‘Nashville’ Recap: I’ve Been Down That Road Before

SAM PALLADIO, CLARE BOWENThis week’s episode of Nashville should have been called “Elevator Music.” Deacon and Rayna are in a bad place. When he first joins her and Juliette on tour, he and Rayna aren’t even on speaking terms. She can’t seem to get past his joining Juliette’s band and he can’t seem to care. Who doesn’t love a sassy Deacon? They share a bit of civility when Rayna asks him to help her new guitar player learn one of his signature moves but it ends quickly when Rayna tries to vocalize their awkward situation.  The tension between Rayna and Deacon is so thick and their chemistry is so heavy I feel like I can taste it when I breathe. Their episodes apart were torture. After several elevator rides together, either in silence or very forced conversation, we all got our wish, what we have all been waiting for. Deacon successfully shut Rayna up with a super hot kiss up against an elevator wall. Someone pass me a fan, please. As hot as it was, it left me wondering: what comes next for them?

I thought we might find out what comes next but it turns out that Rayna was dealing with two difficult men in her life. Her husband being the other one. The two of them have been using Rayna’s tour as a break they so desperately needed after Teddy’s gory campaign. After giving his wife a hard time about Deacon joining the tour, a move she knew nothing about, the new mayor of Nashville ran into his former partner in crime and Peggy was very much about feeding his ego and easing his fears. Easing them right into bed. He then shows up at Rayna’s hotel room just in time to intercept Deacon, though he doesn’t know it. The reason for his visit? He wants a divorce. Either for her girls or despite them, I hope Rayna gives the cheating Mr. Mayor what he wants.

Juliette wants something different as well. She is struggling with her image as the pretty girl in sparkles, wanting to be known for something more. Wanting (much to her dismay) to be more like Rayna. Or, at least respected in that way. In one of her best moments, Juliette takes the stage sans glitter and her army of dancers and performs a song she wrote with Deacon. A stunning performance. She isn’t feeling great about it or herself when she reads tweets that some of her glitter loving fans were not keen. Though, once she realizes that there are people out there who really loved it, she gains a little more confidence and self respect. Two things she so desperately needs.

NashvilleIn Nashville, Scarlett and Gunnar are both dealing with their own problems at home. Scarlett can’t afford her rent now that Avery is gone and Gunnar is living with a band of hoodlums. It was almost too easy of a set up, staging the perfect opportunity for them to move in together. And that is exactly what they do. Before they can finish setting up furniture though, Avery shows up to try and make nice with Scarlett. The problem with Avery is that every time he does something to almost redeem himself, he counters it with something to make ne hate him even more. Thankfully Gunnar kicks his ass before he can insult Scarlett any further. Am I the only one waiting for Scarlett and Gunnar to get over their garbage and admit their love for one another? COME ON.

Other Notes and Quotes:

  • I am a big fan of Rayna and Juliette bickering. They are so snide and snarky. It’s a lovely thing. Looking forward to more of it in the future.
  • How amazing is Connie Britton on stage? I would go see her in concert. That woman is my queen. Sure would be nice to get a download option for “Already Gone.”
  • “Just getting used to all the glitter.” Deacon isn’t in his Nashville anymore.
  • “Never thought I’d see the day when you’d be singing ‘Boys & Busses’ with Juliette Barnes day in and day out but life never ceases to amaze.”
  • Juliette and Deacon’s latest song is stunning and I cannot wait to buy it!
  • “Weird to see Deacon playing with somebody else.” “Yes it is.”
  • I never thought I would find myself saying this but Hayden Panettiere brings such a quiet depth to Juliette Barnes that I find myself loving her and feeling empathy for a character I want so badly to hate.

Next week on Nashville the pressure is building for both Rayna (trying to handle three men in her life) and Juliette (trying her best to change her image). Check out a preview below and don’t forget to tell me your favorite parts in the comments!


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