‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Growing Pains

HAPPY TVD THURSDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS DECADE!!! That’s how it feels anyways. Longest. Hiatus. Ever. And now it’s finally here and I am scared and nervous and excited and FEELING SO MANY FEELINGS. Let’s DO this TVD fam!

  • Really missing Stefan’s “this is my story,” right about now. This new intro is SOOOOOO cheesy. I don’t hate it. It’s just dripping in queso.
  • Damon’s a tad bitter, no? Why is he talking about Elena making her own choices as if it’s this terrible thing? Is he a republican?
  • And now Jeremy is kind of giving her attitude as if it was all her fault (which it kind of is) but still. Rude.
  • Michael Trevino is kicking SERIOUS ASS as the Klaus Clothes. I am super impressed.
  • Matty & Caroline. I just still love those crazy kids together. They are both the best so why not be the best together? I am living in denial. Obvi.
  • This new council means business! Does that mean we have to stop calling them a joke, now? That’s too bad.
  • Caroline must have an invisible “kick me,” sign that she wears at all times only hers says, “please vervain me, tie me up and torture me, that’d be great kthanksbye.”
  • AH! My people. Don’t worry. The unicorns will finish your sandwich Elena. When Stefan says sweet things to you it gives them quite an appetite.
  • It’s ok that I was also laughing at Elena’s “cross that bridge,” joke?  It was funny.
  • GAH! First Damon flashback! I like the way they have filmed this. Instead of a fuzzy dream sequence it’s as if she’s in the room watching it happen. Brilliant. And beautiful.
  • Tyler in the Klaus clothes doesn’t even have to fake his concern for Caroline. I have serious fucking chills you guys. And then he LEAVES REBEKAH. HA! Klaus is the cat’s pajamas.
  • Not gonna lie. Have miss Damon’s snark. Not so much the choking kids I like thing but the snark thing for sure.
  • Elena’s transitional freaking out is making me feel like I too could become a vampire at any moment and I probably should stay away from people because all I want is BLOOD and the sun is hot and AAAAHHHHH. Amazing. Until she gets hit upside the head, of course.
  • Didn’t Jeremy just tell Elena that she needed to go with the Bonnie plan? He is such a downer.
  • Matt is wearing the helmet with the big brains today! YAY MATTY!
  • Bonnie has a mouth full of nose blood. Again. Always gross, Bonnie.
  • Bonnie can do magic you guys OMG!!! And Elena is a very good mime!!
  • GRAMS!!  She is totally bossy but always nice to see her face.
  • Stop shooting Stefan mean guy. Seriously. Stop. I do not like that Sam I am.
  • Caroline is so sweet and trying to reason with Klaus but Klaus is very unreasonable and is kind of a brat always wanting his way. Geez.
  • My unicorns are very happy-ish with this situation. They aren’t real fans of the near death, thing but, you know. They are where they want to be at least. It’s very magical. Despite the paleness.
  • Hey guys? What did we say about the Paul Wesley tears? Cannot deal. Sobbing for reals. Show is evil, yo.
  • Damon has changed into his business attire. I love it when Damon means business. Matt is the working lunch, I guess?
  • Whoa. Bonnie did a bad, bad thing you guys. Poor Grams. This is very bad and sad.
  • I probably just yelled “FUCK YEAH STEFAN,” loud enough for my whole block to hear. I just thought they should know. Because that was rad. And hot.
  • ELENA IS ALSO RAD AND HOT!! YAY VAMPIRE ELENA!! She saved Matt!! And her vamp face is bitchin! Almost looks like Katherine!
  • How did they get out of the cages? Did I miss something?
  • Good speech Stefan. Love you Matt but come on. You’ve had enough whamburger and French cries for one day.
  • I actually feel a little bad for Damon. He’s really heartbroken that Elena has turned. Then again, he did try to turn her once himself, so…
  • Klaus. Wanna hate you so bad but can’t. You are a monster and I love you. Damn it.
  • This moment between Stefan & Elena on the roof is just stunning. In every way. The colors. The words. Her ring. I just love how they love each other. Little will ever convince me otherwise. GAH. So many feelings (if you look closely you can see my babies grazing on the lawn. The sandwich wasn’t really enough).
  • What the eff? Did they just light themselves all on fire? While holding vervain? This council is bananas. Is that pastor guy like the Mystic Falls Jim Jones? I don’t get it.

Another BALLS OUT season premiere you guys!! This show really doesn’t know the concept of taking it easy. And that is why we LOVE IT. Right? Very excited that it is finally back. Very excited that my Unicorns have bathed and are eating well. VERY excited for next week. It looks sexy! And scary! AND AWESOME. What did you guys think of the season premiere? Doing a little dance with me?



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7 responses to “‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Growing Pains

  1. jamie

    The pastor blew them all up, Erin! WAMBURGER AND CRIES. I AM LMAO. Also, I assume once Elena had the blood she turned all vamp strength and busted them all out of the cages.

  2. Eryn

    Laughing so hard right now bb. Your recaps are a riot!!
    So excited for this season. I was torn about Vampire!Elena but now that it’s happened, I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.

  3. Yes! Loved it. I thought it was perfect. Except I kinda wanted Elena to punch Damon in the face after she told him she remembered everything. But that’s ok, still awesome! 🙂

  4. Ceci

    First of all amazing recap! Exactly my feels!
    About the episode I LOVE IT! Vampire Elena is going to kick ass!
    And the most important thing: Stelena is back!! Archiblad is very happy about that! (Assuming Virgil would be too!)

  5. We’re still on the fence about whether or not VampElena is a good idea (we break it down in our review), but we hadn’t realized how much we missed Caroline and Damon and the relationship between Klaus and Rebekah.

    But not Bonnie. She can take her nose blood and eff off.

  6. also was wondering how they got out of the cage. my theory was that they got the keys from that dead guy. ha! :))

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