10 Random Questions with Kate Linnea Welsh

Kate is not just a great friend and a great writer; she is also a very busy woman about town (town being the most important parts of the internet). Kate writes and edits for my favorite TVD site, Vampire Diaries.net, she also writes for TheTelevixen.com (my home away from home), blogs on her own and is launching her own new site: ReadtheScreen.com. Despite all of the awesome work that she does, she took the time to answer more than ten of my random questions. Be sure to follow her on twitter!

Favorite Color

Blue! And I love that it has shades that evoke so many different moods.

Do you read fanfic?

Occasionally, usually when someone recommends a specific story. I used to read and write fanfic frequently but I just haven’t had time given my other writing commitments of late.

Person you’d most like to have dinner with tonight

My grandmother. She passed away when I was in high school and I’d love to be able to talk to her as an adult.

Last episode of television that made you cry

The Fringe series finale. SO MUCH CRYING.

The drink you order when someone else is buying

Usually Dewar’s and soda, though if the person buying wants to order me nicer Scotch I don’t object.

The name of your secret spy identity

I actually have a secret identity, so . . . I can’t tell you. 🙂

Tumblr. Yes or no?

Yep! My Tumblr name is katelinnea.

Last movie you saw in the theater and did you like it?

Zero Dark Thirty. I liked it a lot.

Favorite musical instrument

To play? Violin. To listen to? Trumpet, though I’d rather listen to a full symphony orchestra or a string quartet than any individual instrument.

The movie you can recite the most lines from

The Sound of Music. I can probably recite at least 90% of it, and that is not a short movie.

Your favorite food to make for yourself

I like cooking for other people! But I guess pasta with homemade marinara sauce.

Best book you’ve ever read

I cannot possibly pick just one, but if you put a gun to my head, Pride & Prejudice.

Favorite smell

Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source scent.

Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast?

Pancakes, but only if made by me or my mom. Otherwise waffles.

Travel and/or flight ritual?

I always start a new book when I arrive at the airport at the beginning of a trip.

Your favorite thing to do alone


Cake or Bacon?

I’m a vegetarian, so cake!

Pajamas in public. Yes or no?

NO. We live in a society, people.


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One response to “10 Random Questions with Kate Linnea Welsh

  1. Love your answers, Kate! Especially the last one. 😉 Also, I feel very lame for not knowing ReadtheScreen was yours, but I do love it!

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