adore Lisa Goldstein and Millie has had some great moments but Millie has done some ISH too.
  • Nathan is SO excited to see his son. It hurts my heart to see Jamie more excited to see Dan.  And I know I was feeling badly for Dan last week but my sympathies for him would NEVER override my love and respect for Nathan and what he can or cannot tolerate under his own roof. This situation sucks. For everyone.
  • Julian is the awesome. Bed head and all. Just adorable and sweet and always with Brooke’s best interest at heart. I can’t believe I once thought he was such a dick.
  • Husband is on Clay’s side. With or without handcuffs. I’m on Quinn’s side and not only because husband would never get far sleep walking since I’d always be awake to watch him walk out the door. #InsomniacsUnite
  • Chase is an idiot. I don’t see his “move Alex in” plan backfiring AT ALL (rolls eyes). As an aside, it took YEARS before my husband was willing to dig through my purse on his own even to find even his own things so idiot Chase does get some props for that.
  • Chuck WOULD bond with Chris Keller. Lord have mercy.
  • I want so badly to trust Daddy Davis but I just don’t. And to say I trust BitchToria more than I trust him is a lot, I know. I just get the skeevies for some reason.
  • Just what The CW needs. Another werewolf problem.
  • NALEY!! (sorry, I will try to get that under control). BTW, All in favor of a feature length film with Nathan & Haley tearing up Europe while wearing handcuffs say “I”
  • Ah, Nathan with a basketball. And no sleeves. This is where happy lives.
  • I so wish that Jamie was old enough to understand. I wish that he could hear the words his mother says to Dan out by the pool and understand the true weight of their meaning. GAH!
  • Ok. I have been trying to ignore it but is Mouth getting fat an actual story line? I am already over it. If I wanted to watch this, I’d spend my days at the mall food court. Newsflash: I hate the food court at the mall.
  • As Brooke gives this speech to her mom I can still see her photo from “Pictures of You” with all of the words written all over her about how she’s never good enough. It makes me want to punch both of her parents in the face.
  • Despite EVERYTHING I kind of adore the friendship Alex & Julian have. It’s nice that they have each other to talk to.
  • Ugh. Poor Nathan. Maybe someone should go ahead and kick him in the crotch while they’re at it. (Please note how I restrained my NALEY yell just then).
  • Poor Clay too. He’s so worried that he’s losing his mind. “We’re all crazy. Some just hide it better than others.” (if someone can remind me what season 8 episode that quote is from they get a free virtual hug).
  • Chase and Alex really are quite sweet. I want so badly to be wrong about the backfire thing. But Chase is destined to love only those girls who must leave to go on tour.
  • That little Baker family. Say it with me now y’all: “AWWWW!!!!” Adorable. I want to squeeze all of them.
  • Say what you will about WhoreToria but I think she may actually have her daughter’s best interest at heart for a change. I hope I’m not wrong. For Brooke and for myself. I hate being wrong.
  • Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) has such an amazing voice. It’s like butter on hot coffee cake. I need this son he is singing like YESTERDAY!
  • Oh and surprise. Alex wants to take the tour. Who would have guessed? (ME! ME! I GUESSED! Also it’s like common fact apparently).
  • So Clay is doing NO therapy and NO pills. I see this working out really well.
  • DEAD. Dead as dead can be with a side of holy crap on a cracker. Because when Nathan Scott holds his baby girl and talks to her like that I DIE.
  • So Nathan isn’t saying Dan has to leave right now but must leave before he gets back. However, Dan’s comment to Jamie and that gleam in his eye left a big dark pit in my stomach. I’m worried y’all.

So, tonight was the last we’ll see of Ms. Alex DuPre. I’m a little sad about it to be honest. What do you guys think? One thing is for certain, country music fan or not, the lady has one hell of a voice. There’s another someone we won’t see next week: Mr. Nathan Scott. I will try to get through it. Feel free to send wine and baked goods to console me. Also, be sure to fill my comments with all of the things you loved and hated about this week’s episode! I live to read them!


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