10 Random Questions with Melissa Miller

My random questions this week are with my good friend and wonderful writer, Melissa Miller from Small Screen Scoop.com. Melissa has great taste in television (I know that because we like so many of the same shows) and gives good recap. You can read my previous interview with Melissa here. Also, be sure to follow her on twitter after reading her (more than) ten random answers below!

Favorite Color

Emerald green, usually. But I also like purple and grey. Not 50 Shades of it though.

Do you read fanfic?

Not really. But not because I’m not interested in some of it, especially the pieces my friends write or recommend. I just am so overloaded with work, that I barely acknowledge my kids exist sometimes as it is, so I have to give something up. That seems like a good one to drop.

Person you’d most like to have dinner with tonight

My best friends, Nicole and Erin. They actually haven’t met (they are from two different groups of friends, one in NY the other in CA) and I think it would be amazing if I could get them in a room together. Plus I miss them both terribly, so even if it was only 5 minutes and we could just hug for a minute, that would be amazing.

Last episode of television that made you cry

Inevitably the answer to this question is Parenthood, am I right?

The drink you order when someone else is buying

So, the only people that buy me drinks that are not my husband are my friends and I don’t like to make them buy me expensive drinks. Usually it’s red beers at The Peacock (or favorite dive bar) because they only cost $1.25, so we buy rounds for each other and it’s very cheap. We are cheap. Or, maybe, a Two Towns Incider. Wow… that answer is very “I live in Oregon.”

Song you will never get enough of

“Call Me Maybe.” No, wait, that’s not right. “Blackbird” by The Beatles is one of my all-time favorites. At least that is what just popped in my head. Ask me later, and I’ll probably answer another way.

The name of your secret spy identity

I’m mostly Russian, so probably something involving the name Natasha or Irina.

Tumblr. Yes or no?

I’m old and just can’t get into it. I want to… but do I need another time suck? Though I appreciate all of your pretty links on twitter, friends.

Last movie you saw in the theater and did you like it?

Les Miserables, and yes. Duh. TWO FOUR SIX OH ONE!

Favorite musical instrument

Depends on who is playing it. Is it a soulful guy, inevitably in a flannel? Then the guitar. Obviously.

If you were forced to be on a reality show, which would it be?

Ummmmmmmmmmmm……… The only ones I would want to be on I’m not qualified for. Can I judge one? I want to judge Top Chef.

The movie you can recite the most lines from

The list that I could answer this question with is embarrassingly long. I’m not sure I even want to start naming them.

Ferris wheel, Roller Coaster or Arcade?

In this order: Roller coaster, arcade, Ferris Wheel of Death (I don’t like Ferris wheels)

Holiday you’d most like to abolish

Columbus Day

You’re a groupie. Who’s the band?

Band of Ninjas. Because they are my friends and I love them.

Your favorite food to make for yourself

I make a pasta with just some garlic, olive oil, lemon, crushed red pepper and parm. It’s simple but if I need some comfort food, that always does it. Or, you know, cookie dough without any egg so I can just eat it. Because I’m a GIRL.

Best book you’ve ever read

What sort of sick and twisted person are you for asking me such a question, Erin?! HOW. DARE. YOU! Ha. Ummm…. Pride & Prejudice is my completely cliche and girly answer. Mostly because I can’t possibly try to think of a cooler or better answer.

Favorite smell

Anything that smells clean, like things that are labeled as “linen scent.” I love that.

Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast?

French Toast, I guess. But I’d prefer eggs and bacon. Mmmmm. Bacon.

Best GIF you’ve ever seen

The one of Kermit the Frog doing his crazy excited wavy hands thing. Because if I’m ever excited about anything, that is what plays in my head.

Travel and/or flight ritual?

Valium. Just kidding. I don’t really have one except making sure I have gum and something to read that doesn’t suck.

Your favorite thing to do alone

Watch Parenthood. People shouldn’t be in the room when I watch that.

First concert

I’m honestly not sure. I want to say something like The Beach Boys. My dad liked to take us to concerts for his favorite bands.

Cake or Bacon?

Maple bacon cake. So there.

Pajamas in public. Yes or no?

Soooo…. When you get older and have kids, if you wear PJs in public it goes from being “adorably quirky” to “giving up on life.” In other words, no. No PJs in public. MAYBE yoga type pants if I’m traveling all day, but in general, no.


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