Supernatural: Addressing the Award Winning Family

The other night Jules from SuperWiki asked on Twitter, “What’s your fav thing about being a Supernatural fan?”

J2 PCAs 2013She re-tweeted a bunch of answers and they were all really lovely and inspiring (and funny and pervy). It was great to read all of the reasons people love being a part of this fandom. It really is such a great group of brilliant, creative, fun (pervy) and generous people. The show and the fandom have actually changed lives. The fact that we have such an amazing show to build this kind of fanbase around is MY favorite thing about being a Supernatural fan. I love that we can come together and raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity and win People’s Choice Awards on a pretty consistent basis, even getting the PCAs to finally acknowledge us AND the guys that make our show so wonderful. We are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are things about this fandom I don’t care for so much. One of them is the near constant complaining that goes on about almost everything. Don’t get me wrong, complaints can be good! They breed discussion and can inspire change when change is needed (coughPCAcough). But they can also be disheartening and distracting. I decided I would address a couple of the complaints I am seeing most often these days and not only get some things off of my chest, but see if I can ease a few other worried minds out there as well.

It’s not fair that Dean gets to be in a costume for 8×11 and Sam doesn’t.

I’m not sure that he WON’T be. I think it’s unfair to complain about an episode we haven’t seen yet, based on a couple of promotional photos that the network chooses to show us. A recent TV Guide article suggested that we’d get to see them BOTH in “tight” costume so I don’t think anyone should wad their panties up just yet.

I wish Supernatural was more like it used to be, just hunting wendigos and vampires. 

I think it’s easy to become nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” when things get difficult. In life and in TV. But without the constant revolution of the mythology, the story and the brother’s relationship, we’d be stuck with a procedural. I would probably still watch it because Jared & Jensen are amazing. But there’s no way I would be as involved and there is no way that kind of thing 8 years in a row would inspire the kind of fans that are still drawn to Supernatural right now. The world has enough CSI.

I don’t even want a Season 9 if it’s going to continue like this. 

8x06 DeanI have seen this one A LOT. Listen, we’re all hurting from all of the brother fighting this season. Two things, though. One: it’s not new. They have been fighting in one way or another for a LONG TIME. In Season 1 they fought about finding John, in S2 it was about Sam’s destiny and Dean’s grief. Season 3 was Dean’s deal and disregard for his own life. It got REALLY bad in S4 with Dean’s time in hell and Sam’s special time with Ruby and continued into S5 as they dealt with the ramifications of their actions and tried to trust each other again. In Season 6 Sam had no soul for long enough to drive Dean crazy and in S7 they had to get past Sam’s inner hell and the loss of Bobby. There is no doubt that what is going on so far in Season 8 is the worst we’ve ever seen but they are dealing with all new issues concerning their year apart AS WELL AS dealing with all of the stuff from the previous 7 seasons, none of which they ever REALLY moved past. The second thing we have to remember is that we still have a lot of Season 8 left. Perhaps I am just a softhearted optimist with too much faith but I honestly believe that we will get some peace between them and I think it will be sooner rather than later. It could get worse before it gets better but I really, truly believe that it will get better. And not just in the short term like we’ve seen before. In my mind, there will be TRUE resolution of a lot of their long suffering issues. My mind is a wonderful place sometimes.

The writers must hate Sam Winchester.

8x06 SamI might be alone but I don’t really feel that the writers favor one of the brothers over the other. I am not super happy with Sam’s story line this season but I think that we still have a few things to learn about that. I am throwing that “faith” stuff around again. Faith and hope. Also, I don’t want anyone to forget the YEARS of Dean’s bitter, self loathing, going through the motions, lifestyle. Purgatory seems to have refreshed him a bit and I could not be happier. I do not see Sam ever really quitting hunting and I *think* something has to happen to convince him of that. I look forward to the Winchesters working more in sync with each other in future episodes and I have every confidence that will happen before the end of the season.


Listen, if I am wrong about all of this, I will be the first to admit it and you can all come throw rotten food at me. In the mean time, I think we need to exercise a little patience and try to see the season as a whole puzzle still missing pieces. I am a big believer in the SPN family and like every family, we love, we fight, we argue and we hug & make up. If we can win an award together and have it announced on national television, there isn’t much we can’t do. So, let me know. Do I have it wrong? Did I miss something? Do you have a counter argument to make? I would honestly love to hear it.

Don’t forget to watch an all new episode of Supernatural tonight at 9:00pm EST on The CW!! And after the episode you can read my recap/review at!!



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8 responses to “Supernatural: Addressing the Award Winning Family

  1. Dean Grimly

    Dear Winestainedlife: you are totally right. In fact, more than right. I gave up reading most available SPN materials (your site included) because I got tired of the prolonged drumbeat of dissatisfaction they howled over and the crudity and/or intolerance of some of the personal commentary from the moderators. Give the news and publish the links — we can read and understand without being told what we should believe. Being encouraged to provide one’s feedback only to be told by “Moderators” — once given — that it was wrong, heretical, or scorn-worthy is disheartening.

    Fans mentally LARPing about the two brothers (who got the bigger slice, and so on), most of which is based on impatience stretched over 23 episodes that take time to produce, and their Sam vs. Dean “my way or the highway” threats do not provide any joy. These brother-wars are infantile,

    I was very offended by the “vaginal-looking PCA award” notes flying around — really crude, vulgar, and junior highish — considering how hard we all work to make sure SPN receives this award. Jeesh! Enough already with this kind of stuff! After this last US national election’s war on women, to have a PCA designated as some kind of transvaginal probe receptacle was stupid and insensitive in the extreme.

    So, if we have a bit more tolerance for our fandom’s diversity, a bit more maturity and patience about the SPN creative process, some greater measure of trust in the show’s producers, writers, and cast, and become better educated in how to relax, enjoy, and revel in one of the best series ever made, then perhaps everyone will be a bit more comfortable!. A willing suspension of one’s disbelief and a deep breath would also help!

  2. Hedi

    Thank you for this awesome article ! I get so annoyed of these stupid complaints too! I always tell people to be patient and see what happens at the end of the season! We all should know that writers know ye characters and ther relationship better than anyone! They made them up for god’s sake! I just wish people would be a little more confident about the show! It’s been awesome till now in my opinion! But thanks again, it was a must read article! Well done

  3. I totally agree! I love the show & trust the writers/creators (who have given us 7 wonderful seasons)… I’m happy to watch the season slowly unfold & can be patient most of the time 🙂

  4. Linnea

    oh my, i’ve been waiting so long for someone to say exact those words. i couldn’t agree more with everything you just said. also that we won two awards on the PCA shows that there are a lot of other fans that also have faith in the show and the writers. i love most spn fans, like you said we’re definitely a bunch of fun, pervy, creative people and all the fans i’ve talked with on twitter/facebook/whatever have been really nice, but yeah i’m getting REALLY tired of all the bitches complaining about everything this season.

    AND, i watched an interview a while ago where jared said that in one of the upcoming episodes (i think this was before the break) they’re gonna introduce something “new” and “big”, kinda like the angel/demon stuff and that this could probably keep the show running for several more seasons. (i don’t remember his exact words but i’m guessing a lot of you have seen the interview as well). so yeah take that and suck it! 🙂

  5. Tmateotb

    Nicely said Erin! I don’t see many complaints, I’m pretty careful who I follow on Twitter/tumblr, and don’t ever check fb. I never read comments on reviews either, they’re THE WORST for complaining! I’m always saying have faith in the writers in my discussions with others. I don’t mind Sam’s story line this year, I like Amelia. She has issues and is prickly and messed up…what’s not to like? It took me ages to totally understand why Sam ran from hunting but I did, (a fantastic tumblr post finally made it all click for me) and felt so bad for him, the things he’s been through, omg! My only concern is the way the brothers are fighting. We’re seeing the tension but we’re not being shown the effect this tension is having on them personally, or not being shown it very well at least. In other seasons we saw the hurt and anguish that occured when they were at odds, in S8 I don’t see that at all, no hurt, just anger. That’s what I’m not enjoying. You gotta give the fans the anguish, that’s what we’re here for!! And the monsters, and baby, and the pretty of course!! 😀

  6. Eryn

    Great article as always, my dear.
    I agree so much about how wonderful and amazing this fandom can be. After all, if the show didn’t exist and there was no fandom, I would never have met you ❤
    I will say that I've seen these same issues floating around and for me the key is patience. Like you said there is a lot left of season 8 and from the snippets we've heard from the writers and the guys themselves, there are quite a few bombshells yet to explode. I'm looking at season 8 as a stepping stone for what's to come. I trust the writers have a plan for how this season and the beyond are going to go and I'm happy to go along for the ride.
    There will be tears and fights and anger and drama and angst, but I have a wonderful family to go on this journey with. What more could you ask for??

  7. Genny

    Seriously….where have you been all my life? I could not agree more. I have been watching the show from the very beginning… and although there are some aspects of the early episodes that I do miss, I have never wished for it to end because “it’s just not the same”. Every renewal season is nerve wrecking for me…dreading the possibility that the show will not continue. The negative comments are just SO useless. If you are unhappy with how the show is going, then stop watching it, and let us, the viewers that still love it enjoy it! It’s funny but I never watch the show and think “oh, they are favoring Dean more than Sam or vice versa. Full disclosure: I personally kinda sorta, do favor one of the boys more than the other… what can I say, Im human! But I would never want to see more of one or the other. As far as the where the show has gone the past few years… I admit, I have been a tiny bit disheartened at a few of the loses we’ve suffered (Bobby’s loss nearly killed me, I cried like a baby) Ellen & Joe… and I still have hope that Castiel will be brought back as a series regular…I have always loved his character’s dynamic with the boys. However, I still have faith in the writers and as long as I keep having the chance to see my boys every week, I will go along with anything they throw at me. I wouldn’t mind some more shirtless scenes thrown in more frequently either, lol. Great, great article. Nicely done!

  8. I have a slightly different perspective. I agree that sometimes people slip into the habit of complaining and don’t wait for the big picture. I also agree that sometimes people get caught up in ship wars and see the show through such a narrow lens they are bound to be disappointed with the story, as no writer can match every person’s imagination.

    However, I also think showrunners need to know when something is not working the way they thought. No writers room is perfect, no even Supernatural’s. In my view, Eric Kripke was a wonderful showrunner because he kept tabs on fans’ responses to the stories, but did his own analysis on why some stories worked less than others. He never wrote fanservice, but he did rework storylines when he agreed with fans there was an issue.

    For example, when Jo came off as much younger than he had first envisioned and thus not a great match for Dean, he incorporated her crush and Dean’s feeling for her as a sister into the story and then took her offscreen to grow up a little before bringing her back as a much better match . . . only to kill her, of course, this being SPN. But to me, that whole arc was wonderful and moving, and it wouldn’t have been if the writers had just ignored criticism of how young Jo seemed.

    I think there’s quite a lot going on this season that I hope the writers are analysing and course correcting. When you have lots of fans proposing coma theories and angel conspiracies about a story line the writers are presenting straightforwardly (Sam and Amelia), something is not hitting and it would be better to address it sooner than later.

    Because, yes, the boys have been at odds before. Many times. But they have never felt like they don’t like each other and don’t need each other before. I feel like the writers have deconstructed their relationship, and that’s so dangerous when the relationship drives the show. Can they put it back together believably? I really hope so. Believably is key, just putting the boys in the car together does not do it. An awareness of how the story has been received is critical, because it may be differently than the writers imagined when they talked about in the writers room.

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