‘Supernatural’ Give (Brotherly) Peace a Chance

The Winchester brothers, that is.

Season 7 left us with an explosive (literally) cliffhanger, not knowing what would happen to either of our boys or where we would see them next. The first two episodes of Season 8 have answered some of those questions and created many more. Is Benny ACTUALLY evil? What really happened to Cas? How did Dean shave? And, you know, zillions of others, if you’re keeping track.

Sam and Dean are at odds after Dean fought his way through and out of Purgatory, while Sam settled down and did his best to lead a normal life. Those are just the basics, though. There is a lot about both stories we still don’t know. And while it’s terribly disconcerting to see these favorite brothers in conflict, I believe that it is absolutely necessary in order to tell their story.

Hear me out.

Have you ever lived with a sibling? As an adult? Worked with them? Gone to school with them? Spent nearly every single hour of every single day with them? In a small space? And then been separated for a long time? Lived different lives? Had different experiences? Can you imagine the struggle? Why are some expecting this to be easy? For this resolution to come swiftly and without merit?

I don’t necessarily believe that people change at their core. Ever. Dean still loves burgers and Baby. Sam still enjoys healthy living and making bitch-face at Dean. But a person’s ability to relate to others after certain experiences absolutely changes. Especially if those experiences are even the least bit difficult. Don’t believe me? Ask a veteran. Ask a veteran’s family.

I recently read an article about Supernatural on a well-known television site. An article that concerned me greatly. I will not name it or link to it because it’s terrible and I don’t feel that it was written by someone who is fully invested in the show. Calling any part of any fandom “rabid” is not usually the way to make friends. I will say that I do not believe that Sam’s entire battle has been fought out of guilt and I do not believe that post-Purgatory Dean (am I wrong thinking that he has never been hotter?) is anything like Soulless!Sam. Would a battle hardened war veteran be thought soulless? (Those are only TWO of my many issues with the article but, I digress). My main concern about the piece was the comment section.

So many fans are frustrated and upset. And I get that. I absolutely understand being disheartened and dismayed over Sam not looking for Dean. Over Dean befriending a vampire. Over the brothers not getting along in perfect harmony. But I don’t understand people who threaten to stop watching if the conflicts are not resolved in the next episode. I have heard fans saying that the show has never hit such a low. I have read fans condemning the entire season based only on what they have seen so far.

You guys. Come on. We are two (almost 3) episodes into the season. That means we have about 20 episodes left before curtains are called on Season 8. There is SO MUCH MORE story to tell. So many secrets to be uncovered. New characters we haven’t met. Moments we haven’t yet imagined. Because there are hundreds of things we still don’t know.

This is a fandom in love with angst. More so than any other (in my experience). I’ve had several conversations with my friends and fellow Supernatural fans over the last 2 weeks, laughing and crying about what masochists we are.  My friend Yvonne:

We are literally searching out every heart shattering moment and if we can’t find one, we create them.

Finally we have some angst that we didn’t have to invent and it has nothing to do with who goes to Hell and who doesn’t. This is the real deal y’all. The kind that makes you uncomfortable and twitchy in your seat. The kind that causes you to wring your hands with anxiety and nervous anticipation. And it’s GLORIOUS. Would we honestly be happy or satisfied if they just forgot it all, made up (“I’m sorry.” “No, I am.”) and then went skipping, arm in arm down the yellow brick road, Tra, la, la? NO WAY. And if we know that these brothers can make it through Heaven and Hell situations (which require much longer and deeper discussions), if we know that they can face down the Devil himself, why is there any doubt that they will make it through this?

The Winchesters have had differences before. Terrible ones.  With horrible consequences. But they always live to see another day. Increasingly damaged. Never unaltered. Always wiser. Always together.

I, for one, am extremely excited to watch them experience this very real turmoil and come out the other side . Better brothers. Better hunters. Better people.

I think that if the true fans stick around and wait to see what happens next, they won’t be sorry. I have real faith in Carver and his plan and I believe that we’re getting some of the juiciest story lines we’ve seen yet. If I’m wrong, trust that Sam and Dean will (together) hunt me down for the monster that I am.

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27 responses to “‘Supernatural’ Give (Brotherly) Peace a Chance

  1. loretta

    I just got into SPN a couple of weeks and finished all 7+ seasons in that time frame. I like you, would be really upset if after all they have been through the writers just glossed over all this and made it look easy to forget!. I was a little upset that SAm didn’t look for Dean, but I also kinda understand…and I am not at all upset about Dean befriending a vampire, he did what he had to do to survive. you don’t spend a year fighting to live and come out the same person, just like you don’t lose everyone you love and have to rebuild your self and remain the same. I love watching the brothers struggle through all of it, they can survive anything with their bond and their love for each other intact…

  2. Meredith

    I have to admit that I’m angry at Sam for supposedly not looking for Dean. But, I get that there’s still a lot of the story to unfold, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us! Also, apparently unlike other fans, I LOVE that the show is good enough (and by good enough, I mean, like, perfect) to make me feel strong emotions about the characters and the story line, and to make me totally wonder about a character’s motivations.
    I totally agree with you about the conflict being necessary between the brothers to tell the story. It’s what gives us all the feelings! It’s what keeps us coming back for more! (More heartache, more tears…) Great article!

  3. rocksalter

    Great article. I agree completely – there’s just too much season left ahead of us for us to be criticizing so sharply just yet. I’m amazed at the way the fandom seem to sometimes jump to conclusions about what they perceive to have happened…based on “pre-scenes”…

    With what little we’ve seen of either Benny or Cas, I don’t think we can jump to any conclusions about who is good or bad, who left who behind (if anyone did at all), or anything else about the three of them until we see more of the story.

    For that matter, with what little we’ve seen of Sam, I don’t think we can jump to any conclusions about what he’s been up to either.

    I’m happy to wait and see. As you said, we’ve still got another 20 episodes to go…a LOT will happen between now and then:)

  4. Dorothy

    Yes, good. It’s a very unpopular opinion, but I like Sam’s storyline so far. People make it sound like he was happy because Dean left, taking care of puppies and dating girls. But Sam grieved, of course he did, and he realized there is nothing he knows or can do and he moved on. And I find it fantastic because I want them to be able to move on.

    Of course, Sam was always the one more likely to have a “normal life”. And I think this is largely due to Dean’s love he received as a child… He sure loves Dean back but he doesn’t need him as desperately as Dean needs Sam to need him. So yeah, for Dean to get out of Purgatory and see that Sam can actually build a life without him? Move on and stop hunting, something that has been his whole life? That hurts. Add that to Purgatory being “easy” and “pure” and Dean is in a really bad place. I just hope this conflict somehow manages to allow Dean to grow as a character rather than just show how hunter life can completely ruin someone. Tbh I have complete faith in Carver that he will allow Dean lots of character development and that it won’t only be connected to Sam. Dean’s whole life is Sam, most of things he does is a reaction to what Sam is going through (and in earlier times, to what John says/does). So to any new character Dean gets to interact with and every new storyline he gets: YES.

    But I’m definitely looking forward to Sam/Dean dynamics too and, as you said, I hope they come out as better people after this conflict. And by the way, new storylines/interactions thing also goes for Cas, I want him at least to have some plot centered around his family and not just Dean and Sam. And I like Benny so far, Kevin feels… real, I’m curious about Amelia and the angels. Crowley’s excellent. If they keep this up and begin answering questions and tying up loose ends, I’m going to love it. Which would be a big step from s6 and s7.

  5. THANK YOU! This is so well written!! I so agreee. I firmly believe this is going to be an awesome season I have loved every minute so far and expect it will continue that way! I look forward to the Sam/Dean dynamics – that makes the show!

  6. HG109

    To the author: Fantastic analysis! I love this show, and I’m constantly amazed at how much emotion it brings out in me. The dynamic between the brothers is unmatched, but I will admit, I get a little antsy when they are embroiled in conflict. But, they usually come out of it with a better understanding of themselves and each other. I know a lot has been said (and admittedly, I haven’t read it all) about Sam not looking for Dean after the explosion. However, and please correct me if I am wrong, Sam has never come right out and said “No, Dean. I didn’t look for you.” He’s usually danced around the topic with comments like “I didn’t have anyone; I didn’t know where to start…” So, with only 2 episodes down, we don’t really know yet all of what he did. And one thing that struck me as odd was, when Sam first saw Dean in the cabin–he didn’t do all the usual demon checks. Dean did them to himself, and I recall Sam saying something to the effect of “I know it’s you.” Having only watched that episode once (so far) I could be wrong, but I would like to know if any of you caught that, too.

    • There is definitely something wonky going on there. When Jim Michaels was on Winchester Radio after the premiere, he was asked about it but I don’t think we got a definitive answer. He did say that Sam did NOT know that Dean would be at the cabin, that going to the cabin was just something he did sometimes. But I don’t really feel that that was reflected in his behavior. I believe that it’s just one more secret, yet to be unveiled. If they don’t explain it, it will forever drive me nuts!

  7. Angela belme

    I totally agree with you. People get so uptight so quick. They don’t appreciate taking it one episode at a time and trust in the writers.etc that everything will be okay. I enjoy every episode and relish every minute, and am so sad when its over

    • I am with you Angela – I enjoy every minute and am sad when it’s over too. The one hour flies by! And yes, people need to take it one episode at a time and wait for the story/season to unfold. We have trusted our writers before and we should trust them now. Plus I think having Jeremy in the driver’s seat is going to be great! I did wonder why Sam went to the cabin in the first place because he didn’t seem to WANT to leave Amelia and Riot. And he said he knew it was Dean. ALSO a big question: WHO was watching Sam drive away??? Such fun to see these things uncovered – can’t wait!

  8. yeya W.

    Personally, I am LOVING this season so far! Yes I feel for Dean (because I am an older sister, and my younger brother means the world to me) and my heart would be broken too if I had gone to friggin’ Purgatory, fought (and probably sacrificed Castiel to do so, or something along those lines, can’t wait to find out what happened) my way out and carried a vampire literally in me just to find my brother didn’t care. I was mad at Sam. It wasn’t until last night’s episode, with ***SPOILER*** Sam’s birthday cake flashback scene that I actually felt pretty bad for Sam, who has always just wanted a normal life. I don’t know what will happen with the bros, but I know there is no way in Heaven, Hell or Purgatory that I’d ever stop watching. This season has been amazing so far, and I’m sure it will end that way too! Greetings from Mexico y’all! xx

  9. Anonymous

    Agreed! I’m actually incredibly pleased with this season thus far! (I think I know which article you were referring to and while I didn’t read that one, I heard enough about it to know it would have infuriated me.)

    I’m more excited about Supernatural than I have been in a long time.

  10. Julia

    I have to say that while I will likely watch SPN until the show finally ends, that I haven’t been fully happy with the show since Dean got out of hell and Sam was treated like a mystery and the bad brother, with little to flesh out what Sam had been through and was going through. Sam’s story was kept a secret from the viewers, when he needed understanding the most. Then it was kept a secret in Season 6 with Soulless Sam. Then Sam’s time in the Cage, being tortured for 2 Centuries, and going insane from Castiel’s attack on him, was ignored all season long so Sam could take care of poor Dean, yet again, because Dean just had to have a mid-life crisis right then. Now, here we are in Season 8, after Sam’s suffering was laughed off in Season 7, and Sam is once again the Bad Brother and the Mystery Brother while everything Dean needs to be sympathetic to viewers is ladled out thick and heavy, right in our faces. I am appalled by this season so far. Because what Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer have set up is bull shit, emotionally fake bull shit. And it always has been, since Season 4. Poor Dean suffers more than anyone ever, while Sam stands around, a mystery with no context for viewers to put him in, getting bashed all around, and we’re supposed to enjoy this? Sorry, but no, I do not enjoy this. I haven’t liked Dean very much since Season 4, because he only comes in one flavor – Angry at Sam, Suspicious of Sam, Resentful of Sam – and I just can’t stand his attitude anymore. Dean treats Sam like crap, yet it’s Sam everyone is mad at. Not me. I’m mad at Dean, and until Sam is given an equal place on the show, with equal side characters, scenes, and dialogue, I always will be.

    What is my emotional pay off here? Do I have to wait for satisfaction from ONE episode, 10 or 12 episodes from now? It’s just more crappy writing, lazy thinking, and poor planning from the writers and producers again.

    Maybe if Sam had saved Dean from Purgatory, and finally gotten that pay off, I would be happy as a clam with Sam wanting normal and having a love interest right now. So far, Dean’s had how many scenes and plugs for Purgatory, claims that he’s a vet and a warrior and a soldier, the same credit he got for going to hell in season 4. What kind of credit did Sam get for living in the same car and doing exactly what Dean’s been doing all these years? Sam is not a warrior and a soldier too? What kind of credit did Sam get for being tortured by the devil for longer than practically anybody? Nothing. Sam was treated as if being tortured was like going to the spa. If a hand rub was good enough for Sam’s Story, then it’s good enough for Dean’s, too. I can’t forgive how badly Sam’s been treated over the years, I just can’t. It is terrible, mean, unsympathetic and anti-family writing. Dean blames Sam for everything, complains about Sam’s loyalty, but Dean is the one who runs off with new monster brothers every chance he gets. It’s deeply unfair to Sam and the people who love Sam, as well as bi bro fans who’ve been starving to get some equality between the brothers to restore balance to the show.

    • This explains my dissatisfaction with the current storyline. If I could believe that the writers will FINALLY treat Sam’s mindset as thoroughly as they are treating Dean’s I would be much more comfortable with the story. But history says they won’t. I hope Carver surprised me, but until he does, I’m not holding my breath.

    • Jo1027

      This is exactly how I’m feeling about this season. It has started with Sam being wrong-again. I’m beyond sick of it. I want the brothers to be treated equally by the showrunner and writers and that hasn’t happened since the first episode of season 4. For me, Carver has a lot of ground to make up for what has been done to Sam. Maybe it’s not fair to him but at this point, if that doesn’t happen this season, I’m done.

    • Very well written! And I agree on most of it.
      And before someone is screaming again Samgirls are bashing Deangirls and so on. I can only talk for myself, yes I am what the fandom calls a Samgirl. But I watched and loved the show because of the two brothers!
      But Julia is right. Season 7 is the perfect example, instead we saw a insight what happend in hell, what is going on with Sam, all I saw after the first 3 epis, was a only Dean and his midlife crisis……a whole season!!

      So I can understand a lot of fans who are now already complaining. I think some of them are simple scared that we only got empty promises, again. Friends of mine told me: In three episodes, there was nothing brotherly (except one hug) between them. They are acting like they are some Co-Workers. If this would be for real and not fiction, Sam wouldn´t stay with Dean. It´s so sad what happend to this show and even sadder that the fandom is trying to ignore it and talk it all nice.

      Was last month in Vancouver and was so lucky to find the Set, well we were there 4 times. But the sad thing was that in absolutely every scene Jared and Jensen had together they were only fighting! I was shocked, once it was because of Benny, and the other times well……we could hear them screaming loud and Dean was driving off like a maniac. Dean was calling Benny and of course he was sneaking out of the motelroom for that.
      Hmmm remindes me of Ruby. What is another point: Dean ripped Sam almost a new one because of the demon. Sam has to be understanding.
      Yes we don´t know if Benny is “bad” or “good” but we also didn´t know that about Ruby.
      They are both bullheads, the funny thing is, when Dean does what he wants he gets a pass. When Sam does he gets the stinkeye and kick in the face, most of the time from his own brother……

      Ahhhh I could go on and on with this stuff, but it won´t change a bit. The show took a route I don´t like and they aren´t able to change the way or anything.

      Up until Season 4 everything was fine, after that I was okay with it because it did fit into the storyline, but middle season 6 I was only WTH?!?!

      • roxi

        Dean NEVER gets a fee pass, if he does something. Why is it Dean’s fault that Sam continually turns his back on him?
        I don’t get where you think it’s been against Sam after season 4. From what I’ve seen, it’s been all about Sam even when they actually do decide to give Dean a storyline. In the end, Sam’s always upstages Dean’s And just when has Dean ever been mad at Sam that Sam didn’t deserve it?. At least that is my opinion. It’s so funny to me, everything you guys are saying is what I see, only in total reverse.
        Dean’s constantly been told he’s not allowed to feel any pain over all the suffering he;s been through. Do I think they should’ve given more insight into Sam’s hallucinations? Sure they should have. But they didn’t give Dean anything either to work with, just made him drunk and depressed. If SPN favor Dean, they sure have had a hell of a way of showing it, by telling him he is weak, whiny, never giving him a real romance, giving him a kid and then having to kill her,having his brother he’s loved more than anything choose a demon over him, and now, finding out his brother spend not one second even trying to find him and acting like his being alive is actually an inconvenience. Dean has suffered horribly as well, not just Sam. Last season sucked, the writers didn’t care about either one of them. But up until then, to me, it seemed that Sam was the one who really mattered, and Dean was only there to look out for him. If this is favoring Dean, then I wish they would favor him less.

    • roxi

      I feel everything you do, except the other way around. I feel it’s DEAN who has been treated like crap by Sam for a long time, SAM who has always gotten the best storylines, and all they give Dean is to look after him while he shows how little he cares about him. And every time Dean has been mad a t Sam, he had a DAMNED good reason. Sam has repeatedly turned his back on him, chose a demon over him and betrayed him terribly, never showed the same concern for Dean that Dean has always sown for him. Dean had no life or childhood because he was saddled with Sam, but nobody cares about that I guess.

    • roxi

      Ok, where the hell has SAM been treated so badly? By always having given Sam the best storylines for the first 6 seasons? By the show saying he was the better, stronger, more important brother? By turning his back on his brother and choosing a demon over him? Last I checked it’s DEAN who gets blamed for everything,’ Boo Hoo Princess’! And I guess you forgot Dean has suffered greatly too! Tortured in Hell, guess that’s nothing. It’s Sam that treats Dean like crap, while Dean had no childhood because he was saddled with Sam, although he actually gave a crap about his little brother so didn’t see it like that. Sam is the one, not Dean, who has run off and abandoned his brother whenever anybody or anything else came along. Dean’s only good enough to matter to him when he’s got nothing else.Sam gets real love stories. Dean goes to a woman because he promised Sam he would. Then he gets a stupid cartoonish monster woman sex scene, and oh yeah, it’s been shown before how he wanted to be a father, but they give him a monster daughter instead who has to be killed. Equality? Sure, how about giving some to Dean for a change? Let him be as important as Sam has always been.
      I guess you have your opinion, and I have mine. And in my opinion, everything you said is true, except for Dean and not Sam. In my opinion, SPN has always favored the character of Sam. Season 7 was the exception as the seemed to not give a rat’s ass about either brother.

  11. Anonymous

    Thank you for your article. I am amazed at how quickly some people grab one or two ideas and then base their feelings for a whole season (which hasn’t been seen yet) on that.I love the show and a big part of that is the brothers and the brotherly tension that is often there. I feel both brothers are vital to the story; however, they are very different personalities as is often the case with siblings.I have enjoyed the first 3 episodes immensely and am looking forward to the entire season with Carver at the helm.

  12. You know, I think that’s not the conflict and the angst it’s scaring away people. I mean, SPN fandom has always had a talent for complaining, but in the end, as you said, is addicted to angst and would never want it any other way. And that’s EXACTLY what’s lacking here. That type of angst that kept the brother so entwined with each other so far. Sam seems to be so disinterested in his brother is not even funny, and Dean is being pissy about all the wrong reasons, wanting Sam to keep hunting and not touching on the main issue here: *why didn’t Sam looked for him?*. I keep hoping this will be explained and I trust Carver to do it, because if Sam wanting a normal life is all that stopped him from even trying to know if his brother really was dead or not, that’s really just a very poor motivation. And it would be THE one thing their relationship would not recover from, and I don’t mean on screen, cause of course the show will always have *them, together*, I mean in the eyes and hearts of us watching, or at least for me …
    You see, I’m not saying I’ll stop watching, because I won’t. I’m too fond of these guys and the actors that play them, but I gotta tell, I feel like a bit of the magic that made their relationship rare and precious is now dimmed. I just hope it’is part of Carver’s plan and the lights will be cast the right way one episode after the other.

  13. Anonymous

    It´s somehow sweet that you and a lot of other fans are already trying to calm the waves after just 3 episodes. And I think that is here the problem. After just 3 epis, fans are already complaining (again) about the relationship between those two.
    And again everybody is trying to find explanations why they are acting like they do.
    Season 8 was again a big chance to start with something that could bring them a bit back together. But excactly the opposite happend.
    And like in the past, a lot of fans are saying: Wait we still have a whole Season so much can still happen.
    Sadly all those stuff I heard in the last years too often.

    Honest, I am one of those fans who stopped watching, not now, but back in the middle of season 7, for too many reasons. Season 7 was for me just horrible.
    I tried it with S8 because I was since the very start a huge fan and my heart wouldn´t let go. But it didn´t work out.
    I am stil a big fan of the Moose, nothing will change that, but the Show changed to much in the wrong direction for my taste.
    It´s so sad, cause I always said to my friends, that I will stick until the end……..yeah so much about that.

    I still have an eye out for the show, because there is still hope and I have of course to check on Jared 😉

  14. It´s somehow sweet that you and a lot of other fans are already trying to calm the waves after just 3 episodes. And I think that is here the problem. After just 3 epis, fans are already complaining (again) about the relationship between those two.
    And again everybody is trying to find explanations why they are acting like they do.
    Season 8 was again a big chance to start with something that could bring them a bit back together. But excactly the opposite happend.
    And like in the past, a lot of fans are saying: Wait we still have a whole Season so much can still happen.
    Sadly all those stuff I heard in the last years too often.

    Honest, I am one of those fans who stopped watching, not now, but back in the middle of season 7, for too many reasons. Season 7 was for me just horrible.
    I tried it with S8 because I was since the very start a huge fan and my heart wouldn´t let go. But it didn´t work out.
    I am stil a big fan of the Moose, nothing will change that, but the Show changed to much in the wrong direction for my taste.
    It´s so sad, cause I always said to my friends, that I will stick until the end……..yeah so much about that.

    I still have an eye out for the show, because there is still hope and I have of course to check on Jared 😉

  15. thank you so much for putting this up! this is exactly what i’m trying to say in almost every spn fan site !! it’s only 3 eps for crying out loud!! i believe if you are a true fan , you know this show is about sam and dean TOGETHER! they will make mistakes along the way , BOTH OF THEM! and they deal with it , like they always do!! this time is little different and maybe a little annoying for some DEAN!Girls (which i don’t get this whole dean and sam girls phrases really) but you gotta give it time!! Let’s see what happens after mid-season (at least) then throw your balls at producers and actors on twitter! be patient!

  16. roxi

    I’m willing to give it a chance HeDi, Carver wrote”A Very Supernatural Christmas”, so he of all people gets the brother bond. I’m willing to give him a chance and see where he’s going with all this.

  17. Stefanie Samaha

    Amen to every single word in your article!!! Just because some “fans” are upset with the first three episodes, they decided to give up on the entire season, that’s bullshit! Who knows what’s to come? I don’t own a crystal ball…Carver has a plan I’m pretty sure, he has written some of the most powerful SPN ep’s ever, if someone gets the complex brother relationship it’s him…so be patient…great things await us. I can be a real fan of SPN and still not love every single episode…there were some real bad written and edited ones, but that happens on other TV shows too, and some of them have a much bigger budget and a larger fanbase than SPN. But what makes the SPN fanbase so special is their devotion to the series and I would hate to see that fading away over this little bump in the road…you know what I mean! Thank you so much for writing this article!!!

  18. Sometimes we forget life just doesn’t work the way that television does, and for the most part Supernatural has shown us a typical family’s interactions during extraordinary circumstances. We can only judge what we see, we can’t telepathically hear what Sam feels about his brother, so when we perceive they aren’t the same as they were in previous seasons… well, maybe it’s because they have changed a little by circumstance, by time and events. If you have issues with your siblings do you stop loving them? Right now Dean has returned from extreme battle conditions for a year, he has post traumatic stress, google it. Sam, wants a life that doesn’t have killing in it, but he doesn’t want to ditch his brother, so Sam is numbing a little, going with though he would rather have kids, a peaceful family, a wife perhaps who would prefer not to be knee-deep in demon gore at 7 months pregnant.
    They are a family. They have sacrificed more than most of us in reality-land ever can to prove they are good brothers and sons. This kind of life makes you hard, or you will break, they are handling it the best they can. You can walk away from the show, but the brothers Winchester will still care about each other in a television series, on written pages, or in my heart.

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