‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Killer


Happy TVD Thursday! So many things to worry about. We received some warnings about sadness and blood. So, basically just another Thursday, right? My sister is visiting from Colorado and I am excited to get to watch the episode with her. My husband is taking bets on whether or not Bonnie will bleed from the nose and demanding that we take a shot for every scene at a party. Are we getting wasted this week?

  • What is this professor guy up to? I don’t like him. Hopefully there’s a heart-snatch in his future.
  • Connor has a lot of balls to just walk around in public like that. There are a lot of dangerous “people” who would like to see his head on a stake.
  • Dear Diary. WOW. Both of them are writing again. It’s so cheesy but so lovely at the same time. I kind of love the season one feels it’s giving me.
  • It’s nice to hear Stefan say that he trusts Damon more than he trusts Klaus. We’ll see if he’s right to do so, I suppose.
  • Why don’t I remember Jeremy being compelled last week? Did I have too much wine?
  • “He shot me like 9 times.” Poor Tyler.
  • Hush Damon. I like Stefan’s bossy pants.
  • Is teacher dude the key to turning Bonnie to the dark side?
  • I kind of love Stefan and Klaus in cahoots and keeping secrets. It feels bad in such a good way.
  • Elena is a bad ass. I don’t think she’s that much like Damon but I don’t think she needs to be babied any longer.
  • I feel a little bad for Damon but he has a habit of going in half cocked. Wasn’t he the one who said that there was no bad plans? Just poorly executed awesome ones? His plan was not going to be executed well.
  • Didn’t Tyler offer up the hybrids and now he is telling them to stand back?
  • Also, Tyler is going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE. He should not have kept secrets about Haley from Caroline. No one should ever do anything to hurt Caroline. THOSE ARE THE RULES.
  • Stefan is wearing bossy pants AND smarty pants!! He knows just how to push Connor’s buttons.
  • HOLY CRAP!! Glass in the face and then his chest blown all the way through? That sucked. Poor guy I don’t really know.
  • A little jealous of Connor’s tattoo. I wish mine grew automatically.
  • “I DON’T MAKE DEALS WITH VAMPIRES!!!” He is really upset. That is clearly his upset voice.
  • Stefan has been eating his Wheaties. Or super bunnies? Bears?
  • Fraking crap Damon!! Stop being an idiot!! Stop hurting your brother and trust him. MY GOD. Stefan never does anything to purposely hurt Damon. He has risked his life to save him so many times. A little trust goes a long way.
  • Damn it Elena. Damn it. And Damn it Stefan. You should have told her the truth. This is not good. At all.
  • Is there ever going to be a point where April is compelled so much she’ll turn stupid? The boys were sweet to give her the bracelet.
  • OMG!! Has Jer inherited the tattoos? Is he the key now???
  • Poor Elena. She is really not cool with having killed someone. Even an evil hunter. And both of the boys look like they wish they could just take that pain away from her. It’s heart breaking.
  • I absolutely LOVE that after everything that happened between the brothers, they are willing to have a real discussion about the way things are. I am glad that Damon has agreed to help him look for the cure and even happier that he is doing it for Stefan. I think that there will be a lot of talk about each of the brother’s motivations. Damon says that he loves Elena either way. That doesn’t mean that Stefan doesn’t. He just knows that what she would want is to be human again, and he is willing to give her up in order to give her that gift. The brothers both have love for each other and for her. They just show it in different ways. I hope that everyone can accept that after tonight.
  • Also, Stefan in a wife beater. Thank you.
  • That bloody bathroom is REALLY gross and nightmare or not, I would have flipped out WAY more. Go Elena.

KATHERINE??? I really hope that is not a hallucination. So ready to have that girl back. I am loving the hunter mythology and all that it entails. Cannot wait to see what Connor has left behind for both of the Gilberts. And I am looking forward to the brothers working closely together to help each other and the woman they love. What did you guys think?



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2 responses to “‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Killer

  1. Tyler, who are you, 50 Cent? Getting shot 9 times is NOTHIN!

  2. Yessika Rojas

    The thing I love the most in the episode is that Elena is no longer feeding on the only human friend she has remaining. Poor Matt didn’t get bitten today but instead was kidnaped by an unstable vampire hunter and his ass was saved for the hundredth time by the one an only hero in Mistic Falls… My beloved Stefan.

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