‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Memorial

Happy TVD Thursday! I have to admit, all of the journalists’ tweets about this episode have been making me nervous. My body has a fight or flight response to being told I will need tissues. And, since it’s The Vampire Diaries, I am going to do my best to fight through the pain and terror.  Y’all with me?

  • Damon always such a positive attitude. Something I really admire about him.
  • Holy shit! This is AMAZING. I have very warm feelings all over.
  • And then not. Gross. Though it is nice to see that Stefan’s not the one cock blocking for a change.
  • “If there’s anything I can do, you know, short of giving her a ride.” Matt Donovan you are the greatest. Boy’s got jokes!
  • I cannot emotionally handle Damon and his saved seat at the bar. It is so damn depressing. My heart literally aches. Can I shut off my emotions?
  • Stefan is at his best when he’s in a great mood, though it’s hard to judge since I can’t remember the last time that he was. I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many smiles out of the boy.
  • I hate it when Damon & Elena are hot and moving. Ugh.
  • Okay. Watching Stefan take bullets out of Tyler is actually kind of sexy? AND Stefan is using his big boy brain. Also, very hot.
  • I am sorry Elena but I think there are a few people who did not love her dad. I think you might be one of them.
  • I thought that vampires needed more than a nod to get in. Wasn’t that established before? Didn’t Stefan need more than that in order to get into Elena’s?
  • Stefan is helping EVERYONE. And keeping the unicorns very busy as they trot after him from location to location.
  • But why is Elena so afraid to talk to Stefan about this?
  • “Damon, germaphobe.”
  • Ummmmm… why did that ass hat stab Poor April. She’s human, right? I am so confused.
  • Elena I don’t know that eating a blood bag on the church lawn is the greatest idea you have ever had. I’ve been really hungry before too but we have to remember our manners.
  • Stefan has every right to be mad at Damon, even though he’s just trying to help. He knew it would piss him off and part of me thinks he did it because of and not in spite of.
  • This whole thing at the funeral with the bleeding April and the sniper scope and a starving Elena is very intense. Now I’m gonna have PTSD every time I hear that hymn in church.
  • Matt Donovan ladies and gentlemen. And is it me or is Elena the cleanest eater yet? Everyone else needed mad wet nap action after their first feedings.
  • Why did Tyler jump out front like that? Just trying to draw Connor out? Was that a stake gun?
  • How is that guy so strong? He got the best of Damon? Was it because he was shot? WHAT IS GOING ON? Is it me or do I have a lot of questions tonight? Do you like pie?
  • Yay! Stefan punch. “You know what.” Did I hear some sass in that? Sassy Stefan y’all!
  • Awwwww!!! This little thing between Caroline and Elena is very reminiscent of when Caroline turned. She had a good teacher, you guys.
  • I am very glad that Stefan got mad and called Elena out on her bull shit lying. She should know that he would want the truth and want to help her. “You are in hell which means I am in hell.”
  • Okay so I was totally bawling throughout the lantern lighting. They have all lost so much. And when each individual is listed out, one by one, it weighs so much heavier than taking it in over the last 63 episodes. Everyone has sacrificed. Everyone has been damaged. I am glad that Elena admitted to grieving for herself and I wish Tyler could have been there. I honestly didn’t think I could cry any harder and barley managed an eye roll when Damon stormed off.
  • HA! AND THEN. Fucking Damon in the cemetery. Drinking and talking to his friend. Just as he would if Alaric were standing right there, or sitting next to him at the Grille. SWEET JESUS. And then he is right there. Listening to Damon complain about the kids and make jokes about the wrong birthday on his headstone. And the wind has been kicked out of my lungs because the crying is so intense I can’t breathe or see. But I can hear Alaric say “I miss you too, buddy.” AND I JUST WANT TO DIE. GOD DAMN IT.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a lot of snark and jokes for you guys tonight. Honestly, I just wish all of you could come over and give me a hug and drink wine with me. And we could talk about how much we love this show and how much we, too have lost. We could stay up all night, laughing and comforting each other. It would be so great.

Until next week friends. I’ll probably still be crying.

**Afterthoughts now that I can breathe**

  • I do honestly think that Stefan pulling out the champagne was a little bit premature but I know that his heart was in the right place. I think Elena should have been upfront with him about what was going on. Why is there any doubt that he would do ANYTHING to make her happy and healthy? He bashed a man’s skull against iron in order to get her fed. And I refuse to believe that she would never guess that drinking from Damon would upset him. She put her mouth against another man’s skin. Wrong. Period.
  • Damon crossing himself with Holy Water was one of my favorite things he has ever done. His enjoyment of it made it that much better. I would totally go to church with Damon.
  • Want to see the faces of the EMTs and the doctors when they examine Tyler. “But he was shot! I saw it!” “Nope. I’m good. I must have had a seizure or something. Can I go now?”

Okay. now back to crying.



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8 responses to “‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Memorial

  1. onlymystory

    I can’t stop crying.
    But I’m actually kind of pissed at Stefan. He was totally in character but his constant heightened emotions stuff kept making me want Elena to punch him. Like okay Vampire PMS, etc. And I thought it was pretty fair that she thought he’d be angry that she couldn’t keep animal blood down. He’s made such a big deal about it, not just to her, but to everyone over the last couple years that I’d find it more unbelievable if he’d actually tried other options. So I just can’t blame Elena for lying, especially since she obviously doesn’t want to go around having to drink from humans but she doesn’t know what to do if she can’t keep blood down.
    And the whole getting mad at her for drinking from Damon’s wrist was especially unfair imo. Damon didn’t tell her that there was this huge significance to drinking from another vampire and that it would be like practically cheating on Stefan. And Stefan didn’t explain the meaning of it to help clarify why it would upset him.

    I still love Stefan, but my own unicorns are a little frustrated with him right now.

    The Damon/Alaric stuff though…HEARTBREAKING.

    • You honestly meant to tell me that she would have NO IDEA that feeding on Damon would upset Stefan? The girl can be a little dense but give her some credit. Is there anyone who wouldn’t find that to be the least be intimate?

      • onlymystory

        I guess I think she would know that it might upset him but I think that she was so worried about him being upset that she couldn’t drink animal blood, and being so insanely hungry, that she wasn’t thinking straight.

  2. Renee

    I want to be in on that slumber party. I’ll bring the ice cream and 68 trillions boxes of tissues.

  3. Molly the Ghost

    First off, your reaction to the Damon and Alaric scene was perfect. I watched this episode in bed last night and it resulted in me curled up under the blankets sobbing at 2:45. On top of the already emotionally heightened lantern scene – you’re killing me show. I love it.

    Caroline Forbes, may she live forever, is the absolute best. I adore her. I’m glad that someone has there wherewithal to teach Elena about how to handle her vampire abilities.

    Matt was the cutest. From offering Elena anything short of a ride to having her feed on him in church. He’s fantastic.

    I get where Elena did wrong in feeding off of Damon. I do. But at the same time, no one NO ONE explained to her what the consequences would be or the significance of the act. Sure, Damon should have told her, but I don’t think his motivations at the time were to mess with Stefans head. Even if they were, that would have been such a small part. I think more than anything he wanted Elena to stop suffering.

    Damon’s church entrance was also the best. He had a lot of great lines. But, confession, I really, really like Damon. Sometimes I find Stefan insufferable.

  4. Bird

    The damon & ric scene is my favorite tvd scene of all time.
    Damon and his holy water joke could be used to explain damon charater to anyone who needs to watch this show.
    Also I don’t think that Elena mind whammied April properly.
    I’m going to watch this again when I get home because my heart is a sick bastard that is begging to be broken again.

  5. Bird

    Wait a second! Why didn’t Tyler and damon give everyone a basic bolo about what the new hunter looked like? It seemed like Matt & Jeremy had no idea that’s who they were talking to at the grill.

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